Beauty and the beast episode 29

Miguel parked the car and I opened the door to step out.
I’m guessing Genie must be asleep.
We walked into the house and it was pitch dark. I held unto the papers tightly like my life depended on it.
the lights suddenly came on and we found grandpa sitting on the couch with a huge grin on his face.
“Grandpa” I squealed running into his arms.
he stood up to embrace me.
“Bella” he breathed out “I’ve missed you”
“I did too”
“How are you grandson” he referred to Miguel who stood behind us.
“I’ve been better. how was your vacation?”
“great but I miss work”
“Have you met Genie?” I asked pulling away from the embrace
“Nope not yet. I came not too long ago” he said sitting down and we sat down next to him.
“Where have you been?” he asked after a brief silence.
I didn’t respond.
I gave the papers to him and he took it hesitantly. He took one look at Miguel before staring down at the content.
“Are these—?”
“Yes” I quickly interjected “We were at Tasha’s house. I went to take those papers”
“But how did you?”
“Don’t worry grandpa, we have it all figured out. We switched the papers” I tell him and he smiles.
“This is great news” grandpa smiles
“Now I just need her to sign another paper transferring everything to my name and then, that’s when the real fun begins” I said with a smirk.
“And what will you do with this?’ he asked facing the papers at me.
I stood up and went into the kitchen. I came back later with a match stick.
I took the papers from grandpa and set it on fire.
then threw it on the floor as I watched it burn.
“Now these papers won’t stand before me and the revenge I’ll have on all of them. just as I destroyed it, I’ll destroy all of them” I said with much intensity that I was even scared of myself.
“Very good Bella” grandpa chided while Miguel walked up to me and held my hands.
I smiled at him.
“So how do we get the transfer papers and get her to sign them?” Miguel asked me
“We’ll have to think of something” Grandpa said lost in thoughts.
“I’ve got an idea” I half yelled and they turned to look at me with quizzical faces.
“What is it?”
“Maria Sanchez is a famous designer right?” I asked Miguel
“yes she is, she owns over twenty fashion houses in different countries and she is currently holding an award for the best fashion designer of the year” Miguel explained “But why?”
“You’ll find out don’t worry”
“I’ll try to arrange the transfer papers” grandpa said “I have lots of connections with top lawyers so it wouldn’t be a problem”
“I want the papers to include everything my father owns. the company, his houses, his money, everything including the house that Chad and denisha lives in. it’s my father’s money as well. not even a car should be left out. I want to leave her penniless with nothing” I said with a straight face portraying all seriousness.
“Thank you grandpa” I said and he smiled
“You’re father was a good man and I’ll make sure he gets his revenge too. she won’t know what hit her” Miguel said
Yes, she really won’t know what hit her.
For the past few days, everything at the company has been moving smoothly.
My new design I launched as hit the charts and we were making business which means more money.
Different companies has been calling to. partner with us and buy shares from the company but we’re still testing the waters first.
I won’t let my father’s company fall down. he put a lot of thoughts and efforts to make it a successful company and I’ll try my very best to make sure the company grows to greater heights.
Tasha organized a board meeting at noon and I was trying to rearrange my desk and put things in order so so did my co workers.
I decided to take a coffee break to cool off some nerves. I stepped out of the office to get the coffee myself. After pouring into my cup, I turned to go but accidentally bumped into Chad spilling most of the contents on his shirt.
“shit!” I cursed placing down the cup and reaching for his shirt to wipe it off. “I’m so sorry Mr Ramsey”
He chuckled “It’s okay Bella. I can handle myself”
I spotted Denisha coming close to us so I took advantage of the situation.
“I’m really sorry” I said rubbing his shirt with my towel.
He held my hands and smiled.
“I brought extra clothing” he announced and I noticed Denisha crumpled face and adjusted my clothes.
“very well then. I’ll see you at the meeting” I said and picked up my coffee and walked away to the direction of my office.
At noon, we all assembled in the board room and took our seats awaiting the president.
I was surprised to see grandpa seated too.
he smiled at me and I returned it cheerfully.
Some minutes later, Tasha walked in and took her seat and we started the meeting.
“Good day everyone, I know you’re wondering why I called you all here” she paused and looked at the room to see if she has everyone’s attention which she did so she continued.
“First of all I want to congratulate one of our own Mrs Bella Ramirez for an outstanding job well done.” she paused again and I smiled “The designs she created has given our brand a new name and we are making lots of sales. We hope to expand and start growing internationally too. Good job Bella” she announced and I mouthed a thank you while everyone clapped.
I noticed Denisha frowning but I didn’t care less.
“That aside, We’ve received a partnership letter from a very famous designer. Maria Sanchez. She wants to partner with our company. I know as the president I can easily approve of it but I need your suggestions too. so if you have anything to contribute then you are free to air your views” she said and sat down on her seat.
“I don’t understand why she wants to partner with us. Few weeks ago, she arrested me so why would she want to partner with a company where she has already made a scandal?” Denisha asked, hands akimbo.
“Anyone else?”
“Well” I spoke up “If you hadn’t stolen her designs then she wouldn’t have created a scandal. it was your fault and I think maybe this partnership should prove to her that we’re not that kind of persons she assumed us to be”
“Don’t you dare Bella” she yelled
“Silence” Tasha shouted
“I agree with Bella. this is a one time opportunity we can’t afford to miss. if we sign this contract then we’ll also be known as one of the top design company in the world with lots of benefits. this is what Myers Prestige was built for so I suggest we grab it while we can so all in favor?” she asked and everyone raised their hands except Denisha who stormed out of the meeting with an angered expression on her face.
The meeting ended well and we set a date when Maria would visit the company to sign the contract papers with Tasha and I couldn’t be more happier.
“I don’t know what you’re planning Bella but I promise that you won’t succeed” Denisha connered me immediately after the meeting and I gave her a surprised look.
“Enlighten me” I mocked
“Maria arrested me and now wants to work with our company?” she shook her head in doubt “You’re up to something”
“Okay Denisha, you think I’m up to something? fine. I am” I said and she gasped
“That’s what you wanted to hear right?”
“You snake” she spat
“you have a long way to go Denisha, I’m just hoping you’re ready for it. Maria Sanchez will be in the company in two days time, so you have until two days to figure out what I’m planning but if you can’t then just prepare to live a miserable life in the next two days and many more to come” I said about to walk out when she grabbed my hands.
“What did you say?”
“Oh she’s also dumb. sorry sweetheart but I hate repeating myself” I yanked my hands away from her grip and tried walking when she gripped my chiffon sweater tearing it to shreds.
I was in a yellow singlet so I didn’t bother much.
her eyes wandered on my shoulders and settled on them.
I smirked when I figured out what she was looking for.
My birth mark but she wouldn’t find it.
I did cosmetic surgery five years ago to hide that mark.
“Earth to Director” I said clicking my fingers at her face and she sobbered up.
“Next time, don’t try that or you will regret it” I said and pulled her hands away from mine and walked away.
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