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Beauty and the beast finale

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Beauty and the beast finale by : 12:01 pm On July 6, 2020
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“There is no bond greater than that of sisters.” Winnie
I placed the chrysanthemum on both their graves and so did Genie and Ivy. Miguel wrapped his arms around my waist while I comfortably placed my head on his chest as we all stayed silent. Grandpa told us Dad was buried at the same place we buried Mom.
So I decided that we pay our respect since we haven’t done that in a long time. “Are you okay?” Miguel asked
“Yeah. I feel at peace now” I replied.
Later, we went home and I invited my lawyer as well as Chad.
We brought some papers which I requested and I signed them transferring the house back to Chad. I also opened a trust fund for Genie and Ivy. I’d be depositing money in there from time to time to secure their future if in case anything should happen cause I wouldn’t want them struggling in life.
I have grown very fond of the little angel.
She acts and behaves like Genie in so many ways that it’d be impossible to not know the fact that they are Sisters.
I gave the papers to Chad and he couldn’t be more grateful.
“Thank you.” he breathed out and I smile placing a klzz on Miguel’s lips.
“You’re welcome”
“I will forever be indebted to you Amber. your kindness can’t be repaid.” he said and I smile and dart my eyes towards my little babies playing together.
This is more than I wished for.
Looking at them now, I couldn’t help but wonder if Genie needs a sibling.
A smile crossed my lip as I thought of the possibility of having a little Miguel running around the house.
I wonder if Miguel would approve cause I know he loves me but he hasn’t said anything about taking our relationship to the next level.
I have and I want to spend my forever with him.
He’s a great man and a good father.
“I’ll take my leave now” Chad announced now on his feet. I couldn’t believe I zoned out on them.
This guy will be the death of me.
“Ivy, I’ll come pick you up later okay and Genie be a good kid” he cautions and they both nod and went to resume playing.
“Amber” he began “I know that this is a lot to ask but I want to be a part of my daughter’s life, please give me a chance to get to know her. I need to make up for all the years I’ve missed out on” he said and Miguel gave my shoulders a light squeeze.
“I don’t know. And it’s not my decision to make. it depends on whether or not she wants that but I’ll let her know about your intentions” I tell him.
He gave a lopsided grin “Thank you so much. both of you”
“I really hope you’d be a better dad from now on” Miguel said sternly. When it comes to Genie, he doesn’t compromise, never.
“I promise. I know I can’t do more than what you’ve done Miguel but I still want to try”
“I hope she opens to you” He said finally.
“Daddy can you please order pizza, I’m starving” Genie whined and shoved Ivy.
It’s a joint effort I see.
“Yeah me too. I’m very hungry” Ivy said too.
“Sure” Miguel said taking out his phone but stopped halfway.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him.
He looked at Chad “Now would be a better time to start learning about your daughter. go ahead and order. She likes marshmallow by the way” he said.
My husband is so sensitive.
Chad smiled at Miguel’s words.
How did I get to meet this guy.
“My advice, take things slow with her. Try getting her to trust you first before you rush things otherwise you won’t like the outcome of it” He said pressing me closer to him possessively.
I liked it.
Chad ordered the pizza and left soon afterwards.
We joined them in eating and watched a movie together.
I was led back to my cell after my lawyer left.
So far there’s no possibility of me leaving here so I’ll just have to plead guilty so my sentence would be reduced.
thankfully, he also told me that Amber stopped the child services from taking Ivy away and I couldn’t be more grateful. she has a good heart.
I was even more baffled when he told me that our house was now ours once again.
I know she did all this cause of Ivy. But still I couldn’t thank her enough.
I sat down there still lost in thoughts when the warden opened the gates to my cell.
“Mrs Ramsey. you’re free to go” he announced and I pinched myself to see if I’m dreaming.
“I don’t understand” I blurt out
“Apparently, Mrs Ramirez isn’t pressing charges so you can leave.” he said “She’s waiting for you” he adds.
I let the tears fall freely.
Amber why?
I walk out of my cell to find her pacing back and forth in the visiting area.
The minute she saw me, I rushed into her arms hugging her tight.
She didn’t reciprocate but she didn’t push me away either.
“Let’s go” she said when we disengaged from the hug as she made her way outside the precinct.
I trailed behind her till we got to her car.
She drove me to a boutique first to change my clothes, then we stopped by a saloon to put my hair in order, including my nails too.
Then, we stopped arrived at a restaurant to eat. we ordered and the waiter brought our food.
All these while, I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t.
“Why did you let me out” I asked. She stares at me for a moment then returned to her food.
“I don’t know. maybe because I have a heart but I swear to God Denisha, if you pull any more stunts then I am sending you back there to rot understand” she said sternly but not once glancing at my direction.
“Thank you” I sniffed.
“Ivy is a little kid. she needs her mother with her and I won’t take that opportunity away. I know what it feels like to lose a mom. I did too and it didn’t go well. Ivy needs you. no one understands a child better than her mother. that’s why I let you out” she explained and my hand finds hers on the table as I hold onto it tightly forcing her to meet my gaze.
“I’m glad you became my sister. I’m really glad we crossed paths. You taught me how to value what I have. how to love and live a good life. I promise I won’t let you down” I said and she gave my hand a light squeeze.
“I’m grateful. But you also thought me to fight for what is mine. you taught me to be confident and believe in myself. At some point I my life, I envied you. how you carried yourself and everything. so thank you too” she said
“I love you”
“Come on babe. love really? isn’t it too early to confess your feelings to me? I know I’m a beautiful woman but still” I protest and she laughs
“Drama queen”
“I live for the moment” she says and we both laugh.
After having our meal, we drove to my place and she finally got to see Ivy.
“Baby” i said picking her up from the ground.
“Daddy said weren’t coming home again”
“Well I’m here aren’t i?” i asked and Ivy nods.
“I missed you a lot”
“And I’m never leaving you ever again okay?”
“I love you”
“Love you more” I replied putting her down.
“Girl, I have to go, else I’d never leave your home again” I said turning to Amber
“You’re more than welcome and bring Ivy to come visit” she said and i nod
I watch her leave the house with ivy. I wanted to drive them home but she insisted she takes a cab so I agreed.
After they left, I scanned the entire house for Miguel.
Genie also disappeared immediately Ivy left and I am shocked.
I walked upstairs to my bedroom but I didn’t see anyone.
The lights were off so I decided to turn them on.
“Surprise” The yelled coming out from their hiding place.
I couldn’t contain my excitement “You guys did all of this?” I asked staring at the fully decorated room covered with balloons and flowers.
“There was a ‘will you marry me sign’ that was hung on the middle of the room.
Miguel walked up to me with a bunch of flowers and I collected them smiling.
” So will you marry me?”
“Don’t be silly Miguel, we’re already married” I tell him
“Out of compromise. I want to make it official Amber.” he said and got on one knee and brought out a gold ring embedded with silver stones.
it was the the most beautiful ring I’ve ever set my eyes upon.
“Will you Amber Myers, marry me to stay with me forever and be my comfort when I’m at my worst and be my partner, The mother of my children and my wife till the end of time” he said and I felt the tears Welling up.
“Say yes Mom. dad’s knees are probably hurting” she said shoving me playfully on my arm.
“Yes” I nodded tears clouding my eyes.
“Why do women always cry on proposals? aren’t they supposed to be happy they’re getting married?” Genie asked causing us to laugh.
“You’re just too much” I said giving her cheeks a light squeeze.
“Thank you. So we’re going to be your maid of Ivy. Me and Ivy”
“You’re too young to be a maid of honor”
I sigh
“Can I at least give you away?”
“Grandpa would do that silly”
“so I’m just going to be a simple flower girl?” she asked hands akimbo
“The best flower girl” Miguel replied and I cupped his face in my hands and klzzed him like my life depended on it.
“Isshhh get a room you guys” Genie scoffs walking out on us.
“I love you” I tell him
“I love you too”
“Cheers” we said all gathered around on the dinner table.
“Girl you are glowing” Denisha tells me
“Pregnancy looks good on you” she added.
“Marriage does too” I counter.
Yes, Miguel and I got married a month later and I am currently three months pregnant for him.
Boy, how much I wanted to carry his child and now it’s happening.
I practically cried every month I got to see my flow but patience seemed effective.
“What’d I miss” Chad said walking into the house and taking a seat on the dinner table.
So far, his relationship with Genie gas proven to be productive.
She now considers him a father even though she hasn’t admitted to it yet and Denisha’s love life has taken a turn for the better.
They both decided to give another shot at love and I’m happy things turned out well.
Tasha on the other hand was found dead in her cell few months back.
After much investigation, we got to find out that she committed suicide.
I tried my very best to be a supportive friend and sister to Denisha during that time.
We got her buried and the rest was history.
I just pray God forgives her sins.
“Hi Amber” he greeted, jolting me away from my reverie.
“Hello Chad. so nice of you to come”
“I wouldn’t miss it” he replied
Miguel joined us later and couldn’t stop touching.
“You know” Denisha paused giving me the look “Both of you should make sure I get a nephew”
“I can’t deal” I said hands in the air.
“I also want a boy” Miguel adds.
“One of you is already a problem, but two of you, not a chance”
“Come on. I’ll get to name him” Denisha said with a chuckle.
“I hear you.” I say rolling my eyes
“How about Bentley?” she asked
“We don’t even know the gender of the baby but I’m positive I’m carrying a girl” I mouthed
“I want a baby brother” Genie chips in
“Three against one, that hardly seems fair. Chad what do you think?” I ask
“A boy will be nice’
“Lord please just take me now” I breathed out
“Drama queen”
“I told you. I live for the moment darling sister”
“Yes we all agree” she replied and we all ended up laughing.
So Finally we are through….
Although the ride was a bumpy one but I’m glad we came to the end at last.
So thanks for reading everyone… you guys are the best.
Till we meet again FAM.
Your Friend and Author

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Re: Beauty and the beast finale by Izzy: 11:29 pm On May 25, 2021

Awe. Thanks lovely story


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