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blood and thunder batch 23

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blood and thunder batch 23 by : 8:30 pm On March 14, 2021
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blood and thunder
Episode 43
Next day, 28th June
Zeus and the police with soldiers and youths stormed the white house. They got into a bloody gun firing between the security men and the soldiers, the outsiders outnumbered the security
Zeus found his way into the building as well as Hades, Evil spirit. Zeus made it into one part of the house; everywhere was silent and not a single person in sight, Zeus entered a room and found himself in an empty conference room and suddenly another door barged open and a huge man entered with a sub machine gun but Zeus quickly hid himself before the man started firing
“Come on, you don’t need the gun” Zeus said smiling; he peeped and the man threw the gun away
“Good… you want a fight, right?”
“Are you afraid?” the man asked
“I am filled with joy of your breaking your bones” Zeus said and dropped his gun; they both stood 10 feet from each other…
Hades entered into another part of the house where he climbed up a set of stairs and saw one of the security men who was about to shot him but he fired first at him. He then walked along the corridor and then stood in front of a door labeled president’s office, he opened it and entered the room and saw Mr. President sitting down comfortably on his chair without panicing
“Mr. President you are under arrest” Hades said as he walked to him but the president didn’t utter a word but waited for him to come close. Hades then came close enough and the president hit him in the stomach with a punch and slammed his face on the table and Hades fell to the ground with surprise on his face
“What a strong punch” Hades said as he stood up
“Arresting me wouldn’t be so easy” the president said
“I see… you want a fight huh?” Hades asked; Sanusi took off his agbada and then tore away his inner clothe he then pulled the table and threw it away; he was left with singlet and his trousers
Let’s go” Hades said…
The huge man threw a kick at Zeus but Zeus caught his leg and then punched him in the face and then kicked the second leg of the floor and he slammed his head on the floor, Zeus then threw him across the room and he crashed through the chairs but stood up again
“It seems you got a lot of energy to waste” Zeus said
“I will kill you” the man said and carried a chair and threw it at Zeus but he dodged, he then advanced to Zeus and threw three straight punches but Zeus waved them off and then punched the man on his stomach and he bent forward in pain and Zeus added an upper cut in the face and he staggered backward then Zeus gave him jabs on his face and then another stomach punch and he fell on Zeus’s shoulder powerless
“So much for wasting my time Zeus said to his ear then pushed him away and he fell back like a log of wood, Zeus then finally walked to him on the ground and grabbed him by his shirt and his belt and lifted him up and Zeus then slammed the man on his knee; the sound of the breaking spine could be heard round the room; Zeus dropped the body and walked away…
episode 44
Hades made a mistake by underestimating the president, so he moved towards the president and got a surprise. The president kicked him backwards, he then knew he was in for a real fight; Mr. president advanced towards him with a kick but he dodged and the president kicked the bookshelf with his leg. Hades threw a right hand punch but he missed, he then threw the left but the president caught it and kicked him in the stomach then hit on the face and he fell down but jumped up again. The president threw another kick but Hades quickly dodged it as he turned around and gave the president a kick at the back of his neck and he staggered and turned but Hades quickly gave him a kick in the stomach, the chest and the face at the same time and he fell down but stood up again. The president threw a punch but Hades blocked it and then punched the president’s face with his left hand; the punched pushed the president’s head to the right and he was about to fall but then another punch came from Hade’s right hand to his left ear and his head went in the other direction and he fell down. He stood up but his legs were shaking as he staggered from the punch he received but Hades waited for him and he then ran to Hades and hit him with his shoulder and they both hit the door and it fell open and they both fell out into the corridor.
The president then looked by his right and saw Evil spirit standing there and looking at him, he then stood up and walked to him and then threw a kick at him but Evil spirit disappeared and the kick missed
“Did he just disappear” the President asked himself, he then turned to Hades who was already up and then walked to him
“Mr. President” a voice said behind him and he turned to see Zeus
“Zeus Heineken” the President said loudly
“Flesh and Blood” Zeus replied
“Your father cried in pain when we killed him” the president said and ran towards Zeus and jumped in the air with a flying kick but on coming close Zeus gave him a powerful punch that sent him to the ground and he held his stomach in pain and managed to stand up.
“Throwing punches with you would be a waste of my time, just like your comrade” Zeus said as he walked to the president, Zeus jumped up and turned 360 as he raised his leg and slammed it on the president’s head like a sledge hammer and he fell face flat, Zeus then turned the president face up with his leg and then brought out a desert eagle and pointed at him but he hesitated
“What are you waiting for, Heineken?” President said as blood came out his nose
“Zeus!” Somebody called, Zeus turned to see and SSS officer
“Please don’t shoot him, let him bear the shame of defeat” the man said and Zeus put back his gun and walked away. The SSS officer carried the president up and was about to cuff him but the president hit him with his elbow and collected his gun and the man fell down, he then pointed the gun at Zeus; Zeus knew what had happened as he turned to look at the president and smiled..
An Evil spirit appeared in front of the president and out of fear the president was about to shoot but Evil Spirit held his hand and turned the gun in another direction before the bullet fired, then held the president’s hand and kicked his legs off the ground as he face slammed the floor, Evil spirit then collected the gun and cuffed the president and handed him to the SSS officer who took the president away…

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