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Bleeding Rose episode 1 & 2

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Bleeding Rose episode 1 & 2 by : 7:17 pm On January 27, 2021
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Mmachi, the pastor’s only daughter can sing!!!. Her voice is just too heavenly and anoited that the whole athmosphere must feel God’s presence when she ministers. It was the annual convention of the church, PRAISE ARMOUR ASSEMBLY. The programme is usually held for e days. Mmachi is always the lead music minister because she knows how to draw down God’s presence through her ministration.
On the second day, no one knew what happened but mmachi refused to sing.
CHOIR DIRECTOR——sister mma, you will needed in few minutes. Please come close to the alter and by the way what are you doing outside here with your phone? Are you alright?
MMACHI——mrdirector i am not in the mood to sing today. I’m not the only chorister there. Appoint someone else.
CHOIR DIRECTOR——-MMACHI, this is a convention, and you know you anchor it song ministration wise. What’s wrong with you? Prayers are about to round off, please come in and do the needful.
MMACHI——-and i said i won’t. I dont want to sing, i won’t sing, i don’t feel like singing, i——-(C.D cuts in)
CHOIR DIRECTOR——-i am not asking you sister, it is an order. Follow me now.
MMACHI——(bursts in laughter)did you just say order? Who are you to order me around. This is my father’s church. You have no right what so ever to order me around.look for someone else i won’t sing.
(Amist the conversation, sis vivian, one of the choristers came around. She met the choir director coming into the church)
SISTER VIVIAN———–boss, what’s going on sir? Sis mma is needed now. Where is she? Is she owk?
CHOIR DIRECTOR————she said she is not singing. I don’t know what to do. She is the only one who can do this.
SIsTer VIVIAN———–Don’t worry sir. I will sing.
CHOIR DIRECTOR———-You will? But, you’ve not lead in praise and worship before. Anyways ( lays his hands on her) may God use you tonight amen.
Wow, wowand wow
Vivian sang, oh myGod she sang!!!!
Heaven klzzed the earth, unusual rhema filled the place
GREAT manifestion of God’s power took place.
Mmachi wasn’t beliving her ears. She walked into the church to see who that could be……………..
To be continued
sister mmachi walked into the church. Super great worship was going on, miracles where taking place. Everyone felt it. Everyone was eveloped in his glory. Wow!!!! What a glorious meeting.
The general oveseer of the church REV uzonna obidike, mmachi’s father mounted the stage. He shouted!!!!!! Gloooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy, what a ministration. Church i saw God, i felt God, heeeeyyyyyyy, i saw him come down. What a worship!!!!!!. He turned around. Where is that sister?, please step forward. (Sister vivan mounts the altar) the revrend requested for a bottle of oil. He asked her to kneel and poured it on her head.
Thus says the Lord God, i have chosen you as my trumpet. Sound out healing, minister deliverance, your voice shall be heard world wide. Don’t be discouraged. The Lord said, weldone for standing out for me.
It was agreat program.
REV———-what a wonderful glorious meeting today. I was really blessed. So vivian could sing like that? Wow!!!!! Wonderful!!!! Hmmm, that girl is a carrier of great anoiting. I bless God for her.
REV————hmmmm. That’s a deep one but how does it connect to this?
PASTOR CHINASA————-ask your daughter. She refused to sing , insulted her director and God as well. I have always spoken to her about pride but will she listen? Hell no. See how God cliped those wings.
REv———MMACHI is that true? Shame on you
MMACHI———-dad, i see nothing special with what vivian did today. She sang so unprofessionally. No ridfs and runs, no creativity, poor use of stage, bad mic handling, poor choice of acient songs, jeeeeez !!!!!!!!! Daddy you just wasted your oil. And to think i havnt be prayed for all these while is rather considerd as cheating and it is a very big sin. If you think you did somerhing great today, sorry to burst your bubble, you just embrassed and publicly disgraced your only child. I’m totally disappointed in you dad. (She tried leaving when her dad cut in)
REV————-WILL you shut that mouth up? How dare you? Now i see what your pride has turned you into. She didnt do it rigjt but God approved her, i approved her, the glory of God approved her and you know what young lady, that’s all that matters.
PASTOR CHINASA———MMACHI, see you see damination. See you? You are doomed. Jesus reign!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with you? Listen to me darling, you are not going near that mic till further notice.
(They both leave to their rooms)
To be continued!!!!!!!

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Bleeding Rose episode 9 – end / Bleeding Rose episode 7 – 8 / Bleeding Rose episode 5 – 6 / Bleeding Rose episode 3 – 4 /

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