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Blood for blood last batch

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Blood for blood last batch by : 8:14 am On August 25, 2020
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Blood for blood season 2 (finale)
Episode 9********
A deep smile played on my face as she came to terms to what I had just said…..
“Baby don’t joke about this!!”,
She said while making a futile effort to mask her joy with a scowl.
“Am serious”, I insisted..
She took her hands off my head and cupped them on her mouth as tears started dropping down her cheeks.. Now it was my turn to hold her, Alice was one of the most emotional girls I have ever met…
I placed a pillow behind me and propped myself into a leaning position against the headboard so I could put her head on my chest, she was now clutching tightly to my body….. A lot of images washed through my head as my brain processed them to ascertain the next course of action…. If what my memory was making me believe was anywhere near the truth, then my priority would be keeping Alice safe from any danger because the way I saw it right there and then, anyone who had her held a valid bargaining chip over me….. She was my Achilles heel…..
I could now tell that the girl with the gun that had been hauntingly appearing and vanishing in my “vision” since I woke in the hospital was ashley and I remembered why she had shot me……. I could still see the bullet speeding out of the pistol’s chamber as she had pulled the trigger sending a bloodthirsty bullet tearing through the air….. I unconsciously raised my hand towards the deep scar on my head and touched it… It still hurt… If not for the angel lying on my body right now,i would be dead……
“Am gonna take good care of you”, she said pulling my hand away from the wound…..she got on her knees and held the hand in question on her chest… “just don’t hurt me again”, I could hear the fragility in her voice, she wasn’t built emotionally like most of the girls I had come across…. She was Infact a big baby….
“Not in a thousand years babe”, I said, crossing my heart with the free hand…… With a smile on her face,she bounced off the bed and headed to the bathroom…….
“Can I use your laptop??”, I called out
“It’s yours sweety”, she replied from within the bathroom walls..
I needed to get touch with ashley, I couldn’t do what I had in mind alone….. She ran a fake online library which she used to accept hits from her clients but the code words were only known to her clientele….. I picked up alice’s laptop and opened her browser…. I logged into the library after creating a fake mail….. I was in luck, she was online!! poor ash!!!! she could have killed me in error….
Clicking on the help desk icon of the website….. I typed,”I’D LIKE A COPY OF ROMEO MUST DIE;SPECIAL EDITION”…….. In a few minutes she replied, “where do we meet???”…
Good girl!!!! She preferred payments upfront and always insisted on collecting cash from her clients so I typed in a location after we had agreed on a price… By now, my Alice was out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel…. The towel strained against her br£@sts and bvttocks as she walked towards the bed……
“Which girl are you chatting with now??”, she said playfully as she threw the towel aside and t—-t her n@k£d body into my arms…….I set the laptop aside laughing at her remark as I klzzed her luscious lips…
“I think it’s high time I tell you what I do for a living”, I said once we broke off the klzz..
Episode 10*******
She stared intently at me as her excitement suddenly seemed replaced by profound curiosity…
“If your going to lie, then I don’t wanna hear it”, she mused as she folded her hands over her B@@bs with a resigned look on her face…..
“Now why would I do that??”, I asked as I pulled her onto my body so her jaw was on my chest as she stared up at me……
“Just promise me you won’t freak out”, I said as I held her reassuringly.. By the look on her face, I could tell that indeed she was starting to look uncomfortable…
“Have you ever heard of the outlanders??”
she retorted with a forlorn look on her face. “I have a feeling am not gonna like this!!!, commander lescott was grilling me with questions on the same subject but there I was thinking it was just some silly coincidence or a case of mistaken identity!!!…. I hope your not gonna tell me your one of them”, she was visibly upset now and I could regrettably notice that her beautiful smile had not only totally disappeared but there was aa deep scowl replacing it now……
Several thoughts to change the topic and tell her it was all a joke jumped to my mind but I waved those thoughts aside…. The sooner she knew the truth about me the better for the both of us and I wasn’t going to postpone this discussion…
“Baby just hear me out please”, I muttered, holding her down as she made to get off the bed….
“Yes I was part of them and yes I have done some things that am not proud of, but you must know that the last couple of months have been very stressful on me and during that time, I have made some decisions about my life and immediately I clean up this mess, I promise you on my honor that this will belong in the past”..
Tears had already started rolling down her cheeks as she slowly muttered,”i don’t want to lose you,i just got you back”.. I stood from the bed and with a defiant face staring back at her, I offered reassuringly,”Nothing will happen to me I promise you, and you must know something about me, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”
I picked up the sweatshirt and tossing it over my body, I leaned forward and klzzed her deeply on the lips. “I’ll be back soon sweetheart” I said as I made for the door. It would soon be time for my meeting with ashley so I had to prepare. Ashley wasn’t by any means a novice so my plans had to be watertight if it was gonna yield any success….
Stepping out into the street, a cold breeze swept over me forcing me into a slow jog, I needed to warm up and at least break a sweat… Running for at least thirty minutes speeding up as I progressed, I was finally warming up to counteract the effects of the cold….
I spotted a mask shop in my peripheral view as I ran prompting me to slow to a halt… This would be just perfect for what I had in mind.. I looked intently at the shop….. There were some black masks hanging outside the shop which I could easily snatch without arousing any attention and snatch one of them I did as I continued my jog down the street towards the location I had texted ashley………. some minutes later, I was standing at the entrance of date palm lounge in which I had made an online reservation for two.. Walking through the door towards the reception area, I proceeded to talk to the pretty lady who was wearing a white blazer…….
She had a tablet in her hands and from what I could tell, she worked there because there were a few other people I could see wearing the same color of blazers as she wore….
“Hello”, I said as I approached… a delicate smile played on her lips as she replied, “hello, how can I be of assistance???”
“I made an online reservation for two here”, I muttered returning her smile… The grin on her face widened as she looked away momentarily paying attention to her handheld for a while after which She nodded her agreement and pointed upstairs…..
“Your date has arrived already”, she said with a hint of jealousy in her voice. I chuckled as i made my way upstairs putting on the mask on my way…….There was nothing that would take away the satisfaction of seeing ashley’s shocked face… Not even the exceedingly beautiful receptionist I was just walking away from……..
Getting upstairs,i could see several coupless sitting on their respective tables and looking at the far corner,i could make out ashley’s figure helping herself to a meal…….. she didn’t notice me until I walked all the way over to her table and sat down….
“Let’s get this over with”, she said with her mouth stuffed with food……
With a small chuckle, I lifted the mask from my face and leaned forward and grinning wildl, I spoke in a cold unforgiving voice, “hello ashley”……..:b
Episode 11*******
Her eyes were wide with shock, she gagged on the mouthful on food she had in her mouth as she regurgitated most of it back onto the plate…. All the while I stared at her with a big grin on my face as if I had been waiting to see her vomit all this while….. she coughed violently but I made no attempt whatsoever to help her, beneath the wry smile I had on my face was a lot of anger mostly caused by the fact that she hadn’t given me a chance to explain anything before putting that bullet in my head…
“It can’t be”, she croaked
“It can be”, I calmly replied, “long time no see ash”
“Please don’t kill me”, she said with her eyes now filled with tears, I judged the tears to be caused by her nearly fatal gagging incident a while ago and not remorse…
“You didn’t give me a chance to beg before you shot me, did you??”, as much as I tried to contain it, the anger was now written visibly in the tone of my voice….
“How did you expect me to react??, you killed my dad!!”, her teary voice was beginning to sound very convincing but it would take more that that to sway my judgment….
“Your dad?, you told me he was your uncle or are you just going to keep lying to me so I can spare your life”, I shot back…….
“You know very well the kind of work I do”, she stated,”I couldn’t handle the risk of anyone knowing we were directly related until you came along and took him away from me.. one thing I regret more than anything is you not being dead”, I could clearly sense the venom in her voice as she spoke, she was disgusted with herself at not been successful at taking my life…….
“Now calm down before I decide against keeping you alive”, I spat in anger, “how long have we been friends???, only for you to put a bullet in my head because of your silly assumptions”…. she knew better than to say more as she stared blankly into my eyes with fear written all over her face.
“You never gave me a chance to explain anything and I show up now, instead of an apology, all I get is unruly impudence from you….. I’ll give you some time to think about your apology and when your done, meet me here”, I said as I snatched and scribbled an address on the serviette she was using to wipe her mouth…….. I got up and flashing an evil grin at her, I made my way towards the stairs…
Trudging down the stairs, a feeling of fulfillment washed through me forcing a genuine smile out of my angry face. The receptionist was still there, she obviously thought the smile was for her because she flashed her brilliant white teeth back at me and while I walked past her, she pressed a note into my hand with a seductive wink.. I hadn’t anticipated that in the least so it was quite the pleasant surprise… she was still smiling at me when I walked outside, it was chilly so I put both hands in my pockets and nudged my clothing closer to my body as I sprinted off into a jog to warm up…..
Unraveling the note in my hand, it read,” I like you, let’s meet up sometime” with a phone number inscribed underneath. This would surely get me in trouble with alice if she saw it….. But what do you know…. Am never one to turn a beautiful lady down..
Episode 12**********
I crumpled the note and stuck it in my pocket. Several things ran through my mind like the whether slow could have possibly been behind what had befallen me, trigger’s death and even that of the senator… I knew that he was capable of worse than that but there was this part of me that always thought him to be more loyal and selfless than trigger….
Trigger in his moment of didn’t exactly portray a thief looking to protect his image and interests… There was one thing I knew for sure though, whoever planned this was very smart, so smart that they actually took me on a jay ride which would have taken my life for sure if not for the timely intervention of alice….
Buried in my thoughts, the journey seemed short but pretty soon I wan standing on alice’s porch… I gave two quick knocks and stopped when I heard the sound of approaching feet which I judged to be alice’s… I thought of an excuse to tell her but didn’t have enough time to whip something up before the door opened…. she was still looking flustered probably because of the revelation I had made to her…. Whatever mood she was in didn’t matter ‘cos right now all I could think about was how s£×y she looked in what she wore….. That was the last thing I could remember before I blacked out…..
I could make out voices talking to each other as I woke.. everything seemed to be a blur as I opened my eyes …….Even the voices seemed to be sounding in two’s making it very difficult to make out what any of them was saying…. steadily but yet slowly my vision cleared…. At least enough for me to see that I was still in alice’s house and sure enough there she was, standing nearby with a man whom I recognized to be the doctor from the hospital I had escaped from…. He toook a step backwards when he realized I was awake clutching his file close to his body as if he was relying on it for protection….. Alice smiled when she saw him do this….
“Alice”, I muttered as I tried to get up…. Rushing over, she helped me sit up as I peered curiously at the doctor, wondering why he was standing there…
“What is he doing here”, I finally asked alice….. calmly looking at me she explained, “well, you passed out and I had to do something, I couldn’t just sit around and watch you. meanwhile, I think you have to listen to what he has to say”… The look in her eyes betrayed her, this was the same look in her eyes when I had threatened her at the hospital for her overalls…… something was amiss and the only person who would enlighten me was the scared doctor….
I stared at him as he cowered in the corner still clutching his files close to his chest. “Why are you so scared”, I asked smiling……. “I think you know why”, Alice replied laughing heartily……
“Well, I don’t have good news”,the doctor began hesitantly…… “I would have given you this news earlier but you didn’t give me a chance to do so. It appears you have a degenerative disease in your brain, the bullet caused pretty much a lot of damage on its way in………..”. I didn’t hear anything else as I stared at the man blankly. Was this the end??? Tears had already started coursing down Alice’s face as she stared at me….. I stared back with my mouth wide agape…..The doctor was right, this wasn’t good news……
I love you all

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