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Bhoomi episode 31 – 32

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Bhoomi episode 31 – 32 by : 11:30 am On April 9, 2022
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{His Vengeful wife}.

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes


🌈Some weeks later⛅.

Raghav was discharged from the hospital, he was now using crutches as his left leg was temporarily paralyzed.

His mom could not stop sending priest each day at the hospital to pray for her son, and also the missing Roshni.

Roshni was kept in the hospital before she was finally sent back to her ‘dungeon’.

Her health was back, but her fears and worries, left as good as a scar.

As every day breaks and every night falls, Mr Singh never seems to feel an atom of pity to the captive Roshni.

He can’t even wait till she is well before he gets back to where he stopped, torturing her…….


“Sir, we have had every where in the city searched, but it proved futile, we are sorry to say but we think the victim is dead’ the officer said holding tight his rod.

‘No,,she isn’t dead, she can’t be’ Priyanka said with a shaky voice.

‘Or maybe her kidnappers kept somewhere far away from here’ I said clenching my fist.

‘Have you received any calls, or text messages from those who kidnapped her’ the officer asked adjusting his cap.

‘No we haven’t, my lovely daughter is gone for good’ Maama said bursting into tears.

‘No Maama she will definitely be found’ Priyanka consoled hugging her tightly.

‘Those calls and texts seem to be the only solution now, just make sure you inform us when receive such…’ he said and took his leave.


I smiled bitterly as I stared at the new painting I had just finished painting a while ago.

It was that of Priyanka, her face plump with smiles, her silky hair and her white eyes…..

This time it was different, it was what I have never painted before, rather, it was something different ….

She had red eyes, her face swollen and pink, her hair in a simple tight bun and her nose, red as the roses and the tears rolling down her cheeks as clear as a crystal……

I moved backwards to reasonable distance giving it a better view….

It was the first mysterious painting I have ever made my whole life….


where of beautiful moments, smiles of people, mom…..

But this was different, it was something like a painful emotion which could not be said out..

Just then I heard a loud thud downstairs.

Wait who could that be and what could have happened…???

I just hope it is not Maama.

I hurriedly checked her room and saw her sleeping soundly, then it must be someone.

I rushed downstairs and received the shock of my life….

Paapa was lying half drunk on the floor with a broken glass cup on his right hand…

‘Myra…why did you this to me.., I really loved you…with all my life’ he muttered to himself.

Myra, why is he calling my mom’s name and what did she do to him, what wrong did she do wrong…???

‘Paapa get up’ I groaned as I tried to get him on his feet.

‘Kappur, promise me you won’t be like your mother, please’ he said this time with tears.

Paapa was really crying, what could actually make my cruel Paapa cry..

I need to find out.


I was still in the blue clothes which the hospital provided, I hated the smell of aspirin.

I really have to get out of here, I am tired of staring of the connections hung close to me..

Moreover, I really miss Raghav, I really love him so much, I need to get to him. I am scared of all men now but he is the only one my heart longs for.

The nurse came in with a tray containing those stupid medical stuffs and a smile on her face.

She dropped the tray and went to adjust the connections hung.

‘You are going to be discharged today, you recover so fast’ she said and I quickly picked the injection on the tray hiding it under my blanket.

She innocently walked towards me and I quickly drove it on her neck and she released a muffled groan as she landed a thud on the floor.

I quickly got down and searched her clothes and luck was with me, I found a phone in her pocket.

Who should I call??

I have to make it fast before anyone comes back.

I quickly remembered Adil’s number.

We changed our numbers into a rap so as not to forget each others number in case of emergencies like this.

‘You don’t have sufficient balance, send a text message’ the phone suggested.

‘Adil…please help me, he’s gonna kill kill me if he comes here’ I typed with shaky hands.

‘I am in the…’ I almost typed when the door door opened and I quickly hid the phone behind me.

‘I guess we are ready to go..’ Mr Singh said he walked into the room.

Every step he took drained the blood in me…

I am scared of this man, my hands were quaking with fear

My eyes became watery as he smirked taking another step.

‘Go away….’ I said gasping with fear

‘Calm down, I don’t bite do I…’ he said stretching a smile.

‘You don’t want to get caught right’ he said and my gaze lowered on the helpless nurse on the floor.


quickly kept her on the bed and ordered me to follow him.

Every step I took felt was like stepping in hell.

Memories of what he did to me a week ago was eating me up and it felt like his smiles were piercing swords on my chest.

Minutes Later……❤.

‘The doctor said you’ve fully recovered’ he said taking a sip of his what ever tea.

‘You know what that means’ he asked but instead I hissed silently as I dare not provoke him or get raped.

‘You’ll get back to work’ he said standing up walking towards his wardrobe.

I slipped the nurse’s phone out of my pocket and his it under me.

I know his intentions and I really have to run away from them.

I immediately dialed Adil’s number but he wasn’t picking.

Mr Singh was done taking off his clothes and now with his bathrobes.

‘What’s that there you’re hiding..’ he thundered and my breath froze for a moment.

‘It’s nothing.., please don’t rape me, Mr Singh’ I begged already in tears.

He smirked and walked close to me.
‘So you’re finally scared of me, hmm that’s how I like it’ he said and my heart skipped a beat.

He strangled me pulling my hair backwards. ‘ I want you to behave yourself, it’s for your own good’ he whispered and I shivered.

‘You know what Roshni, I want you to die, a slow and painful death…’ he whisper again and my tears rolled down.

‘The only reason I didn’t kill you is because I wanted you to be my personal mistress…, so you better behave yourself or get it the hard way’ he said.

He is doing it again….

He is going to rape me again..

{His Vengeful wife}.

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes



Bhoomi and I were having our usaul love chats and jokes when my phone began ringing.

‘Just a second love , let me get this’ i said walking my way towards the phone which was on the table.

The call ended and I hissed at my disappointment.

Wait, I have to take note of every call now that Roshni is missing, it was an unknown number and it was then I called back.

‘Adil is there any problem’ Bhoomi said walking towards me.

‘Shhhhhshhh’ I said and we listened to what our ears wouldn’t believe.

‘📼: ‘ please don’t do this to me, I can’t take it any more please, arrrghhh…

Voice: You are mine Roshni whether you like it or not…(groans).

Roshni, how does the person know her name???, and what does he mean by she is his??

📼: ( she screams and groans in pains)… Please stop…!!!! I’m begging you..

( A sound of slaps and blows were heard along with muffled groans)

Voice: I’m gonna make sure you die Roshni, you would not let my secrets out… (Gr0@ns), shut up.’

📼; Adil please help me….Raghav Adil are you still there…arrrgh his going to kill me…’ She pleaded.

Bhoomi quickly covered her mouth with her palms and sat back, tears glistening in her eyes.

‘Adil..you have to help her’ she whispered already crying..


‘You, you called Adil?? why did you call him b*tch, why are you so stubborn’ He said and gave me a resounding slap which shot me into agony.

‘Adil help me please…’ I said almost in a whisper, I couldn’t even breath well, I couldn’t even struggle….

He groans were drowning my screams and cries as well as my whimpers.

I am gonna die, I am really going to die right here right now.

Someone should please save me…..

Hours later…….❤.

‘Adil you have to tell them’ Bhoomi whispered tucking her hair behind her ear.

‘Bhoomi it is a bad idea, maama’s sickness will rise the moment she listens to this…’ I said .

‘Then you have to call the police and tell them you got a call, Adil Roshni was obviously raped and she needs help’ she said and her tears rolled freely on her cheeks.

I never knew Bhoomi was this caring, the last time I checked, Roshni was not nice to her at all, but here she is, begging and finding help for her…

‘Don’t tell them about the horrible recording, just say I got a call from her kidnappers and i went to meet the police’ I said to the worried Bhoomi who was still crying.


‘Where is your husband’ Maama asked as she dropped a plate of soy sauce on the dining table.

‘He uhhh…he is… He went to the police station’ I managed to say trying hard not to Trip.

‘What, what happened did he get involved in a fight, what exactly happened’ she said walking towards me in anticipation.

Her senses were not with her, she must be going through alot.

‘Well…, Roshni’s kidnappers called and he had to go to the police to report to them…’ I exclaimed and she couldn’t take it and she had to sit.

‘Oh Lord Shiva, have mercy on us…’ She begged and her eyes became watery…

‘Mom she will be found okay’ I consoled klzzing her hair.

‘Oh Bhoomi, you don’t know how it feels to loose a child… Your child should be dead instead of kidnapped, you can’t understand the pain..’she said sobbing loudly.


‘Sir we’ve listened to the call recording and obviously the victim was being abused, well the victim didn’t reveal the location of her captivity, so we decided to trace the call…’ The officer said.

‘And where is she, where did the cakl call come from’ I asked desperately.

He sighed before speaking out ‘ it is unfortunate that she is in a country far from here, she is in Canada’ he said and I gasped.



.Finally God has answered Roshni’s prayers…😌❤

Mr Singh is really crazy, he took Roshni to Canada…😂😂😂

Seriously it is funny…😅😅

Yes it is short but you read it too fast.

Also you don’t encourage me with likes at all.

I really want to finish Bhoomi dats why I’m posting for free..

Don’t leave without a comment..

©Biba writes.

Love y’all❤

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