Beauty and the beast episode 31

“Send her back Miguel”
“OK” he replied and the call got disconnected.
I quickly adjusted my dress and walked inside the board room to take my seat.
Denisha is on her way so I need to make sure she signs anytime soon.
I’m so thrilled my plan is coming together perfectly.
it was my idea to send her away till I get the papers signed.
you see, I never underestimate an enemy. Denisha has been keeping tabs on me so if she’s here the plan won’t go successfully cause I have to make her sign them without reading them.
“Today we mark an important day which is the coming together of two companies as partners. Myers Prestige And M.S Fashion World” Tasha announced and we all clapped.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, until we do the needful” she said and signalled her secretary to bring the papers while Maria did same, placing it on her desk in front of her.
She gave me one look and I nodded discreetly.
The papers were all there so it’s not a problem.
Maria took the papers from Tasha but didn’t go through them. which was my idea.
“If you don’t go through them and sign them, Tasha will be forced to do so too cause she’ll think since you trust them them why shouldn’t she” I remembered telling her on the phone when I was filling her in.
“Aren’t you going to read through them?” Tasha asked Maria when she was about to pen down her signature.
“I trust your company and I know you guys won’t do anything to betray my trust which is why I’m not going to read through them” Maria said calmly with a smile and penned down her signature, handing the papers to Tasha.
Tasha also took the papers from Maria and I looked on.
“Well since you trust us that much, it’ll only be fair if we did too” Tasha said with a smile and signed the papers including the transfer papers.
A small smirk tugged at the corner of my lips.
She handed the papers to Maria who immediately gave it to her secretary.
We all clapped.
I clapped the loudest. She just signed her downfall.
They both stood up and shook hands and later exchanged hugs for obviously getting a pretty good contract from one of the best companies.
“Congratulations mother” Chad mouthed to his mother in-law.
“Thank you” she said beaming with smiles.
Denisha chose that exact moment to storm into the office.
she was looking unkempt.
her eyes were stained with tears and her hair was ruffled.
“We just signed the deal with M.S Fashion world Denisha” Tasha proudly announced.
Denisha instantly shut her mouth with her hands as tears ran down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry mother.” she sobbed “I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t get here on time please forgive me” she cried more
“What are you talking about” asked the confused Tasha. “And why are you crying? You’re supposed to be happy so what’s all this?” she asked still trying to take in everything.
“We lost mother. you signed a wrong deal mother, you did” She wailed and slumped to the ground.
The boardroom was thrown into chaos as no one knew what was going on.
Everyone was glued to their spot trying to connect the dots and maybe figure out what was going on.
I folded my hands on my chest as I watched mother and daughter exchange emotional support to each other.
“Can you please tell me what’s going on?” she asked but no one replied.
“Chad?” she called but he was also as confused as hell.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with her mother” He said looking sincerely worried but still got down on his knees next to her “Denisha please tell me what’s wrong” he chided but rather than using words, she pointed her finger at me.
“Amber” She said, which sounded almost like a whisper
They all turned to look at me. their expression was priceless.
I couldn’t help but laugh.
it was the most heart warming laughter I’ve ever had in ages.
I sat down on my seat, crossing my legs as I laughed more.
I never knew I was so dramatic.
“OK so where do we begin?” I asked no one in particular. I obviously wasn’t expecting a reply but it felt good.
talk of a dramatic entrance.
“So Denisha how was your mini trip to get evidence that proves I am Amber?” I asked but she didn’t reply.
She sniffed as another tears threatened to fall.
“It didn’t go as plan did it? Tsk tsk tsk tsk what a shame. I was really hoping you’d find out sooner because you were on my neck the entire time. I guess I was one step ahead of you as usual and you fell for it” I mocked
“Don’t do this Amber” she begged. Her voice was tiny but I still heard it
“Amber?” her mom interjected “What are you talking about?”
“Step mother dearest” I called and she turned to face me “The lady standing in front of you is Amber Myers, daughter and proud Heiress of my father’s property” I announced and the boardroom went silent except for the gasps that came from different directions of the room.
“Do you recognize me now? cause I’m tired of this farcade”
Her breaths came in pants “A–Amber?” she stuttered
“You really thought you’d get away with it didn’t you? You murdered my father and tried to kill me as well. did you fucking think you’d get away with it?” I yelled and they flinched including Chad who has been staring at me the entire time.
“Amber” she called, but this time her eyes were closed. it’s like she was trying to take everything in.
“But you guys were so dumb. how did you think someone could look incredibly alike?
I mean you all were dumb except her” I pointed at denisha who was seated on the ground as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders.
“She suspected but couldn’t do anything” I said and rolled my eyes mockingly.
By this time, everyone else was whispering one thing or the other but I didn’t care less.
“I didn’t commit suicide” I yelled “They tried to murder me and my unborn child” I yelled a lot louder.
“You don’t have any proof” Tasha countered.
I felt like strangling the life out of her but instead, I gave her a resounding slap in her cheeks.
She held onto her cheeks as she gave me a cold stare.
“I should do more than slap you but I’m saving the best for last” I tell her “You should be feeling ashamed of yourself but as usual, you’re trying to hide your sins”
“Sins?” she scoffed “Useless child. If you really can’t prove anything then don’t bother cause no one will believe you, for all we know, you could be lying”
I didn’t say anything more, I just signalled one of Maria’s bodyguard and he quickly placed the projector and turned it on.
“Let’s watch a little movie about my suicide” I said and adjusted comfortably on my chair.
The screen lit up and started playing the video.
Thank Goodness Miguel burned it on a CD so he wouldn’t misplace it.
Tasha’s eyes flew open as she stared at the screen but couldn’t utter a single word.
“No! it’s not possible”
“What’s not possible? the truth being revealed or the fact that you became a monster?” I asked “My father loved you, if you had asked him for everything he owned, he would’ve given you in a heartbeat without regrets, but you still had to murder him Tasha, You murdered him” I said slapping her again.
“You have no proof that I murdered him so you can’t pin anything on me” she rasped, feeling confident “The video clearly shows Denisha in it and not me” she adds.
Denisha hearing this quickly stood up and faced her mother
“What are you saying? I did this all for you. wait are you trying to pin it on me so you won’t be involved?” she asked
I laughed
“And to think you told me that you will always support her. and that you know where your loyalties lie.” I spat
“Mother are you trying to blame this on me?”
“Just shut up Denisha, I didn’t kill her but you did, I’m only stating the facts”
“You’re a monster mother. you are trying to blame your daughter for your crimes, you are a devil, I hate you” she whispered as more tears ran down her cheeks.
“And how about you who stole your sister’s Boyfriend for her selfish needs and also got pregnant for him?”
Denisha smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes “Look at the pot calling the kettle black”
“I’m sick and tired of this drama already. Officers” I yelled and they stormed into the room.
I placed them there so they would hear everything.
“Amber” Denisha called kneeling in front of me and holding my legs tightly “Please forgive me Amber, I know I’ve wronged you and I don’t have any justification for my actions but please, don’t do this. My daughter won’t be able to bear it”
“I begged and cried that day Denisha but you didn’t listen. You took Chad, my property and almost took the life of my Child. if I had died, who would you be apologizing to now” I said almost crying but I blinked the tears away.
“Please Bella, Ivy won’t bear it”
I glanced at Chad and he was speechless.
“And honey it’s Amber Myers not Bella” I corrected her.
“Mr Kim. you have to help me get bail when I get to the station” Tasha commands but Kim chuckled
“I don’t take orders from the woman who killed my son and left my grandson to rot on the streets.”
“Kim, I am your boss—”
“Not anymore” I interject and just then, Maria’s secretary hands over the papers to me.
“Thank you”
‘Bella my work here is done. I’ll be going now, let me leave you to sort out everything OK ” Maria said with a smile and I hugged her tightly.
“Thank you”
“I’ll only accept that thank you when we work together in the future as partners” she extended her hands to mine and I shook it
“Of course” I replied hugging her again and then she took her leave.
“Officer you can arrest them now, I don’t want to see their faces anymore” I ordered and they cuffed them immediately.
“Oh and Tasha, I am the new boss, these papers proves it. you signed them yourself” I said with a smile “So you’re going to rot and with nothing in your name.
The cops quickly led her out and I walked up to Chad.
“Remember me?” I ask in a mocking tone.
“I won’t arrest you cause I need you feel alone like you made me feel. you see, I know how to break you Chad. Your wife is gone and so will your daughter” I added and his eyes registered shock.
“Oh don’t give me that look. you see, you have less than 24 hours to vacate your home, cause apparently Tasha signed everything to my name so you don’t have anything. the money you used to acquire that house belongs to my father which is mine of course so it’s all stated here” I said showing him the papers.
“I’m already paying for my sins but my daughter is innocent” he tells me feeling down.
“She’ll have to pay it with you and you’ll watch it happen.” I seethe “You see, when you have nothing and can’t take care of your child anymore, Child Services would come and take her away from you to give her support, Maybe a new family since she has no one”
“Bella please—”
“It’s Amber and no, I don’t do pity party.” I interject.
“You don’t have Tasha or Your wife and mother. your mother can’t take care of her cause she was leeching off your money which now is mine so it can’t work”
“Amber this isn’t you. you have a kind heart so please I’m begging you.”
“That Amber would’ve helped you five years ago, but too bad she lost that heart a long time ago
“The unborn baby you were talking about, is it my child? is she Genie?” he asked
“My child is nothing like you. you seized to be her father the day you tried to kill me. she’s Mine and Miguel’s child, he has been a father to her in five years that you wouldn’t be in a lifetime. I was scared the truth would be revealed but I’m telling you now that yes you got me pregnant but you are not her father understand?” I yelled and walked out of the building will Grandpa.
The paparazzi we’re already assembled outside the company.
somebody must have tipped them off to come here but I just ignored them and walked to my car. including grandpa.
I just couldn’t wait to get home.
this place is suffocating me already…
Semi-Final coming up soon.
So what do you think🤔?
And do you think Amber did the right thing by involving Ivy in her revenge?
let’s hear your thoughts Fam.
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