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Beauty and the beast episode 3

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Beauty and the beast episode 3 by : 5:21 pm On February 29, 2020
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I walked into the house feeling tired, confused and most importantly very hungry.
it’s been a long day and heaven knows that I didn’t sign up for any of this.
I just need to eat and rest for a very long time.
“You’re back home early” my mother asked stopping me in my tracks
“Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”
“I’m done for today mom” I tell her but she scoffs
“how on earth did I give birth to a useless child like you. I gave you one simple task and you can’t do it”
“Mom it’s not easy. I’ve been trying. that girl is broken and she needs a lot of fixing and I don’t think I’m the right guy for that” I replied earning me a slap across the face. I held onto my cheeks as I stared at her. did my mother just slap me?
“She needs fixing and you can’t fix her up. I will not let you destroy my plans to get a better life. you will make sure to follow her everywhere until she gives in to marry you” she said shocking the wits out of me
“Marriage now? I’m pretty sure she’s not my type and will never be” I tell her
“You do realize that we’re doing all this for your father right? Her father humiliated your dad and he was locked up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and I promised him that we’d pay them back in full, you made that promise and now you’re saying that you can’t do it?” she asked tears glistening in her eyes.
The last time I saw my mom cry was when dad was locked up in prison. Myer’s company actually fired him for embezzlement of the company’s fund. He was fired from his office and sent to jail. Since then, mom nurtured nothing but hatred for the Myer’s family.
She promised to make them pay for everything and when she knew that he had a daughter, I became a pawn in her game as well. She made me put a tracking device on her bike the first day she supposedly knocked me down with her motorcycle. The plan was to stalk her till she eventually falls in love with me. The day at the bar, wasn’t just a coincidence, I followed her there. And I’ll keep on doing so.
“Fine I’ll make her fall in love with me till she wishes to marry me and then I’ll take over everything” I said and she looked at me as she tugged her face in a smile.
“Thank you son” she said hugging me”
“They will pay for everything mother I promise”
“I know you won’t let me down Chad, I trust you completely” she said still not disengaging from the hug.
I’m sorry Amber but I have to do this to restore my father’s honour.
“Here you go Amber, I made these bread rolls especially for you and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it” she said placing the plate of bread rolls in front of me as she took her seat right next to my dad.
We are having a family breakfast together, dad’s idea by the way.
He said it’ll give us enough time to bond and get to know each other before the wedding.
Tasha has been living with us for the past few days but I don’t just like her.
And just yesterday, she brought her daughter to come and live with us and dad has been going all out to make her feel comfortable.
“Denisha do you like your room? is the space big enough for you?” he asks but she only nods.
“You know you can tell me anything and I’ll have it fixed.
And I called my interior designer, she’ll decorate your room and make it just the way you’ll like it” he said to her she gave a bright smile “thank you daddy I’d like that”
“Anytime” he said then picked up the napkins to wipe his hands
“Honey I’ll be leaving for work. please take care of the girls”
“Sure sweetheart”
he klzzed her cheeks and ours before leaving for work.
the room became silent and awkward. And I just can’t take the tension when I noticed Tasha’s eyes on me. “Excuse me?” I managed to ask breaking the silence
“you were staring at me. is something wrong?” I ask
“not really. I just love your hair and have you always had that mark on your arm or is it part of the piercings?” she asked and I flushed “it’s a birthmark. I think I’ll just excuse myself” I said and stood up for my chair as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I just can’t stand her.
something’s not right about her and I just can’t put my f!ng£r on it. what if Tasha is just using my dad. I mean he’s filthy rich and any woman would give up anything to be with him. And Dad loves her so I can’t tell him anything or he won’t approve. Or is all this just in my head. what if I’m only imagining all this and it’s not really the case. what if she’s nice and just wants to be with my dad.
Gosh I’m so confused.
maybe I’ll go for a drive to clear my head.
I picked up my keys from the dresser and headed downstairs.
I saw my supposed sister sitting on the couch watching a movie.
we locked eyes for a few minutes but I turned my head to the other side as I made for the door.
“Where are you going?” she asks immediately I touched the door knob
“is there a problem?”
“you’re supposed to tell mom where you’re going so that dad won’t kill himself if you don’t come back on time” she rolled her eyes at me. Bitch!
“Don’t worry, Dad knows that I always come back. I don’t need permission from anyone” I point out to her.
“Attitude. I guess that’s why your mom had to leave” she said taking her seat on the couch.
“for someone who lost her dad, you sure know how to bug people”
“What do you think you know about me?” she asked and I suddenly went dumb.
What is she trying to tell me?
I decided to ignore and quickly left the house.
these people are definitely up to something.
I got on my bike and left almost immediately.
I went to a bar but I didn’t order any drinks. I came to think.
He quickly sat down right next to me.
“Hi Amber, how are you?”
“I’m good.”
“No drinks today” he asked as he pointed at the table but I shook my head.
“that’s weird and so unlike you”
“What do you mean? you don’t know me to say that” I fired at him
“Sorry. I just thought that you’d… never mind. so what’s on your mind?” he asks and I ponder on whether or not I should tell him.
he’s the only sane person I can relate with right now.
“My dad is getting married and I don’t trust the lady he intends to spend the other rest of his life with” I explain
“The other rest of his life? what are you even talking about?”
“He spent half of it with my mom”
“OK I get it. have you tried talking to her?”
“no… I mean I want to but I can’t. there’s something odd about her”
“try talking to her. you might be able to tell the kind of person she is.”
“OK” I say and then we got talking. I don’t know why but the more we talked, the more I got to know him and I could already feel the chemistry between us.
Chad was really fun to be with I’ll admit.
I felt someone’s eyes on me from the corner of my eyes and I turned to see who it was. I say a guy on a black robe and his eyes were hooded so I couldn’t decipher who he was. And the light from the club was dim so his face was unrecognizable.
“is everything okay?” Chad asked and i turned to face him.
“yeah… yes I am” I quickly replied but when I turned to look at him again, he was gone.
Am I seeing things now?
A bartender brought me drinks and handed me a piece of paper.
“What’s this?”
“someone said to give it to you”
“Who?” I asked
“He didn’t say” he said and walked away.
I opened the paper and I suddenly felt cold all over the paper read:

/> *
Trust no one. she’s not what she appears to be”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing” I said with a smile “nothing at all”

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