Blood for blood batch 7

Blood for blood 7

Episode 36**********

As I stood in that wardrobe and heard them perform their sex acts……As stupid as it may sound my d–k was rising fully again and was now poking painfully at the door….stupid organ!!! wonder why it had to have a mind of its own……..cigaro grunted in pleasure as he orgasmed and sophia followed soon after announcing her o—-m with a deep and guttural grunt as I heard the bed creak under them………”d–n that girl is a frigging dog”,i said to myself………..i just wanted to wrap my hands around her throat and never let go until she was dead but that would never be possible,not if I wanted to make it out of this environment in one piece………as soon as cigaro had finished,i heard the door open and close as his heavy footsteps left the room…..just then I understood why she had approached me for sex,cigaro treated her like a sex slave using her to gratify his endless sexual cravings…..i felt a pang of guilt wash through me for calling her a dog in my mind a few moments ago,she was obviously looking for someone to make her feel like a woman and not an object of lust………she deserved more than this!!!!!!!That notwithstanding I needed to get out of this wardrobe and fast,my toes were beginning to feel numb and my back was aching………..i watched her through the adjoining slabs of the wardrobe……I saw her lift her sweat covered body off the bed and mutter the words,”son of a b—h”under her breath,my suspicions were confirmed……..she was indeed highy dissatisfied with cigaro but hey who am I to intervene in their case………I heard her slip to the bathroom and smash the door shut,as quickly as I could,i pried open the door of the wardrobe and stumbled out feeling a little bit dizzy and wobbly from the awkward position I had kept in the wardrobe but that was not important right now……..I hurriedly stuffed the clothes I had knocked over in the wardrobe back and shut the doors…….the shower was now running in the bathroom…….As I made to leave the room…….i could hear sophia sobbing and crying in the shower……..i resisted the urge to barge into that shower and scuttle her up in my arms and console her till she stopped crying……..but that would be foolishness on my part I thought as I continued making my way towards the door…….placing my hand on the door knob I clicked open the door ever so slightly and made my way outside after ensuring that it had been closed properly…….I made my way to my room and plugged the phone,locked my door securely and made my way to the parlour where I met cigaro sipping from a bottle of Mc dowells calmly as he looked at me with bloodshot eyes…..”av been looking for you since I got back from the herbalist’s place”,he said,”where have you been”………”been in the gym”,i replied looking him straight in the eyes……”That’s ok”,he said as he noticed the sweat on my polo not knowing that I got the sweat from been in the wardrobe for too long……”i’ll soon send you on a very important hit,you just av to prepare yourself”,I was shocked but I dared not show it……….Without saying a word,i went to the bar picked up a bottle of carlo rossi and headed back to my room so it would seem as if it was the main reason I had visited the sitting room………..A hit!!!! so soon!!!!! God help me!!!!

Episode 37*******

I got into my room,locked d door behind me and flung myself at the bed apparently shaken by the news I had just recieved…..It was only then I remembered that I was holding a bottle;the carlo rossi which I had picked up in the sitting room,f–k it;I needed to get high joor!!!!!I sat up on the bed opened the bottle and took a deep long gulp as if it was the very elixir of life…….I would kill for some epinephrine right now but I had to make do with what I had……I opened my eyes and stared into the nearby mirror,my eyes had turned bloodshot as tears tumbled down my cheeks,don’t go thinking that am the emotional type,it was merely an aftereffect of the long gulp of alcohol which I had just swallowed…………..turning my attention to the plugged phone near my head board,i set down my bottle on a stool nearby as I reached for it……pressed the power button and the phone responded in the affirmative……I couldn’t wait to see the messages,the phones slow booting was increasing my curiosity by the minute(you all know how blackberry phones behave naah)…It finally completed its booting and the startup screen paved way for the home screen……….i rushed to the inbox section and it was still loading,i nearly smashed the phone in annoyance but I controlled my temperament…….it would be a rash decision……..finally!!!

the messages had finished loading and I was staring at the two messages on my inbox……….tapping on slows message,the following text typed in block letters burned their way into my eyes,“Bird on the run,loot in danger”,was it just me or were my eyes playing a cruel trick on me………I reached for the bottle of carlo rossi for the umpteenth time and took another long gulp trying to regain some of my sanity as my brain was roasting on anger right now……Tapping the second message from Trigger,what I saw drove the nail into the coffin and quaked my entire being,“After am done with slow,am coming for you,you can run but you can’t hide”……….what the hell!!!!!!Apparently,a lot had happened in my absence and it seems trigger now wanted the money for himself……….shameless fool!!!!God I was so angry……I rained abuses on him in my mind,if I laid my hands on him,he would be in a worse shape than a decomposing corpse……I had never being stabbed so hard in my back before,this was betrayal on a whole new level…………I quaked with anger,my muscles bulged,my veins grew visible,my entire body revolted against the information I had just recieved,i drew the bottle to my lips once more but I recieved no alcohol,i had emptied the bottle……….I smashed the bottle against the wall and slumped into my bed as my bloodshot eyes kept roaming the ceiling in search for answers……….As my engines were still raving in anger,i heard a knock on my door…… stopped and kept going……….who could that be at this point in time…..

Episode 38*****

Hearing the knock on my door caused me to pause and as a result of that,My whole nerves got tensed up and my entire being was pinpointed on unravelling the identity of the person behind the door………With shaky hands,i hid the phone under the bed and cracked open the door to see cigaro peering at me intently and also sophia walking along the corridor towards my room…….”whats wrong in there??”,he barked,looking at me suspiciously with his glock pistol in hand……..I smiled at him and told him nothing was wrong that I had knocked over the bottle…..He knew of my short temper but what was confounding him was what could be the cause this time…….”your wahala don dey start again abi???”he said,laughing at me as he stuck his pistol back into the safety of his belt…..”am going out for a drink”,he continued still smiling,”want to come”………”comot joor”,i retorted as he headed toward the living room laughing loudly as he went………..Sophia had ignored us the whole while and had made her way into the room after hearing my little tale…..She was convinced it was a lie ,i knew cos I could see it in her eyes……..she cleared the pieces of broken bottle in the room and by the time she returned,we could both hear cigaro’s car leaving the compound…………

.sophia was wearing a very frightening frown on her face,it was obvious she had something else on her mind…”I know you took the phone from my wardrobe”she said,finally breaking the spell of silence that was making the room rather uncomfortable…….”you didn’t give me much of a choice and besides I needed it”,”for what??”,who the hell are you really by the way??,she asked stopping any other sentences dead on my lips with her barrage of questions……..I looked into her eyes and all I could see is a deprived woman trying to hold on to the last shreds of dignity in her life…….”ok,look!!!!! am more dangerous than you guys think but the most important thing is that am not with law enforcement people”,i said giving her a cold stare.”if you were,i would have shot you dead”she said as tears started rolling down her face…”I don’t know why but my legs feel weak everytime I see you and I lose my morale”,Those words struck my heart like a cold pike,her tears was too much for me to handle…Walking over to where she stood,i scuttled her up in my arms and kissed her full on the lips,she hungrily searched for my tongue with hers as our breathing grew frantic.We disengaged,took one hard look at each other and said “I love you”in coincidence…We laughed over it as I scooped her over to the bed and made love to her as a lover would do..I could sense the happiness and love written all over her…Resting her head on my chest she said,”A reliable source told me all I needed to know about you,your secrets safe with me,just don’t break my heart”…..reliable source??,who the hell was that???,questions that needed answers were racing through my head right now….she noticed the spike in the rate of my heartbeat and laughed,”whatever you are and wherever your running from doesn’t matter to me.All that matters is that your making me a very happy girl and as long as it stays that way,my lips will be sealed”,At least I could do what she was asking so with that,i heaved a sigh of relief….

Episode 39*******

Cigaro didn’t come back again that day giving me and sophia the opportunity we needed to phuck our brains out and get to know each other more…….As opposed to my first impression of her,she wasn’t a total b—h and was actually kinda tired of the kind of life she was living but cigaro was the only reason she still stuck around fearing for her life…….Those were the little bits of info I could make out from the lengthy conversation cos all the while,i had been consumed by unending hatred and anger for trigger who was the sole orchestrator of my downcast mood now…….”Are you sure you are all right??”,she asked….I could see care and compassion burning deep in her eyes.The last place I had seen such care was in my mother’s eyes as she took me to the clinic,i had fallen off the new bicycle my dad bought me as a birthday present on the tarred road,but here I was!!! looking into the eyes of the most beautiful girl I have seen in a while and the same care replicating itself in her eyes…….There and then,i decided to tell her everything about me and the conspiracy theory……..It took about an hour to explain everything to her as she stared at me mouth agape unable to make a sound clearly shocked……”Are you trying to tell me that you are blood?????,the notorious cyber crime lord?????”,she asked,unable to hide her excitement….”dont get too excited”,i advised,”Am not too happy with myself now,a nigga’s out there trying to run away with my sweat”………..she looked at me carefully and thoughtfully and said,”I believe you!!!,but I also think there is something you should know..A week before you were caught on our ITT grounds,this guy visited this house”,she said as she walked over to her room and came back with a photograph and the identity on the picture was unmistakable!!!!!! “trigger”………..”He said we should call him lord cross and that we should find you and kill you but when we sent word of your capture to him,he requested that you should be kept alive and that he would be the one to do the killing himself when he gets here”………I was visibly shaken by now……that explained everything,cigaro’s adamance on me being kept alive when I caused the death of two of his men,how he risked his men’s lives to break me out of the military hospital,how I got promoted to arkman immediately after initiation and his constant trips to abuja…..the pieces of the puzzle were now coming together very quickly…….”He offered us twenty million naira for your head”she further stated……Twenty million???,what the phuck???? money I used for vacation abroad is now what was used as a price tag for my life…….I slumped back into the bed..that bastard!!!! He knew I had a safe house in owerri and that was where I was gonna be staying but he didn’t know where I was gonna be so he decided to contract cigaro and his thugs to snuff me out……”so far,so good”i thought,”am not dead yet and for that reason am gonna teach trigger a lesson or two”…..I had to do something and fast…..

Episode 40********

That bastard cigaro,i couldn’t believe he sold me out for a paltry sum of twenty million naira……Another thing running through my mind now was the genuine(if it was)submission of sophia to me…could it be she really loved me as she claimed or was she just trying to get into my good books so I could keep her satisfied sexually…Anyhow this little charade of theirs turned out now,i would be in charge of my game and give them the shocker of dia lives……By now,sophia was asleep on my chest…..I was watching her sleep.D–n!!! this girl was as sexy as hell,her curves were hypnotising to look at as were her boobs and ass….How did I keep ending up with beautiful girls???…God help me!!!!! I sat up and looked at the time,it was 3:00am,i had not slept a wink through the night and obviously cigaro decided to spend the night out(probably got his d–k buried in an exotic hole)……I took one long look at sophia again and thanked my stars.Taking two long strides to the door,i opened it,”baby what’s wrong???”,i heard her delicate voice say……”nothing honey,just have to get you back to your room before the lord of the rings returns”…..”go joor”,she retorted smiling…..Picking up her naked body in my arms,i planted kisses on her lips as I carried her to her room,her body was so delicate and soft……My s—t was quivering with desire but I ignored it….Getting to her room,i laid her down and covered her body with her sheets,she was still smiling at me,”don’t yu ever let me go”,she mused,”i love you too much for that”,i assured her.I owed this girl my life and nothing less……Giving her a quick smooch,i rushed to the in-house gym and started pumping up with the anger of cigaro’s foolishness,trigger’s betrayal and the fear for slow’s safety bottled up in me…….I pushed past my normal workout routine and was sweating profusely…..My pecs and abs were clear cut and shining with sweat now…….satisfied with my work,i slid into the shower,cleaned up and checked the time 6:54 am…….i had spent quite a while at the gym…….I followed some noise to the kitchen to find sophia naked with only an apron on her,sticking her ass in the air as she prepared breakfast…..tip-toeing over to her position,i cupped her left breast from behind with one hand and plunged my index finger into her p—y from behind,she yelped and shivered in both excitement and surprise as I added some kissing to the mix……As we were about to get down to the early morning sex I had planned…….cigaro’s vehicle pulled into the compound…sophia gave me that “we’ll finish this later”kind of kiss as I made my way to the living room and sat with a Cuban stick lighted in my hands. As cigaro entered and saw me in the sitting room,he was shocked as hell cos it was written all over his face……not giving him time to settle,i addressed him in the coldest and most terrifying voice I could muster,”i’d like to know what kind of mission you have for me”…….

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