Betrayed by my body episode 2 & 3

Betrayed by my body
Episode 2-3
Episode 2
Ah… Kevwe..Baby.. please I am ready
to tell the truth…” I dropped on my
knees, this couldn’t be happening, my
foolishness was going to ruin me. “My
love please…I swear I will tell the truth
He kept quiet, looking down at me, as if
considering whether to hear me out or
not, I didn’t wait for him to decide
because he looked ready to go into the
streets screaming bloody murder.
“Baby, it’s not poison I swear…it’s not.”
I began my voice shaking.
“Then what is it?”
“It’s…” How would I say this?
“What.” He barked and I jumped.
“It’s Viagra.” I said averting my gaze. I
couldn’t bring myself to look at him
after that.
“What… why?…For what? What are you
not telling me Onome?”
I looked up at him then and seeing the
confusion on his face, I knew I had to
come totally clean.
“Baby…” I tried to start still on my
knees but he cut me off.
“Don’t Baby me, just come out with it.
What are you not telling me?” He asked
I saw the detachment on him and knew
I was fast losing the love of my life.
This stupid plan was going to be the
end of my marriage, I should have just
told him about everything but I had
been scared and now here I was about
to lose him all the same.
“Are you going to come out with it? Or
do I call your your parents and tell
them you want to kill me.”
“No, no, I will talk…” I said hurriedly.
“Okay then, get on with it” He ordered.
Episode 3
“I…” I shook my head looking away
from him as my voice wavered “I did
something wrong Kevwe, and it’s not
because I don’t love you because I do…
But I never planned for it, I never even
asked for it.
“Last week when you travelled, I
came…I came back to meet someone in
the house…”
“Someone?” He asked frowning again.
I nodded “I have no idea how he got in,
he must have used the spare key we
keep under the flowerpot…the place
was dark but before I could put on the
lights he came at me threatening me to
be quiet by pointing a knife to my
neck….I…I was scared.
“He put a blindfold across my eyes and
gaggeđ my mouth before leading me to
the room and had his way with me.”
The tears had begun now as I narrated
my story to him and I wiped at them
with the sleeves of my shirt, unable to
look up at him.
I heard his footsteps move closer to me
and looked up then.
“Get up,” He said softly helping me to
my feet but I refused, shrugging away
from his hands choosing to remain on
my knees.
“I am not done Kevwe, please let me
keep kneeling till I am done…. please.”
He wouldn’t be so sympathetic when I
told him the whole truth.
“No Onome, get up.”
“But I haven’t finished….I …at first I
had just planned to lie still till he was
done…but….but,” feelings of the
assailants fingers and tongue lightly
teasing my n*pples came to mind and
the tears flowed freely as I shook with
shame and embarrassment at enjoying
every touch, every tease until he had
brought me to a release I had hungrily
I had been betrayed by my body.
“I enjoyed it Kevwe…I shamelessly
enjoyed it, moaning with wanton
pleasure as his hands worked magic
over me….. and when he slipped
himself into me, I was wet,
ready..and…..and I urged him on
My shoulders shook as the sobs racked
through me and I recalled how warm
and deep he had filled me up, much
like Kevwe but this was different. I
vividly recalled him raising my pelvis
and placing one of my leg over his
shoulder, he had hit the right spot deep
within me and I had screamed ‘yes’
with pleasure.
to be continued

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