Beauty and the beast episode 33

“Blood is thicker than water, but isn’t rubbery thicker than blood? cornstarch too.” Winnie
Nothing can surpass the shock my entire being is going through right now.
I couldn’t stop staring at the Attorney that stood in front of me speaking gibberish.
His words were already setting my body on fire. I would’ve cursed the weather but then I was clad in a bum short and sleeveless top so it can’t be the weather.
it’s the fire of hatred burning inside my soul.
Denisha really has some nerves I must say.
And Miguel’s expression isn’t helping matters at all. Thank Goodness, I sent Genie to her room because I’m not sure I would be able to recognize my daughter after this.
“She said you’re her sister and the only family she has that can help” he said and that’s when I realise that this isn’t a dream but reality.
I scoff at that word “Sisters?”
where the fuck did that word vanish to when she stole my boyfriend, got pregnant for him, almost killed me and stole my property?
“I’m really sorry attorney but I don’t know who denisha is. that name is dead to me and her child can rot for all I care” I waved him off.
“She really needs help”
I groaned in anger “Then you can fucking help her. you have a home don’t you and a family as well right so go ahead and help her” I yelled
“it’s not in my place ma’am”
“It’s also not fucking in my place as well” I yelled getting angrier by the minute.
Miguel held me close so I don’t explode.
“Mrs Myers”
“You know what, get the fuck outta my house before I do something stupid”
“calm down babe. listen to what he has to say first” Miguel whispered and I felt goosebumps all over.
curse him for having such effect on me.
“No babe. I’ve listened enough and there’s nothing he’ll say further that’ll benefit me. it’s all rubbish” I snarled.
“Ivy is your niece. I know her mother hurt you a lot but the little girl did nothing to deserve this punishment from anyone not even the devil” he rants on.
“Then my child was the one that was supposed to go through it. I was pregnant with my baby when she tried to murder me” I spat but I didn’t cry. it’s all in the past and I promised myself that I’ll never cry.
“I understand—” he trailed off
“No you don’t Fucking understand. you don’t understand the pains I went through and the tears I shed”
“save a life Mrs Ramirez. Or one day, likely history will repeat itself and you would regret that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do today. By the way, Mrs Ramsey requests that you visit her. she urgently needs to talk to you.” he breathed out “I’ll take my leave now” He said and turned towards the direction of the door and walked out.
As if my day wasn’t great as I expected it to be, Chad also stormed into my house few minutes after the lawyer left.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked
“Let him express himself babe.” Miguel said
“Amber please I need your help, my daughter—”
“Is none of my business Chad. and if that’s all you came to say then, you know your way outside” I said but the next thing he did shocked me even more.
“What the—” I trailed off
“Please save my daughter Amber” he begged on his knees.
“I don’t look like an angel to you Chad. I didn’t birth her but you did so please solve your problems” I said but he held my legs crying his eyes out.
“They’re planning on taking my child away from me Amber. please I can’t live without her. Help save Ivy please” he begged
“Ivy? what happened to her” I heard Genie’s voice and turned to the direction of where it was coming from only to find her rushing down the stairs.
She has been eavesdropping on our conversation.
“Nothing baby.” I said stopping her halfway.
“What’s Ivy’s dad doing in our house mom?” she asked
“Come on baby, it’s work related, let’s leave your mom to sort it out” Miguel said trying to lead her upstairs but she didn’t budge.
“You’re lying to me. Ivy is in trouble isn’t she?”
“Yes dear. your sister is in a lot of trouble” Chad spoke up and I send him a deadly stare.
“My sister?”
“Ivy is your sister Genie.” he adds
“Get out of my house Chad” I yell. “Leave” I said pushing him out but he says the unimaginable
“I am your father Genie” he said and I stopped in my tracks.
I turned see Genie lost in confusion.
“That’s a lie” she screamed “Daddy Miguel is my dad”
“Why don’t you ask your mom huh?” he rants on.
“Shut the fuck up Chad. I told you to stay away from my daughter. you’re not her father” I yelled but Miguel caught my hands before I could hit him.
“It’s okay Amber” he says calmly but I could see the hurt in his eyes. he’s always considered Genie as his own flesh and blood and hearing this must’ve torn him apart. Gosh! how badly I dreaded this day.
“You’re not my father” Genie screamed again.
Chad tried to hold her but she ran into Miguel’s arms.
“Don’t touch me, you’re Ivy’s dad”
“Genie” Chad calls softly.
“Leave me alone.” she said to Chad “Don’t let him take me away daddy” she wails in Miguel’s arms
“No one’s taking you away from me honey, I’ll fight God if I have to” he said and Genie calms down a bit.
“Just leave Chad. your presence is causing harm to my daughter’s life” I said.
“You said you’re my father right?” Genie asked taking everyone off guard.
“yes” Chad breathed out
“What’s my favorite food?” she asked but Chad couldn’t respond, he was tongue tied.
“What’s my favorite color?” she asked again.
“What’s my favorite snack in between meals” She asked again but no response
“Then don’t you dare say that you are my father. you can never be my father. you don’t even know me or what I like so you’re not my dad” she said before embracing Miguel again.
“I think you should leave” I said to Chad.
“But Amber my daughter, they’ll take her away from me”
“That’s the least of my worries Chad. get out” I said and pushed him out of the house.
I slammed the door shut and returned to meet Genie who was obviously still in Miguel’s arms.
she wasn’t crying anymore but she still glued to him like there’s no tomorrow.
Miguel and I exchange eye contact before we settled down on the couch.
my mind was racing.
What am I going to tell Genie?
How do I explain myself to her?
she raised up her head from Miguel’s chest to face me.
“Don’t worry mom. I won’t ask you anything until you’re ready to tell me” she says and I couldn’t do anything but stare intently at her.
My little girl is all grown up now.
“thanks sweetheart. it’s a little too complicated but I promise that when you’ll a bit older, you’ll know the reason why all these things are happening” I explain and she nods.
“But is he my father?” she asks and I only nod.
“Yes he is and that’s all I can say” I replied fondling with my fingers like a a three year old.
“I love you Mom” She said and I couldn’t help but break down in tears.
“I love you and dad so much” she said again.
“I love you too sweetheart” Miguel said kissing her hair.
I stare at her.
A smile finds its way to my cheeks. She’s indeed my little Genie.
She makes my wish come true.
“Mom we have to help Ivy, she’s my best friend”
“I’m sorry but I don’t want to be a part of that family in anything” I respond
“Ivy is my sister. She’d do the same for me too. please don’t let them take her away” she begged.
I didn’t respond but rush upstairs to my room ignoring the constant call. I shut the door and sat down on my bed.
I stayed that way till nightfall.
I couldn’t eat dinner except for the fruits I had before deciding to call it a night.
I woke up the next morning and rushed into the bathroom to have my bath.
When I finished, I applied my lotion and settled for a pink jumpsuit and black heels.
I did a minimal makeup tied my hair into a messy bun, allowing some to fall on my face.
All these time, Miguel was awake but didn’t say anything to me and I really appreciate his understanding because I wasn’t ready to say anything.
I picked up my clutch, and after mouthing a good bye to him, I rushed downstairs to where my car was parked.
I got in an started the ignition, I drove out of the house and tuned in the radio as I made my way to only God knows where, constantly reflecting on my life and my decisions so far.
My drive took me to the police station and I parked my car then hopped down.
I took in deep breaths before walking inside.
“What am I even doing here?” I ask myself over and over again as the warden went in to call the person I wanted to see.
The minute my eyes caught hers, I noticed the tears rushing down her eyes. She tried to wipe them away but it didn’t do any justice as they kept on falling.
She was led to where I sat and her cuffs were removed.
For a minute there, we just stared at each other not saying anything to the other.
“You wanted to see me?”I said finally breaking the silence that engulfed us. it was more if a statement rather than a question and she nodded.
I crossed my arms and rested on my chair. “Wow. You still have the guts to request that after everything you did?”
she sniffed “I’m sorry Amber and I know it’s selfish of me to call you here but you’re the only one that can help me”
“That’s a shocker”
“I don’t deserve your forgiveness Amber and not even your sympathy.”
“I believe we’ve crossed that line already” I said, my face devoid of any emotions.
I’m not just cut out for this at all.
“Why am I here Denisha? I have other things to do”
“I know and I won’t take much of your time” she breathed nervously
“This place has really humbled you” I thought to myself.
“If it’s about what your lawyer and husband barged into my house to say yesterday then please I don’t want to involve myself” I said already feeling irritated.
“Ivy will be taken away from me Amber. The lawyer said I have less than five hours” she said, another fresh tears pouring from her eyes
“So what do you want me to do?”
“Please stop them Amber.”
“I’m sorry but I can’t” I breathed out
“She’s just a little girl Amber. She’s innocent in all of this. hate me forever but please spare her” she begged
“What?” she asked again
“Why should I help the daughter of a woman who tried to kill me? And what makes you think I’ll help?”
“Because you are Amber Myers. You have a loving and kind heart. Despite the fact that you’re trying to stay true to this identity, you also know that this isn’t your personality” she concluded and I just stared at her.
“I need to go” I said picking up my clutch
“Please Amber”
“Bye Denisha. but I’m really sorry I can’t be of help” I said before taking my leave.
I drove all the way home and slumped on the couch the minute I got in.
I was feeling restless.
Am I doing the right thing?
Minutes turned into hours and when I glanced at the clock, it two hours were already gone.
“She has less than five hours Amber” her words kept ringing in my ears over and over again.
“You need to go.” Miguel’s voice pierced through my reverie and I glanced up to look at him.
“We both know it’s the right thing to do. if not for them then, do it for Genie” he added and that’s when I noticed her clinging tightly to Miguel.
“Go ahead Amber. We have all day but she doesn’t” he alerted me again.
“What if I’m doing the wrong thing?” I ask
“That little girl isn’t the wrong thing, she just just a victim of circumstance. And my wife doesn’t do the wrong thing, she does what’s best for everyone and by doing this, you’re also proving to them that you’re different from them and that they can’t make you less human” He said and I rushed into his arms hugging them both tightly.
“I love you both so much”
“I’m proud of you” he said kissing my forehead.
“You’re the best mom”
“Thank you”
I hurriedly picked up my car keys and drove off to Chad’s house but I found it empty.
I hit the steering wheel in anger.
How can I forget that I took everything from them.
where are they now?
“Shit!” I cursed
I reversed and took another route to His mother’s house.
that’s my second option.
I know that’s the only place they can be found so I sped up to her house.
I’m still surprised I haven’t forgotten where it is. Even after the long years.
When I got there, I was shocked to see their car parked outside.
“they’re here already?” I ask no one in particular as I made my way inside only to find Ivy curled up against her father begging him not to let them take her away.
His eyes were also stained with tears which meant he has been crying as well.
He was about signing some papers when I stopped him.
“Don’t sign those papers Chad” I yell making everyone to notice my presence in the room.
I quickly got the papers from him and tore it to pieces.
“You can leave now, I am more than capable of taking care of my niece thank you” I said and they let out a frustrated groan.
“Who are you to her?’
“I’m her Aunt.”
“OK but if we get any complaint then you’ll be forced to part ways” he said in a stern voice
“That is if you can go through all the procedures to defeat me then okay” I respond and they picked up their things before leaving the house.
Chad’s mother couldn’t stop staring at me.
Ivy ran into my arms hugging me
“Thank you Aunt” she says and I couldn’t help but smile.
I knelt down to her size and ran my fingers through her hair.
“You’re pretty” I found myself saying
she giggled “Mom says the same thing”
“Thank you Amber” Chad said and I nod.
“I’m doing this to clear my conscience and not because of any of you.” I remind him before focusing my gaze on Ivy again.
She’s so sweet and innocent. I would’ve hated myself if I didn’t help. Miguel was right. she’s just a victim and is not supposed to face anything like that.
“Let’s go home” I tell her but she glanced at her dad.
“What about dad?” she asked.
“You’ll stay with me for now baby” I say
“Um baby, you’ll go with your Aunt okay, I promise I’ll come visit” He coaxed but she still wasn’t smiling.
“There’s no need to come visit, I’ll meet my lawyer tomorrow to work something out. I’m giving you your house back so you can stay comfortably with your daughter” I say not believing myself.
“I don’t why but it’s the right thing to do. but let Ivy spend the night at my place” I say and she nods.
“We’re getting our house back?” she squealed in delight “I love you Aunt” she said hugging me back
“I love you too”
“Thank you Amber. This is just too much”
“I am nothing like all of you, that’s why I’m different. Thank my husband instead” I say and turned to look at Ivy
“Shall we?”I say stretching my hands to her
“Of course we shall.” she said taking them
“Bye dad. I’ll see you tomorrow” she waved.
“Bye Baby”He waved back and we walked out of the house.
We got into the car and I drove her to a restaurant to eat. I know she hasn’t had a proper meal. we sat down and ordered talking about irrelevant stuffs.
she’s a good kid.
After eating, we bought takeout food for the rest of the family.
I paid and we left for home.
immediately we arrived, Genie rushed up to Ivy once she noticed her presence.
“Ivy” she squealed and I couldn’t help but laugh.
they hugged for a while before disappearing into Genie’s bedroom.
“Hello wife” Miguel greeted engulfing me in a heartfelt embrace.
“Hello husband” I said taking in everything.
“You did good”
I laugh “I know, and that’s because I have you with me”
“And I ain’t going anywhere”
“Promise” I ask
“I promise” he said before planting a kiss on my lips.
I felt at peace and at home.
He is my home and sanity.
“I love you” I breathed out
“I love you more”
“Forever?” he asked
“Till the end of time” I said kissing him again as we stayed that way in each other’s arms.
So THE END (read the bonus chapter)

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