Beauty and the beast episode 28

“we shouldn’t be doing this” Miguel breathed out with a perplexed face. We were parked some metres away from Tasha’s house.
We came back after dropping off Genie at home.
“And what exactly shouldn’t we be doing?”
“All of this” he said with a sigh and I couldn’t help but feel worried too.
“I want you to trust me Miguel”
“I trust you Bella but I can’t help but think about the possibilities of everything going wrong” he said with an air of finality.
I inhaled slowly and took his hands in mine, squeezing gently.
“I know but I have to do this. I want to start executing my plan. I can’t let them get away with this and for me to achieve my plan, I need those documents”
He turned to look at me.
“But what if someone sees us?”
“Denisha isn’t home. she left with Chad remember?”
He groaned “But Tasha is in there and what if what we’re going for isn’t there. for all we know, those documents could be with a lawyer or somewhere safe where no one can access them. Tasha isn’t dumb Bella”
“Firstly, I know it’s there. Tasha wouldn’t risk it. She wouldn’t give to any lawyer cause everyone believes I committed suicide and that she inherited everything from father and if a lawyer or anyone were to find my signatures on those papers then it’ll raise suspicion and Tasha doesn’t trust anyone but herself” I explained
“She could say you signed them before you died and make up a story to cover it all up”
“That’s why I got it all covered” I smiled flashing some documents at his face.
he grabbed it from me and read through them.
“These are property papers. you forged them?”he said glancing at me “where did you get them.?”
“See. even you couldn’t tell the difference. they’re fake documents.” I said with a straight face.
“What! but what if she finds out?”
“I’ll exchange them so she’ll always think she has them with her” I paused “and then I’ll destroy the real papers. I don’t really care if she finds out because she still won’t know who took them”
“please Miguel. I can’t do this without you. I need to get back everything and the sooner I do this,the better it is for everyone” I seethe
“But how do we get inside?’
I smile “there’s a secret passageway that leads Into the mansion. Dad built it just in case there was an attack and no one, not even Tasha knows it exists and the password has been my name for ages”
“And you’re sure no one knows about this?”
“Positive” I replied
There was a long silence before he finally said
“OK. let’s go”
I smiled and kissed his cheeks “thanks Miguel.”
I led him inside through the back.
we arrived in front of the door.
I punched in the letters praying that it works.
The door flew open and we walked inside.
I quickly rushed upstairs to dad’s room. I was about to push it open when I heard moans coming from the room.
I rushed down to meet Miguel.
“she’s not alone” I whispered to him and he closed his eyes briefly before opening them again.
“What do we do?”
“Where is your room?” he asks holding my hands.
“It’s right after dad’s room” I tell him
“I need you to check if its locked” he said and I crunched my face
“I need you to trust me as well OK.” he said and I nod.
He followed me upstairs and we quietly tiptoed past dad’s room ignoring the moans that were coming out of the room.
I felt disgusted but I wouldn’t let it distract me.
We got to my room and I quietly twisted the door knob which gave way.
it’s not locked.
“I want you to go inside and don’t leave until I manage to get them out of that room” he whispered but I shook my head.
“You’re not leaving me” I whispered back
“You have to trust me. it’s the only way”
“What if someone sees you” I whispered much louder but he wouldn’t hear any of it.
“I’ll create a distraction downstairs and I’ll hide somewhere, maybe in the passage but you’ll have to be quick Bella. I’ll be waiting for you okay?” he said and kissed my lips.
I nodded slowly and got into the room and closed the door shut.
I stood there rubbing my hands, feeling nervous.
about five minutes later, I heard a loud crash and I gasped.
I just hope Miguel is safe and okay.
just then, I heard their door open.
“Who’s there” I heard Tasha say stepping out of the building.
“I think it came from downstairs. let’s go check it out” another voice came through and it sounded masculine so I assumed it was a man.
“I’m scared Rex” I heard her saying.
Rex huh? So that’s the motherfucker’s name.
that’s the guy she’s screwing in my father’s house.
I won’t spare you Tasha.
“Stay here” I heard him saying and I shook my head no as if they could see me.
“I’ll be right back”
“No I can’t. I’m too scared. I’ll come with you” she said and immediately I heard another crash.
God bless you Miguel.
“Okay lets go” He said and I heard them walking away. when their footsteps were completely faded, I rushed out of my room and headed for dad’s room.
I got inside and started searching every where.
where could it be?
think Bella, where would she put them?
I opened her closet and saw a safe.
I quickly recognized it. that’s where dad puts his documents.
I typed Tasha’s name as the password but it didn’t work.
oh shit!
what do I do now?
I tried Denisha’s name but it was wrong too.
I started hearing voices.
they were coming upstairs.
I shut my eyes for a brief second before typing dad’s full name and it unlocked.
I quickly searched through the documents and found the property papers. I recognized them before I saw my signed signature.
I pulled it out and replaced it with the fake documents before closing the safe.
With the documents in my hands, I made for the door and pulled it open.
I rushed inside my room before they came closer to the door.
“you’re sure you’re okay?’ I heard Rex ask Tasha but she doesn’t respond.
“Something’s wrong Rex. I mean why would a perfectly good vase and glass just fall on its own?”
“Tasha?” I heard him calling but she didn’t respond
I only heard the shutting of the door and I quietly left my room and tiptoed downstairs.
I entered the passage leading outside and someone held me by my mouth and I couldn’t help but get scared.
“Hush” He whispered into my ears and I exhaled deeply.
“Shit Miguel. you got me really scared. for a minute there, I thought someone caught me” I groaned hitting his chest playfully.
“Let’s get outta here” he grabbed my hands and led me outside.
we got to where our car was parked and got in.
Miguel drove out as fast as possible.
“No one saw you right?” he asked and I nod.
“nope and even if they did, they won’t suspect a thing. I replaced the documents exactly how I saw them” I replied earning a smile from Miguel.
“My girl is a Badass” he exclaimed causing me to laugh.
“so what will you do with the original papers?”
“I’ll destroy them and make a new transfer papers then I’ll just have to look for a way for Tasha to sign it without realizing it” I said
“You’ll think of something I’m sure. don’t worry” he said squeezing my hands gently
“Thanks for everything you did there”
“You’re my wife so it’s only ideal that I help”
“I love you Miguel” I confessed and I saw how tensed he became.
“I love you too” he replied after a long silence.
I’m just glad that I finally managed to get those papers. it won’t be long now before I put them behind bars.
they will pay.
“Are you okay?’
” I’m fine Rex. I told you already”
I let out a frustrated groan.
I don’t know but I know someone came into the house.
I quickly rushed to the safe and typed the password.
I searched through the papers and I found it lying there.
I heaved, closing my eyes for a bit.
thank goodness.
I placed back the documents and closed the safe locking it.
I’ll have to change this password too cause its a bit easy.
“Everything okay?” Rex asked and I forced a smile
“Never been better” I said pulling him close and kissing him deeply.
he reciprocated with a feverent hunger and I couldn’t help but melt into his arms.
I loved his wildness. he always gave me more than expected.
soon enough we were on the bed and the rest was history.
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