blood and thunder batch 7

blood and thunder episode 12
Wednesday, 10:13am Luke comes again to Zeus’s house and as he arrives the compound he sees some men outside the house, painting it, he stood by his car and watched them for sometime before going in; he entered the house and saw Zeus sitting down and discussing with Hades “Hey Luke” Zeus said “Zeus” “Good thing you’re here, have a seat” Zeus said and he sat “Hey Bro” Hades said “Hades” Luke said and they jammed their knuckles lightly “Hades here will be travelling with the others to Ghana for a job” Zeus said to Luke “alright” “While you and I will leave for Abu Dhabi this Friday, we have to discuss something with someone” “Alright no problem” “Hades, I leave it all to you” Zeus said “yes boss” Hades said and left “Luke come with me” Zeus said getting up and Luke followed him and they both went outside the house for a walk round the compound “am doing a repainting” Zeus said as they looked at the people painting “I love the color” Luke said “Sorry I wasn’t around when you came back from Abuja but Ade told me you did the job and News also confirmed him dead, Good job” Zeus said as they walked “Thank you” “I have made a transfer of 4million dollars to your off shore account, you can check your e-mail” “Thank you sir” Luke said smiling “Do you know why I asked you to kill General?” Zeus asked “No” “General Tanko was one of the closest to my father and part of the plot that killed him after they discovered my father had genuine plans for the country and they knew it wouldn’t favor them heavily if he had won the election for presidency.
You must have heard of the assassination of Dr. Jason Heineken “ “Yeah, I did, years ago” “That was my father; I promised Tanko that I would Take back everything he had stolen from us as well as his life” he explained and Luke was silent “On Friday, we leave for Abu Dhabi, so we can get information on how to deal with one of our ex-presidents who have failed this nation and is part of the reason why this country is devaluating today” Abu Dhabi, Yas Island. 10:00pm This is the first time Luke is coming out to the beautiful part of the world; as they stepped out the airport, a red Ferrari stops in front of them and a man comes out “Welcome sir” he said in Arabic accent “Thank you Saheed” Zeus said as the man collected their bags and put it in the boot “Let’s go” Zeus said as he entered the car; Luke was a little surprised; Saheed walked into the airport building, Luke then entered the other seat ‘First time, huh?” Zeus said “Never dreamt of this” Luke said “It’s real now” Zeus said and started the car and sped off “Wow!!! Come on, slow down you wanna kill us” Luke said as he was frightened by the speed as he put his right hand firmly on the dash board even though he was on seat belt “(Laughs) Relax, it’s not my first time, I’ve been doing this since I became 18” Zeus said as he drove past beautiful buildings; the street lights were amazing, the trees were glowing, buildings shining with multi colored lights.
Luke was attracted to every beautiful thing he saw and suddenly Zeus slowed down “Look” Zeus said pointing to his left “Waw, what’s that place?” “Ferrari world” Zeus said “Ferrari world? That means they manufacture Ferraris there?” he asked “No, it’s an amusement park, a fun place where children and adults go for fun, for roller coaster rides and all that, it’s a tourist attraction” ‘God d–n, it’s beautiful” “You should see it from above” “The building seems endless” Luke said “It covers 86,000 square meters and it is the leading tourist attraction in the middle East” “Waw” “Have you heard of Formula Ross ?” Zeus asked “No? What’s that?” “The world’s fastest roller coaster” “Hmmm, right” “It’s here in the Ferrari world” Zeus said Luke was happy with his life right now because he felt like he was on top of the earth .
Zeus stopped an a small bridge then pointed east “Look at those buildings over there” Zeus pointed “You mean the skyscrapers” Luke said “Yes, it’s the Etihad Tower and is owned by a friend of mine. He’s part of the reason why we’re here” “Those buildings were used in Fast and Furious 7” Luke said “Exactly” “They must have cost a fortune” “It cost 2.5 billion Dirham, Arab money” Zeus said ‘Yeah breath taking” “Tower 1 is a hotel and residential, Tower 2 is residential, Tower 3 is offices, Tower 4 is residential and Tower 5 is also residential. Sheikh Imran Aziz owns the towers and he lives in one of them; tomorrow we’ll go see him” Zeus said and drove off… They arrived in front of a gate that automatically opened and they drove in; flowers and trees covered the place and you couldn’t see any building but after a left turn and a right they arrived in front of a magnificent semi-glass house; they both stepped out the car “this is beautiful” Luke said; by his left was a swimming pool with lights at the bottom of the water “This is my house in Abu Dhabi and you’re the second person am bringing here after Imran Aziz” Zeus said as they walked to the glass door.
Zeus touched the glass door with his five fingers and a green light scanned his fingers and the door opened “(Chuckles) You’ve got to be kidding me, so stuffs like this are real” Luke said “It’s agood thing am educating you then” Zeus said and Luke laughed “I mean, I thought they were all fiction like Mission Impossible and other fiction movies. This is good” Luke said as they entered inside “The rooms are that way” Zeus said pointing “The last room on the left is mine” “Yes boss” Luke said “Do you like cars” Zeus asked “I love them like myself” Luke said “Good then come with me, let me see how well you love them” they both went through another door leading to another part of the house and went down a set of stairs and then Zeus walked to a wall and put his right thumb in a small device on the wall and the wall opened and revealed something amazing; Luke’s eyes widened in disbelief as his mouth was opened “Jesus Christ! What the fu-Ck?” he quickly moved closer to the car and touched the bonnet like he just saw Jesus “O my God” he exclaimed “(Chuckles) Do you know the car?” Zeus asked smiling “Do I know this car? Are you asking my that?
This is a beast!! My God” Luke was excited “A fast car” Zeus said “Not just a fast car” he said as he walked round it “ This is Lykan Hyper Sport, the third most expensive car after Bughatti Veneno.
It cost nothing less than 3.4million US dollars and runs on 3.7L Twin-Turbo Flat-Six Engine and is the first ever fast car to be manufactured in the middle east; it’s also known that it can accelerate to 62mph in 2.8secs.
I love this car” Luke just lecture Zeus on his own car and he was amazed “Waw, amazing; alright Professor Fast cars, you win” Zeus said “This car is amazing, I never dreamt of seeing fast cars talk less of this monster; this car beat the world’s fastest car Bughatti Vernon in price” “You seem to own the car better than myself” Zeus said “(Chuckles) No. come on” “You bought this car?” Luke asked “Yap, 3.4million dollars as you said, no more no less” Zeus said and walked to the door and opened it by touching the glass “Ever since I bought it, I’ve never been in it, so why don’t you be the first” Zeus said “You mean, I should get in the car” Luke was surprised “Come on, get your ass over here” Zeus said and Luke entered the car and sat comfortably as he grabbed the wheels “Press that button over there” Zeus said pointing to the steering wheel and Luke pressed a button beside the wheel and a small screen was revealed “The start password is 1991” Zeus said and Luke pressed the number and the car started, he then stepped on the clutch and the engines revived; Luke smiled as he took a deep breath “The sound of the beast. Isn’t she amazing” Luke said and stepped on the clutch to and fro and it kept raising the roar of the car; Zeus smiled “Come on let’s go, we’ve got business tomorrow” Zeus said and they left…
Episode 13
11:00am Next day Luke was up first and had already cleaned himself up, he took a walk around the house before coming back to the main house; Zeus was up “You’re up early” Zeus said “Early? It’s 11am” “Yeah right” Zeus looked at him and said “What are you wearing?” Zeus asked “Clothes of cause” he replied “(Chuckles) Come here, I have something for you” Zeus said going inside and Luke followed him By 11:40, they left the house and headed for Etihad towers; a nice Ferrari ride is something Nigerians don’t get every day (no offence to any) but for Luke, it’s gonna be an exception “I never knew being in a fast car could freak one out” Luke said as Zeus drove fast “Yeah for newbie” he replied “You seem good with cars” Luke said “Many years ago I used to ride fast cars with Omran Aziz, we’d hit his father race track in Dubai; we grew up together here in Abu Dhabi and we got arrested multiple times” “I don’t doubt” Luke said “Were you a Muslim?” Luke asked “Am a Christian” Zeus said “Father was a Christian but had the attractive charisma to pull everyone to himself, it was a gift but the enemies wasted him. If his friend Raj-dul bin Oman bin Omran the father of Omran Aziz was present in the country they couldn’t have killed him but because my father was stubborn with ambition for the nation he lost his life” “Sorry, I went too far” Zeus said “No I understand” Luke said They arrived at the tower, Zeus parked just outside tower5 “He lives in towere5” Zeus said as they stepped out of the car in white jalamia and Arab head scarf “Why do I feel like a woman right now?” Luke said “(Chuckles) you get used to it” People were moving in and around the building and there were guards outside directing people to the party Have you read Coolval stories today?.
As they entered the building one of the senior guards recognized Zeus “Lord Zeus!!” he said walking to him “Ahmed” Zeus said “Its been a long time sir, you just ran away” he said “(Laughs) Business Ahmed Business” he said tapping him on the shoulder “Prince Aziz will be happy to see you” he said “I pray so” Zeus said “Is he with you?” Ahmed asked Zeus while referring to Luke “Yes, he’s a brother” Zeus said “Haa, you’re welcome sir” Ahmed said and shook him “Thank you” “Please come with me” Ahmed said as they walked to the elevator “The prince is having a party?” Zeus said “O yes sir, just like always” “(Chuckles) Just like always” Zeus said in a low tone After some minutes they arrived at the party floor; the elevator opened and Ahmed led them into a passage and walked to a big door and opened it and revealed a beautiful hall full of people of different races and colors. At the right far corner was Prince Aziz talking with some men; the party was hot as the music was playing and people dancing and moving about. The roof was gold with beautiful chandeliers hanging downwards.
There was a fast car in the center of the hall a red SSC Ultimate Aero (Former World’s fastest car) two beautiful strip girls in red bikini were on top of the car dancing as some people watched them and at the right end corner was another fast car an orange McLaren F1 LM (Fifth fastest car in the world) with girls on it too. Luke spotted a girl dressed in a gold brown gown that was very beautiful and looked exactly like Zeus’s sister Jameel more like a twin, he was surprised so he stared at her, the lady turned and saw him. She then smiled and waved at him and he waved back smiling. He was carried away as he smiled and waved back “Luke” Zeus called him back “What are you looking at?” Zeus asked
“Nothing, just a pretty girl” he said as he turned and didn’t see her again “Arab women are like diamonds, irresistible.
Come on let’s go” Zeus said Prince Aziz spotted Zeus and was surprised, he saw Zeus walking towards him “Haaaa Zeus” the Prince said with happiness as he opened his hands to embrace Zeus “As- salaam- alaykum, Aziz” Zeus said as they hugged each other tightly; Aziz held Zeus’s face with both hands and kissed his left cheek “Alaykum- salaam, Zeus” Aziz was excited “So happy to see you” Zeus said “Allah- wakubah; Lam naraka mundhu muddah” (God is great; long time no see) “Na’am, Lam naraka” Zeus replied; Aziz then looked at Luke and then said (Yes, long time) “Man l-howwa?” (Who is he?) “Hada l- Luke” Zeus said touching him (This is Luke) “Luke” Aziz said walking to Luke “Ahlan wa sahlan” Aziz and shook Luke but Luke was lost and Zeus understood the look on his face (Welcome) “Hal tatakallamu alloghah Alarabiah?” Aziz asked Luke but he didn’t understand, Zeus smiled “Sorry I don’t speak your language” Luke said “La’a Aziz, howwa Nigerian, howwa alloghah Alenjleziah” Zeus said (No Aziz, he’s Nigerian, he speaks English) “Alright” Aziz said “Ta’ala Zeus” Aziz said walking to a platform (Come with me) “Hey everybody attention please” Aziz said as he stood on the platform with Zeus and the music stopped and everyone turned to him “This is my best friend, the one I talked about, the one who was scared that he had so much money so he ran away” Aziz said and they all laughed “But he’s back now to take what belongs to him” Aziz said and they applauded “yes thank you, continue the party” Aziz said going down with Zeus as they played the music “You haven’t changed Aziz” Zeus said “You too, Zeus” he replied “This place is noisy let’s go to my apartment” Aziz said and they walked out… “Eshtaqto elaika katheera, kaifa haloka?” Aziz said (I missed you so much, how are you?) “Aadee” Zeus replied (I’m okay) “Please sit” Aziz said and they sat down “Beddak shai aw ahwe aw aaseer aw akel” Aziz asked (Do you want tea or coffee or juice or food) “Bidna ahwe aswad, la halib, sokkar showayya” Zeus replied and Aziz signaled one of his men who left to bring it “Where have you been Zeus?” Aziz asked “Nigeria” he replied “Limaadhaa?” Aziz said “Aziz, inta Limaadhaa a’rf” Zeus replied (Aziz, you know why) “Ana afham” Aziz said (I understand) “Good, so I need your help” Zeus said ‘You are not a stranger so I’d do anything” Aziz said “There’s a man who ran away from Nigeria to Abu Dhabi, thinking that I can’t find him here; he has information on my father’s murder so I came to you to help me find him” “No problem” Aziz said and called one of his men and whispered something to his ear “What’s his name?” Aziz asked “Dr. Hassan Raji” Zeus said and Aziz signaled his one of his men who went out and then another came with the coffee “You didn’t ask of Haliya” Aziz said and that name sent a cold chill down Zeus’s back “Haliya” he said in a low tone and smiled “Where is she?” he asked “She’s married” Aziz said “What?” Zeus said loudly as he jerked forward from his sit “Yes, she is married to an European and they live in Dubai” Aziz explained; Zeus was totally broken “Married” he said and was almost in tears. Haliya is a very beautiful Arab woman; the only woman Zeus loves and he was the only man she loved but now it’s different. On hearing that she is married was like putting a knife through his heart.
Well, maybe he deserved it because he had abandoned her almost 5years without a word. He felt really bad on hearing this; that the only woman for him was in another man’s arms “(Laughs) Look at your face, you’re almost crying” Aziz said Laughing at him “Am joking; I just wanted to see your heart” Aziz said laughing; even Luke was laughing “You mean she’s not married?” he asked “Of cause not, she waits for you” Aziz said and he was relieved “You got me there Aziz; crazy Aziz” Zeus said and they laughed “(Laughs) Am sorry man but it looks like she’s still your weak point” “Thank God” Zeus said and relaxed and Luke and Aziz laughed “You know, what she feels is something I don’t understand” Aziz said “Where’s she?” Zeus asked “In her home in Yas Island” Aziz said and Zeus stood up and dashed out the house and Luke quickly followed him, Aziz couldn’t help but laugh…

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