Blue eyes episode 1


Itzel Smith and Roneia
Smith are sisters

Itzy is 17
Ronnie is 10

Everyone in their family has superpowers

Itzy could read minds and use her mind to carry stuffs

Ronnie could teleport and smell stuffs

The only power their parents have is to read minds.

A new student in Treks High School, Tyler Williams. Tyler Williams had a super power too, he could read minds, teleport, use his mind to lift things and he can hear something from far away.
Everytime Itzy tried to read his mind, she gets blocked out. She’s unable to read his mind. She doesn’t know they’re from the same clan.
ARENTRESS. THE CLAN OF POWERS AND UTMOST SAFETY. The queen of ARENTRES sent him and few others on a mission. Itzy began to fall in love with Tyler’s and got mixed up in Tyler’s mission which put her and her family in danger.

I wouldn’t say this is all because the story line might change. My stories are always unscripted. I just write them as I get ideas.

Chapter 1

Itzel’s POV

I walked down the stairs carrying my bagpack.

“Morning.” I greeted my parents. “Hey Ronnie.” I greeted my little sister who was munching furiously on Cheerios. Poor Cheerios.

“Here’s your break fast.” My mum said and I used my mind to lift the cereal bowl and dropped it in front of me. I ate quickly and left with Ronnie for school. I Parked the car in Ronnie’s school parking lot and walked her to the school’s entrance.

“Remember Ronnie, do not use your powers in school. And be safe. Bye sweetie.” I said before she ran to join her other friends. Now to my own business.

The name is Itzel Smith. Naughty, Brilliant and definitely loves food. I would say my family isn’t a normal type. We all have powers and not just ordinary powers. Powers gifted from the god of powers and utmost safety, ARENTRES. No one except my bestie knew I had powers. And she wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t used it back then in 6th grade when we went hiking and she almost fell off a cliff. I had to use my powers to save her, I told her everything and that’s how she kept my secret for years. My other best friend who was a boy knew nothing about me having TRESS powers.

Me and Roneia are actually lucky because we had more than one power. The only power my parents had was to read minds. My mum and dad had this particular skill, which is blocking people out. I’ll explain that, when you try to read their minds, you won’t hear a single thing. They’ve blocked you out. It takes a very long time to learn how to block out. I can’t do it so my parents read my mind easily which I find annoying. My little sister Ronnie had teleportation TRESS power and she could also smell stuffs. Ronnie had once teleported to the bakery in the midnight and came back with a very huge three layer chocolate cake. My parents found out and put the Tresslock on her. She wasn’t able to use her powers for a month. We ARENTRESS don’t call it super powers. We call it Tresspower. Because the power was given to us by the ARENTRESS god.

I drove into the my school’s parking lot, right beside my best friend’s car. I found two couples kissing on Diane’s car. Diane is my best friend.

*Use her and dump her* I read the boy’s mind. How dare he use a fellow girl. I used my mind and lifted the guy up into the air and dropped him down fiercely. He stood up again and I drawed his trousers down, now only his briefs were showing. Students standing outside took pictures and videos while laughing. I dusted the imaginary dust off my palm and smirked. That’s for playing with a fellow girl.

“You did that, didn’t you?” Someone whispered in my ears. My best friend.

“Morning Dee.” I beamed at her. And she didn’t return the greeting.

“You of all people should know that your powers should be kept private.” She scolded.

“I’m sorryyyy, just had to do it.” I whined and pouted grabbing her arm like a kid.

“What power.” Some else said from behind and me and Diane nearly jumped out of our skins. It was Alfred Downs, our other bestie.

“What the floss Alfred!” Diane yelled at him.

“What powers are you talking about.” He asked smirking. And me and Diane looked at each other. I suddenly raised my hands up and folded it so my muscles can show.

“Power! This power!” I said quickly with my voice louder than usual. Both Diane and Alfred gave me confused looks.

“I mean….uh…My muscles, my powers. Yunno, I’m working out lately. And I have muscles and powers. I gave Dee a fist bump which was too hard and she scolded me on using too much powers….yunno, tsk tsk. Powers.” I grinned after my stupid ranting. And Diane played along.

“Yes, too much power….pfft! Not like we’re talking about supernatural things or anything.” She said and I glared at her. Wtf Diane.

“Powers mehn! Yeah!” I said and Alfred looked at me and Diane like we were going nuts.

“Powerssssss.” I said dragging the ‘s’ and slapped Alfred’s butt, winking at him. Then me and Diane quickly walked off.

“That was close.” Diane said.

We both looked at each other and suddenly burst into laughter, high fiving each other.

Lunch break! Finalllllyyyyy!! I’m starving. Me and Dee walked to our lockers and dropped our used books in it. By the time I closed my lockers, Diane had disappeared. I think I know where she is. I walked towards the soccer boys changing and locker room and there, I found Diane peeping through the door.

“What are you doing.” I said into her ears and she scream in fear making me scream too.

“What was that?!” She whisper yelled.

“You’re here again! Peeping on Tony!” I retorted and she blushed. Just as we were talking, the boys trooped out of the locker room. Me and Diane quickly glued ourselves to the wall like statues and grinned like idiots. None of the boys noticed us, only Tony. Great! He gave us confused looks and we gave him a confused look back..

Tony Edsville was Diane’s long time crush. Every day during lunch, whenever the boys were changing for practice, Diane disappears and I always find her peeping into the boys locker room. Sometimes we peep together.

Me and my best friend were the definition of craziness.

We finally headed towards the cafeteria. My favorite place in the school. Before my hands touched the door handle, another hand swatted it away. Fiona Kings! Me and Diane’s enemy. We never liked her and she never did either. She opened the door and went in with her minions Casey Dom and Bella Einstein. I frowned at her action. Just as we were about the enter, Casey purposely slammed the cafeteria door in our faces. I opened the door again and me and Diana entered.

“Do something Itzel.” Diane said angrily.

I smirked, knowing what to do. Taking over people’s mind was another thing I could do quite well. I took over Fiona’s mind and led her to the school’s dirtiest Nerd. I made Fiona kiss him, the whole cafeteria was amazed and everyone started taking pictures and videos, even Diane. After making her kiss
him, I made her sing. She has a very bad voice honestly. She sounded like an asthmatic donkey. Everyone in the cafeteria burst into the laughter, even the cafeteria women. Her minions just stood there like idiots. I finally released her mind. Just then, she realized what happened. Her, a whole school Queen just embarrassed herself in front of everyone. But that was not all, I used my mind to make all of them trip, which made their skirts go flying in the air showing their panties. The three of them ran out of the cafeteria. I smirked and dusted my palms. Well done Itzel.

Me and my bestie gave each other high fives. I could get punished for using my Powers for something like this. My powers could get taken away. But then, breaking the rules a few times wouldn’t hurt or would it?


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