Bleeding Rose episode 5 – 6

SUZZY HOT and SISTER VIVIAN still in conversation.
VIVIAN———( seems a bit confused). I have what you need and you have what i want. Please i don’t understand. Who are you and what do you want from me?
SUZZY HOT———(smokes) relax baby girl. Lemme ask you? These few months you have been doing this, what have you achieved? How much do you have to show for your fame? Has your finacial, material, social and all round life seen any vivid postive change? By nlw you should own your own car, own a beautiful house and alot of money to spend. How much are you paid after burning so much energy? Whats your networth?.thats why you need us.
One night in our lounge, with your sweet voice and sexy body and of cause your beautiful face, you will be smiling home with so!ething huge.
VIVIAN—-(angrily cuts in) i beg your pardon young lady. I have witnessed the blind receive their sight, tumour miraculosly healed. I have seen so great the p of God’s glory through my ministration and there is no acheivement much greater than that. My voice is God’s mtrumpet, not the devil’s alarm. Sorry ma, your net has just caught the biggest wrong fish. Don’t bother wasting your dirty pranks on me, i’m not interested. When it is God’s time to prosper me, he will. Excuse me please, i have better things to do.
(She tries to leave when suzzy cuts in)
SUZZY——-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wow!!!! That was me 7yrs ago!!!!!!.”””””””””” Zealous, and worthy child of God and chorister. Vivian, i swear, the church will deal with you. When you think you have finally arrived, the church will make a total mess of you and joyfully rub your glory in the mud. I don’t want you to face what i faced. It was terrible. I was wrongly accused of dating a married man in church and during tnat saga my mum feel ill, she had apendix and it bursted in side of her. I needed money for an urgent opperation for my mum. NO ONE OF THEM RENDERED HELP(tears) and i lost my mum. To add to the pain, they werent at her funeral because i was a sinner, a sin i never commited. Vivan, i am very sorry for you. Very soon, hahahahahaha, it will be your turn.
VIVIAN—I reject it in Jesus name. Even if the church rejects me God will not. He is the one i serve actually not the church.
SuZZY——REALLY?, we shall see. My offer still stands .(she zoomed off)
To be continued!!!!!!!!!
Vivian got home. Her mum called out
MADAM GRACE—-VIVI you’re back. Welcome. How did it go?
VIVIAN—–WENT WELL MAMA(hands over a brown envelope) God favoured me. Mum please take out the tithe, i really need to see daddy now.
MADAM GRACE——-OWK but, you look worried. Are you owk? Or is it stress?
VIVAN———NO mama, i’m owk just kind of worried,tnat’s why i need to see daddy.
MADAM GRACE——ALright my dear but do not be weighed down by any worries. God who started this good work will perfect. (Hands over the tithe) thanks mama.
——————-REV.’S OFFICE—————-
VIVIAN narrated her ordeal with SUZZY HOT.REV Just laughed. Vivan was looking at him so suprised.
REV——DAUGHTER what were you expecting? That the devil will allow you shine in peace? Nooooo, infact this is one of the evidence you are successful and making progress. See what the bible says in ephesians 6 from verse 10 that you should be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and most importantly, you must put on the whole armour of God so can be able to stand against the attacks of the devil. Coolval stories
It went further to say that you do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalites and against powers. God can never abandon his own. I might, the church might, your brother might, even your mum as well. The more reason you should always look up to God. He will see you through. Let us pray!!!!!!!
VIVIAN———WOOOOW sister mma, good afternnoon, how are you?
MMACHI——may thunder strick you into pieces you double crossing bastard daughter of a nobody. You’re now shining with my star okwa ya? You stole my father’s church and my father’s house. The witchcraft you used in killing your father at birth is what you’re enjoying now abi? Nekwa anya o, you wont kill my father o , idiot. God’s trumpet my foot. I will deal with you. Okwa gi, amusu(she push her out of the way)
VIVIAN COULD’Nt say a word. She justleft so sad.
—————————-MMACHI’s RESIDENCE————————————–
SHE was reading her bible when she heard a knock on the door. She answered and an elderly man and woman. The man is the G.O of GLORY GATE CHURCH. There is going to be an international praise conference in U.S.A and they submitted her name and a short video of her ministration and she has been nominated. They are providing her visa and passport but she will be providing the ticket money.
For the first time ever in her life VIVIAN IS GOING TO THE U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!
THE church was overjoyed, REV was so gladened, his wife was rejoicing. It is too good to be true.
REV called a meeting. They contributed money for her ticket and some supported her with pocket money
A day before her departure, something tragedic happened

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