Beauty and the beast episode 30

“Next time, don’t try that or you will regret it” she said pulling my hands off her then walked away majestically.
I was rendered speechless.
I don’t understand what’s going on, I would have sworn that this woman is Bella but she’s not.
I really hoped to see that birth mark.
I wanted to prove my suspicion right but nothing is adding up.
she’s up to something but what?
I walked to Chad’s office entering unannounced.
“I’ll call you back” he spoke into the phone when he finally noticed my presence in the room.
“What is it” he asked, eyes on the PC but I know he’s not working on it. he’s just using it as an excuse to ignore me.
“I came to talk to you about that contract we’re about to work on with Maria Sanchez. I don’t feel good about it” I blurt out.
“And why is that?’
“Chad she locked me in prison, so why would she want to work with us?”
“Not everyone is as shallow minded as you are Denisha. that’s all I can say” he responds
“I just feel like someone is off. my instincts are telling me otherwise Chad. I don’t feel good” I confessed
“You don’t feel good about it because Bella’s success is yielding profits for the company. you don’t feel good because she’s Amber’s lookalike, you don’t feel good because you feel as if you’re both in a competition, you don’t feel good knowing that Bella is doing what you can never do” he said now raising his head to look at me.
I was beyond annoyed that I didn’t know when my hands connected with his face.
how dare he say all those things to me?
“You came into my office to slap me?” he asked and that’s when I started feeling remorseful.
“I didn’t mean to. I just lost it”
“Get out” he said calmly but with anger registered in his voice.
“Chad I’m sorry” I begged
“Out now!” he barked and I quickly took to my heels and left his office.
I was about to twist the door knob of my office when my phone vibrated.
I looked at it to see a text message popped up on the screen.
“You want to know the truth about Bella?” It read but I didn’t know who sent it. it’s an unknown number
“Who is this?” I replied the message
“If you want to know about Bella’s identity, let’s meet up, I’ll give you all the evidence you need” it read.
“Why should I trust you?” I texted back
“Because you’re about to sign a very important contract with Maria Sanchez and if you don’t trust me then she’ll win” it read again after some minutes.
“When should I meet you?” I texted back
“the day after tomorrow. I’ll text you the address” it read back “Don’t forget to come alone” it appeared in bold letters so I assumed it was important.
I don’t know who this person is but I’ll make sure I meet up with them, get the evidence I need and expose Bella. maybe then, everyone would believe me.
But it’s the same day Maria is coming to the company so how will I manage.
I’ll have to go. that’s the only way I get to understand why Maria is coming to our company and what it has to do with the game Bella is playing..
it all ends today….
I’ll make sure I expose you Bella…
The company was going haywire with decorations and arrangements.
Everybody was doing everything they could to impress the lady.
she was a high class lady that doesn’t like mediocre stuffs.
she’ goes for the best and makes sure she has it.
All the staffs were busy, either doing this or that.
Whereas I settled in my office and kept on staring at my phone.
The person said they’ll text me today so what was happening?
Maria arrived exactly at noon and was given a grand and warm welcome by the staffs and mother as well. Bella gave her a rose bouquet and she hugged Bella.
“Those designs you created were to die for, I was really excited to meet the mastermind behind them” she commented and Bella smiled.
“Thank you”
“I’m really excited to partner with your company” she said tucking a strand of hair behind her ears gracefully as she handed the flowers to one of her security.
“Let’s make it happen then” my mother smiled leading her to the boardroom.
I was about to follow when my phone beeped again.
I saw the address and took it as my queue to leave.
I turned to go when mother stopped me.
“Where are you going? you’re supposed to be here to sign the contract”
“I know. I just need to take care of something, I won’t be long promise’ I said with a smile and rushed out.
I quickly hopped into my car and started the ignition, then drove out of the parking lot.
The address led me to an abandoned house outside the outskirts of town.
it was almost a forty five minutes drive and I was feeling tired when I got there.
I parked my car at the side of the road and got down.
i just stood there weighing the pros and cons in my mind if I should go in when my phone vibrated again.
“I see you. come inside the building opposite you” it read.
I gulped down and decided to be brave.
no good thing comes easily.
I entered the building and walked down the hall.
it was really pitch dark and I couldn’t see a thing.
“Hello” I called when I didn’t hear voices.
it felt lonely.
“You came” a voice sounded from the dark. it was so think and bold that it sent chills down my spine.
“who’s there? who are you and how do you know Bella? what’s your relationship with her” I rasped, trying to conceal the fear in me
“One step at a time sweetheart” the voice came again
“Show yourself” I yelled
“If you keep on doing this then you won’t realize anything” he tells me and I instantly kept shut.
Two hands held me from behind and I struggled to break free but they were too strong for me.
They led me to a chair that wasn’t there some minutes ago and tied me to it.
They wore masks so I couldn’t make out their faces.
“Let me go” I screamed
“Don’t try. it’s a waste of time. no one can hear you. just like how no one heard you when you tried to murder Amber five years ago” he said and my eyes flew open at the statement
“Poor girl. her cries were muffled” he repeated
“Who are you and what do you want from me?”
“Apparently nothing. you’ll just have to stay here till Bella gets your mom to sign those papers and you’ll be free to go” he said startling me
“But since you’re here, why don’t we watch a mini show?” he said and light came on in the building.
it was a projector that was hung on a wall.
Just then, the incident I was trying so hard to forget played on the projector.
For five good years but staring at it now, it just felt like yesterday.
“You’re making things difficult for yourself Amber” I heard myself saying, staring scornfully at her.
“please let me go Denisha, I promise that no one will ever hear about this. I’ll leave your lives and never come back, she said tears Welling up in her eyes
“Fine. only if you signed this”
I remembered handing her the documents which she quickly signed.
“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it”
it kept on playing up to the point I switched on the bomb and left the building.
“No” I screamed sweating profusely “please turn it off please”
“Why?” he asked but I know he was mocking me
“Why are you doing this? let me go and I’ll pay you whatever you want please” I begged
“She also begged that day Denisha but you didn’t listen. she pleaded with you to let her go but you went ahead and blew her up to pieces” he paused “Or you thought you did” he added chuckling menacingly.
“Amber is dead but please don’t kill me. I have a daughter who won’t be able to live without me” I said this time tears Welling up in my eyes
“She was also pregnant that day. Karma is such a bitch isn’t she? she never forgets her address, she makes sure that one day, you get whatever you give. too bad it had to be now that you have such a sweet innocent daughter who doesn’t know her mother made deals with the devil. how would she end up when everything is taken away from her? would she be able to handle it?” he asked and I felt the tears sting the corner of my eyes.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please don’t hurt my child” I begged still crying
“I didn’t but you did sweetheart” he said, his voice cold and devoid of any emotion so trying to make a deal with him was pointless.
“Today, history will repeat itself. Today what was stolen would be returned and you would only see it when it happens” he laughed
“Oh and the video, it’s in the company waiting to be played for the whole world to see it but I’ll only give you forty five minutes to stop it if you can” he said but I was too broken already.
what have I gotten myself into?
His phone rang and he picked it up. after answering, he came back to where I was.
“Alright Denisha, it’s time for you to go” he said and I was shocked.
“I won’t kill you, the law will” he added
they untied me and I stood up afraid to go otherwise a bullet ends up in my body.
“I told you you have forty five minutes, your time starts now” he whispered and that’s when it hit me.
The video?
The company?
The truth. I can’t risk it.
I quickly took to my heels and ran out of the building and got inside my car.
I quickly started the ignition and drove off, fast, praying deep down inside me that nothing happens. I must stop that video from going off, no matter what
I just have to get there on time. No matter what. I pray I get there on time…
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