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Blood for blood batch 14

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Blood for blood batch 14 by : 3:02 pm On August 23, 2020
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Blood for blood batch 13
Episode 66*******
As I climbed the stairs upwards towards the room,there was only the silence of the staircase intermittently interrupted by the falling of my feet on the tile floor of the stairs as I admired the exquisite luxury of the hotel walls;the design,the painting and other luxurious artifacts lined on the opposite walls of the broad staircase…..I had chosen to take the staircase over the elevator cos I need the exercise…….i literally ran the rest of the way as I picked up pace to warm up my thigh muscles…..Finally got to the corridor which was my room floor…..Stepping into the corridor,i could hear s£× sounds coming from a particular room which was accompanied with the fluff and tuff of the bed beneath them…My eyes fell on the “do not disturb”sign hanging at the key card reader at the entrance of their room…..The hotel was mostly for honeymooners so I was not in the least surprised at the indiscretion at which they pounded away..I reached my room in no time and slotting the key card into the key card reader,the door slid open noiselessly to reveal the luxury room…A broad smile played on my face as I walked into the room and the air-conditioning hit my skin and sent chills reverberating all over me…..i walked straight to the shower and washed off the sweaty odour hanging on me.I walked into the room admiring my body in the wide mirror that adorned a part of the room……My eyes fell on a dvd player in the room as well as a playstation and a dstv decoder…….I suppressed the urge to game or watch TV as I reached straight into the bag I had brought with me and brandished the tape which was encoded on a blank cd……….I inserted the disc into the dvd player as the screen lit up and the senators face popped onto the screen…..He was wearing a mundane look on his face as he puffed continuously on the lit Cuban stick in between his fore and index f!ng£rs as he began to say,
“I hadn’t hoped it would come to this neither did I have to make this tape but I did when it became very obvious to me that I was gonna die,i know you have a lot of questions in your head and am gonna help you answer them”
Just then a knock sounded on the door…..I immediately pulled the tape out and tossed it under the bed as I scampered over to the door and opening I found the receptionist with her shirt buttoned down to the second button revealing succulent cleavage….My mouth watered as she spoke,”my apologies Mr greg but I have an issue with your payment”,what was she talking about??,as I looked out into the corridor,i could see the couple that had been having s£× earlier,they were standing at their door klzzing and spooning….I now understood that she was just trying to douse their suspicions as I pushed my door ajar and allowed her in…..closing the door securely behind me,i carried her to the bed with my towel falling off as I went,i had a raging hard-on to contend with……..i stripped her bit by bit as her luscious and succulent b£easts tumbled out of their enclosures as I freed them and feasted on them with my mouth,she m0@ned frantically as she wrapped her legs around me…..I pushed her skimpy skirt upwards and bunched the material up at her waist as she pulled me up and placed her s£×y delicate lips on mine as we klzzed delicately almost like star-crossed lovers…..i cupped her b£easts with my hands as my rod brushed against her cleanly shaven,g-string covered snatch…..She disentangled herself from me and rid herself of her shirt and her skirt….she was so seductive to look at….My engorged member stood pointing upwards as I lay with my back on the bed….she climbed on the bed and astride she mounted and slowly lowered herself onto my raging member…..Her insides fit like a glove as a deep guttural m0@n escaped my lips,she was perfect!!!!! She leaned forward and her nlpp!es brushed against my muscular chest as she klzzed me delicately as I placed both hands on her soft behind and started pumping into her with all the vigour I could muster…..she soon started making frantic m0@ns as my phallus continuously brushed against her g-spot…..We went at it for five minute switching to missionary as she wrapped those long legs around me aand pulled me into the seductive confines of her mushy lips as she started wiggling and m0@ning erratically……In a while,our mixed fluids oozed out of her thoroughly penetrated snatch………she curled up against me and placed her jaw on my chest as she looked up at me….”where have you been greg???”….This was ashley,the most dangerous female assasin I had ever met and for her to be in the hotel,it means she must have a high profile target in which case was me this time according to my reasoning,one could never be too careful……in her s£×ual orgy,i had disarmed her and lined up her weapons neatly on the nightstand……we had fallen in love in my jay days but had decided to leave each other to ensure our safety……I could still see love in her eyes…….”ashley,i need to ask you a question???”……..what happened to Sophia? And why do you want to kill me???………..a wicked smile played on her s£×y lips as she looked across the bed to the nightstand…..”blood,you never change!!!!!,Am here for Sophia not you”
Episode 67********
Why would she be after sophia???,it didn’t make sense……..”sophia???”,i asked with shock written all over my face,”what has she done??,is she in some kind of trouble???”,she kept smiling as she ran her f!ng£rs down my abs,”you know I can’t tell you that sugar!!!,its against the ethics of the job,you know that too well!!!!”……
“well am no assassin”,i said leaning down to press a deep erotic klzz on her lips and nlpp!es…….
“Ooooooh”,she m0@ned,”not an assassin but you know more than most of us,am gonna get you a laptop and send it up to your room so you can finish watching your cd or whatever it was you were watching on this blank cd”,she said as she pulled out the cd from her pillow case……
What the f–k???,how did she do that?????…Apparently she saw the look on my face and smiled…”Now we’re even loverboy”,she said nodding towards the nightstand where her two lap-straps bearing two sharp knifes and her mini-pistol lay neatly……..We both laughed out loud as we realised we had both played each other……”we can as well finish watching the video or is it p–n???,she asked,holding the cd up as light shone off its neat surface……
“Naaaah”,am not a little kid anymore I said as I snatched the plate from her hand and walked towards the exotic TV stand……I inserted the plate once more and went back to the bed as she bunched up against my body…….Thank god the dvd player had the last memory feature so it switched right back to the senators last sentence……..
“I know you have a lot of questions in your mind and am here to help you answer them……Two months ago,your friend slow came to me with a proposal,he wanted the money you guys had earned for himself but he knew he couldn’t pull it off alone and that was the main reason he came to me for help……..He knew trigger was the only one who was allowed to safeguard the money and I was the only one who could get him trigger’s location so he agreed to split the money with me…..so I got him triggers location and he stole the money from trigger’s safe and left clues to make it look like both of you did the job,you know trigger!!!!,he can be a vengeful son of a b—h at times!!!!! He made some contacts to fish the both of you out and placed a price on your heads but I accommodated slow so it was impossible for them to find him..He always told me he had a girl on the inside but I never knew who it was…….then suddenly,when I thought you were dead,you show up at my doorstep with a rifle gunning for trigger’s life,trigger knew you were the most deadly so he knew he had to get you out of the way hence the car bomb but we missed our opportunity to take you down…..It became too dangerous so slow bolted and I made a last effort to convince you of triggers treachery by telling him where to find your girl Alice……..he kidnapped her and I told you both would end up dead in the fracass…….But over some time,slow became increasingly violent towards me and we started having disagreements over how the money would be shared”…….I could hear a struggle in the background as the senator was pulled from his seat……the laptop camera was shifted in the fracass and pointed to the window where it recorded me pulling up with and running towards the senators house entrance with guns in both hands as the recording abruptly stopped………..My eyes had turned red during the viewing,tears fell from my eyes…..poor trigger!!!! He was never the bad egg,it had been slow all along and I was too blind to see it…..”so that was what really happened to the senator”,ashley said in a teary voice ……The senator was her uncle,the only relative she had ever had…….i scooped her up in my arms as I consoled her,”am so sorry sweety,if I had gotten there sooner,i would have stopped slow!!!!”…….she cried for a while and fell silent suddenly…….”where can we find the bastard???”,she asked……..”dont you worry your pretty little head sweetheart,am working on it”,i said as she pounced on me once more with my mouth headed straight for her nlpp!es………
Episode 68******
Walking carefully out of the hotel entrance after making sure I had carefully evaded ashley,i stopped a hotel cab and got in it,all the while pulling down my face-cap and raising my collar in a bid to remain anonymous……Getting into the vehicle,there was a lady seated inside,she was as s£×y as hell……she had long silky legs,creamy thighs that junctioned into a s£×y discontinuation of her tight mini-skirt and her neatly ironed shirt but I couldn’t see her face,at least not yet!!!!! I was in enough trouble already to be admiring ladies………I suddenly gave up trying to see what her face looked like……..”going somewhere???”,a voice quipped as I ignored it and continued in the pretentious act of minding my own business………”ignoring me won’t be a good idea Mr sophisticated criminal”…….Those words stung me like fiery hornets defending their hive with all ferociousness..There was only one person who had ever addressed me as such and as I looked back at her……My gut feeling had been right because sitting next to me was none other than Alice my heartbeat……she was wearing dark shades and removing them,i noticed she had been crying heavily…….I reached out and pulled her to me as fresh tears filled her eyes……..she folded her hands into little fists and pounded on my chest but they were having little or no effect on the muscles there as she struggled to get away from me……..When she finally calmed down,she broke down entirely,”why did you have to leave me alone????,i thought they had killed you if not for your call the other day.Do you know the pain you put me through????”…………I didn’t know what to say to her to take away the pain as tears filled up my eyes too……I had always felt a special connection to Alice and that was my only weakness in this whole scenario………I kept uttering the words,”baby am so sorry” to her and wiping her tears…….”I think we’ve tortured this handkerchief enough now please tell your eyes to stop producing tears”,i said as a bright smile flashed across her pretty face and she let out a little laughter……..she suddenly squeezed her face into a mundane frown as she muttered,”don’t think you’ll use a few funny words to make me forget it”
“We’ll I think I know someone who can make you forget,we’ll simply have to remove your brain as I placed her head on my laps and klzzed her deeply……..”Am glad to have my naughty boy back”,she said as her hand crept to the back of my head and played with my hair as we kept klzzing like star-crossed lovers…….
“Heee……heeeeeeeeem”,we had the cab driver cough as we broke our klzz and looked up at him…..”you two lovebirds mind telling me where you are going????,your klzzes don’t exactly multiply the petrol you know!!!”
We chuckled like two naughty teenagers as I slipped my room details at the hotel into her palm and got out of the cab as I paid the driver for both our fares…………I made my way over to the senators mansion as soon as I was off the high way……..i snuck my way into the street and walked along the solid concrete till I got to the senators domicile………I peeked from the corner of the street to find several army vehicles parked outside the premises……I knew lescott wouldn’t be here because this was the last place he expected me to come……Running across the street,i snuck close to one of the army vehicles and looking into the compound through the gate,i saw several army officers patroling the grounds……
Making any move whatsoever in broad daylight would be suicidal……..I slipped into a hidden pocket of space in the flowers and waited patiently for night to fall………
Episode 69*******
Slowly but surely the shadow of the night crept slowly and steadily over the entire premises…………I kept fighting the urge to take a quick nap in my hide-out in the flowers but that it would be safe to say that i’d be signing my death warrant if I do that………..peeking out of my make-shift focal point,I could see that security detail had grown lean attributable to the fact that they were not expecting any break-ins and the fact that the only thing that needed protection was the crime scene and not an actual individual……….I raised my head above the flowers and reaching into my shirt,i realised I had made a terrible mistake,i hadn’t brought my gun…….D–n!!!! What was I thinking????……..i’d find a way to do this without arousing any suspicion if not I would be dead meat surely……….sneaking into the gateman’s quarters,i realised that the soldiers had converted it to a make-shift command centre for the time being…………I found some spare uniforms and bulletproof vests but no guns……..i quickly stripped and dressed up not forgetting to drop my clothes off at my “flower fortress”……….I started making my way into the building when suddenly I heard a stern voice,”stop there”,every nerve in my body stood on end in anticipation of the worst….
As I turned,i could see the soldier beckoning with his extended arm……common sense gave me the intuition that whatever exhibitions of fear I would give now could possibly give me away as not being one of them so I decided to act as normal as possible……….As I approached him,he barked,”go tell Aliyu say em suppose take over from me”,as he abruptly ended his speech and stormed away obviously in anger at the prolonging of his shift by the late-arriving soldier…….I heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he left,that was really close I thought to myself as I literally ran into the building to stop any further deviations from my mission….
With a clenched fist,i opened the door and shut it behind me as I immediately snuck my way to the senators office to save time before anyone could tell what I was doing here hence i’d be in hot “army soup”……..Opening the senators office,by now I had put on the army gloves that were part of the uniform I had stolen…..I glanced around the room in uncertainty of the ominous foreboding I kept having…….The heavy stain of dry blood was very obvious on the rug below……I made it across to the senators table in giant strides………I kept looking for documents and files that could help me solve this whole puzzle…..I had nearly given up searching when I heard a click……I looked at the door,it hadn’t moved.The sound had come from the table,i looked closely to find that my f!ng£r had pushed a concealed button on the table of which I didn’t know the function……..I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer hoping with my entirety that it wouldn’t be an alarm……….I let go and suddenly a picture on the opposite side of the room fell to the floor and the protective cover of a safe sprang open……….I walked over to the safe,i couldn’t believe my luck…..staring into the safe,i could see about 400,000 us dollars and the senators diary as well as other documents……..I stuffed everything I could find there into a duffel bag and swung it over my shoulder and closed the safe neatly as I had seen it and also hung the picture back to its original position……As I made to leave,i heard some noise downstairs…I scooted over to the window and lifting the curtains a little bit I could see several army vehicles pulling into the compound……..It could only mean one thing…..commander lescott was around!!!!

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