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Bhoomi episode 4 – 5

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Bhoomi episode 4 – 5 by : 3:23 pm On April 1, 2022
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{His Vengeful wife}

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes.


“I am so sorry, i need your blessings..” i said trying to bow down and he quickly caught me up.

“Its okay, i’m the one who is supposed to apologize…”

“No, i need your blessings..”

“You are forgiven..” he said cleaning my tears.

My heart skipped as his hands brushed my cheeks.

He seems innocent.

Did he really know about the killing??.

Is he responsible Bhoomi??.

No Bhoomi, he might just be nice because he doesn’t want your tears, don’t fall for this innocence.


“So have you tried riding a horse before…??” he asked.

I have never rode one before, we were to poor to buy a goat, not to mention a horse.


“Why, its really fun…”

“I’m scared to..” he said.

“You seem to be like the Bhoomi I’ve met before you know.”

“Hmm, does she really like me??, I’ve never really met anyone that looks just like me..” i lied nervously as i stole a s√¢k of air.

I really get nervous anytime i lie.

“She looks just like me…, she sells sweets though, i mistakenly bumped into her, too bad i couldn’t find her…”

“Hmmm, seems interesting, what really attracted you to her.. ” i asked.

“Her decency, smile , politeness, beauty and many more…, i am sorry to say but i really love her..” he said and i felt a sharp feeling of pity in my heart.

My guilts were catching up with me.

Is he really responsible for my father’s death??.

He really loves me..❤❤

But why would he do such a thing.

You ruined it when you killed my father..

“It must feel bad to loose her, if you were to meet her again, will you still love her…”

“With all my heart, Bhoomi…”

Yes i’m Bhoomi but his pronunciation make an earthquake in my heart, making me think he knows the truth already.

Her behaviour, smile, eyes, decency is just thesame.

My spirit keeps telling me she is the one.

I am sure she is the one.

But what baffles me is why she chose to hide it from me.

No matter what she is up to, i am happy because my long awaited dream has come true.


is my wife to be❤❤


Oh my, Brother’s bride is very beauuutiful😍😍

Her hair is really long and she is extremely slim and beautiful..😘😘

Brother is just making noise..😂

He will fall in love as soon as they get married..😂

I really love Aunt Bhoomi…😍

I am so happy she is my sister in law..😃😃

I picked up my lipstick and applied it💄💋.

I can’t wait for tommorow..😱😱

Its finally the wedding.

Wait, Sis Roshni is not aware of the wedding.

She will be soo mad at Maama for not telling her.


“Maama, is Roshni aware of brother’s wedding..??”

“I don’t think so, give her a call, i have to answer this the wedding organiser is calling…”

Since yesterday, cars and flowers were coming in and out of our house.

This is the first wedding in our mansion and i really love it.😍


“📱Why, it is now you choose to tell me??, I’ve seen it on the internet already, anyway cut the call…”

“But Aunt Roshni..”

“But what??,

“But…” she cut the call.

Aunt Roshni is really rude.

She’s been like that for ages.

I don’t think she will ever change.

Anyway i don’t care cuz i’m super excited my big brother is getting married.

Can you believe this??.

All this while, all the things i’ve done to favour Adil and he didn’t choose me???..

All this while i thought he would marry me.



“Welcome Roshni, welcome…” Priyanka, Adil’s baby sis said as she hugged me.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance…😒😒😒

“Aunt Roshni, i made a Sari for the two of us to wear…” she said showing me royal blue and gold Sari..👚.

“I don’t like it, now let me see Maama..” i said in annoyance😒😒

“Yay, won’t you see Brother Adil’s bride she’s beaut-”

“Shut up Priyanka, now help me with my make-up bag..”

I applied my lipstick in annoyance..💋💄.

🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊THE NEXT DAY..🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

My eyes became watery…😳

Is this really my wedding day…😫😫😫

“Awww, don’t cry, you’ll ruin your make-up…” Priyanka, Adil’s sister said.

“You look absolutely beautiful my daughter , i have a beautiful daughter-in-law..” she said holding my chin upwards.

“Is my Maama coming??…” i asked almost in tears.

I really can’t bear it if Maama isn’t here.

“She is on her way, the drivers went to get her..” she said tucking my hair behind my hair.

“You’ll be okay soon…” She said and i forced a smile.


“Here she comes…, hurray!!!” they screamed as My mother in law held me walking me towards my seated groom.

His head red turban seated perfectly on his head, it looked like it was made specially for him.

I lowered my head in bashfulness staring at my henna covered hands.

I feel like crying right now…😭😭


The dance rehearsals and musicians finalized thier handwork.

They were lot to eat and drink.

And from the look of the lights and flowers designed in the perfect red coloured venue.

It wasn’t news that millions were spent to put things together.

“Its beautiful isn’t it..” Adil whispered and i smiled in response.

We both watched the Excited Priyanka as she was heading a dance performance.

She really loves it.


“Aunt Bhoomi, meet by brother’s best friend and my lovely sugar plum, Aunt Roshni..” she said happily.


i’m Bhoom-” i almost said but she walked away with a frown.

I wondered.

What is wrong with her😀

{His Vengeful Wife}

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes.



Both Priyanka and i blinked continuously as the lady walked her heels away with a hiss.

What is wrong with her??.

Or maybe she is in a bad mood.

“I’m sorry Aunt Bhoomi, Aunt Roshni has always been in a bad mood..” she said poutedly.

“Don’t be..”

“Okay Aunt Bhoomi..”

“That was Roshni, my course mate at the university and my best friend also..” Adil said and i felt a little jealous.

“Hmm, she seems interesting…”

“Are you sure about that…??”

“Uhmmm, being in a bad mood on your best friends’s
wedding” i said raising my Sari which slid behind my head.

“You look beautiful dear Mrs Adil Singh..” he whispered in my ears and i felt a bit shy.

I can’t wait to set my eyes on Maama.

This wedding will be nothing to me if she won’t come.

I looked around with a sorrowful face…

“Is everything alright…??”

“I haven’t seen my Maama..”

“Is…she…she’s over there…” he directed and my heart jumped to my throat.

Maama is really here..😱😱


“Good day to you my son…” Maama greeted with her hands placed together to Adil.


“Maama….” i said as i quickly hugged her.

I really love her so much..😳

She’s the only one i have now that Paapa is dead..😭😭😭

She ran her soft hands on my back consoling me.

I felt like a crying baby at that moment.

I really love you Maama..😘😘

I love you soo much.

I can’t believe my eyes..!!😳😳

Adil’s wife is very beautiful…😱😱

They will make a perfect couple….😍😍

Mtcheew, what am i saying…😒😒

She has succeeded in stealing him from me…😫😫

And i heard her name is Bhoomi..

Could it be that she is the Bhoomi Adil has been telling me about…😱😱😱

Oh no…😭😭

He really loves her and i know he won’t let her go easily..😭😭

I quickly turned around as Mrs Singh and Priyanka walked towards me.

I’m sure Priyanka and her big mouth has told her mom about the incident.

Believe me, couldn’t stand to hear her name.

My heart will only tear into pieces..😒😒

“Hey Rishni, i sincerely apologize for not informing you about the wedding, you know, the wedding was unexpected..” Mrs Singh apologized.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance…😒😒😒😒😒😒

“No problem Maama, i knew you had a lot to do…, no need to apologize…”

“Awwwn what a beautiful and lovely daughter, no wonder Raghav is soo in love with you…” She said hugging me and i felt like crying.

I really don’t like Raghav…😫😫😫

I love Adil…😭😭😭

Why, what did he even see in me..??

I’m sure he’ll forget about me the moment he set his eyes on Bhoomi…😭😭

I was about to turn around when someone hit me.

I swayed my hands to avoid falling when the person caught me in a bridal style..😱😱😱.

“You never stop getting pretty don’t you…” he said as he tucked my hair behind my ear.

It was Raghav.

“Put me down will ya..??, you naughty,stubborn , crazy man, put me down everyone is watching…” i said as i kept swaying my legs in the air for freedom.

“Not until you promise to marry me…” he said and i felt like punching him.

“Noo, i won’t marry you…, now put me down…” i said with gnashed teeth.

“Fine…” he said putting me down.

What an asshole.

I rolled my eyes in anger.

“See ya love…” he said smiling at me.

“Go to hell..” i whispered.

Adil introduced many of his friends to me.

And surprisingly they all like me..

Some were shocked as they heard my name was Bhoomi.

I mean is this guy really a loverboy..😱😱

Well as for me…

Just then Mr Singh walked towards us.

I felt like my heart was going to burst with anger and vengance…😤😤

Seeing him smiling at us was roasting my heart.

This man is such a devil that deserves to burn in hell🔥🔥.

You should be soo sorry Mr Singh…

“What a beautiful daughter in-law.., just like your mother at her teen age..” he said i gulped.

Did he know my mom at her teen age??.

I forced a smile in response…

“May you all have a blissful and lovely married life…” he said and we quickly responded.

Just look at that face…😒😒😒

Who will call him a killer…??

He just keeps smiling like a fool and if only he could see how annoying it is to me.

At Night…🌠.

Feeling as nervous as hell i quickly brought out the pocket knife and stared at the sleeping Adil.

“You can go apologize to my Paapa in heaven…” i said and i stabbed him with it several times till his blood spitted on my face.


Bhoomi Avenged her father…😱😱😱

Adil is really dead…😰😰

I am really scared guys…😱😱

A vengeful wife indeed.

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