Blood for blood batch 10

Blood for blood batch 10
Episode 50********
Deep in my gut I was experiencing unequalled happiness and ecstasy as I looked into trigger’s eyes……..He was trembling underneath his suit and I knew that,as I noticed it my smile broadened and my anger boiled……so this coward would have been the one to take blood down if luck hadn’t shone on me……I whispered to the senator to tell the girls to keep alice away from me at the time being because I couldn’t risk pulling her into all this and risking her life,that would be unwarranted bloodshed and that was something I had lost taste of…………..With a motion of his hand,the senator beckoned trigger to come over to where we were standing…….He was really looking smart and good,i have to say in a giorgio armani emporvius suit,sparkling white shirt and a gold rolex…….This motherfucker better not be spending the money I had worked hard for because I wouldn’t take it lightly with him………..He walked over timidly and stood uncomfortably as we both nuzzled him into a corner……”do you two gentlemen mind telling me what’s going on here??”,the senator said in a cold and mundane voice as I frowned at trigger……”why don’t you ask this piece of shit right here,it appears he put a price tag on my life!!!!!”,i said taking a deep long gulp of the vodka in my glass,reaching into my suit pocket,i took two capsules of epinephrine and dropped them into the remaining drink and signalled the waiter for a refill…….The senator had been staring at me putting the epinephrine in my drink and was still looking,”what???,what can I say???,old habits die hard!!!!”,i said smiling at the senator…….”you haven’t said anything since you got here”,the senator said looking hard at trigger…….My cup had been refilled and the epinephrine had fully dissolved as I kept taking sips from the spiked drink…….My veins became visible,my eyes blood shot and my heart rate spiked…….The adrenaline flow was my elixir in times like this……..”you guys are wasting my time here”,i heard trigger say……….My glass was empty by now……my biceps and triceps flexed as I increased my grip on the glass and it shattered in the palm of my hand cutting me and drawing blood……A couple of people looked in our direction as the senator and I waved them off with smiles on our faces…..”calm down blood”,the senator knew I had anger issues and one more silly word from trigger would spell his end on the spot…..the nigga was now cowering in the corner.I apparently scared the living daylights out of him by cracking the glass….I removed my black tie and used it to tie down the wound on my hand as the senator motioned some of his bodyguards over and gave them orders after which he left to officiate the fundraiser……obviously he had ordered that trigger be held in custody until the fundraiser was over……I joined the crowd as trigger was moved towards the corridor by armed guards……..The fundraiser had begun properly when I decided to check on the corridor…….As I stepped out of the hall,i saw an ear piece belonging to the senator’s security detail on the ground and what really got to me what that it had some blood on it……..I pulled my glock pistol from its holster and fixed the silencer and headed towards the senator’s room…I heard grunts and barging into the room,i found one of triggers men trying to strangulate a guard……..rushing over,I knocked him out with the butt of my pistol and released the guard…..d–n!!!!!!trigger was getting away and the senator wasn’t aware……….Handing my pistol to the guard,i rushed to the fire escape,i had to get to the roof of the building and to my sniper rifle………after some minutes,i was on the roof and right on time because a car had pulled up and trigger was already inside,i could see him cos the car’s inner lights were on…….loading the rifle,i aimed for his head as I dialled his number and immediately he picked up laughing,”so you think catching me would be so easy”,”yea,really I thought it would be but you’ve gotten a little bit smart”,i said as I fired two rounds from the rifle and as the bullet hit the glass,they could only crack it but they couldn’t get through……His head spinned around in horror as he understood what just happened,he had been saved by the bullet proof glass……His eyes darted to the roof to find me reloading the rifle with sabot rounds which would make rubbish of the bulletproof glass…….”go!!! go!!!!! Go!!!!!”,he shouted at the top of his voice at his driver……”you bloodthirsty bastard”,he yelled into the phone…….”yea,motherfucker!!!! am thirsty for your blood”,i said as I aimed at his car which was now speeding out of the mansion compound……firing two more rounds,his two guards who were protecting him with their bodies swirled around in the vehicle,dead!!!!!………I was about to fire the killer shot when the car swerved and drove into a bush path hiding him from my view……..”say your last prayers motherfucker ‘cos one of these days,your family will be begging to give your corpse a proper burial”,i said into the phone as I ended the call and put my rifle back in its case…….This is what happens when blood starts hunting for a nigga……..With a ghostly frown on my face,i descended the fire escape to rejoin the fundraiser……….
Episode 51*******
As I descended the fire escape,the senator’s security detail accosted me as I made to re-enter the building through a window but one of them waved them aside explaining to them that I was on their team….I recognised him to be the guy I had saved his life earlier from the attack of one of triggers men and apparently he was very appreciative of the fact that I had saved his life…..spotting my pistol still in his hands,i walked straight to him and took my pistol back and shook his hand without waiting to look at the gratitude in his eyes……Apparently,the senator had been alerted of what had happened on his premises ‘cos he walked into the room looking very flustered and agitated.”who does that bastard think he is??,coming into my house and causing trouble and how incompetent are you guys???”,he barked as he looked towards his guards who all looked towards the ground and bowed their heads in shame especially the one whom I had saved his life…..He appeared to be the chief of the senator’s security detail…..”blood!!!,its always a pleasure to have you around in times like this,did you get the fool???”he asked looking at me with hope in his eyes…..”he had bulletproof glass sir,I wasted time reloading the rifle,he got away”……..”thats ok,you’ve done enough my boy,join me in the hall”,he said to me as he walked out of the room……..I followed shortly and I could spot Alice with worry etched on her face as I walked into the hall……”baby where did you go??”,she asked pressing her hands into my tie-wrapped palm,”what???? your bleeding honey??” as she lifted my palm to see what’s wrong…She really cares!!!! I could see deep affection in her eyes…..”baby it’s nothing,don’t bother”,i said looking into her eyes……our lips were a fraction away from kissing when the senator beckoned,”come on over you two lovebirds,the ceremony needs your love”……..We walked over sheepishly smiling and glancing naughtily at each other like teenagers who had crushes on each other but didn’t have the courage to talk to one another……..The usual chatter of the fundraiser didn’t interest me any more,i only pleasured myself with the luxury of alice’s company until the evening was far spent…..when the fundraiser was over,we exchanged greetings and met the senator who whispered something in my ear…He had made sure his guards put my rifle in my car.I thanked him and walked to my car and drove sophia home.I had no plans to spend the night with her and she was surprised at my modesty when I pulled up in front of her house,opened the door for her,walked her to her gate,kissed her on the lips and bade her goodbye,”such a gentleman”,she muttered under her breath..If only she knew what I was capable of.I left for home and as I drove home there was one thing on my mind;trigger and how he got away,i could still remember the fear in his eyes and his voice shouting at the driver…….On getting home I could see light from outside in the living room…..d–n!!!!! sophia was still awake……it was 11:15pm……I walked into the living room,slipped off my suit and observed her,she was wearing a very sexy robe and the wool ropes of the robe had fallen apart to to expose her full and beautiful breasts and her cleanly shaved p—y……I walked over to her,kissed her deeply and plunged one finger into her p—y as she woke with a moan.Not waiting for her to protest,i picked her up as I headed for the bedroom…….she was sleepy but was awake enough to know it was me,”where have you been”,she asked drowsily……”shhhhhhhhhh”,i replied as I planted kisses on her lips…..I placed her on the bed and went straight for her n—-e with my mouth,her breathing was becoming shallow and laboured as small moans started escaping her mouth .I had moved my two fingers back to her p—y and was now rubbing vigorously on her c——s,her hands went straight for my belt as she rid me of my trouser,i was now in my boxers when something happened “booooooom”,there was a loud explosion outside…….I jumped off the bed and signalled sophia to stay put with my hand.Both I and sophia were as startled as hell,sleep had fled from her eyes as she stared wide eyed at me……..I picked up my pistol and headed outside towards the explosion…….I climbed down the stairs and saw my housekeeper looking frightened in her nightgown,apparently,the explosion had woken her up…..I was now at the door,i opened the doors and made my way into the darkness.What I found out shocked me to my bones,My pistol dropped from my hand…….My garage was on fire,the whole place was bellowing with columns of dark and black smoke….It was the bentley I had just drove in that was blown into God knows how many pieces………what was really going on here?????
Episode 52********
I was gobsmacked,i couldn’t move,the neighbours in the other compounds adjacent to mine were now fully awake……Each and every one of them staring down into my compound from their windows……..different parts and pieces of the car were strewn all across the compound and the pool was now blackened with the soot pouring from the garage……From the corner of my eye,i could see my neighbours beautiful daughters looking at my muscular chiseled body from the window and their body pulling them away amidst their complaints and murmurings…….i cracked a smile and picked up my gun,it would take a lot more than this to sway me from hitting my target!!!!,blood fears no man,only God!!!!Walking upstairs,i looked for a fire extinguisher to stop the flames before it would spread to other parts of the house and probably other houses as well……”baby what’s wrong???”,sophia asked as she approached me with a robe to cover my body,she had always been the jealous type,”apparently someone planted a UED on my bentley,i was lucky enough not to be in it when it was detonated,would have blown up with it”,…….”oh my God baby!!!!”,she yelled as tears started pouring down her face,i caught her and rested her head on my chest as my chest got wet almost immediately with her tears….”its ok honey,am not so easy to get rid off baby it’s ok,stop crying” I said as I tried to console her……”I won’t stop,how many times will they keep trying to kill you???,one of days they will succeed and I will kill myself for you”,she cried uncontrollably…….”not if I end their lives first”,i said into her eyes as I lifted her face and kissed her…….Lifting her with my arms……I carried her into the bedroom and tucked her into the bed,”sleep for me baby girl,your stressed..i’ll take care of this”,I assured her as I went downstairs with two extinguishers in hand to quel the raging fire……I approached the raging flames and pulled the pin off the extinguishers and started releasing the content on the raging flames they started to die down but the damage had been done already,My black range rover sport and my bentley were blasted beyond recognition,i would be needing new cars……finally after two long hours,the fire had been stopped……I looked at whaat I had done and I felt pride at my handwork….Now!!! time to address this issue……I ascended the stairs picking up the pistol I had dropped earlier…I tip-toed into the room in abid not to wake sophia from her peaceful sleep.I fished out my phone from the bottom of my suit trouser pockets and walked into the living room with it….I called the senator’s line and aafter much ringing he picked,”who’s this???”,he asked…”of course it’s me senator”,i replied…”oh!blood,i was thinking you’d still be on the road by now”,he sounded surprised to hear from me…..something wasn’t right…..”someone planted a bomb in my car and i’d like to know who it is senator”,”whats that supposed to mean blood,are you accusing me???”,he barked…”Not at all senator,i think I know the direction to which I should be looking,forgive my oversight sir”,i said trying to defuse the tension as he retorted,”its ok,I wanted to contact you but i’ll do it later,we may have some information on trigger”……My face lit up as I heard that piece of news…..”ok senator,contact me whenever your ready”,i said as I ended the call……I put a call to my estate director and told him about the blast,he told me they would clean up the blast site and fix everything that was damaged……”thank you,send me the cost of everything when your done”,i said looking indifferent………I walked to my kitchen armoury(nobody knew it was there),lifting the carpet,i raised a trapdoor and down I went!!!!,i switched on the lights and smiled at the array of weapons at my disposal……My appreciation of my efforts in putting the armoury together was cut short by a text which had just entered my phone from the senator’s number and it read We have just located one of triggers operative warehouses,we’re guessing that’s where he’ll be,meet me by 3.o’clock tomorrow………….My smile at the guns broadened…..finally i’d put some of these babies to use………I climbed up the ladder and out of the armoury,replaced the carpet exactly as I had met it and went upstairs to the bedroom.Removing my robe from my body,i got into the bed beside sophia and wrapped her in my arms as I fell into a deep sleep……It was gonna be a long day tomorrow………

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