blood and thunder Batch 13

blood and thunder episode 22
Now to the business” Zeus said “Yes, I had spoken to one of your directors and he told me the deal will be concluded with the arrival of the agents” “Yes am aware but this business is to be concluded with you alone” Zeus said “Me alone?” the Governor said “Yes” Luke said “But these executives have to be present in the concluding of this deal” “Mr. Governor, I do not know but the World bank has got specific standard protocols which we follow and this is one of them; concerning this loan, it must be concluded between you and the Agents” “Ok no problem” the Governor said “Please excuse us” he added and everyone left them “the game is about to begin” Ade said smiling It was just the Governor, Luke and Zeus ‘Ok let’s continue” the Governor said “Yes, I want you to take us to your digit vault” Zeus said “How is that related to our deal” he asked them, then Luke brought out a Gun and the Governor was startled “Just be calm” Zeus said and he was quiet “I have your security system under control and your family” Zeus said “What is going on here?
What is the meaning of all these” he said standing up but Zeus punched him back to his chair and he officially be came scared “I have your wife and kids so you better behave” “I don’t believe you” “Ok” Zeus said and opened a black brief case and then brought out a tablet and made a video call to Drummer and Evil Spirit “Hello Zeus” Drummer said “The man doesn’t believe we have his family, maybe you should show him” Zeus said and then showed the Governor the video and he saw his wife and two children and they muted their mouths with cloths “What? Who are you? What are you guys up to? You can’t get away with this” he lamented “Blah blah blah” Luke said “If you talk bullshit again, I’ll break your nose” Zeus said and he was quiet ‘Now take us to the digit Vault or they will burn you family to dust” Zeus said anmd the Governor stood up; Zeus and Luke put back their guns and followed him; he walked to the door and led them to his office.
They passed some person but the Governor didn’t attempt to shout or make a silly move and he led them to his office “I asked you to take us to the Digit Vault and not your office” Zeus said “The vault is here in my office” he said “Ok show it to us” Zeus said and he walked to a portrait in his office on the wall, he then removed the portrait and revealed a small galls on the wall about the size of a thumb; he put his thumb in it and it opened revealing a screen, then it he gave a voice pass “OCTOBER” and then it scanned his eyes and then a small USB port opened underneath the screen “”Waw, technology is awesome” Luke said and Zeus opened a brief case and connected a tablet to the USB port. He could then read the vault through the tablet; it revealed a platform for a password “Ade it’s asking for the access code” “Ok, the Access code should be 4HR9” “Alright” Zeus put in the pass and another plat6form for a second pass was opened “Ade there’s another pass” “What?” Ade said with surprise “Yes” “O no, it’s a Token” Ade said “What the fvck is a Token?” Luke said “It’s an additional security” Zeus said and Ade was already afraid “Do you know it?” Zeus asked “No I don’t” Ade said; Zeus turned to the Governor “What’s the Token Pass?” “1414” he said; he typed it and it worked.
“Another Platform opened labeled GIVE and TAKE” Zeus selected Take and the vault opened another platform to type in amount wanted “How much is in the vault?” Luke asked the Governor but he was silent “Will you answer the God d–n question?” Zeus said “About 500trillion dollars” he said and Luke whistled loudly with surprise “What?” Zeus exclaimed “I thought Nigeria was broke as ass” Luke asked “I am not the owner of the bank, am just governing it” he said and then Luke gave him a hot slap at the back of his head and he held his head in pain “You fvcking liar” Luke said “you’re all the same” Zeus said; he then typed in 400 million dollar but he erased it and typed in 500million dollars in the tablet and then sent it and in 20secs it showed on the tablet TRANSACTION COMPLETE
Episode 23
“Now the country is really broke” Zeus said and unplugged the tablet “I don’t think the country is broke; there could be quadrillions in the Cash Vault” Luke said “I bet you’re right” Zeus said as they packed their bags “Alright, you will escort us to our car quietly and happily, you understand that?” Zeus said “Ok” They walked out of the office and into an elevator and went down and out of the building; two of the executives followed them out until they got to the car “We hope to do more business with your country again” Luke said and shook the Governor “Thank you” he said faking a smile and watched as they drove out of the bank and away, he then fainted…
The CBN Governor was fired from office and replaced and the government set up investigation. This is a world record in the history of robbery in Nigeria or maybe the world; breaking into the central bank of a country and stealing money has never been recorded (none that I know of) but now it has all changed as Zeus and his brothers cleaned the vault of the central bank of Nigeria without lethal force but with the use of impersonation, subtlety and brilliantly planned techniques…
Lagos, Nigeria Sunday, 9:40Am Zeus organized the biggest party in Lagos for the sake of their success and a better nation. The party, to the invitees was a regular party organized by a wealthy man or politician’s son. The party started right from Zeus’s compound and extends to the community; there were canopies everywhere you go in the whole of Maryland. They also set up celebration grounds in other parts of Lagos that same day, places like Badagry, Ajegunle, Bariga, Ikeja, Oshodi, Apappa, and there was not a single place lacking our local exciting delicacies and there was enough to drink; booze was not left out.
The sound of music filled the whole atmosphere with people dancing and enjoying the unknown party; this particular act turned the eyes and attention of people to Zeus… “This is the biggest party I have ever seen” Luke said holding a glass of wine “This is a national party” Hades said “No, this is a national cake” God-Eye said and they laughed “He’s right, it is a national cake and the national cake should be eaten by the rightful owners” Zeus said “Exactly” Luke said “This is just the beginning; these billions belong to Nigerians so they have every right to enjoy it and so I have decided that this party will be organized every month” Zeus said and they applauded
“Beautiful, now it’s a tradition” Drummer said “Zeus?” Haliya called him “I wanna talk to you” she said “Excuse me guys” Zeus walked up the stairs to her “Zeus, I’m not against this party and as a matter of fact I’m also enjoying it but I don’t understand what the party is for” she said and he smiled “We are celebrating our victory, the victory of Nigeria and the beginning of a real change in it’s positive form for Nigerians” he explained “I don’t understand you yet” “I have taken the money of Nigerian from the thieves who stole it and I am handing it over to it’s owners” he said “How did you get this money of Nigerians you say?” she asked “I took the money from the Central bank of Nigeria” “O my God; the trending news now in the country was the robbery at the Central bank in Abuja on Friday and are you telling me, you guys were the robbers?” she was surprised “We’re not robbers and we don’t steal but we Take from the Plutocratic thieves and give to the right owners” “What?” “The money is for me and Nigerians but some group of persons who call themselves government have gathered to satisfy their selfish desires with the wealth of the nation; they lied to us, to telling us the country was broke but on the contrary we have been able to retrieve 500trillion dollars from the digit vault” he said and she was shocked “500 what?”
“Yes, but now it’s no longer in their hands and I’m very sure there are more money in the cash vault. With this money now, I would do what they have failed to do by changing the lives of as many Nigerians as possible and until this is done I will not stop haunting down every single one of those political thieves and their President Sanusi Babangida” he said and she just stared at him in silence, he then kissed her cheek “Enjoy the party” he said and touched her face then walked back down the stairs, leaving her standing there with nothing to say…

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