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Blood for Blood batch 1

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Blood for Blood batch 1 by : 7:27 am On August 5, 2020
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Blood for Blood
Batch 1
Episode 1
this is a true story suitable for readers aged 18+….may portray varying degrees of s£×ual,cultism and crime related parlance,enjoy the ride*****
It was a dark night,the forest was quiet except for the occasional bird calls and resonating insect sounds abundant throughout the forest floor…
The night was very quiet and serene or so I thought…i knew little of the fact that the troubles that would plague me for the next few months would start on this same serene night…..
My name is greg and am 22 years of age..i had recently acquired a house in Abuja and a range rover e-vogue to complement to add to my expanding list of property nationwide,i was living the life,fast cars,beautiful women,money,you name it…..i belonged to a high-class cyber crime trio which included two other guys,”slow and trigger”.currently we had split up and were all laying low in different hide-outs…I was in owerri at present,the state capital of imo state after we had finally landed a major deal that was worth 8 million us dollars…jackpot!!!……I was known as ”Blood” within the trio.I was the final nail in the coffin,the finishing member of the ”outlanders” as our group was known as by several armed forces across the nation but we were not to be underestimated,we had serious connections in high places,nevertheless we were always taking the necessary precautions so as to remain as elusive as possible and trust me!!! We were…….Back to the present….i was in obinze in owerri presently in a thick bush if not forest trying to lay low because the last hit we pulled was all over the place;Tv stations,radio stations and all socia media and blogs we knew of were spreading the news..We were very cautious,we had pushed the money in through western union and stashed it courtesy of trigger with two of us(slow and i)in the dark about the money’s location…..according to our modus operandi,we had to lay low first before any other thing.Bringing me back to my present location,”obinze forest”…..In a three-bedroom bungalow I had constructed discreetly aas my safe house,had other safe houses but decided this was the most suitable cos this was our biggest hit yet and we had several forces hot on our heels …….
Episode 2
I was right here on my bed thinking deeply,slow and trigger had been behaving very funny even before we left,i decided to wave it off as normal pressure which we all experienced after a major hit like what we had on our hands…..normally people would misbehave under such duress…..i hadn’t had enough time to finish that thought when I started hearing voices….they were sounding faint…..i jerked up immediately from my bed…how could dis yeye force people have traced me here??? at least an army base was not too far away so I doubted dey would deem it fit to search here…..Adrenaline pumped in large quantities through my muscular body…..My senses heightened as I took deep breaths straining my ears to pick out what was happening…..picking up a small sachet from the table beside me,i took two tablets of epinephrine(synthetic adrenaline booster) and swallowed,a bad habit I had formed over the years that was somewhat an integral part of me now….My eyes blazed red from lack of sleep as my feet touched the cold tiles beneath my feet.Counting the tiles from the door,i dislodged the fifth tile and brandished a volther p38 Russian pistol,My old ally ‘cos I always trusted it to deliver.slipping into my all-black scruffs,i cracked open the window and peeped into the pitch black darkness….i couldn’t see anything but I was sure as hell that I has heard voices,”definitely nothing my pistol can’t handle”,i said to myself as I made it to the front door.disabled d series of locks guarding it and stepped into the cold night pistol in my outstretched arms taking aim my heart beating faster than that of a trapped ferret…..I rounded the house expecting to see or even shoot an intruder but nothing was out of place!!!….thinking my imagination was about to get the better of me,i turned to retreat to the serenity of my room when ”cracka boom”,i heard the unmistakable loading and shooting of a molotov double barelled rifle……..
Episode 3
I jerked down out of sheer impulse,to say the truth I was my tippytoes now,”d–n dat shot could have come from anywhere”,”what if the shooter was aiming for me???,”thoughts raced through my mind faster than a speeding bullet.I had split seconds to assess the situation,wait!!!,i saw something,there was a flicker of light in the distance,i saw it or at least I was sure I did…preparing myself for the worst.i slipped my cold feet into my trainers and stepped into the forest towards the flicker of light which I had seen earlier…..i had unending shrubs and overhanging branches to deal with.”i should have brought a machete” I thought to myself but no!! I was planning to be as discreet as possible to ensure that I didn’t alert the shooter of my presence in case he hadn’t noticed already…As I approached the flicker of light,i started hearing faint voices……again!!!!,they were unmistakeable,they were the same set of voices I had heard earlier,i was sure this time…..Creeping like a shadow through the bush as expertly as I could I had three things on my mind,such a sophisticated weapon in this bush??,who could the shooter be??,what was the flicker of light doing here!!!!!,why did the shooter shoot??…..Twigs and dry leaves rustled as I inched towards what now appeared to be a large bon-fire.the voices I had heard were now becoming audible enough for me to pick out what was being said……To my dismay,there were a lot more people than I had prepared for judjing from the multitude of voices…….very cold chills crept up my spine as I made out a line. from their chants…..Aro mate xxooooo………to which the others replied ”bloody”……this was the initiation ceremony of the dreaded ”supreme vikings confraternity”right in my backyard….this apparently was were the gunshot I heard was fired from…..My pistol shook in my hand as I prepared myself for a long night.
Episode 4
I had shot people in my life time but I had never killed with the weapon that was clenched tightly in my hands…..i was sweating hard now,”i should have brought more epinephrine”,i thought to myself.in my shock I had stepped on a dry twig with a lot of dry leaves on top.As close as I was to the gathering,if I raised my foot,i was bound to be sniffed out by these blood thirsty cultists.from my vantage point,i looked and observed the entirety of the gathering.they were about thirty five(35) able-bodied guys brandishing weapons ranging from guns,cutlasses and menacing clubs…The colours red and black were evident in all corners of their clearing with several skulls and bones hanging above the bon-fire directly.they were singing now in heavy igbo language….
”kama mmiri ga erim ooo…..
Ka m see n’elu ee…….
”supreme vikings…….
Ka m see n’elu eeee……..
I was visibly shaken beyond reasonable doubt,this wasn’t some random child’s play,hadn’t finished with that thought when they stopped singing abruptly.About ten blindfolded guys were led into the clearing as I could see,each holding a red candle and wearing nothing but their boxers.As I strained my eyes to see more.The twig below my feet cracked,”d–n”I cursed in my mind as three of dem looked in my direction.i could see the three sets of blood shot eyes looking in my direction as more of dem joined shouting ”wida the 411”.”Now you’ve really done it blood”,i whispered under my breath…..
Episode 5**********
I stopped dead in my tracks as five menacing figures carrying shiny looking automatic rifles headed towards my direction.i could see them but they couldn’t see me.A fact for which I could be glad for the mean time.Two of dem walked past my actual location while the one walking in front of the remaining two reached my location,he stopped dead in his tracks,put his hands on his necklace and yelled to the others,”the palamus position here ooooo”….shit!!! apparently this nigga had jazz…I had split seconds to react.If I shot any one of dem,make no mistake in the fact that there were thirty-five of them armed to the teeth ready to make mince-meat of me if d need arises.I was muscular but could only take two of dem at once…..so shooting was out of the question,i quietly dropped my trusted companion(the pistol) in the underlying shrubs and used dry leaves to cover it making a mental note to find it later with a metal detector I had stocked in the house.As the huge muscular frame of the guy drew closer,he reached into the shrubs surrounding me and touched my face.He had found me!!!!!!
Without waiting for him to make any other move,i grabbed his hand,pulled him with all the muscles in my upper body causing him to hurl forward,through the shrubs and into where I was.Not waiting at all for him to land,i gave two quick jabs,one to the throat and the other point blank on the chest.He was on his back on the ground now writhing in pains but there was a problem now,the others could see me….
As fast as I could,i ran through the bushes but I dared not run towards my house……A barrage of gunshots banished d silence of the cold night as branches and leaves behind me got torn apart by both bloodthirsty cultists and speeding bullets…..The hunt was on……
Episode 6***********
My blood was pumping hard now,just as I liked it,the epinephrine had kicked in,”its been way too long since i’ve felt this way”.there was a mixture of fulfillment and fear pumping through me as I ran,i could only hope to spot a tree that would take me up and hide me till the morning,there was no way these niggas could get hold of me then.Just then,i heard a very loud voice probably from the clearing yelling into the silent night,”make una no throw am overboard oooooo…….carry am come make em contact ruggedity”.immediately the voice ceased to speak,i heard five sets of footsteps running closely behind me,”what the f**k”,i thought,it’s either these guys are into athletics or they had some spiritual help cos I was running frigging fast and another thing was the air of confidence about the way the voice spoke as if it was a hundred percent sure that I would be caught by the guys now hot on my heels…
All of a sudden,i started wishing I hadn’t dropped my gun,d–n!!!,these niggas could run fast!!!this was something I hadn’t made plans for earlier ‘cos I was hoping to outrun them…..I was almost out of breath when I suddenly had a change of plan,i dropped on the ground abruptly and rolled into some underlying shrubs and waited for the first fool who would make his way into my ambush…Thump!thump!!thump!!! the unfortunate guy ran into my waiting arms..I didn’t give him time to think,jumping on him and straddling him from behind,i used my strong feet to hook his hands behind him,my burly arms wrapped around his neck,he was in a chokehold…..our bodies crashed to the ground but it would take a lot more than that to pry me away from my victim….He struggled in vain as I snapped his neck…….I was a stone cold killer,i had the advantage or so I thought!!!! better yet these guys didn’t know the first thing about ”Blood”……I was prepared to give them a lesson or two…….
Episode 7*********
As I still grappled with the lifeless body of the cultist whose life I had just snuffed out….i heard a couple more advancing footsteps,dry leaves and twigs snapping sounds grew louder as I hid the body preparing for another assault on these as I had termed them,”intruders”.Judging from the bodies of the guy I had stunned earlier with my jabs and the lifeless body at my feet.i could only make a simple conclusion,these boys were not just a rag-tag group of mummy’s boys throwing a parade.They were hunky death machines but I had the advantage of speed in addition to my well toned muscular physique courtesy of long hours at the gym…I was crouching now as two more of them crashed through the shrubbery least expecting to find their target crouching and patiently waiting to launch a deadly assault.As quick as lightening,i threw sand at both their eyes,jumping really high,i planted both of my feet on the first guy’s chest,he fell backward hitting his head hard on a tree trunk,not waiting to find out if he was passed out or not.i jumped on the other guy and s——-d him just like I did with the dead guy…As soon as I curled my arms around his neck….leaves rustled directly above my head….i hadn’t anticipated another one of them this soon.”gbiim” he hit me point blank on the face with the butt of his rifle…..i staggered up,blood poured from my nose,”gbiim”yet another head butt from the guy whose neck I had nearly snapped a few seconds ago….i fell to the ground and everything went black.
To be continued

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