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Bhoomi episode 6 – 7

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Bhoomi episode 6 – 7 by : 11:30 pm On April 1, 2022
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{His Vengeful wife}.

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba Writes.


“Arrrghhh” i screamed as i quickly sat up from my sleep.

I looked around me to confirm.


It was all a dream..😩😩..

A terrible one indeed.

Adil who was sitting on the bedroom couch quickly dropped his magazine and rushed towards me.

“Are you alright Bhoomi.., what’s wrong, are you sick..” he asked full of concern.

His eyes were white with pity and kindness.

He seemed so disturbed about me.

Is this how he loves me so much..😳😳

Is he really really responsible for the death of my father??.

I am having secind thoughts.

“It was just a bad dream…” i said almost crying.

“Its okay, its just a dream, let me get you some water..” He said and he got up to the bedroom fridge and gave me a cup of water.

My eyes couldn’t hold the flood that was trying to escape.

I let my tears fall freely..😥😥

This man is innocent..💭 i thought.

No Bhoomi, people are not who they appear to be..💭 i thought again.


He slept on his shoulder and he consoled me till i finally went to sleep.


I walked carefully down the stairs holding my beautiful Sari.

The mansion is really big and it has plenty of room..😱😱

My wardrobe was filled and every single thing was more than enough.

I am bitterly happy..😅😅😅

Married to a man who is behind the death of my father and living in riches.

Just then Priyanka ran towards me.

I have been waiting for morning to stare at brother’s new bride..😌😌

She is so beautiful..😻😻

Let me ask aunt Roshni if she is coming.


“Shut up and let me be in peace, i don’t want to see that witch at all” she said almost punching me and i ran for cover.

“Good morning Aunt Bhoomi, you look so beautiful…” i said hugging her tightly.

‘Good morning love, how was your night and how’s your Aunt Roshni…” she asked smiling at me and looking into my eyes.


I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know, she is busy with her phone…” i said

I don’t want to tell my Aunt Bhoomi Aunt Roshni called her a witch.

It will make her cry…😭😭.

“You are funny…” she said and i smiled a little.


is so nice….😍😍

Just then brother Adil came towards us and Aunt Bhoomi became shy..


“Ehhemn, I’ll leave you two..” i said and left immediately.


“I don’t like her at all Raghav!!! ” i heard Aunt Roshni scream.

Why does she hate my aunt Bhoomi..😭😭

She did nothing wrong right..😭😭

I quickly ran to Paapa’s room.

Hmm i don’t get why my Roshni hates this new bride of Adil.

What makes her hate the bride so much.

Or is she jealous…??😌

I have to set my eyes on this hated bride.

I went to the living room where everyone sits.

Lo and behold…!!!

A very pretty and slim looking young lady was seated close to Adil..

Such beauty..

I couldn’t help but stare.


“Hey..!!!” i heard and i lifted my gaze.

It was Roshni..

But as for me, i prefer Roshni..

She is the only woman i will ever love.

Every member of the house were present in the living room.

Mr and Mrs Singh, Adil’s cousins, sister and other relatives were present there.

Mrs Singh spoke up.

“Dear beautiful daughter in-law, you are welcome to the Singh family, consider yourself as a flesh and blood and know you will forever be loved…” she said and i couldn’t help but smile.

The whole family welcomed me and i felt so happy.

Mrs Singh is really nice and lovely…❤❤.

She is lovely,nice and a peaceful woman.

I know i won’t have problems with her at all.

“Have this,consider it as a gift from me…” she said handing me a gold bracelet.


Pure gold..❤.

“Thank you so much maama…”

I can’t believe this.

Mrs Singh gave Bhoomi a gold bracelet😱😱😱

No way..😩😩

For years i have been with her son and i gained nothing..



I quickly snuck into Mrs Singh’s room.

I searched and searched where the remaining bangles were…

This old witch is really smart.

My eyes fell on the box on top her wardrobe.


I will plant them in Bhoomi’s room and guess who the traitor is..😂.

My hands were about to touch them when a voice spoke.

“Who are you doing here…??”

{His Vengenful wife}

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes.



‘What are you doing here’ i heard and my breath seized at the moment.

Oh lord Shiva😱😱

I quickly turned around.

‘Uh, hi Adil…’ i said faking a smile.

“Roshni, i asked you a question….’ he said icily as usual.

Oh dear, what should i do now.. 😨😨😨

If Adil finds out i am stealing his mom’s bracelet, I’ll be good as dead😱😱

‘I..(sneeze), wanted to get..(sneeze), some…(sneeze), tissues…(sneeeze), oh lord shiva…’ I lied hoping he will believe.

He smirked as he folded his arms giving me a suspicious look.

‘And they were no tissues in your room, priyanka’s and even the toilet…’ he said and i gulped hard.

“The…..there was ….i just got… here…”

“Can i see the tissues..???”

My heart skipped for the one hundredth time..😱😫

Just then Mrs Singh walked in.

‘Adil son, what is happening here….’

He sent me a wicked glance before turning to his maama.

‘Um , i was just looking for you…’

‘Okay son, I’m here.., Roshni, hand me my earings…’ she said and i heaved a sigh of relief.


maama…’ I said as i quickly turned around, helping Mrs Singh with her earrings.


‘You never stop being the bad girl will you…?’ Rajna my friend said as the make up artist beautified our nails.

‘Trust me Rajna, that wife of his is such a dimwit, i hate her with all my heart!!’

‘But from the pictures in the magazine, she is really beautiful and she looks as nice as an angel..’

‘Don’t say that close to me again or you’ll regret it…’

‘You’re the boss…’

Adil almost caught me…😳😳

I could have been thrown out of the mansion….😱😱

Why did Adll have to fall in love with that witch.

She took my place and i will never let her have peace…

Adil, will soon be mine…

I smiled to myself.


Priyanka showed me Adil’s baby pics.

And ofcourse he’s so handsome..😊😊

Most of his highschool pics had Roshni in them.

I guess they were really close.

Priyanka innocently loves and trust me.

But again, i have to avenge my father.

He suffered so much in his lifetime.

Why would Mr Singh kill him…???

Is there any deep down secret i don’t know???.

You can’t Just kill someone because of money right???.

Mr Singh is really rich and he won’t kill because of money.

I mean he has enough and he might only tell paapa to work as a payback and not to kill him..

And you Adil, why did you have to participate in his killing???.

Why did you appear so nice the first time we met???.

I feel like there’s something deep down.

‘Aunt Bhoomi, quick, hide the pics, brother Adil may get mad if he sees me with his pics, hurry I’ll run to my room…’ She said and i quickly hid them in my cupboard as we were in my room.

‘Bye Aunt Bhoomi, I’ll be right back…’ she whispered as she quickly left the room.

I laughed inwardly as i sat on the bed.


I really love Aunt Bhoomi.

She is really nice and kind hearted.

My brother will definitely fall in love with her…😂😂


‘Aunt Roshni…!!’ i said as i quickly ran towards her.

She hugged me tightly.

Woah surprising, I always hugged Aunt Roshni and not her hugging me.

‘How was your day dear..’ she said smiling.

‘It was great Aunt Roshni…’

‘Okay close your eyes okay…’ she said and i closed my eyes with my palms.


‘Wow, a beautiful ribbon..’

‘it for you, go ahead try them on..’


‘You look so beautiful Priyanka…’

‘Thank you Aunt Roshni…’

‘From now on, i am your lovely Aunt Roshni…’

‘I love you Aunt Roshni…’


Aunt Roshni is really nice.

She has changed and she even bought me a ribbon…

Now I have two lovely Aunts… Yay!!!.


Silly girl…

She believe her Aunt Roshni has changed…😂

Now is the time.

I stared at the golden bracelet and smiled to myself.

Sorry Bhoomi…😂😂

How will your mother in-law act when she finds out her son’s newly bride stole her golden bracelet.


After checking for the hundredth time, Bhoomi was sleeping in her room peacefully on her king sized bed.

I know she’s not used to such comfort, well enjoy it as it lasts.

I opened one of her brief cases and snuck them into it.


I quickly left the room before she wakes up.

Foolish wife..

I slumped on my bed happily.

Mrs Singh inspects her jewelries every morning as i heard from some maids.

Can’t wait for the newly bride to go home😂😂.


The next morning…😂

We all rushed downstairs as Mrs Singh called us all.

I guess you know why

‘I can’t find my golden bracelet…’ she fumed..

‘What i thought you gave them to Adil’s bride…’ Raghav said.

‘Yes but i left the remaining bracelets in my jewelry box and i can’t find them.

I quickly looked at the innocent Bhoomi who was frightened.

You’ll be so sorry…😂😂

‘Search all the rooms in the mansion, Including Adil’s wife’s room..’ she fumed.


Including Bhoomi’s room…😱😱

Will they find it….???😱😱

Can i hear some insults for Roshni???..

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