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Blood for blood batch 9

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Blood for blood batch 9 by : 9:00 pm On August 15, 2020
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Blood for blood batch 9
Episode 46*********
As she sat on the chair opposite me aat the table,my appetite vanished with the wind,i darted my eyes around to see if I could find any other person with her(law enforcement perhaps) when she smoke….”calm down sir….Am alone”……”really??? sir???,the title doesn’t suit me at all given what I put you through Alice”,i said while laughing….”you still remembered my name,impressive!!!!”she said,”how could I ever forget the name of the girl I caused her tears”,i pressed,trying to retain whatever dignity I have left…….”you know ever since I saw you…..i have been trying to get my mind around the fact that a man like you even though you had absolute control of me at that moment,you didn’t rape me!!!!! Why????”she said,terrorising my d–k with her pretty face and blue eyes……I looked at her and I could see a pure heart staring back at me,”Not everyone enjoys crime,I don’t do crime for fun”,i answered calmly…By now she was staring at me without saying a word..”Are you trying to make me shy???”,
i continued…….”hahahhahahahahahaha”,she laughed until little drops of tears rolled down her face,”look at this funny guy,so you can get shy???”,she asked as she signalled the waiter and placed her order….”look at you!!!!who doesn’t get shy???”,i asked her smiling…….I was really apparently starting to enjoy my conversation with this beautiful girl,”well,i don’t!!!”,she said showing me her little red tongue…….”well,permit me to apologise for my erratic behaviour at the hospital,i did what I had to do to get away”,i said looking into her eyes…….”well,thats ok,you already won my heart with your actions that day and i’ve been hoping to see you again since den and here you are and I must confess you don’t look anything like a common criminal,you look pretty expensive”,she said,smiling with her eyes demanding explanation…….”Who said am a common criminal???”,i asked in fake anger……”hahaahahahahahaha,this guy your really funny”she laughed……..”well dearie I must get going now,this isn’t a proper date,we should be discussing over a decent meal and at a nice Italian restaurant and not a cafe,what do you think????”…..I said,looking into her eyes once more……..”i don’t even know your name?? and you’ve been such a gentleman throughout this conversation,i would love to see you again so yea!!!”……..
We exchanged numbers as I walked over to her side of the table and gave her aa peck.Bet she would be very surprised that the same nigga she met at the hospital could be so gentle with a lady…….I paid for her order as well as mine and walked to my car……My glasses were tinted so I was able to look at her following my car with her gaze,d–n!!!! she was beautiful…….I picked up my phone and dialled her number and soon her delicate voice was at the other end…..Not allowing her say anything other than the usual hello’s,”see you sooner than later beautiful alice!!!!!”……From the way her voice changed,i could tell she was smiling…….”i’d love to see you soon too common criminal” she said as we both laughed over the line and ended the call…….
I got home to find a meal served at the dining with sophia lounging around in the living room……”where have you been???”,she asked……”sight-seeing,i replied”…….i didn’t know who or what she was in this whole game yet so it would be better to keep my whereabouts hidden………. .
Episode 47********
As I was eating at the table……It was very visible on my face that I was bothered but I tried as much as possible to desist from making it obvious to sophia until I could place her activities in this whole puzzle…….I didn’t enjoy the meal cos my mind was hardly at ease and as such I couldn’t telll the taste of the food in my mouth,i just ate to ward away the voracious hunger eating through my tummy…….I had hardly finished eating when my device started to vibrate again,it was shege!!!!……I had had enough of this shit!!!!!!…….i picked up the phone and listened,”My maaaaan,where yu dey nah???”,i heard his sinister voice growl at the other end of the line.”I dey where I dey chop my gee”,i replied…..
”where????”,he pressed on….”This one you dey ask where I dey like dis,anything happen???”i said laughing into the mouthpiece sounding normal as if nothing had happened…..I needed to know how bad things already were so I continued to play along with his little charade……”make we dey mean baba!!!,shey you know say cigaro don go overboard and we no know who do am,so if you know say no be you f–k up….abobby make you come around so we go reason our matter wella”,He said with a note of finality………
My hands trembled.shege was smart,very smart to the point I wondered why he was not executioner in place of the foolish cigaro…..I knew he wasn’t too sure I was the murderer so he wanted me to show face at the deck but it was too risky cos one way or another I would expose myself and it would spell the end of my life in the most horrible way..On the other hand,if I didn’t go,they would know for sure that am the murderer and that I was on the run thereby provoking the wrath of the entire cospirano clan…….
This was deep shit and even with all my plans,i hadn’t expected dis level of intelligence from shege,i had to buy time….”wetin you talk???”,i shouted into the mouth piece as I left the dining for the bedroom and closed the door behind me,”you talk say wetin do cigaro”,i tried to sound as convincing as possible so as to throw shege off my track…..”baba no tell me say you no know say your executioner don go overboard oooo,We don storm all frat wey dey dis hood,no body gree say na dem tap am,so as for now,we dey view all our chappies dem cos na must say na in-house something”.
D–n!!!!!! this guy was sharp upstairs……”ok baba wetin go happen be say if I finish the jojo wey cigaro give me make I come do for here,i go show face for deck ruggedly”,i assured……..”no lele”,came the cold response at the other end as the line went dead…….I had bought some time but it wouldn’t last forever,these guys were as angry as hell……I made my way back to the dining to finish my meal and found sophia seated,”baby what’s wrong???,she asked………”nothing much,just people that work for me with their usual complains that will not allow me finish my food”,i replied as I resumed my meal……
”ok,just know that your taking me out today ooooo”,she said walking out of the dining again,my phone started ringing again…..i picked it up and listened,”i know your in Abuja”,it was triggers voice,”yeah baby boy,am coming to get you”,i replied as I ended the phone call…….there was one thing on my mind now…..”was slow still alive???,if he is,den where the hell is he?????…….,He said with a note of finality………My hands trembled.shege was smart,very smart to the point I wondered why he was not executioner in place of the foolish cigaro…..I knew he was nt…
Episode 48**********
This was the question running through my head as I finished my meal and headed straight to my room……I locked my door behind me and picking up my phone I dialled a number and from the other end I could hear a voice,”its been too long boy,how’ve you been”……yea,i know by now you guys would be wondering who that is….His name is senator collins,he was responsible for running major crime cartels in abuja and had personally financed the three of us until we had made enough money to stand on our own,we regarded him as a father and he took us as his sons…….He was the back bone of our operative connections……..
”yes sir,i agree…….its been too long,can we meet…I have an issue at hand that I need to discuss sir and I need your audience”,i said with seriousness embedded in my voice……there was some silence after which he said,”ok,there will be an A-list fundraiser at my mansion today,come with a date and do not forget to look smart as always”,he said laughing……”no problems sir”,i said laughing into the earpiece………….As soon as I ended the call I reached under my bed and pulled out a long briefcase which I opened and brandished a venom 23′ sniper rifle,military grade…….
I had a feeling in my gut that trigger was gonna show up tonight……I took the gun apart and took my time to clean it and oil it as well as I could…..And as I put the deadly mechanism back together again,it shone with an evil glint……putting in back into the briefcase…..i put some rounds of ammunition to go with it and through my window,i dropped it silently outside……..
i picked up my phone and dialled alice,she picked and with her sultry s£×y voice,she offered,”hows ma criminal doing???”,”babe am good”,i replied,”there’s a fundraiser I want to take you to tonight”….”i’ll pick you up by say 6 o’clock”…..”ok baby,am all yours,i’ll text you my address”,she quipped…….With that,i ended the call,opened my door noiselessly and made my way to the living room to find sophia watching movies….I approached her noiselessly and cupped her B@@bs from behind giving dem d most sensual squeeze and at the same time klzzing her deeply……”baby am gonna party with the boys tonight,do I have your permission???”…….
”yea,you do baby boy”,she replied,”just don’t get drunk”……..I flashed her an appreciative smile and walked out with my car keys….Immediately I got outside,i walked to my window,picked up the briefcase and drove straight to the senators ceremonial mansion and discreetly planted my sniper rifle on the roof…….walking back to my car,i was smiling broadly as I drove to my house……..i got there and instructed my domestic staff on my attire for the evening as I dashed into the gym and chugged my excitement out on the weight bars…….I was in the shower when sophia came around with only a towel on her body,”you thought you could bribe me with only a klzz and fondling my B@@bs abi???”,she asked while stepping into the bathroom…..I didn’t wait for her to say another word as I grabbed her plunged my face into her B@@bs,splayed her legs to expose her sopping wet v—-a…….i delved in as we began a series of marathon s£× which ended in the bedroom as we drifted to sleep……I woke hours later and checked my wristwatch,it was 4:30pm……..i picked up my phone and saw alice’s text containing her address,i had to go and pick her up and dia was just enough time……I walked over to my cabinet and pulled a sachet from it and swallowed two tablets!!,guess what they were…..yea your right!!!!
epinephrine…..only God would save trigger if I saw him this night……….As I looked at my shiny tuxedo and shoes……..The reality dawned on me…..I was back to claim my place as the lord of crime…….The game was on!!!!! !
Episode 49********
There was a lot of action to look forward to as I dressed up,covered my n@k£dness with my Calvin klein boxers and singlet before dashing into the bathroom for a quick wash…..In five minutes I was standing in the room once again smelling fresh and clean……….putting my clothes on,sophia stirred in the bed,i paused and walked over to plant a klzz on her lips……”welcome back to earth baby boo”,i whispered in her ears as she smiled and snuggled back under the bed covers…….Went back to dressing and in a short while my black bentley was glistening in the setting sun as I drove out of the compound…….
set my gps and traced Alice’s house on it……Got there as she was making her way out of the gate.Seeing me,she wore a very big smile,she obviously hadn’t expected this expensive lifestyle from me in any way…….I got down from the vehicle and ushered her in through the other door….”wow,common criminals are certainly getting more sophisticated”,she said smiling as she got in……”please call me greg”,i replied smiling as I made my way into the vehicle after shutting the door for her……..she looked very beautiful and delicate as she wore a sea blue floral gown with a plunging neckline that revealed her ample cleavage,any guy would kill to have this hot chick on his bed and blood jnr nodded in agreement…….that organ was a f—–g fool,it would get me into trouble one day,no doubt!!!!……Alice had started taking selfies when I pulled out of their neighbourhood and onto the major road en-route to the senator’s ceremonial mansion….
We got there behind schedule and I could already see a lot of exotic cars parked…..I had anticipated that this would be a show of wealth partly forming the basis for my decision to bring the bentley…..I finally found a free parking space to rest my beast…..As Alice got out of the car,i could notice the look of awe and surprise on her face……”you have very rich friends”,she said as she noticed me looking at her face……smiling broadly I looped my hand at my sight and in a very mellow voice,i said “my lady for tonight,shall we???”,”of course your majesty”,she replied as we both laughed and made our way into the mansion and we’re subsequently ushered into the banquet hall…..We were looking like a newly wedded couple and caught most of the crowd’s eye as we walked in…..We both made a statement with our dressings…..”EXPENSIVE”…….the banquet hall was filled with influential people most of whom I knew…….
I began introducing sophia to some of the couples who came around us….Apparently I had been missed here in abuja and the crowd made it very evident with the way they flocked around me and my date……..In a short while,the attention had attracted the senator himself and he walked over to where we stood with an air of authority around him….He hadn’t changed a bit,a very big man with short black stubby hair….”greg,am glad you could make it”,he said smiling as he motioned some females to come over,”your date is looking very beautiful,whats your name dear??”,he asked looking at Alice….”Thanks for the compliment sir,you don’t look bad at all yourself,My name is alice”,she said as she courteseyed….she had very good manners and she waas making me a proud guy at the moment…..”your welcome my dear,surely you won’t be displeased if the female folk stole you away for some mingling while I reminisce on old times with this young man”,he said to her….”not at all sir”,she quipped as some excited young ladies took her away….from my judgment they were concubines of the influential men who were present here at the fundraiser……I walked with the senator and greeted people,he introduced me to people and I made some vital connections…..
As we stopped at the bar section of the whole,i could see his countenance has changed as he spoke,”why are all of you suddenly looking for me??”,”all of us???,am the only one here,isnt it???,i offered trying to wrap my mind around what is happening…….”if am not mistaken and my eyes have not started playing pranks,thats your buddy over there”,he said nodding in the opposite direction…….i turned and scanned that part of the hall as a jolt of liquid electric anger flashed through me…..there standing in the hall flashing his white teeth was trigger,as soon as I saw him,i smiled broadly……
As if my stare on him had an effect on him,he looked at me and immediately his smile disappeared,”whats the problem with you two??,he doesn’t look too pleased to see you”,the senator said……..”your right,he isn’t pleased at all”,i said not wanting to arouse the senator’s suspicion cos I didn’t know yet if he was involved in this whole scheme or not…….In my mind this was judgment day!!!! if all went according to plan….someone was gonna die tonight…… ..

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