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Blood for blood batch 12

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Blood for blood batch 12 by : 6:12 am On August 17, 2020
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Blood for blood 12
Episode 57******
His moustache twitched in anger as smoke puffed from the Cuban stick in his left hand which he had just smoked from moments ago…..The lines on his forehead creased and became very visible…..He hadn’t changed a bit………The man sitting in the chair was Raul garcia,he thought me everything I knew about killing a man and how to offensively defend………I had done a side-deal for him in the outskirts of Mexico helping him defraud a major company which was mostly responsible for blocking his drug trade, bankrupting them to the last penny forcing them to liquidate and in other words forcing them out of business and giving Raul the opportunity to expand his trading coast as far as Nigeria……….He was here to set up his command centre……I could see his goons hanging around through the window as waves of adrenaline washed through me………I had an army to fight with but first I had to give stubborn Raul a reason as to why he should indulge himself in my affairs and not focus entirely on his drug trade…….I know you guys remember my encrypted message from my secret lair at my house!!!!! yea!!!! That one…..It was sent to the man sitting audaciously on Alice’s couch now and from the look of things if he had not come sooner,I would have been in triggers clutch by now…..”where is the girl???”,i finally asked as I got my voice back……”the surviving bastard got away with her but he was wounded well enough,moreover she’s not my priority,you are……..so what the hell’s really going on”,he asked as his eyes blazed as hot coals…..”Am being set up”,i said coldly into the silence of the room…..”you stand there and you tell me el lobo(his nickname which means the wolf)that you are being set up,when did you get so careless???”,he said as he stood and walked over to me with anger blazing in his eyes…..He was the father I never had.To him I was his son so he reserved every right to “discipline” me……Trying to avoid what was coming was futile as “puuuuuuuum”,he smashed the butt of his gun into my face as blood flowed freely from my mouth…….”you always think with the thingy between your legs,one of these days i’ll cut it off,always letting emotions cloud your judgement”,he said as he walked away,”sober up my boy,lets introduce these ruffians to el solo lobo(the lone wolf)”,he said in thick Mexican accent……..Following him,i made my way outside to find his maybach parked neatly on the curb and two minivans which must have brought his goons…..i felt like a prince right now as I walked behind el lobo with my mouth dripping blood……….stepping into the vehicle my phone rang,it was trigger!!!! Seeing the name,he took the phone from me and put it on loudspeaker,i could hear Alice’s cries in the background as triggers voice stated clearly”i have your girlfriend mr blood and clearly you must come get her before anything happens to her”………A deep frown enveloped el lobo’s face as he ended the call……….”you see my problem with young men!!!!!,totally mannerless and disrespectful!!!!! we’re gonna have to teach some people manners around here”came el lobo’s calm yet surreal voice stated……….I knew him too well,he could hunt a nigga to the ends of the earth to settle a score………Trigger had just put himself in the sights of el lobo……..little did he know that he had just incured the wrath of a super affluent Mexican drug lord and his army of enforcers…….”drink up my boy,we’re gonna do some dirty work tomorrow”,he said as he handed me a bottle of moet champagne…………….Trigger made a pretty bad mistake leaving me alive……. .
Episode 58*********
As the maybach kept moving,el-lobo put his phone to his ear and said into the phone…..”What??,a girl!!!!”,he exclaimed turning to me with a straight face he asked,”who’s the girl in your house???”,”she’s my girlfriend”,i retorted as a grave frown swept over el-lobo’s face.”Get the girl out of the house check her into a hotel”,he said obviously angry………I was curious about how he found my location so I decided to wait till he was calm.After some glasses of the champagne,his smile was returning as his face lit up,this was the perfect time to make the necessary inquiries if I wanted to get an answer out of el-lobo’s mouth………
“I have a question raul”,i chipped
“Go ahead boy”,he said clearly under the influence of the drinks that he had been pouring down…
“Am very surprised at how you found both me and my house within such short notice el-lobo”,i said with grave attention written all over my face and he saw that too……..
“It’s good you asked,would have had to spank you if you hadn’t asked”,he said as his face contorted back into a deep frown.”you sent me an encrypted message remember????,that was how I found your house and as for you I used the locator chip I asked you to place in your phone the last time we met to pinpoint your location,turns out that lousy chip saved your life”,he said puffing clouds of smoke onto the roof of the maybach…….
We didn’t take too long before we pulled into my compound to meet some of his guys were already there confirming the story he already told me about him finding my house and location……We hurried into the house and got down to the lair as soon as possible throwing caution to the wind cos el-lobo had already made sure sophia was checked into a hotel….God knows the story his men had come up with to pacify her!!! She was a d–n stubborn woman and there was no way in hell she could let it slide that easy…….el-lobo still had my phone to ensure I didn’t give in to the temptation of picking her calls or texting her……..
Down at the lair,i had already finished setting up all my equipment and computers and I gotta tell you,it looked very sophisticated and I could tell raul was impressed from the smile playing broadly across his face…..
“You know I had my men take all the phones from the dead bodies of his men,will you need that to track him down???”,he asked looking me in the eyes……”yea,that’ll help”,i replied as one of his guys let down a small leather bag on the table emptying it’s contents……..i scanned through the phones text message records and call logs and had almost thrown in the towel when I saw a text message which read,”get the girl and meet me at the lakewood resort”…….judging from what I knew about trigger,that was a code for another location………..I had been to almost all the resorts around and that name didn’t pop up at all……….suddenly I got an idea…….l decided to trace the text message source……plugging the phone to the mainframe……..i reran ip address initiatives and boom!!!! a red dot started blinking on the screen……it was an old abandoned warehouse and guess what!!!! it had been a resort ten years ago and the name was lakewood……….”so we finally have the puto’s location”,el-lobo said smiling as columns of smoke escaped through his nostrils………….
Episode 59********
A huge smile played across my face on seeing that red dot……..i felt my face lighting up……..finally I was gonna punish this a—–e for messing with my hard earned money and taking my girl………sitting back in the chair,the only interruptions of my joyous thoughts were the occasional puffs of cigarette smoke coming in abundance from el-lobos mouth…….sometimes i’d wonder if the guy was a chimney cos he just smokes virtually anything from shisha pipes to Cuban sticks to doing cocaine,weed and sk……He often jokes that God blessed him with divine lungs to which I laugh hilariously most of the time….”I need to get some sleep”,he said,”i’ll leave some of my men with you,Have a goodnight boy”…..
He stood and hugged me….I could smell the heavy tobacco smoke in his tuxedo suit,i could also see the tiny droplet of blood on the collar of his white shirt……..i smiled!!!!,I made to see him out which he refused,you have more work to do here finding the fastest route to that bastard’s hideout as soon as possible……He would be pissed with his laundry guys if he ever saw that himself……….He went upstairs with some of his guys as I settled back down into the chair with my arms tracing back to the keyboard………keystroke after keystroke I went at it all night till I whoozed off……..The morning came quite quickly as I opened my eyes to find myself having fallen asleep on the keyboard……..My monitor had gone to sleep and as I looked into the large screen,i could see that the large keyboard had made several impressions on my face…….I smiled at my laziness as I walked upstairs to the gym to keep myself in shape……..Making my way upstairs I could el-lobos men asleep in the guest room……..They were in their briefs and had their guns placed strategically at the nightstand and all woke systematically as I opened the door to leave the guest room……Typical of el-lobo,he chose only the best to guard his life…….I made my way to the gym and after some super sets which caused my muscles to bulge severely,i made my way to the shower and as the water ran down my muscular body,i could only think of Alice and how scared she must be at this point in time…..had just stepped out of the bathroom into the master bedroom when my phone started ringing….Not bothering to check caller i.d,i put the phone to my ear and sure enough el-lobo’s voice resonated over the sound waves,”hey,boy you better be dressed by the time I get there”.The line went dead…….he had a dead serious tone about it……..Trigger was going down today and it would take only the devil and all his demons to stop it……….
Episode 60**********
As the line went dead,a huge smile played across my face…..If there was anything I liked about el-lobo,it was the seriousness he put into tracking his opposition down……He taught me to be meticulous in my dealings but ever since sophia and alice came into my life….I have been responsible for breaking even the simplest of my principles……….water was still dripping from my ripped body as I took a look in the standing mirror,i loved the way my body looked and I wouldn’t do anything to change it.
My thoughts were interrupted by another phone call,it was sophia and there was panic written all over her voice…..
“Baby where are you???,some men said you instructed me to be kept in this hotel,Is everything ok????”,she asked all at once….I couldn’t tell her about any of this until I was sure of how she fit into this puzzle…
“Honey it’s ok,your there for your safety,its about the explosion at the house,i have to resolve some issues before I bring you back here,I hope you understand sweetheart,i’ll call you back later,love ya”,I said in the most re-assuring voice I could muster to quell any suspicions she might be entertaining at this point in time……..ending the call,i hastily dried my body and rushed down to the kitchen and accessed my armoury after making sure the kitchen door was shut……In the armoury I selected two glock pistols and five clips of bullets which were strapped onto my leg,it would be covered by the trouser while the glock pistols would be placed onto a torso gun holster under my suit……..i looked across the room and spotted the cradle that was supposed to hold my viper sniper rifle……d–n I missed that gun(it was blown up in the car explosion)…………I made a mental note to replace it as I emerged from the armoury and straight into the master bedroom to dress up….I had barely finished dressing when I heard a knock on my door…….I opened to find the men el-lobo had assigned to me all dressed in suits……these niggas looked really good but you could tell they were armatures from the way they tucked their guns into their belts behind their suits…….”do you need a weapon??”one of the asked…..I responded with a smile as I unbuttoned my suit to reveal my guns tucked safely into the holster as one of them ran up the stairs to announce that el-lobo had arrived…….We all walked brisky downstairs to meet raul…….”looking good my boy”,he said as I got into his maybach..”Thank you sir”,i said flashing my teeth…..
“So what route are we taking??”,he asked as I produced my tablet and handed it to him…..”That should be the fastest route”,i said giving him the tablet and he in turn handed the tablet over to his driver who started the engine and zoomed off following the directives of the tablet’s gps……I looked through the back screen to see several mini vans following us closely….El-lobo wasn’t joking around with this one…..We had driven for a while when the driver announced that we were getting very close to the place…..He had not finished talking when the windscreen shattered and the tablet was pierced by the bullet responsible for the damage……..This caused the experienced chauffeur to veer off into the bush with a sudden speedy movement……At the back of the car,i lept onto el-lobo shielding him with my body as the car crashed into a tree…..i opened the door and lept out pulling out my guns….the driver wasn’t hurt and he too was out clutching and uzzi semi-automatic machine gun……All of el-lobos men were now out of their vehicles and were flooded all around the crash site……As I threw three tablets of epinephrine into my mouth,I turned to see el-lobo wearing a ghostly frown as he shrieked,”Get me that bastard’s head”…….”with pleasure sir”,i replied grinning wildly………

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