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Bhoomi Episode 17 – 18

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Bhoomi Episode 17 – 18 by : 10:36 am On April 5, 2022
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{His vengeful wife}.

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes.



I looked up with red eyes to see the bumper who mistakenly hit me.

To my surprise it was a young teenager, with a gleamy and questionable look on his face.


‘I’m sorry .,.’ he apologized and walked away.

I am not surprised at all but I am sure there must be something bothering the young bothered teenager.

My name is Myra Siddarrth, young nurse 23yrs of age and working in the Biggest hospital in Delhi.

It is a bad feeling to realise that your efforts are abortive.

My patient was a seven year old boy who suffered brain tumor for two good years and passed away few minutes after an abortive operation

‘May lord Shiva guide you to the heavens peacefully..’ I said in tears leaning my head on a pillar

‘I’m really sorry kush…,I’m sorry…😪😪.


I stared at maama’s drugs after reading the prescription to her. I wonder how she got this BP of a thing.

That’s why I want to be a doctor, so I can save the lives of many.

I kept questioning myself, what bad did Maama do to get such treatment from Paapa, is there any secret that is yet to be told???.

I really have to ask her, i need an answer to all my questions , this is getting out of hand and I don’t want to loose my mother. There must be a reason.

We arrived home and I helped mom upstairs and we bumped into paapa, he arched his brows and walked away with disgusts.

Mom gave out a usual emotional smile biting her lower lip, and I wondered a million times.

‘Maama, I have a question to ask you…’ I said as she gulped in water after she took the drugs.

‘What is it son…’ she said dropping the glass on the drawer beside her

‘I have been craving to ask you this question why is paapa treating you this way, is there anything you have done to him…’ I said and I noticed her snitch.

‘I…um son, just get me a glass of water…’ she said staring at the floor like she was searching for something .


you just took a glass now, why are you not refusing to answer me..’

‘Just get me a glass of water Kapurr !!!’ she half screamed and I walked away in disappointment.


Kapurr and I became very close to each other.

He really is an interesting and funny person and also kindhearted. He taught taught me many things iike painting, darts and even some academic based things.


I am really happy to have met such an interesting person in my life.


The unknown messenger has been pestering and threatening to expose my secret if i don’t snap or steal the details of a particular document which he claimed was a very important.

I am caught in dilemma as I don’t. want to loose my marriage and also don’t want to commit such a crime that will cause grave consequences if I were to be caught.

Worst, how will I get the document when I don’t even know who has it. Why is this secret messenger trying to destroy my marriage.

I really need to do something to avert from this upcoming trouble.

A message popped up to my screen and I checked with my shaky hands.
💬Bhoomi Sharma, you can finally get to see me and know my identity when you do this one simple job, remember, the clock is ticking..💕💕.

I groaned in misery as I read the message in my mind.
Tears rolled down my chubby cheeks as I thought of the reply I am to give this unknown.

💬(Me) ; please leave me alone…I really can’t do this, I love my husband very much and it will be a bad consequence when I am caught..please let me live my life in peace, please..’ I begged.


Did I just say I love my husband??What am I even doing…, what is wrong with me…

My mind flashed back to the moments I sold sweets in the market and I wished it all never happened, I wish paapa didn’t die afterall.


I smiled to myself as I went through the messages I have sent to Bhoomi.

The last message she sent was hilarious, ‘I love my husband very much.. ‘ 😂😂

I laughed aloud..

.Just wait for the perfect time Bhoomi, you will realise your mistakes and be a wise person.

I smiled inwardly…


{His vengeful wife}.

*(An Indian romance story)*

©Biba writes



I kept walking around my room thinking whether I should call Maama and inform her about the situation I am.

There was a knock on the door and I quickly left to open. It was Adil coming in with a smile plastered on his lips.

He walked closer to me with a rose in his right hand. ‘Good day lovely wife…’ his said klzzing my forehead.

‘Ohh..thank you…’ I said the bouquet of flowers from him, I let a smile on my face.


look worried Bhoomi, are you all right…’ he asked cleaning the sweat on my forehead, I gulped in nervously.

‘Ohhh, its nothing . I’m just feeling a little dizzy that’s it..’ I said feeling my head with my palms.

‘What.. , since when we need to take you to the hospital..’ he said with concern. ‘Um its okay I’m feeling a little dizzy , I’ll take a few pills..’ I protested

‘That’s not possible, you are not feeling well Bhoomi, don’t joke with your health..’ he said.

He was right, I was feeling a bit dizzy and a slight headache, I feel like throwing up already.

‘I’ll drop the roses…’ I said dropping the bouquet on my drawer.


‘Roshni!!!, leave what you are doing and get me some groceries..’ Aunt Durgha said and her voice echoed from downstairs to my ‘room’.

I groaned in misery as I dropped my phone. What a stupid woman and a terrible witch..

‘What is it, why are you calling my name like I stole something or I an lost..’ I said rolling my eyes in annoyance.

‘Oh really, come here..’ she said and I marched towards her suspecting nothing.

‘Aauch….what is that supposed to mean what is wrong with you ..’ I said between my gnashed teeth. I hate this woman.

‘That’s what you deserve you daughter of the slums..’ she said. throwing me a money ‘Use that and get me some spinach and sone onions, I’m making panjidi today..’ she said lifting her gaze on her stupid nails.

I looked up with anger and burning hatred for the witch sitting in front of me.

Minutes later…..❤

‘Sorry miss,, I don’t have spinach, cross to the other side of the road you’ll get it..’ the onion seller with a decayed teeth said.

‘Thank you…’ I said and hurried to cross the road. I need to make my way home early.

I hurriedly crossed the road without checking the road. The screams of people was what I heard and I faced my direction.

I found my self lying on the ground and blood gushing out of head unable to move.

I could see people gathering around me,their mouths moving but I was hearing nothing.

I couldn’t whimper…..


‘I don’t want to go to the hospital, they might give me injections..’ I heard aunt Bhoomi cry out as Brother Adil walked her downstairs.

‘You are not a child bhoomi.. ,your health matters..’ he protested till they reached downstairs.

‘What is going on here, Adil, Bhoomi..’ Maama said

‘Bhoomi, what is happening…’ Maama asked Bhoomi and she pouted her lips.

‘Maama Bhoomi is sick and won’t go to the hospital…’ Brother Adil said and I chuckled.

They behave just like kids and later behave like adults.

‘Nothing is wrong with me, I’m just feeling dizzy and feel like vomiting…’ she said and I covered my mouths with my palm.

‘Then.. maybe you are pregnant..’ Maama said and aunt Bhoomi gasped in shock.

‘As a matter I’m coming with you to the hospital..’ Maama said and Aunt Bhoomi scoffed.

‘Noo…w..w..’ Aunt Bhoomi almost said and she passed out falling in Brother Adil’s hands.

‘Let’s take her to the hospital.. ‘ Maama said.

‘I’m coming with you..’ I said hurried carrying my phone from the couch.

Lord Shiva, pls let it be what I am thinking…


I opened my eyes gently finding myself lying on my back.

Where am i …??

I turned beside me finding Adil smiling at me.

‘Whats the big deal…’ I thought.

‘Congratulations ….’






I’m bringing Huggies…😂😂😂

Who is Happy.

Leave a lovely long comment.

©Biba writes

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