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Betrayed by my body episode 2 & 3

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Betrayed by my body episode 2 & 3 by : 6:40 am On August 26, 2020
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Betrayed by my body
Episode 2-3
Episode 2
Ah… Kevwe..Baby.. please I am ready
to tell the truth…” I dropped on my
knees, this couldn’t be happening, my
foolishness was going to ruin me. “My
love please…I swear I will tell the truth
He kept quiet, looking down at me, as if
considering whether to hear me out or
not, I didn’t wait for him to decide
because he looked ready to go into the
streets screaming bloody murder.
“Baby, it’s not poison I swear…it’s not.”
I began my voice shaking.
“Then what is it?”
“It’s…” How would I say this?
“What.” He barked and I jumped.
“It’s Viagra.” I said averting my gaze. I
couldn’t bring myself to look at him
after that.
“What… why?…For what? What are you
not telling me Onome?”
I looked up at him then and seeing the
confusion on his face, I knew I had to
come totally clean.
“Baby…” I tried to start still on my
knees but he cut me off.
“Don’t Baby me, just come out with it.
What are you not telling me?” He asked
I saw the detachment on him and knew
I was fast losing the love of my life.
This stupid plan was going to be the
end of my marriage, I should have just
told him about everything but I had
been scared and now here I was about
to lose him all the same.
“Are you going to come out with it? Or
do I call your your parents and tell
them you want to kill me.”
“No, no, I will talk…” I said hurriedly.
“Okay then, get on with it” He ordered.
Episode 3
“I…” I shook my head looking away
from him as my voice wavered “I did
something wrong Kevwe, and it’s not
because I don’t love you because I do…
But I never planned for it, I never even
asked for it.
“Last week when you travelled, I
came…I came back to meet someone in
the house…”
“Someone?” He asked frowning again.
I nodded “I have no idea how he got in,
he must have used the spare key we
keep under the flowerpot…the place
was dark but before I could put on the
lights he came at me threatening me to
be quiet by pointing a knife to my
neck….I…I was scared.
“He put a blindfold across my eyes and
gaggeđ my mouth before leading me to
the room and had his way with me.”
The tears had begun now as I narrated
my story to him and I wiped at them
with the sleeves of my shirt, unable to
look up at him.
I heard his footsteps move closer to me
and looked up then.
“Get up,” He said softly helping me to
my feet but I refused, shrugging away
from his hands choosing to remain on
my knees.
“I am not done Kevwe, please let me
keep kneeling till I am done…. please.”
He wouldn’t be so sympathetic when I
told him the whole truth.
“No Onome, get up.”
“But I haven’t finished….I …at first I
had just planned to lie still till he was
done…but….but,” feelings of the
assailants f!ng£rs and tongue lightly
teasing my n*pples came to mind and
the tears flowed freely as I shook with
shame and embarrassment at enjoying
every touch, every tease until he had
brought me to a release I had hungrily
I had been betrayed by my body.
“I enjoyed it Kevwe…I shamelessly
enjoyed it, m0@ning with wanton
pleasure as his hands worked magic
over me….. and when he slipped
himself into me, I was wet,
ready..and…..and I urged him on
My shoulders shook as the sobs racked
through me and I recalled how warm
and deep he had filled me up, much
like Kevwe but this was different. I
vividly recalled him raising my pelvis
and placing one of my leg over his
shoulder, he had hit the right spot deep
within me and I had screamed ‘yes’
with pleasure.
to be continued

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Betrayed by my body episode 7 – end / Betrayed by my body episode 6 / Betrayed by my body episode 4 & 5 / Betrayed by my body episode 1 /

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