Bleeding Rose episode 3 – 4

MMAchi’s parents went into their bed room. They couldn’t sleep. Their daughter’s attitude is not just right for a child of God.
PASTOR CHINAZA——–(suddenly exclaimed) Lord Jesus have mercy!!!!! What was that she just did? She isn’t even sorry about her actions. For no reason, she refused to sing. What nonsence.
REV——-honey, i am totally speechless. But, we didnt raise her like that. Or have we missed it somewhere, somehow?. Hmmm, God please help me.
PASTOR CHINAZA——she won’t be ministering henceforth till further notice. Segun (the choir director) has to be informed. That girl needs dicpline. What nonsence.
REV——-YOU’RE right honey. We should also back her up with prayers.
PASTOR CHINAZA——HONEY let’s pray and sleep. Tomorrow is the grand-finale of the convention. Wow!!!! God has been faithful. Let’s begin to worship!!!!!!!
She is the only daughter of a widow. She has an elder brother RICHARC by name who lives with his master. He is also a devoted child of God. What madam grace has successfully done is to bring her children close to christ.
Vivian got home. She couldn’t control it. THE MOVE OF THE HAND OF GOD!!!!!! It was mighty upon her.
VIVIAN——–(on her knees, shivering and crying) mummy God used me!!!!!! Mummy God called me his trumpet. Who i am!!!! What am i!!!! A poor, dirty, wretch!!!!! Yet he chose me. Mummy i dont deserve this but yet he chose me.
And wow!!!!! There again!!!!! His glory came down heavily and mightyly. Her mum joined in the worship. Atmosphere of his glory was felt.
despite being grounded, MMACHI wasn’t taking the decision at all. She walked up to altar when it was time for worship. REV did the unimaginable.
REV——–PLEASE set back MMACHI. You won’t be ministering henceforth. You are suspended indefinatly. Let this sound as a warning to every worker in this church. God is no respecter of person. SISTER VIVIAN PLEASE COME FORWARD . GOD BLESS YOU.
To be continued!!!!!!!!!
MMACHI’S attitude in church got everyone wondering. How can a music minister act like that. Datughter to the pastor for that matter.
At home, REV and his wife did not take it lightly with her. They withheld her monthly allowance, stopped her freedom to scope food as she desires, banned her from seating with the choristers, gave her back seat, she mustn’t miss any church activity and she won’t be singing till further notice.
MMACHI had her clique in church. Nonye, shola, uche and dayo. They so hated vivian. They constantly brought gist from the choir to MMACHI. They would always wish there was somerhing they could do to stop her shine.
Vivian was made the assitant choir director. She started by introducing the need for a high level of spirituality. She spoke on the need for every chorister to be devoted to prayers because they do not entertain, they minister and only a spirit filled person can minister God’s presence in the lifes of people. She told them to abstain from sin, fornication, adultery, pride, hatred, jealousy and envy. God cannot use anyone who indulge in such. She also talked about constant rehearsals and the kind of food they are to eat. More of fruits and vegetable. There was begining to be great revival in the choir.
REV and his wife took so much interest in vivian’s ministry. She hasy started getting invitation to minister in different places. Rev and his wife bought new clothes and shoes for her. They engaged her in constant fasting and praying. They put her through rehearsals too. Vivian would always report back to them after every programme she attended. She would always seek for advise and counsel.
Vivian went to ghana. As she mounted the pulpit, she bursted into tongue and took the song LET IT RAIN BY SONNIE BAIDU. And glory poured down. A woman who had tumour received instant healing, a girl blind from birth received her sight . Hmmmm, even the lame walked. Vivian herself was suprised.
There was jubilation in PRAISE ARMOUR ASSEMBLY as she arrived. She was begining to be popular as well. Hardly she goes out without someone saying please are you VIVIAN, GOD’S TRUMPET?
Vivian was on her way from a programme when a lady called her from her car. She stopped as the lady parked and came out of her car. “VIVIAN THE LORD’S TRUMPET” we finally meet. My name is susan but friends call me suzzy hot. Where are heading to?
VIVIAN….HOME. please how may i nelp you?
Suzzy hot—–(laughter) do i look like i need help? Baby girl, you are the one who needs help and i want to help you?
VIVIAN——CAN’t remember complaining to anybody that i need help and by the way what makes you think i would be needing your help
Suzzy hot——(gets a stick of cigrette) lets talk in my car sweetheart the sun isnt friendly atall
VIVIAN——Dont worry im fine here.
Suzzy hot——-owk. Baby girl you gat what we want and you need what we gat

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