Blood for blood batch 8

Blood for blood 8
Episode 41********
Staring at cigaro with bloodshot eyes as I continuously huffed and puffed smoke from my Cuban stick into the parlour expecting the answer to my question…That was when the motherfucker f—-d up…..He started stammering,”errm……eeeeh……Aro maintain!!!,we go still re-anchor on top that matter”……I reached under the sofa and brandished my newly cleaned glock pistol,i could see the terror and fear written all over his face as he started quivering all over……..I ignored him and placed the gun on the table,i was way bigger than him(muscles and physique) and of course smarter and he knew that…..”You sure say you no wan talk anything now????”,i asked with a sly smile on my face………”abeg lemme joor,na d good morning yu go tell me be that”,he said as he made haste to leave the living room……..i waited until he had disappeared,took the gun and followed.Was still wearing my socks so my movement was as silent as it could be…….Just as I had imagined……He headed for sophia’s room,she must have gone to dress up wen she heard the sound of ciggaro’s car…………I heard a thud inside the room and some struggling…..I tip-toed to the door and heard cigaro talking in hushed tones,”i hope you didn’t tell him anything or am gonna have to kill you”,”nothing I swear”,sophia pleaded……….the motherfucker had fallen for my trap and he had confirmed the story that sophia had told me…..right now I was sure sophia wasn’t lying and more than anything I wanted to end that motherfuckers life…….Nobody messes with blood……counting to three,i opened the door and stepped into sophia’s room gun in hand and asked with fake shock……”wetin dey happen nah”…..The bastards eyes went straight to my gun as he let go of sophia with a look of guilt on his face,”baba wetin she do nah”,i continued,pressing him further……….”she f–k up”,he said with an air of finality as he pushed her aside and left the room……As soon as I was sure he was in his room,i walked over to sophia,picked her up and lay her on the bed,she was crying and whispering into my ears,”promise me you’ll kill that bastard”she said…..”baby”,i laughed,”dats just like promising you i’ll keep breathing,his death warrant was signed and sealed when he sold me out”,i assured her as I kissed her full on the lips and left the room……..”you wanted to know about your mission”,cigaro’s voice echoed into the corridor,come to the living room alone……My muscles bulged and my eyes twitched,it was a good day to die….
Episode 42*******
As tense and focused as I was,there was a very human chill creeping up my spine and taking a hold of my heart as I gazed at the direction of the living room……I could make out the face of the girl I loved,”sophia” standing at the door of her room,tears welled up in her eyes,begging me in silent whispers not to oblige cigaro’s request but hey!!! Blood runs from no man………..”i’ll be with you in a moment”,i said towards the living room direction while walking into my room……”don’t waste my time”,came the angry snarl from cigaro………hahahahahaha if only he knew who he was dealing with…
Getting into my room,I fitted my glock pistol with a silencer and put on a clean pair of jeans and a white lux polo…….Walking out of my room,i stopped to kiss sophia and urged her back into her room,i had a feeling that things were about to get bloody………As I made my way into the living room,i met cigaro cleaning his double barelled rifle and oiling it in the bright light that shone in the parlour..His eyes were bloodshot,he had been drinking obviously,his hands were shaking!!!!!,he was either nervous or scared…..He couldn’t look me straight in the eye,he was hiding something…….As I assessed my prey,i knew he had an ulterior motive…..”what the phuck is going on between the both of you???”,he barked……”nothing at all”,i said with an “I don’t want to anwer your stupid questions” look on my face.He was boiling with rage and I could see that and I decided to infuriate him the more by permitting a sly smile to play on my lips……..He was losing it now but I didn’t care,he wouldn’t live to see the light of dawn tomorrow for stabbing me in the back……He had started putting the oiled and shiny pieces of the rifle together……I was at alert as i continously smiled at his futile efforts to scare me……..My gun was within reach and I tapped my fingers on the couch in anticipation…..i carefully observed him……I made a mental note to take shots at his jugular vein(on the neck) and his legs ,I wanted him to bleed till he died……This motherfucker didn’t deserve a quick death…….By now he had put the gun together and was also smiling back at me….Dang!!!!this imbecile had some guts!!!!………..reaching under the table,he produced a pack of live catridges and looking towards me,he asked,”where is your gun,blood????”……….”i don’t have it”,i replied and leaning forward,I continued!!!!! “cigaro!!!!,i want to ask you something”,his eyes were now fixed on me as a lion on its prey,”you see I don’t remember telling you my name was blood so am just sitting here wondering how you would know that or aree you now a fortune teller???”…..The wry smile on his face had disappeared,he knew he had made a grave mistake,he was a back-stabbing motherfucker after all… other person knew that name except slow and trigger and a handful of our Abuja contacts……….loading a live cartridge into the rifle,he quickly pointed the gun at me,sensing what he was about to do,i sprang from my seat and as soon as I had made contact with the gun,he squeezed the trigger as both of us fell to the ground……The roar of the metallic monster was deafening!!!!!! As we hit the floor,he reached for the gun but I had other plans for his abominable soul….With all the strength I had in me,i planted my two feet on his rib cage causing him to wince in pain away from the gun……I took the gun and threw it into the corridor….His ass was mine!!!!,my lux polo was stained with blood,the fired cartridge had grazed my shoulder and blood was flowing……turning over the center table,i unscrewed one of its four metal legs and walked over to my prey now smiling wildy………”just do it”,he said…..”oh!!!!!,i will!!! Please don’t be in a rush”,i laughed…..”umph,umph,umph”,came his grunts as I stabbed him with the sharp end of the metal leg,blood splattered all around the living room as I dished out justice to the betrayer until he was stone dead and moved no more…..I was now soaked in a mixture of I and another man’s blood…..satisfied with what I had done,i picked up my pistol and headed out of the living room…………..
Episode 43********
The place was dead silent except for my heavy thudding footsteps and d occassional squishing sound as blood pumped out of cigaro’s lifeless body……I have been waiting a long time for this and the deed had finally been done……I looked like a wraith,one of these demons that were always featured in Hollywood horror movies…..Drenched in blood,you’d think I was the human version of dracula,with a sinister smile on my face……..i heard some noise from the room and I remembered!!! I had told sophia to stay in her room,she must be dying with fear now cos I believe she must have heard the gunshot and the prolonged struggling in the room………As I looked at the leaning painting which had born the brunt of the fired double barrel,i heard a mobile phone ring though it wasn’t coming from me,i scanned the living room till my eyes rested on cigaro’s bloody corpse……….i made my way back across the sitting room and dipped into his pockets in search of the phone and when I found it,I was as infuriated as I could be…Written boldly on the screen was Incoming call from lord cross…….of course that was the name trigger had given to these guys during the course of their deal as his identity…….i didn’t know if he was the one who had asked cigaro to make this foolish move today…..I picked up the phone and as he spoke,his voice stung my ear drums like fireants,”abobby,whats up??,i no later hear from you,wetin dey happen nah”………… was him for sure,the voice was still the same over the time I had spent here,it hadn’t changed a bit,”Baba trigger what’s up nah”,i spoke into the mouthpiece with my cold and sinister voice……..”who’s this???”,he asked in surprise obviously wondering how his real identity was exposed………”Baba you dey on serious lapses oooooo,so na you send these small boys make dem come do wetin their papa no fit????”,he knew it was me now cos the line now went silent for about a minute or so after which he spoke “oluwa blood!!!,we can work something out,na just minor issue”,”baba you too much ooooooo,my life don dey be minor issue abi??”I asked,throughout the conversation I was chuckling but he knew what that meant,i was boiling to get my hands on him,he knew me too well to believe that my smile meant happiness..I had killed niggas and their families for less offences let alone a nigga looking to take ma life……..”Ah go position abuja soon,if you fit jazz away,you jazz away,but I wan make you know say I go still track you ruggedly”,cult slangs had now become an integral part of my diction but I expected him to know what I meant………the line went dead,he knew me too well!!!!,he knew what I could do…..My little black book was where nobody wanted to be………The phone in one hand and the pistol in another,i. headed into the corridor laughing loudly,sometimes my behaviour scared the shit out of me but hey!!! That’s the fun of being bad,you ain’t bad if nobody’s scared of ya……..i opened sophia’s door and saw her crawled up in a ball on the bed with a kitchen knife in her hand…..As soon as she saw me,she threw the knife away and ran to embrace me not minding my bloodied appearance…..putting me down on the bed,she rushed to get the first aid box,setting it down on the bed,she used the kitchen knife she held earlier to tear the lux polo I was wearing as she started tending to my wounds…..i was in a whole lot of pain…..I needed epinephrine badly and I was gonna get some immediately I made my way outta here…..In a matter of minutes,my chest and shoulder region was nearly covered in bandages but I felt much better now as I headed to my room for a fresh polo and jean…I was looking fresh now as I headed back to sophia’s room.Entering the room,i found her pressing cigaro’s phone and with a seductive smile on her face,she said,”baby you need to see this”.I walked over to her,took the phone and saw a message from lord cross which read,send the fool to my house in abuja,make it look like it’s a mission,i’ll handle the rest……lifting sophia and kissing her deeply I said,”its time for you to see how rich I am,looks like we’ll be going to abuja after all”,my hands were already on her boobs and her erratic moaning had started…..
Epidode 44*********
We had deposed of cigaro and right now the only thing on our minds was getting away from here before any member of the deck came calling……..i packed some stuff into a school bag and sophia had already gotten her stuff together as if she was waiting for this to happen….I was surprised at that but I waved it off as nothing……we took a quick shower but I didn’t enjoy the shower cos of my bandages and the pain in my shoulder……picking up a clean tuxedo suit from my wardrobe, I dressed hurriedly and met sophia looking really sexy in a crop top and a black plaid skirt with sexy high heels………We were the power couple every one wished to be right now…..We took cigaro’s keys and packing our stuff in the car,we made for the airport,we had not gotten very far wen a call came in from shege….I picked the phone but did not say a word….”so na yu come throw executioner overboard abi,no worry,we dey find you come”…….I hung up and drove into a bush path……”where are we going”,rita asked with fear written all over her face…”obinze forest”,i replied looking rather calm…….after driving miles,we arrived at obinze forest but I didn’t stop,i drove into the thick bush and kept driving until my safe house got into sight…..I stopped the car and got out,”don’t move till I get back”,i said without looking at sophia as I went into the house…….I was shocked at what I found…..The house had been wiped clean,no single piece of property remained……this was strange…..Walking to where my bedroom once was……..i dislodged a large tile in the centre of the room with my pocket knife,brought out a big bag containing money and my atm cards as well as another bag containing my visa and other documents…….I walked out of the house and went straight to the boot with sophia looking intently at me….closing the boot,i went back into the car and with a stern voice I asked sophia,”did you tell anyone about this safehoue”,”No,why”,she replied shakily………”Nothing”i answered as I drove the car out of the thick bush in a cloud of dust…….We drove in silence only stopping once when I had to make a withdrawal to facilitate our flight………two hours later,we were on a flight to Abuja and sophia was staring at me,”baby what’s wrong??”,she asked…..”are you sure you don’t know anything about what happened to my safe house??”,i shot back at her……..”Nooo,she said,not at all”…………I said nothing else until we landed in abuja…….i called my private driver and in the next five minutes a black range rover sport arrived to pick us up and in thirty minutes we had arrived at an exquisitely furnished mansion……..”Home sweet home”,i said out loud as I got to my door steps,”we’ve missed you sir”,my domestic staff mused in unison all beaming with smiles…….”welcome to my palace baby girl”,i said to sophia after thanking my staff while picking her up and carrying her inside……I bet she was shocked judging from the way she kept looking at me mouth agape………there was a lot of things she didn’t know about me and she was soon to find out….getting to the bedroom,my personal phone began to ring…..loooking at the screen,it was shege!!!!!
Episode 45**********
As shocked as I was,I couldn’t find the courage to pick up the phone,the dynamics of my plan and escape had worked but how the hell did shege get my mobile phone number was the fact that continued to elude my intelligence now……….I was never as careless of uncovering any piece of evidence as pertaining to my previous life while with cigaro and his gang but the whole scenario was now turning against my predictions with full velocity……There was no other explanation,trigger must have communicated them…….there was also another explanation……the only other person that had access to my phone after I had called my mansion to request for my driver was sophia so she could have had enough access as to give out my number but no!!!! She couldn’t have done it……She put her life on the line to facilitate my escape so to question the trust I had for her now would be very unfair but something was. wrong now,i could sense it deep down in my being…….My thoughts were interrupted as sophia wrapped her long arms around me from behind grabbing my d–k and stroking it,banishing any other thoughts of suspicion that may have persisted………”its been a long day baby boy,try to relax”,she whispered into my ear………There was something sinister and evil about her voice which I just couldn’t place my finger on…..As we made sweet love,i just couldn’t get my entire mind of what had just happened……..Three hours later she was sound asleep and I stood noiselessly naked and watching her sleep……..I picked up my bathrobe and held my held up high as I walked to the bathroom…….i took a quick bath and slipped into a pair of denim jeans and a nice white polo shirt as I left the building to get something to eat!!!!………I wasn’t ready yet to stuff my belly with home-made food….I needed some snacks to warm my belly up as I made out more time to entirely wrap my mind around the happenings of the day,it had really been a long day of sorts……I spotted a nice-looking cafe and went to sit down…….i sat at one of the tables I found outside and ordered for some fries and some juice……..As I recieved my meal and started eating,someone sat on the other chair at my table……..It was none other than Alice,the nurse I had dispossessed of her overall during my escape from the hospital………”could today get any stranger?????”……….

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