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Beauty and the beast episode 6

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Beauty and the beast episode 6 by : 9:59 am On March 7, 2020
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The Weekend has been a really disturbing and stupid one as everybody was busy planning for the wedding. Dad stayed at home to make sure everything runs smoothly. he’s really going all out to please this woman.
Tasha went all out to throw a glamorous party with my dad’s money.
She hired new maids to run around all the errands and did practically nothing but going through magazines to pick out a wedding dress.
For someone who’s getting married for the second time, she sure seems really excited.
I refused to partake in anything concerning this wedding. in fact Chad is coming over to the house. we’re going out for dinner and I asked him to pick me up from home so that he would meet the groom — My father.
I got a text from Chad later saying that he was outside my door so I picked up my phone and keys and headed downstairs.
I met him seated on the couch as dad couldn’t take his eyes off him.
But what I couldn’t comprehend was the look on Denisha’s face. it almost looked like she was gonna eat him right there and now.
From the look on Chad face, he appeared nervous hoping for someone to come to his rescue.
“Hello baby” I said klzzing his cheeks “I’m going out don’t wait up for me” I say as I practically dragged him to the door
“You’re not going to tell me who he is?” I heard dad say so I turned to face him almost immediately.
“I didn’t think it was necessary but since you asked, Chad my dad. Dad this is Chad my boyfriend” I said rolling the words off my tongue without thinking it through.
“Good day Sir” he greeted
“Can we go now. we’re late for our date” I tell him and walked out of the house with Chad.
“What was that all about?”
“Don’t worry he doesn’t bite” I tell him
“this isn’t a joke Amber, I was practically sweating my life out there”
“no kidding. are we going or not?” I asked, anger evident in my voice. I’m sure he got the message cause he said
“Sure we are”
“thank you”
This time around he drove the bike while I held unto him from behind.
We arrived at beautiful garden which was richly decorated.
He held my hand as he walked me to a table which was beautifully decorated with flowers, chocolates, food, drinks and a ring in the centre.
“I wanted our second date to be special” he announced as if reading my mind.
He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down still confused about everything that was happening.
“Chad what’s all this?”
he smiled and took a seat next to me
“I’m proposing? what does it look like?”
“You’re asking me to marry you?” I asked not sure I heard properly
“Yes I am”
“but we don’t know ourselves that much and it’s just too soon” I tell him and I notice his face went sour.
“oh come on Amber. we’ve come of age and we love each other so what’s left” he asked
“I–… ” I trailed off but my voice got stuck in my throat
“I love you Amber and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you”
“please give me time to think about this first OK” I beg and after a minute of silence, he shook his head
“thank you”
“Let’s eat” he told me and I picked up my cutlery as I prepared to dig into my meal.
It’s been two weeks since Dad and Tasha tied the knot.
She was now his legal wife in the eyes of the law.
Well, what can I say for myself, I moved out of the house cause I couldn’t stand the sight of both of them. Thank Goodness Chad offered me a place to stay in his house. His mother accepted me wholeheartedly and it’s like this was my second home.
I missed Dad a lot but I can’t afford to stay in that house, he made his choice when he chose Tasha over me and now I’m making mine.
He still calls though begging me to come home but I simply refused.
I sat on my bed as I rummaged my room looking for something to wear.
Chad asked me out on a date and I agreed to go out with him.
I scan my wardrobe looking for something pleasant to wear.
I settled for a black Chitenge pants and T-shirt.
then I wore my sneakers.
I cut my hair so I only brushed the it.
looking at myself sometimes, I wonder why Chad is stuck with me.
I’m far from an ideal lady.
I don’t wear makeup, I don’t dress fashionably, I don’t paint my nails and do girlish stuff. I have piercings all over my body and I can’t even cook so why me?
Love is a strange thing isn’t?
He texted me the address of the place he wanted to meet me and I drove there to meet him.
There was a reservation for both of us so I sat down waiting for him.
Minutes turned into hours and hours turned into more hours but no sign of him.
where could he be?
Some minutes later, I got a text from him saying that he couldn’t make it and that something came up. he apologized and told me to come back home on time later. I sighed and stood up and headed out of the restaurant. On
reaching to where my bike was parked, I noticed a familiar person hiding in the shadows.
Am I in trouble?
I looked around the parking lot to see if maybe there were people who I could scream for help but it was sadly deserted.
I quickly brought out my keys and in a swift motion, I hopped on my bike.
He was now walking up to where I was.
After Fumbling with my keys, I finally found the right one and started the ignition.
I drove off as fast as I could.
what if he’s sent by Tasha to kill me?
i couldn’t stand any of that.
i got home and went straight up to my bedroom.
I quickly undressed and took a quick shower and that’s when it hits me that Chad isn’t back yet. I tried calling his cell but it sent me straight to voicemail. What if something bad happens to him?
I couldn’t help but worry
and pulled up the duvet to cover myself.
I guess I must have slept off cause the next thing I heard was the door creaking open.
I groaned and sat up on the bed.
“Where did you go?” I asked but he walked past me to the bathroom completely ignoring me.
I waited for him to finish. and he later did.
“Chad where are you coming from?”
“I was busy with something. and I’m really tired” he said as he sat down on the bed to lie down.
“Amber please we’ll talk tomorrow alright. I’m dead tired”
And that was all he said before he closed his eyes to sleep.
I stood there like a statue trying to process what just happened. I took one look at him hoping that it’s not what I think he’s doing cause that would be the death of me.

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