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Blood for blood batch 5

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Blood for blood batch 5 by : 7:23 am On August 10, 2020
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Blood for blood 5
Episode 26*********
I was staring wide-eyed at him,prepared for the worst,i didn’t know what to say,by now the two guys who came in with him had walked straight to the bed and tied my feet to the two remaining posts…..”seems you don’t like your d–k very much”,he reiterated as he made a slicingg motion,”oga wait abeg,i take God beg you,brother no vex”i yelled at the top of my lungs…..The stupid d–k wouldn’t go down,it was continuously fed by the sight of the girl near me wiggling her bra clad br£@st and stroking my d–k……I tried avoiding her eyes all to no avail…..”i’ll tell you everything wey you wan know”,i muttered,now I really was terrified……losing my d–k at 22 wasn’t any guys dream at all but that wouldn’t make me let the cat out of the bag about my identity,it was way too risky…..”don’t waste my time”,he yelled at me…..”ok oga no vex abeg,i be forestry officer for that forest,we been dey get reports say illegal lumberers dey come cut trees for night,na the duty I dey before una catch me,no vex”,i said as tears rolled down my cheeks…..I had to make my act convincing so I kept blinking my eyes until tears started streaming down my face…..it wouldn’t be good news if he was of the opinion that I was lying….fortunately,my tears convinced him and he asked again,”then how do you explain your skill set”,”oga I dey man ‘o’ war before I get the job,i take God beg you”….Having gotten the information he needed,he motioned his hands and the two guys who had followed him into the room left immediately…..By now,the girl had put her top back on…..”permit me to introduce you to sophia,leader of the viqueens confraternity and also a nurse in the hospital you escaped from,i have to give you some credit though!!!! Your escape was superb”…..My mouth was still agape from the shock of almost loosing my d–k as he explained calmly…..”but that’s not why you are here”,he continued,”my arkman is dead because of you and I need a strong person to stand into command,someone like you…….we’ve been waiting patiently for two weeks cos you passed out during the initiation”….”two weeks???….I can’t believe all this is happening right now”……I believe it’s time we handed the post to you brother he said as he left with the girl following suit after giving me a sensual klzz on the lips……my d–k was rising again….
Episode 27********
Immediately they left,the two guys who were outside stormed into the room,released me from my bondage and helped me outside with much more gentle nudges this time,I was surprised….By the time I got outside,the capon and Sophia were already outside,he had a bottle of squadron dry gin in his hand…there were a lot of guys and ladies standing with him……I was made to kneel down in their midst and he started speaking in heavy cult slangs as he positioned the squadron dry gin in his hand over my head…….”Norwich squadron,vikantical aro monkey,ethical frega amaya……dem say,who no come no go know and we don come be say we don come,no more jazzing back,no more abandoning ship,no more jonsing……..dis is still me oooooo,excessively possessed by the spirit of odin,na we and odin dey brew with one skull…..d d1 most rugged of this deck……”,the others were shouting praises at him in various forms as he continued,”We get bitter merriment oooo wey be say two budas don gbazz overboard but no be say e bitter for us ooo,aboard the viking ship na small challenge…..it is capped virasita virasita,no man born of a woman can sink the viking ship…….Talagon talagon let the young ones grow,this palamus wey deck here get the mark of odin for em forehead”..As he said that,he started emptying the contents of the bottle on my body as visible smoke emanated from my body,i had never done anything fetish in my life so I was slightly disturbed…..”Aro jazz up,with my ruggedity,me wey be cigaro dey cap am now say dis man na the new arkman of this deck,anybody wey wan cap,make en cap now”,the whole place went grave silent…….”anyikwerere”,he yelled……”fire” the multitude shouted unanimously…..I was the new arkman of supreme vikings confraternity cospirano deck……My entire body was wet with the contents of the bottle as heavy smoke now emanated from my body…..The outline of my d–k was visible within my boxers…..As I stood,they all smiled and congratulated me with shouts of “you are rugged” and “next capone in the making”…I caught Sophia smiling among others,funny enough,i knew why she was smilingg…..All of a sudded,it hit me!!!!,they said I had been out for two weeks!!!,i needed to make contact with slow and trigger……
Episode 28********
As the new arkman,i enjoyed a lot of benefits, I dined with the executives at choice hangouts,partied every weekend and got lots of chicks to hang out with,was already used to this lifestyle but I had to act like I was excited in order to curb further suspicions….Make no mistakes,I was soon accumulating a very rugged reputation in owerri as after a few hits,My name had begun to strike terror in the minds of rival cult groups(black axe and eiye confraternities especially)but deep down I knew I needed to make contact with slow and and trigger before my cover is compromised ‘cos every now and then I would see disbelief clearly written on the capons face…..The only way I succeeded in keeping his suspicions in check was accomplishment of the duties which I was assigned without fear or favour….The brutality with which I carried out my hits had even begun to scare the capon himself,i knew this but he would always try to hide it but as they say aboard the viking ship,”No be who first come,na who rugged pass”…..It was a Friday morning,i had woken up,finished doing my press-ups,sit-ups and weightlifting to keep my magnificent toned body in shape(i tend to boast about it sometimes)when I heard a voice call my name from the living room,”baba smoke”,the voice yelled,(they often teased me with the name because of what happened when I was coronated as arkman)……”I dey jazz,maintain”,i called back,i had learnt everything about their slangs……I dried my body with a towel and made my way to the living room…..sophia and cigaro were seating side by side with sophia staring mouth agape at my bulging muscles,there were three other guys in the room,my two A.D.c’s(solid and shenge) and the deck eastman demon……Cigaro had begun to speak without waiting for me to settle down,”Aro we get I.T.T tomorrow….as you can see,full moon don jazz and as per the ruggedity wey you get na you go preside in my absence”,he said,staring intently at me…..”shey una know say I get hit for Abuja tomorrow,so I no go dey”,we all nodded in the affirmative…..”so Aro gather your ruggedity,cos any f–k up na on top your head e be nd before you jazz out,anchor for orange groove dis night”he said as he stood and left……..He was always a straight to the point guy…”you too rugged”,i said to him as he left….”where en go be???”,i asked,turning to the other guys seating with me……”obinze forest”,solid replied……
Episode 29********
“Obinze forest”,i mused in my mind,shocked but I couldn’t let any of them detect that the location just disclosed had any sort of effect on me……Yeah,your right,this was the exact same spot on which I was initiated forcefully and from the look of things would also serve as the initiation ground for twenty more guys tomorrow night……”what would make him choose such a place”,i asked myself knowing fully well what army did in the last ITT….In my thoughts,i didn’t notice that everyone else had left the living room excluding sophia,she was just sitting there watching me intently,”do you have any problem with the venue”,she asked,”not at all”,i shot back determined to quench any suspicions she might have as she breezed past me once again shooting her seductive gaze at me…..That evening I met with cigaro,he gave me instructions and also gave me a coin which he told me would get very hot if a threat was approaching…..He explained my role at the ITT briefly partly because I have never presided over one of those before but he knew I relished the challenge and I wouldn’t let him down for anything(still trying to get his mind off my identity)….I slept like a baby that night and woke the next morning to my usual workout routine,helped myself to some food and entirely whiled away time till darkness fell……..”its time”,sophia said as she entered the house while I nodded in acknowledgement,i went to my room,slung a bag over my shoulders containing my bull(gun),clenchedd the coin tightly in my palm and went outside to find the entire cospirano cartel waiting..”Aro mate”,i yelled into the silent night,”Aro rugged”,they yelled in unison…..Sophia followed shortly,as she made her way past me,she brushed my d–k with her ass as she kept a straight face,I was gonna f–k the hell outta her one of these days cos I knew the look in her eyes,she desired it,she longed for it but was too proud to admit….I had a target this evening though!!!,cospirano marine was about to increase by twenty,we all got into five waiting hilux buses heavily armed as we drove in silence towards iceland,”obinze forest”
Episode 30********
The journey was a silent one,nobody spoke a word except for sophia’s incessant phone calls,she was trying to contact her excos(fellow ranked viqueens) cos we had just been informed that five of the would be intakes were females which had drawn an excited mumbling from the guys in the car.Other than that,everybody was graveyard silent,”was it just me or had I started inducing fear on these guys”,i thought as a broad smile played on my face……..I had been looking at Sophia and looking at me,she smiled back without knowing why I was smiling….our little charade was cut short when the car abruptly screeched to a halt,ending it’s motion as the driver turned off the ignition,the doors flung open and rugged men poured out of the three already parked buses as the remaining two arrived…..I reached into my small bag,my metal had a cold feel about it that sent cold shivers up my spine…..”make two baggers mount Intel here”,i barked as I led the way into the forest with Sophia by my side and a host of heavily armed guys following me.Two hefty guys stayed behind,one of them being the injured gunman from the hospital escape,he was being scared to look me in the eyes these days as he thought I would want to take advantage of my new position and get back at him but I couldn’t care less……We had been forcing our way through thick shrubbery for a substantial amount of time when I felt something solid under my foot,i moved my foot and pointed my flashlight downwards…There laying at my feet was my old friend,the volther p38 Russian pistol,i picked it up knowing the clearing could not be far away……Looking up ahead,we could all see flickers of fire…”That should be it”,sophia whispered in my ear….”make una douse una torch”,i said looking back as all flashlights behind me were replaced by pitch black darkness….i knew we were near to the itt venue…..i also knew something else,my house was nearby……

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