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Blood for blood batch 3

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Blood for blood batch 3 by : 6:39 am On August 8, 2020
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Blood for blood 3
Episode 14********
”What was this girl thinking”,i thought as I insisted,pointing the gun at her face as she started unbuttoning her overall,she wore a black lacy bra and matching panties,she was busty and curvy in all the right places.As soon as she had removed the overall(crying deeply now),i removed the patient tug I was wearing leaving me in my boxers and socks..she covered her face with her palms as she I approached.I tore the overall from her hands as I wore it and made to leave the room,i looked back at her and the expression on her face was clearly showing that she was dumbfounded,”what’s your name?”,i asked “Alice”,she replied,”Am so sorry we couldn’t meet under better circumstances but I assure you no harm will come to you,now wipe those tears”,I said in the most gentlemanly voice I could muster…I knew she wouldn’t follow me out of the room because of her nudity so I left hurriedly in the process of which I heard her mutter a thank you but gratitude was the last thing on my mind..Getting to the cart she was pushing,a smile played on my lips,there before me was a full,sealed sachet of epinephrine among other drugs…I grabbed it immediately,tore it and swallowed five tablets and started pushing the cart heading for the stairwell.By the time I had reached the stairwell,the epinephrine had kicked in fully and the smile on my face got wider.There were three guards at the stairwell,leaving the cart,i walked briskly towards them and before they could recognise me,i pulled out the pistol,”piuu…..piuu…..piuuuu”,i shot as the gun spat bullets at the stunned guards..they all fell to the ground as nurses and patients who had walked into the corridor rushed back to their rooms.I pulled them out of the way,opened the stairwell and descended the stairs.As soon as I was down the stairs,i saw five guards hurrying towards the stairwell.shit!!! I ran towards them and opened the door nearest to me,locking it behind me..”get him”i could hear a voice screaming….I had been spotted so I needed to act really fast……
Episode 15********
They were banging on the door now and the door didn’t look like it would hold out for long….I scanned the room for a lifeline,wait a minute!!!! I had seen a stack of neatly folded towels,an idea flashed into my head…It was a gamble but I was gonna take it…As I packed the stack of towels to the window,i looked out to see several soldiers running into the hospital,the entire compound was deserted now except for the lorries which had brought the soldiers earlier in the day aand a black BMW x6 which I suspected belonged to a doctor in the hospital….”crash”my thoughts were interrupted as the first hinge on the door broke…..As fast as I could,i tied the towels together,tied one end to a bed,pulled the bed to the window and out the window I went….As I climbed down,the bed rocked dangerously and the door gave way as soldiers poured into the room and as soon as they were able to decipher what I was up to….they turned back and made for the stairs.I already had a headstart….Hanging by the series of towels I had linked,i positioned myself at a window on the second floor,shattering the glass with my elbow,i swung in during which the linked towels started tearing…..I held on to the window frame with all the strength I could muster and pulled myself into the room……..knowing I didn’t have time,i raced past the startled patients to reach the door and as soon as I had opened it,i saw several soldiers racing down the stairs.Remembering the chlorine cannister,i retrieved it from the overall I wore,threw it up the staircase and pulling the gun I shot at it while it exploded and diffused into the air sending the soldiers back up the staircase as they held onto their chests coughing violently…..Knowing they would not shoot ‘cos they had definitely kept me alive for a reason,i rushed into the adjacent staircase as I descended to the first floor….Making to navigate to the next flight of stairs,by now the soldiers were in pursuit…Looking ahead,i saw three soldiers pointing in my direction…..i didn’t have time to aim and shoot now….I hurled myself through a door as I made my way into the first floor corridor,ran through a large room filled with patients and without giving myself time to think,i spotted an almaco window and dived at it,shattering the glass in the process as I jumped into the unknown…….”diim”,i landed on the ground with a heavy thud,i never knew I would make it this far……I turned to look at the window through which I had jumped,soldiers were looking and speaking into their walkie-talkies while some others had started pouring out of the hospital’s entrance…..
Episode 16*********
To me this was the end of the road,I was done running ‘cos I had stretched my body to the limit and it wasn’t gonna take anymore or do my bidding….As I resigned myself to fate,I noticed the bmw X6 I had spotted earlier moving towards me picking up speed as it moved….swerving dangerously in front of me,it pulled up,two doors swung open and two guys stepped out with semi-automatic rifles and started raining bullets at the entrance of the hospital forcing the soldiers to retreat to the hospital for cover….I was bundled into the back seat of the SUV and “chroooo”,the tires screeched as they sprayed gravel in the opposite direction…We hadn’t left the compound yet when the soldiers started returning the gunfire….I was forced to put my head down as I crouched in the back seat,”tuff….tuff…..tuff”,the back screen had shattered as the car was showered with bullets,we had sped out of the compound when the gunshots stopped but alas!!! these soldiers weren’t gonna let us off the hook so easily….I hadn’t recognised anyone in the car cos they all wore frightening looking masks and hadn’t said a word since I entered….Looking behind through the shattered glass,i could make out two military landrovers tailing us.”shit”i said as we picked up speed,if only I had kept lying on my bed that fateful night,only God knows what I have gotten myself into now……..
The car sped evasively with unreal speed as I held the two seats in front of me for support,The two guys seating on either side of me had already positioned their rifles through the damaged back screen and had started firing at the army vehicles which were hot on our pursuit….Blood splattered on my face as one of the guys beside me got hit by a bullet…..”Aaaaaaargh”,he groaned……I was as horrified as I could be……
Episode 17*********
He had now withdrawn his shooting arm alongside the rifle into the car….Blood flowed freely from the gunshot wound on his upper arm as he crouched in pains beside me…….I was still under the influence of the epinephrine so my morale boost hadn’t charged down a bit….The driver hadn’t looked back since I got in the car and I deduced that he would be fully concentrated on the open roaad in other to evade the chasing army vehicles….The other gunman beside me had intensified his shooting ever since his partner got hit,stopping only too reload his weapon with more ammunition…From the way the army vehicles sped towards us,i could tell,it would be a matter of time before they caught up with us,”Am out”,the gunman yelled as he withdrew into his sitting position in the car…..Almost immediately,the masked guy sitting in front beside the driver turned and issued authoritatively,”you know what to do”….the guy who he had spoken to nodded with outstretched arms as he took an RpG missile launcher from the guy in front…..Perching back to his normal shooting position,He took aim with the RPG and pressed a red button that stood out distinctly on the RPG….”pheeeeew”,the missile whistled as it left the RPG with great and soon after I felt it’s impact as it detonated against one of the landrovers sending it’s disengaged parts to different locations of the road…..Suddenly gaining the courage to look through the back screen,i saw the second landrover manoeuvring expertly through the debris of the destroyed car and immediately picking up speed as soon as it got past the debris…..”there’s another one of them out there”,I yelled to no one in particular pointing out the damaged screen,”Don’t you think he’s seeing that????”the injured gunman retorted as he pulled me back down and pressed my head down with his good hand..Looking down,i could see his rifle shining on the car’s fabric coated floor……
Episode 18********
As soon as I had seen the neat rifle on the car’s floor,an escape plan had been building steadily in my mind but I chose to stick with a still small voice urging me to ignore the firearm lying below me….”whoever these guys are,its better to let them take me than falling into the arms of law enforcement agencies”,I thought to myself as the arm that had been holding my head down slowly left my neck….Turning my neck sharply to the right,i could see the other gunman struggling to load the RPG once more as the car was swerving dangerously in abid to escape the vengeful army landrover which had been raining bullets continuously on our car ever after the first one had been brought down…..”click”,the missile sounded as it got into place drawing an appreciative smile from the guy who had been trying to load it but just then his smile turned sharply into a look of terror as two bullets found their way through his body.one emerged from his forehead as the other surfaced from his chest;He coughed up blood and looking at me dead in the eye with a frown on his face,He fell forward resting on the seat in front,Dead!!!!.”oh my God”,I yelled as the wounded gunman held my head down as I struggled in the bback seat from the shock of the sudden death of the other gunman….”comport Wella naahhh,yu be pikin???”he shouted as he followed with a command,”get the RPG”.I obeyed out of sheer impulse as I retrieved the heavy piece of metal tube weighing some serious kilograms……..I wondered how that dead guy was able to hold it in place in order to aim with it…..My thoughts were cut short when the wounded gunman shouted at me,”abobby use dat thing revenge my cartel,throw those perambus dem overboard”……”whaaaaaat”””,i shouted over the sound of gunshots which continously perforated the car……..
Episode 19********
“I was still struggling to hold the RPG in place within my arms when the guy in front shouted in addition,”do it” as he shot me a terrifying gaze with bloodshot eyes which I could see clearly through his mask-covered face.The other guy was now pulling me towards the window with a threatening look on his face as he left the overall I wore and brandished a long sharp dagger from its sheath which hung on his holster belt…..I hadn’t fired an RPG for once in my entire life,i wonder how this guys were expecting me to pull this off without any hitches…..I looked on in shock as the wounded gunman beside me pressed the shiny knife into my side and shouted,”abobby,make yu do wetin we cap nah”…….I didn’t have any choice,with a grunt,i pushed the body of the dead gunman to give me room to fulfill the wish of the two mask covered fiends who were now peering intently at my terror stricken face…..The car hadn’t stopped it’s dangerous swerving and that made it extremely difficult for me to get in position with the RPG…..After many tries,i was now kneeling on the back seat with the RPG pointed out of the shattered back screen trying to take aim at the approaching landrover as bullets whizzed past my face….to say the truth,the epinephrine was beginning to wear off and my morale level was reducing…I could tell……”Boom”,the RPG fired the missile out immediately I pressed the red button….I fell back ward into the car as the wounded gunman yelled,”jazz up from there,yu no see say yu miss to hit the perambus dem car???”From what he said,i understood that I had missed my shot earlier and he was gonna punish me for that,with the dagger in his hand,he made to stab me…In his rage,he had forgotten to keep his hand down…..”splash” went drops of blood in every direction as bullets pierced his raised arm……”Aaaaaaaarg”,he groaned with the dagger falling out of his grasp…..seems I would live to fire another shot……Turning my face to the RPG,i noticed the guy in front….He had removed his pistol from its holster,cocked it and was aiming at my head,he said rather coldly,”you better not miss one more time”…….i knew then that nothing would save me if I wasted one more shot……

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