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Beauty and the beast episode 8

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Beauty and the beast episode 8 by : 5:03 pm On March 12, 2020
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I woke up feeling tired, and my head was aching badly.
My mind instantly played back to what happened yesterday and the tears suddenly welled up in my eyes.
I stood up and walked to the full length mirror while I stared at my reflection.
What was I thinking when I said yes to him? he’s cheating on me, not just with any random person but my step sister and he’s been lying to me all these while.
I broke down in tears.
Daddy was right, I should never have trusted him. he was nothing but a cheat and a liar.
I instantly slumped to the floor as I clasped my legs together allowing the tears to fall freely.
He was just using me and I completely fell for it.
what was I thinking?
who told me that I was beautiful and that I could compete with other girls.
who told me that I was beautiful and that there’s someone out there who would love me for me?
Why did I ever think that someone like Chad Would love someone like me? someone who’s broken and needs fixing. I fell for his charms and now he’s hurting me over and over again.
I don’t know how long I’ve stayed in that position until I heard the door open.
I didn’t bother to see who it was so I just buried my face in my legs.
“Amber” he called as he walked to where I sat.
I felt him squat down next to me as he placed his hands on my thighs.
“What’s wrong? why are you sitting here. talk to me. what happened to you?” he asked as he slowly raised my face to meet his.
He cupped my face in his hands but I yanked it away and stood up.
“What??” she yelled. tears rolling down her cheeks “What do you want from me you man whore?”
“I don’t understand”
“oh don’t just play shit with me right now.”
“What are you even talking about?’ he asked feigning innocence
” What? she didn’t give you good s£× cause I’m pretty sure your balls enjoyed the feel of everything”
“don’t you f√¢king call my name. don’t you dare Chad. I trusted you with my life and you didn’t even think twice before stabbing me in the back like you just did today. After everything I told you about them? really? you didn’t see anyone else to screw up with that it had to be Denisha?” I asked
“Answer me” I yell
“What’s the matter? cat got your tongue? or are you looking for another lie to tell me?” I ask
“Amber I can explain”
“I followed you Chad so you don’t have to lie. You never really loved me right? you were just using me weren’t you? why are you with me cause its obvious that you don’t love me” I ask staring at him with wounded eyes.
“Amber it was a mistake trust me”
“Shut the f√¢k up Chad. no more lies. you’ve never really loved me to begin with” I tell “it was a mistake? so you mean you just had s£× without knowing? You think I’m stupid?”
“Alright fine. I’ve been going out with Denisha but not because of what you think. She’s been trying to get me to have s£× with her but I couldn’t do it cause I love you Amber. what you saw today was just a show. I did that because I was trying to find out more information about her mother and the only way I could do that was to be friends with her OK” he said running his hands through his hair
then sat down on the bed.
“I don’t understand”
“You’ve been trying to figure out why Tasha is married to your father and that he’s in danger so I was just trying to help out cause I hated seeing you regret about your mom’s death and now your dad’s marriage” he tells me and I suddenly went numb
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“cause I didn’t want you to worry about me. and if I told you, you wouldn’t let me do it”
“Chad you should’ve have done that. she’s a very cunning woman and she might try to hurt you” I tell him
“I know and that’s why I couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry”
“no I’m sorry. I should’ve asked questions before jumping into conclusions. I should have trusted you more. please forgive me Chad” I beg but he hugs me
“It’s fine. I expected you to react that way. it’s not easy seeing your man in the arms of another woman so I’m really sorry”
“it’s okay”
he klzzes my forehead
“Your eyes are puffy from crying too much. come on I’ll run you a bath” he says as he led me to the bathroom.
He filled the tub with warm water while I undressed. then he added shampoo and rose petals in the tub.
“it’s beautiful’ I comment when I saw how neatly decorated it was.
” Get inside. it’ll help relax your muscles” he tells me and I step into the tub and laid back while the waters did wonders to my skin.
I’ve never had a bubble bath ever since my mom died and it kinda feels nice.
“come join me” I tell him and he quickly undresses himself and got inside too.
he helped wash my skin and took me to the bedroom when we were done.
That morning, we ended up having s£× after he apologized for everything.
It was my first time and I’m glad it was with Chad.
He really worked my body that I felt every feeling send electric bolt to every part of my body.
I loved how he made me feel and how he worshipped my body.
I would never let anything destroy what I have with Chad. And since he explained everything then I had no reason to doubt him.
My cellphone beeped and I unwrapped my body from Chad’s as I stood up to pick it up.
without looking at the Caller ID, I placed the phone on my ears.
“Amber my child” he called. I’d recognize that voice anywhere but it wasn’t sounding as jovial as I once knew it to be.
“Daddy?” I called unsure of who I was talking to.
“Yes baby it’s me. you’ve not been picking my calls and I’m really worried. it’s been one month already child. can’t you please forgive your dad and talk to him?” he said and I felt the tears rolling. I’ve missed him no doubt.
“D-Dad” I stuttered “Are you OK? why are you sounding like this?”
“Long story. but I really need to talk to you. can we meet up please? just this once Amber please.”
I had already started to cry
“Daddy I miss you so much”
“I miss you too princess. it’s not been the same without you. Let’s catch up over coffee. this evening by 7:oopm. I’ll text you the address OK?”
“OK dad” I said “I love you”
“I love you too”
the call got disconnected.
Chad woke up and sat down on the bed staring at me.
“Hi babe”
“Hey. I’ll be seeing dad today OK but I promise I’ll be back on time” I said sitting down next to him
“Don’t go. I want us to spend time with each other” he pouted making puppy faces.
“It’ll just be for an hour or two and I promise to come back after that OK” I said klzzing his lips
“OK then but before you go” he trailed off pulling me under the sheets “Let’s go one more time”
“no can’t do. I’m sore”
“Just once. I promise I’ll be gentle OK” he said and he resumed klzzing me all over again.
I tried to stop but my body kept succumbing to his touch. it’s like they had a mind of their own.
The klzz went wild that we ended up having s£× again. Although I was sore but every minute of the pleasure was worth it
We ended up sleeping in each other’s arms after that.
When we woke up, Chad insisted on making me breakfast in bed.
After cooking, we both ate together and did the dishes. I wish it would always be like this.
We talked about different stuffs and talked about how we we’re going to plan the wedding but first I had to tell dad that I’m engaged and we both agreed on that. He klzzed me and kept on telling me how lucky he was to have me and that he can’t wait for us to get married.
At exactly eighteen hours, I received the text from dad and started getting ready. I quickly did my best to tidy up the bedroom and I accidentally stumbled on Chad’s trousers. I picked it up and touched the pockets to see if he left anything inside when I felt something like a wrap. I brought it out and low and behold, there it was. what is chad doing with this?
I wanted to ask him but decided against it. maybe it’s best if I don’t. he’s already proven that he loves me so I shouldn’t doubting him right?
When I was done, Chad drove me to where I was to meet dad and left to take care of other things.
I walked into restaurant. it was an open place where you can see the clearer sky and beautiful trees.
I spotted dad seated there and I rushed into his arms. he held onto me tightly as if he never wants to let go.
There is no greater love than the love a father has for his child.
I was already crying.
He wiped the tears with his hands while I stood there staring at him.
“Please don’t cry. your mother will be turning in grave right now that I made our princess cry. she’ll never forgive me” he tells me and I sniff
“come sit we have a lot of catching up to do” he said leading me to the table and we sat down.
“How are you doing?”
“so so. and you? how is work and your health. you don’t look too good to me Dad” I tell him
“Just a little sickness but I’ll be fine. I met with Chairman Kim and we talked for a while too” he announced feeling happy
Chairman Kim is my dad’s friend. They work in the company together.
He’s the Assistant Manager of the company while dad was the owner and CEO.
His name is actually Kim Seo Yung.
he’s half Korean and half Philippine. He lost his Only son some years back and has since hasn’t left the country.
“Aren’t you coming back home” dad asked jolting me from my thoughts.
“I can’t stay in the same house with Tasha I’m sorry” I said and he suddenly felt sad.
“She’s really nice if you just get to know her”
“I don’t want to know her.”
“Just come back home Amber please” he begged
“OK I’ll think about it but not just now daddy”
“Why are you even living with him? he can’t give you the life you’ve always wanted”
“Chad is more than capable of taking care of me and besides we’re engaged” I tell dad who looked at me with eyes filled with shock
“You’re engaged to him?”
“Don’t make it sound like a big deal”
“he’s not right for you”
“tell me something I don’t know” I counter
“for someone who got married on their own terms, I wonder why mine is now a big deal” I tell him
“I don’t want you making decisions you’ll regret later.”
“Don’t worry I won’t”
We talked for a long time. The waiter served us drinks poured into our glasses. Later we were served food which we both ate and then it was time to leave.
Dad literally begged me to go home with him and after I refused he gave up and decided to drive me home.
we drove for about five minutes and dad started getting Dizzy all of a sudden.
“dad are you okay? please pull over” I tell him but he slumped on the steering wheel.
We were literally running on speed and I tried my best to pull him away.
Suddenly a truck appeared from nowhere and before I could process what was going on.
We were hit.
our car tumbled a few times before crashing to a tree.
I slowly managed to open my eyes
“Dad” it came as a whisper. I tried reaching out to him but couldn’t.
Suddenly a figure appeared from nowhere and before I could see him, my eyes became blurry  and I passed out.
.Amber story finally begins….
predictions on the story is welcomed.

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