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Beauty and the beast episode 25

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Beauty and the beast episode 25 by : 8:16 am On May 21, 2020
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I hurriedly stepped out of the car and picked up my luggage from the trunk, and occasionally wiped the tears that threatened to fall.
I walked up to the front porch and banged at the door.
when I felt like no one heard me, I hit it again and again until I heard the door knob being twisted from the inside.
The door finally opened and I saw mom standing there. Her hair looks scattered and her clothes weren’t in order. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that mom is having a great time in another man’s arms. but that’s the least of my worries anyways.
“Denisha why are you here at this ungodly hour. it’s late and shouldn’t you be at home with your husband and daughter?” she asks,
I broke down in tears immediately she said that and she pulled me in for a hug.
“Shh” she cooed “It’s okay”
11 hours ago
Kiari Horsfall
“I’m here sweetie, you’ll be fine” she said gently patting my back and I disengaged from the hug.
She helped me with my luggage and we walked inside the house.
The house was still the same, although mom had done a little decor and renovating but it still was the same home sweet home.
I sat down on the couch and mom proceeded to the kitchen and came back later with a glass of water which she handed to me.
“Drink up” she ordered.
I gulped down the water like my life depended on it and placed the glass on the stool next to me.
“You’re okay?”
“A bit better” I respond
“Hey who do we have here?” A deep male voice came from the stairs and I was forced to turn my head to the direction it was coming for.
I rolled my eyes when I caught him standing there, in mom’s robe.
I’ve never liked this man but I don’t know why mom is still stuck with him.
He talks way too carelessly, he drinks a lot and is too carefree.
even in death, I still preferred Myers to him.
I just hope this relationship ends with both of them being flings cause I will never accept this man as a father.
“Sorry for keeping you all by yourself baby. my daughter came on short notice” she explained
“It’s Okay Tasha. I think I should probably for change so I could go home. you both need some mother daughter time”
“I’ll appreciate that” she said lightly pecking his cheeks.
“Anything for you boo” He said causing Mom to blush.
“Mxxm” I clicked my tongue
“Deni be nice” she tells me but I only roll my eyes.
He dashed upstairs and when he came down, he was fully clothed. After exchanging pleasantries with mom which involved klzzing and nuzzling each other, she shut the door and came to join me on the couch.
“When do you plan on breaking things up with this guy?” I found myself asking
“you mean that hunk of junk. I don’t know” she said with a smile.
“You’re way too old to be going after little boys. where’s your dignity?”
“no one’s complaining so I wonder why you should and besides Rex is pretty nice if you get to know him”
“Your loss. So tell me what happened that made you pick up your bags, leaving my grand daughter alone with that man” she requests.
3 hours ago
Kiari Horsfall
Mom has never approved of my relationship with Chad.
she just doesn’t like him even when I tried to make her see reason.
The only reason she accepted our relationship was because I refused to be with another man and besides, I was already pregnant for Ivy so we just had to get married but she loves Ivy more than anything.
“That man is my husband, the father of my child and the love of my life” I protest
“I still don’t like him.”
“Well I didn’t ask for your opinion just like you didn’t ask for mine when you kept on screwing Rex” I replied getting angrier by the minute.
“So what happened?”
I Explained everything to her, ranging from what happened in the office to the prison and my argument with Chad.
“What?” she yelled
“Mom I’m sure she’s trying to frame me or something. everything happened so fast that I just couldn’t explain it” I said further
“So she called the cops?”
“I don’t know if she did or someone else. I’m just confused and Chad doesn’t believe a thing I say. he just keeps taking her side” I groaned in frustration
“But mom, what if she’s Amber and not really Bella? what if she’s claiming two identities?”
“Are you trying to say—”
“Yes mom” I cut her short “What if she didn’t die in that fire. what if that’s what she wants us to believe? what if she’s here in disguise as Bella for revenge?” I ask trying to put the dots together.
“It doesn’t make sense”
“Exactly none of it makes any sense. But Amber isn’t that dumb to try and show her face here. she looks like Amber but I doubt if she is. she’s so confident not like Amber who’s so naive.”
“Mother please, I’m feeling restless. I don’t know what to do”
“Calm down, we’ll think about it and if she really is Amber then I’ll know what to do so just calm down” she assures me
“So what are your plans?”
“I don’t know but I’ll be staying here for the meantime. until Chad realizes his mistake and apologize, I’m not going home”
“That’s my girl. he needs to know that he can’t just treat you like trash”
“Thanks mommy”
“you should go and shower and have have some rest. you have a long day ahead of you”
“Sure” I say picking up my luggage and headed for my room
“Have a good night rest”
“You too”
I retired to my bedroom and stepped into the shower.
When I was done, I wiped myself dry and changed into one of my pajamas.
I tried calling Chad but I decided against it. he won’t take me seriously if he knows that I still miss him.
so I got under the duvet and closed my eyes.
before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.
“you’re up already?” Miguel’s husky voice asked sending chills round my body.
I wanted to leave for work before he wakes up but he caught me.
oh dear Lord!
how do I face him now?
I swallowed hard
“Yes I have a board meeting today which I told you about and I have to get to the office to put things in order” I said avoiding eye contact as I picked up my bag.
“About last night’ he began.
Why does he have to bring it up. I’m already embarrassed as it is. does he need to remind me exactly how he makes me feel all the time.
“Let’s talk about it when I get back later from work”
“And how sure are you that you won’t try to avoid the topic just like you’re struggling to do now?” he asked and I felt my stomach flutter.
“I promise I won’t avoid it”
“Just so you know Bella. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life. to be honest, you’re the first Lady making me feel all these emotions and I just wanted you to know that, I’ve never stopped loving you ever since we’ve been in Canada but I just couldn’t tell you because you were going through a lot and I didn’t want to add to it but I don’t think I can’t keep hiding it any longer” He said, this time walking up to me until he was standing right in front of me.
oh God what now?
“I love you Bella and I don’t care how long it takes but I’m willing to wait. just wanted you to know that” he added
“Thank you Miguel—”
“Please don’t say no” he said with pleading eyes.
I chuckle “No I was going to say I’ll think about it.”
“Thank Goodness, I almost had a heart attack”
“thank goodness you didn’t. I have to go Miguel”
“Of course” he said klzzing my cheeks.
“Bye” I waved and made my way to my car to drive to work.
“Bella” someone called immediately I shut my door.
“Hi Chad”
“Same to you too” I reply walking away but hetrailed behind me trying to make conversations.
“I tried calling your number?” he started off and I gave him a look
“I never gave you my number”
“You submitted your CV so I got it from there. sorry for prying” he apologized “None taken”
“Denisha and I had an argument so she left the house. I needed someone to talk to” He explained “I went out on a date with my husband so I wouldn’t have noticed even if you did call” I said “Was it about what happened?” I asked knowingly
“Sort of”
“Sorry if I caused any damage”
“It’s not your fault. she just needs some growing up to do” he said and we both giggled. “True that”
“I’m just worried about my daughter. I had to lie that her mother went on a visit so that she doesn’t get worried” “She’ll come around Mr Ramsey. give her time”
“Thanks for listening. you’re a good friend” he said and just then I spotted Denisha so I smiled heartily. “you’re welcome” I reply and she walked up to us with a frown.
“Not again” I whispered to myself and braced myself together for what’s about to happen.
Your Friend and Author. Can I see any comment here please?

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