blood and thunder batch 21

blood and thunder
Episode 39
Breaking News
Car explosion in Lagos caught on CCTV camera, three found dead
“Luke where are you” Zeus said with the phone on his ear
“We’re heading home now” Luke replied and Zeus hanged up
Luke drives into Zeus’s compound and parks in front of the mansion then they all step out and entered the house; Zeus, Haliya and Ade were listening to the News
“O my God, Jameel… are you okay” Haliya said and hugged her
“I’m fine” she replied
“Luke? What happened?” Haliya asked
“I have no idea” Luke said; Zeus just concentrated on the TV
TVC Journalist
Journalist: Please sir can you tell us what you saw?
Civilian: I just saw two cars run passed mine on a very high speed above 130 (I am certain); I noticed the car chasing behind was shooting at the one in front. I tried to meet up with them but couldn’t; later on I was able to come here now only to discover that one of the car was destroyed
Journalist: Can you sir, identify if this was the pursing car or the car been pursed?
Civilian: I don’t know because the two cars moved passed me like lightening
Journalist: Ok thank you sir
The journalist moved on to someone else
Journalist: Let’s meet with someone else… excuse me sir, can you tell us what actually caused this explosion?
Civilian 2: I was in that tall building over there when I saw two cars swaying passed other cars like it was a car race but it wasn’t because the car behind was shooting at the one in front but it all happened so fast; the car in front suddenly stopped and this made the other car behind go forward. The car which was in front was now behind and it followed the other car and then a man came up from the sunroof of the car behind and shot the back of the car ahead and then threw something into the car and immediately theirs stopped and the car in front exploded. I believe the guy from behind threw in a grenade into the other car and in 3 secs it exploded… the TV went off…
“What happened out there” Zeus asked without turning around
“I don’t know, we just got the sudden attack” Luke said
“Jameel and Yvonne please excuse us” Zeus said and they went into another room with Haliya; Zeus then turned to Luke and God-Eye
“Before Hades killed Senator Ayomide, the Senator said that the president knew of our movement and was tracking us down. I believe the president did this””
“I think you’re right”
“Do not worry, by the time we hit the house of Rep, everything will change”…
“Madam, we have something” a man said coming in with a file.
“What do you have? She asked
“The president has 6 accounts in six countries, we also have the dates in which the accounts were opened, his picture and the account was registered under the name General Afeez”
“Good, what are the figures?”she asked
“The figures are very large running into billions of dollars’’
“Now I need you to forward everything to Zeus”
“Yes madam”
“And do it now “
”right away ma” he said and left, she picked up her phone and called Zeus
“Hello Zeus”
“Yes who’s speaking please?”
“I am sending you more info and this time concerning the president and please make good use of it”
“Thank you, he said and she hanged up…
24th JUNE
Zeus was growing impatient he picked up his phone to call Sarah Oscar but she wasn’t picking, he then sent her a text message and then told evil spirit to go bring her here even if it means by force….
episode 40
Evil spirit arrived at her video studio and then walked inside and then saw her coming out with her hand bag and swaying her waist, she immediately knew he was the one sent to pick her. She stopped in front of him and smiled
“Hmmm, seems like Zeus has got a thing with cute guys” she said smiling & looking at him from head to toe before walking passed him; he didn’t even smile. She walked to her car & was about to put the key but evil spirit grabbed her arm & pulled her to his car
“What are you doing?” she asked and she struggled but was powerless, he opened the door and put her inside by force then shut the door, she didn’t bother to open the door he walked to the other side and got in then started the car and drove away…
“Is that how you treat a lady” she asked but he ignored her as he drove
“I don’t know why you guys are so rude”
“You don’t know how to treat a lady” she said pointing at him
“You could have just asked me to follow you rather than pulling me like your little sister, I’m a woman and not a girl” she spoke and then Evil spirit turned his head to look at her and she shut her mouth…
They arrived back at Zeus’s house and they both went in to meet everyone present.
“You refused to pick my calls” Zeus said walking to her
“I was busy”
“Look Sarah, don’t make me get angry with you, I hardly go angry with women”
“Yeah, especially beautiful ones” she said and curled her lips and rolled her eyes like she doesn’t care
“(Chuckles) you’re just like my sister always feeling too beautiful” Zeus said
“Feeling? I know I am beautiful” she said proudly
“Yeah but wait till you see my wife” Zeus said
“O yeah?” she said smiling
“Where are my CDs?” Zeus asked
“Maybe if you had been a little bit patient, I would have gone home to get it instead of sending your beautiful but rude friend” she said pointing to Evil spirit
“Evil spirit, please take this lady to her home and get our CDs” Zeus said
“Evil spirit?” she said with surprise
“What kind of name is that?” She asked mockingly, Evil spirit pulled her away…
“God, that girl’s got a big mouth” Luke said
“Yeah right” God eye said
“She’s just full of pride” Hades said
“She’s full of shit to me” Machine said
“I hate that girl” Drummer said and they laughed
“Please guys, there’s no need fighting over her, she’s beautiful am sure you are just in love” Zeus said smiling and Ade laughed; they attacked Zeus with words as he walked away
“Hey man how can you say that?”
“Come on man”
“What the hell?”
“Love what?”
“I’m gonna puck”…
Evil spirit and Sarah on their way to Sarah’s place. Sarah suddenly started laughing, Evil spirit looked at her & the n looked back at the road
“Evil spirit (laughs) why the hell would they call you that?”
“That’s the opposite of what you are”
“Oh I see I think I know why they call you that” she said adjusting her position to face him
“You know they say the devil is very handsome but he’s got evil heart. May be you’ve got the attributes of the devil, right” she said smiling; Evil spirit was about to make a left turn so he made a quick left turn and Sarah hit her head on the glass
“Auch” she said touching her head
“You did that on purpose, right” she asked but he was silent and then looked at her from the corner of his eyes and then gave a light smile which she didn’t notice….
They arrived at Sarah’s house and she went in to get the CDs and as they came out they met two men coming towards them and as they came close, one was about to snatch the bag from her but Evil Spirit quickly caught his hand and punched his face and kicked his legs off the floor and he slammed his face on the ground, the second moved to Sarah but Evil Spirit blocked him and gave him two kicks on his face and then a kick on his chest and both men la!d on the floor in pain.
“Evil Spirit” Sarah called with fear and he turned to her and saw four men walking towards them and Sarah and Evil Spirit moved back; he then put Sarah in the car and shut the door, he then walked to the front of his car and took off his black coat and dropped it on the car’s bonnet, he the adjusted himself by pulling his trousers up with both hands and moved his legs apart with one ion front and the other at the back, facing the men.
Two of the men moved towards him and his leg went up and kicked their faces and they fell down, another moved to Evil Spirit with a punch but he caught his fist and punched his ribs before finally kicking his two legs off the ground and he slammed his head on the floor. The other two got up and one moved to him with a right hand punch but he caught the hand with his own right hand and raised his leg and crossed it on the enemy’s right arm and then kicked his face four times and the guy was knocked out as he la!d on the floor, another picked up a big stick from the ground but Evil Spirit quickly collected it and slammed it on his face and he fell down; the last one threw a punch at Evil Spirit but he blocked it with the stick making the guy punch the stick instead of his face and Evil Spirit slammed the stick on his face and the guy fainted.
He threw the stick away and walked to the driver’s seat of his car and then heard a gunshot but he didn’t panic, he then looked h=ahead of him and saw a man walking towards him from afar and shooting, he put his hand at his back and pulled out a desert Eagle and shot one bullet at the man and he fell down dead. He entered the car to meet Sarah holding the bag with fear, he then touched her shoulder and smiled, she looked at him, and he then started the car and drove off…

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