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Black Friday episode 6

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Black Friday episode 6 by : 5:26 am On February 5, 2021
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Soon it was day break already I decided to go out and look for a part- time Job since Annabel has gone to work. I didn’t know the area very well, I just kept asking people for directions and looking out for a sign post for vacancy as Annabel told me to do because I had discussed with her earlier.
After a long walk, I saw a sign post at a warehouse which they wrote looking for a store keeper . I just entered and they told me to wait that manager hasn’t come to work yet’.
I noticed they sell drinks and beverages in wholesale, its a big warehouse. I prayed that I would be given the opportunity to work there, am tried of sitting at home doing nothing.
After a while the manager came, he seems to know me, he was looking at me like a ghost.
Alex, Alex, is this you??,
He sprinkle sand a me and touch me, I was just mopping at him, I didn’t know what to say because I don’t remember him.
Why are you not responding , don’t you recognize me?? He asked.
No I don’t, I replied
come lets talk in my office, he said.
I followed him to his office, upstairs.
He offered me a sit as we entered the office.
You mean you don’t know me? ? He asked me again.
I had a fatal accident which almost took my life ,when i woke up ,i couldn’t remember anything ….I said
Oh so sorry about that, you had a painful experience that Friday am very sure you wished you never remembered.
Who are you sir and how did you know me??
Well I was your neighbor who was with you on phone all through that Friday.
He explained everything I experienced that day, how I lost my wife and baby too, I wept but I still didn’t remember what happened, he told me my father in-law *came to park all my belonging from the house . Everyone thought I had died, Since they couldn’t find me and they heard a rumour that I had an Accident* and I was dead.
Hmm it was really a sad story and sad day for me. He gave me the number and Address of my father in-law.
My neighbor *offered to help me, he took me to one of their branches close to my house, I was so happy. .he* made me their new manager and guided me on what to do. My neighbor was to helpful, may God bless him real Good.
I quickly went to see my father in-law as soon as I left my new place of work. My Father in-law was in tears when he saw me, he thought I had die, since I was an Orphan, he didn’t know what to do when he heard the news about my accident, he looked for me but to no avail, I could tell he really loved me so much from the way he shed those tears looking at me and praising God , he told me where my wife was buried ,that i should visit her anytime i choose , he prayed for me that i will find someone who will love and stay with me, i told him about Annabel and he promised to visit us over the weekend after a while I left his place for home.
I was so excited on my way home but I still thought of what he told me about my wife and son so I became sad again and the most painful part I can’t remember them.
But I had hope that things will get better and I couldn’t wait to tell Annabel everything I experience today.
As soon as I got home, i noticed the door was locked from inside ,so I passed through the kitchen back door since I had the key, I noticed everywhere was so quiet but I heard some disturbing noise from Annabel’s room, I quickly rushed there only to find James and Jacinta shagging.
They were so carried away that they never noticed me, I quickly went outside the same way I came .
To be continued. ..

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