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Beauty and the beast episode 7

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Beauty and the beast episode 7 by : 5:55 am On March 12, 2020
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Weeks turned into months and I was still stuck with Chad.
I haven’t spoken to Dad at all and the mysterious stranger hasn’t shown himself yet. I really miss Dad but I’m just too stubborn to admit it.
Chad on the other hand has been acting a bit strange ever since I agreed to get married to him though we haven’t fixed the date yet. He keeps late night and comes back in the morning and most times for days, when I try to talk to him about it, he shoves me off saying that he’s been busy. And anytime he’s home, he’s always on the phone talking to someone that only the heavens know. And when I confront him, he ends up saying that I’m too controlling and not understanding. I made up my mind not to stalk him or anything but what if he’s cheating on me? what if there’s someone else that he’s seeing.
the thought of Chad cheating on me will completely ruin me.
he’s the first guy that I’ve ever loved and I trust him very much. When I told his mom about it, she advises me and promises to talk to him but that’s not even working. But what I didn’t know was that I was in for the biggest surprise of my entire life. .
It was about 7:00pm at night when I heard him rummaging through his things. I pretended to be asleep so he wouldn’t notice. After some minutes, he walked out of the bedroom and I quickly got up and wore, a pair of slippers I saw lying there. I waited for him to hail a cab and when he was done, I followed him with my motorcycle. whatever he’s hiding from me today will no longer be a secret anymore. I was shocked when Chad pulled up in front of my house. what’s he doing at my house. I pulled up at a distance as I watched the events unfold.
I noticed a familiar figure walked out of the gate.
it was Denisha.
He hugged her and they klzzed for what seems to be like forever.
she was richly dressed so I assumed they were going out on a date. they both got inside the car and sped off.
I felt numb. what just happened?
Chad is cheating on me and with my sister?
first her mom took my dad and now she’s warming her way into Chad’s life. I couldn’t hold back the tears that threatened to fall.
everything was a lie.
I knew it was impossible for someone like him to fall in love with someone like me. all these while I thought I had found the one but it was just a big lie. I don’t know how I got home but I cried myself to sleep.
She said something funny and we both ended up laughing.
We were seated at a popular restaurant in the outskirts of town.
I brought her here cause I didn’t want Amber Poke nosing in my business.
After that day I met her when I came to pick up Amber, I was smitten by her charm. Although I didn’t plan on taking things too far but I later decided to play my cards and turns out that she likes me too. and we’ve been seeing each other since then.
If she were Amber, I wouldn’t think twice about tying the knot. I just wanted this moment to last.
These last few days have been hell. I just can’t stand her and I can’t do anything cause mom wouldn’t let me. she told me to make her feel comfortable so that she doesn’t call off the wedding.
I mean why can’t I marry Denisha?
she’s smart, beautiful, intelligent and also the step daughter of Amber’s dad.
And more importantly she’s beautiful in all sense. she has a great fashion sense and is outspoken just the way I liked them.
“So why are you stuck with Amber?” she asked reaching out to pour some wine into my glass.
“You want the truth?”
she nods “yes”
“I don’t know” I said as a matter of fact. I thought she would be offended by it but the next thing she said shocked me to the bone.
“I knew you never liked her. it was all just a facade wasn’t it?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be defending her? she’s your sister” I said
“Nope she’s not. I don’t like her one bit” she said but smiled at me “But I do like you”
“I’m supposed to be married to your sister but I just can’t. I don’t love her” I tell her
“then break up the engagement.”
“it’s not that simple”
“why are you hell bent on marrying her anyways?’ she asked
” it’s personal ”
“can I be honest with you Chad?” she tells me and I nod
“I like you a lot and I’m a lady of few words. when I want something, I go all out to get it” she tells me more like a warning and not a statement.
“I don’t understand”
“you will pretty soon” she said taking a sip of her wine.
We knock off late at night so I suggested we lodge in a hotel and leave the next morning.
I guess he never really wanted to go home cause he agreed to it.
We booked a room and ordered more drinks which I paid for.
Dad always gives me an allowance so I’m never broke. that’s one of the specks of having a rich father.
I never really approved of my mother’s life style but she did it to give me a good life so who am I to complain.
As long as she’s happy then I’m happy.
When I first got to that house, I noticed the bond that Amber shared with her father. something I always wanted to have.
life deprived me of a lot of things especially the chance to have a real family.
I hated her
I hated Amber so much.
She wasn’t that beautiful like me but I was really envious of the life she had.
Not that she wasn’t pretty but it’s all hidden in that
rubbish get up.
I wanted everything she had and I’ll make sure I get everything.
First Chad, then her father’s love until she’s lost everything.
I closed the door to the bathroom as I let the water work it’s way all over my body then I wrap a towel around my body and step into the bedroom.
Chad was lying on the bed when I walked in.
His eyes were fixed on me so I intentionally let the towel fall loose to the floor.
I stood there watching his expression.
he swallowed hard.
I smiled knowing that I had this effect on him.
Beat this Amber.
He walked up to me and we lock lips.
He led me to the bed and resumed the klzz. My whole body was on fire. I’ve never felt like this in a very long time.
The hunger and intensity of the klzz went wild and before we knew it, we were lost in our own ecstasy.
I wake up after a few hours of our passionate love making.
Chad really knows his stuff.
One minute I was screaming his name and the next was, history.
I stare at his face as I run my hands over his bare skin. His was snoring lightly and looked more handsome in his sleep. I was tempted not to klzz him. a smile plastered on my lips.
Finally, he’s mine.
I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes to sleep.
The next morning, we wake up and get dressed.
“About last night…” I trailed off
“I didn’t regret anything. it was more than I ever expected.” he said and I blushed
“You were amazing”
“I agree. but you were just fantastic” he said klzzing my lips.
“are you done?” I ask trying to ignore how he makes me feel.
I can’t let him see that he has that effect on me.
“Yes I am.”
“I’ll drop you off at home okay?”
“okay” I said instantly hugging him. I placed a wrap of condom in his back pockets. A little surprise for my darling sister.
I wish I could see her face when she sees this. I pulled away from him with a smile.
“Shall we?”
“yes” I say and we both walked out of the room as we checked out of the hotel.

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