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Bhoomi episode 41 – End

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Bhoomi episode 41 – End by : 12:41 pm On April 12, 2022
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✨✨ Bhoomi ✨✨
{His vengeful wife}


*(An Indian romance story)*

© Biba writes..



The cops arrived at the Singh mansion, ready and eager to arrest the cruel and powerful Mr Singh..

Priyanka was heartbroken as she was told what happened in her absence..

She definitely wouldn’t believe it, no it wasn’t her Paapa, she was having a hard time breathing.

Her Aunt Roshni went through all this because of her father.

She broke down when Adil told her that their father had raped Roshni..

She now had a new fresh hatred for her father, which she hated..

Yes he deserves to go to jail…

Mr Singh was handcuffed even when it was an eye sore to his family, they all wished he wasn’t the monster he is…


Paapa was about to leave as usual but this time I stopped him..

He was surprised at my sudden behavior, I didn’t mind..

‘I’m sorry Paapa, for everything’ I said staring at the floor till a teardrop escaped from it ducts and hit the floor..

He was dazzled and paused for a while, probably taking a good look at me to see if I was really Kapurr..

‘Kapurr..’ he muttered as he gave me a surprised look, he definitely wouldn’t believe himself.

‘Maama told me everything’

A sigh escaped from his lips as he rested his hands on the brief case…

He was speechless…his eyes were now glistening with tears, he dropped his brief case and sat on the chair close to him.

‘Come here my son’ he said before bursting into tears for the first time in my eyes..

‘I’m sorry too son, I guess you know now that it is not my fault, I’m really sorry’

It was indeed an emotional sight, it was the first time I saw him cry, the very first time..

Minutes Later…..♥️

‘Paapa, maama wants to talk to you’ I said still holding the door knobs..

He nodded in response and maama came with an ashamed look on her face..

‘I’m really sorry for all I have done to you Shoryha, I know I have wronged you in many was that were disgusting but I am really sorry for everything…I know I shouldn’t hav-‘ she didn’t finish before Paapa hugged her..


both hugged each other and cried on each other’s shoulders…

It moved me to a point of tears and I couldn’t help but smile to the beautiful sight before me…

My parents are becoming normal again, they are really happy again…

My wounds are healed, and I can finally live a happy life, I Priyanka has to hear this…


Adil pushed away the cup of coffee which I prepared earlier for him, he never rejects his coffee, never..

I sighed as I sat beside him, placing my hands on his shoulder..

‘Please be patient Adil, I know it hurts but..you have to accept the fact that it has happened, I’m really sorry’ I consoled stroking my hands lightly on his shoulder..

He tilted his face towards mine till I felt his hot breath on my skin..

‘It really hurts Bhoomi, it does… I followed his orders, I did all he said, I even married you because of him, but..but..’ he paused as his phone began to ring..

He stood up to answer his call and I left to see Roshni..


I picked up the slice of my favorite pizza and munched it away…

Actually I feel happy that my rapist and kidnapper has been caught and will soon be punished…

I have really suffered in the hands of Mr Singh and it has left some scars in me, scars that will take long to heal…

But what pulls me back is the fact that I agreed to him at first and even wanted to have a child for him just to have money..

Don’t blame me, I have seen the pains of staying in the hands of Aunt Durgha .

I have no solid family to rely on, I need a mom and dad like every family..

Just then there was a knock on the door and Bhoomi came in..

I sat up nervously as a flash of guilt slapped through me..

‘Oh, Adil’s wife’

‘How are you feeling, I hope you’re not thinking too much’ She said as she sat beside the bed.

I nodded in response as I was completely nervous….

I am the cause of this and I know it..

Confessing and telling the truth is the only way out for me right now..

‘Um Bhoomi, I..i want to tell you something very important, I’m sorry’

‘Sorry, for what’

‘I have made plans against you several times and…I really want you to forgive me’ I begged..

I have seen enough and I can’t help it anymore..

‘ Although I don’t know what wrong you have done to me, I have forgiven you..’ She said and my mind brightened.

‘Thank you Bhoomi, you are a very kind woman, Adil must be so lucky to have you’

She blushed and we kept talking…

She is really a beaut..

‘Bhoomi, don’t you think I am the cause of all this, I am the reason he is going to jail..’ I said

‘No you are not, I mean, he kidnapped you, took advantage of you and tried to take your life, you are not at fault, he is’ she explained..

I felt happiness in my stomach..


wished I had a sibling just like her, to sooth me with such words..


I was lying on the sofa when the doorbell rang..

Who could that be in such a situation, a situation of grief…

My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw Kapurr and a woman beside him, probably his mother…

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she has a very strong resemblance to Aunt Roshni…

Could this be real, I have never seen such resemblance in my life..

There was only one difference, age..

‘Can we come in’ Kapurr said looking at cute as ever..

‘Come in, Ma’am welcome come in, but ma’am I want to show you someone you will really be surprised’ I said..

It sounds stupid but I can’t help my craziness, the resemblance is just so..

‘Aunt Roshni, Aunt Roshni, you need to see someone’ I screamed..

Aunt Roshni came running down the stairs and she froze as soon as her eyes met Kapurr’s mom..

Kapurr’s mom gasped and tears began to well from her eyes..

I couldn’t understand anything.. could it be that this is her mom??

She quickly walked towards Roshni and covered her with a hug….

✨✨ Bhoomi ✨✨
{His vengeful wife}


*(An Indian romance story)*

© Biba writes



At the Court room🏛️.

‘The lawyer of the accused and the lawyer of the victim should take their respective places’ The judge said and there was silence except for the sound of their shoes as they made their way to their positions…

Mr Singh was now putting on the prisoners uniform, hand cuffed and brought to the accused box by some police officers..

Roshni was accompanied by Mrs Shorhya and Bhoomi to the victims box..

She couldn’t believe it, she was getting her justice today, all the pain she went through by Mr Singh would be paid back, but still her mind wasn’t at rest.

The Judge signalled the lawyers to begin their jobs..

Mr Singh’s lawyer was a male and Roshni’s lawyer was a female..

He began ‘Your honour, my client here, Mr Singh was accused of rape, kidnap and attempted murder, which he had nothing to do about, I suggest that Mr Singh should be released as there is no evidence which proves his accusation and that the case should be closed..

The Judge listened and put down some notes and there was a silence of suspense..

‘Does the lawyer of the victim have anything to say’

‘Yes your honor’

He gave her a go-ahead and she began..

‘On the 21st of July 2019, Roshni Rhudra was kidnapped from the National Delhi hospital by some unidentified men and later transferred to Canada, where Mr Singh was. He told his family it was a business trip, meanwhile he received Roshni and raped her severally-‘

‘Objection my Lord’ Mr Singh’s lawyer said..

‘Granted’ the judge said..

‘Mr Singh was in Canada yes but he had a business purpose, all sources have it that he was present at all meetings, which definitely means he is not responsible..’ He said and again the judge wrotes some notes…

He ushers Roshni’s lawyer to speak..

‘Thank you, your honor, The victim was raped severally by Mr Singh to the extent that she had psychological problems and was disfigured the day the search team arrived..’

The lawyer showed the judge some pictures of the ordeal…

The Judge asked Roshni who was in the victims box and was shivering..

‘Is it true that the accused had illegal intimacy with you during your ‘captivity??’

‘Yes your honor, I was even taken to the hospital as I passed out during..’ she couldn’t continue as tears broke her down.

Raghav watched the sight before him and he felt his heart about to tear…

His father was responsible for this…

All the pains his Roshni went through…

Mr Singh’s lawyer took another objection which was granted..

They kept digging through till they found out the truth and more evidences were used against Mr Singh..

The call record which was produced by Bhoomi….

Adil actually recorded what happened the day he caught his father attempting to kill Roshni..

Also the CCTV cameras in his house in Canada exposed him as he was caught in the lustful act..

His lawyer had to shut up because every step he took was shut down by Roshni’s lawyer..

The conclusion came….

‘With the evidences found against Mr Singh which are rigid and reliable have proved to be true and therefore-‘

‘He killed my father’ Bhoomi screamed out and the whole Court went mute..

‘He killed my father five years ago because of a debt and forced me to marry his son’ She said and everyone gave her a skeptical look..

Even Adil was shocked at his pregnant wife’s behaviour they all felt a lump in their chest..

‘My name is BHOOMI SHARMA and not Bhoomi Rudra.. and I want justice for my father Mr Sujeet Sharma’ she said..

‘And what makes you think he is responsible..’

‘She is telling the truth’ Rohi, Bhoom’s mother’s voice said from behind and everyone turned…

‘Who are you??’

‘I am Arohi Sharma, mother of Bhoomi and a wife to my husband Sujeet Sharma, and what my daughter is saying is true, you can ask Me Singh’ She said confidently..

Mr Singh was already frustrated, he didn’t argue he accepted his deed…

The truth was revealed and it was found out that Mr Singh didn’t kill Mr Sharma because of a debt, but because he wanted Arohi but she refused and instead he took her daughter away from her…

‘I hereby sentence Mr Singh to death by hanging under the decree……


Mrs Shorhya’s heart skipped as Kapurr came out with the DNA test results…

She was already praying it was her daughter…

She opened the envelope carefully and her eyes pushed out of their sockets..

It read ‘Positive’ and she screamed out happily as she ran towards Roshni..

She gave her a tight hug and Roshni also wrapped her arms around her..

It was a beautiful sight anyone could see…

Kapurr and Priyanka only smiled in aww…..

Bhoomi cried a tear of joy and her mother quickly slipped it off..

Where is Aunt Durgha, well Aunt Durgha is a corn vendor in a very poor village and some rumors have it that she ran mad..

Roshni confessed her last sin to them and they were all upset with her..

Even Raghav could not talk to her, he felt betrayed…

Roshni once again became miserable until when Bhoomi helped them ask for forgiveness..

They later forgave her and she became a normal person like nothing ever happened.




‘Oh c’mon Sujeet, you have to finish your cereal we don’t want to be late for your Aunt Priyanka’s wedding do we’ I said giving him a spoonful of wheat and oat cereal..

Geez being a mom is not easy, I have to take care of Adil and still take care of little Sujeet..

Adil came in buttoning his shirt…’ We are gonna be late, hurry up’ he said to my annoyance…

Can’t he see I’m trying to feed the baby, it’s not like I’m playing or something..

‘Why don’t you feed him, I haven’t even put on my Sari..’ I said with pouted lips..

‘Its okay, come here daddy’s Superman, here we go..’. he said and before I dressed up, he was done..

‘See, he likes me more than you’ he teased as he helped me with my zip..

Just then My phone began ringing..

‘Hey Bhoomi, the wedding is about to start’ Roshni said over the phone .

‘We’re on out way…urrrghhh’ I groaned..

‘Now go to daddy’s car..’ I commanded and little Sujeet ran off..


Minutes Later…♥️

They were finally joined and they looked like the besr couples ever..

Who knew Priyanka would get married to Kapurr???

He was just a new comer whom she gave troubles🤣🤣..

‘You look beautiful my dear’ Adil whispered as he placed a klzz on my neck..

‘Adil, everyone’s watching…’ I whispered…

‘And so…’ he said and I was about to talk when I immediately threw up on his shirt..

‘What, are you alright’

‘Yeah’ I said giving him a smile..

‘I’m pregnant again’….




Writing Bhoomi was a stress…🤧🤧

Finally I can rest..

What a story…

Who knew Bhoomi will fall in love with Adil??

Who knew Kapurr will get married to Priyanka.??😂😂

What if Bhoomi killed Adil at first??😂😂

I really love this story ♥️♥️

Bhoomi found out that Adil was the unknown messenger..🤣🤣

And his lost Bhoomi was actually his wife..

Raghav and Roshni became best of friends..

I’m still laughing..🤣🤣, Aunt Durgha ran mad🤣🤣

Okay now you have seen our new story so please anticipate…



©Biba writes

Love y’all ♥️♥️🔥 🔥🔥

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