Beauty and the beast episode 22

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down. I spent five years of my life protecting her so that she doesn’t get in contact with that monster and you’re telling me to calm down? she’s leaving and that’s final” I said and and left the dinner table before I could receive any more lectures from Miguel.
I mean, why would he even try to calm me down. he saw everything. he witnessed it. that guy completely ruined my life that I wasn’t so sure I would be able to stand on my feet again.
His wife tried to murder me and he knew about it but not once did he try to correct his mistakes.
I gave birth to my daughter without him in her life and I won’t allow him to be part of it. that’s the more reason I agreed to be Miguel’s wife. so she would have someone to call her father.Genie chose that exact time to come down the stairs. I guess she noticed how worried I looked because she held my hands making me stare deep into her eyes.
“what’s wrong mommy?” she asks
She stares at Miguel and then back at me
“Are you two fighting?”
I didn’t respond.
“Baby your mom and I are O—”
“No we’re not” I cut him short “So you made a friend am I right?”
“Daddy told you about it?” she smiles “Yes. her name is Ivy and she is really nice”
“I don’t care if she’s nice or not. now you listen to me young lady. you’re leaving that school and attending a new one” I rush my words before I could even think about what I said
“what?” she said with a straight face
“Do you hear me?” I yell and she flinches
“But she’s just a friend?”
“And I don’t care if she’s your sis–” I almost say but refrain myself and slumped on the couch
Genie runs up into her bedroom while Miguel takes a seat next to me
I wipe the tears that were threatening to fall
“I will hurt all of them. they made my baby cry Miguel” I sniff and he pulls me into a hug.
“can I ask you a question?”
I raise my face to stare at his
“Who’s Genie’s mother?” he asks when I didn’t say anything
” Who is her mother? is it Amber or Bella?”
“what are you saying Miguel. I gave birth to her” I almost yell
“As Amber or As Bella?”
“Because as far as I am concerned” he continues “Amber doesn’t have a child. the whole world knows that but Bella does and that’s what everyone believes. So what if Genie is friends with Chad’s daughter? She’s not Amber’s daughter but Bella’s daughter and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of difference” he tells me
“And what if they try to hurt her?”
“they will only hurt her if you give them a reason to. you’re on a very dangerous mission Amber and don’t tell me you expected it to be easy” he says with a very serious face.
“What if people finds out that the only reason you decided to take
her out of that school was because she made friends with Chad’s daughter? what do you think will happen then? the press, media and paparazzi will start sticking their noise into our business and it won’t take long before they figure out that you’re Amber and she’s your daughter and then everything you’ve worked hard for would be pointless don’t you see?” he stated and I began thinking. I hate to say it but he’s right.
if I was going to do this then I have to make them believe that I’m Bella, a friend and not a foe.
cause if they start suspecting my intentions then they’ll get their guards up and I won’t be able to achieve anything.
“I’m sorry Miguel. I didn’t think” I said dryly and he reciprocated by giving me a warm hug.
“I know. don’t worry when all this is over then I promise to shove a finger down that sick ass of his” he said making me giggle
“I didn’t know you talk dirty”
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me but what I know for sure is that someone upstairs is in dire need of an apology” he whispered into my ears and I nod slightly.
I pulled away from the embrace as he led me up to Genie’s room.
I push the door slightly and step into trying not to make any sound as Miguel trailed behind me.
she was reading one of her books.
“Princess and the pea. now that’s a good book” I started trying to make a conversation but she didn’t say anything.
I can’t believe she’s completely ignoring me.
I sat down at the edge of the bed and closed the book shut.
“Do not try to ignore ok. I am your mother” I half yell
she looked at me with teary eyes and I sighed
“You’re always shouting at me. if grandpa was here, I’m sure he would’ve scolded you” she looked away, quickly rubbing off the tears that were threatening to fall.
“Can’t you see I’m only doing all this for you? I love you and that’s why I care about you” I say almost tearing up my self.
I can’t believe I suck so much at parenting.
So this is what dad had to go through all those years trying to make me see reason but I gave him a hard time.
I can’t believe it was as tough as this then I wouldn’t listen to anything he said.
I even pushed him to marry Tasha and now I’m stuck with all these problems.
Every tear he shed every single day because of me. I feel so bad. I would’ve tried my best to bury my past then probably all this wouldn’t have happened.
“Genie I’m really sorry.” I began as I lifted her chin to meet my face.
“I love you so much and I was only scared because I didn’t want anyone hurting you. you’re just the new kid on the block and I just wanted to protect you”
“I understand mummy but Ivy is different. she won’t hurt me. she’s my friend” she assured me
“Okay” I say Dryly
“Ok as okay?”
I sigh “yes you can remain friends”
“Thank you so much mommy” she said hugging me “I love you” she said kissing my cheeks
“I love you too”
“We’ll leave you to have a sound nap while we go to bed” Miguel said behind me
“I want you both to sleep next to me”
“I’m not sure your Mom—”
I cut him off “it’s okay. I really don’t mind”
“Are you sure?”
“yes I am”
we laid down on each side of the bed with Genie in between us.
I kissed her and so did Miguel then we all drifted off to sleep. .
I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm. I turned to look at Chad who was sleeping soundly.
I roll my eyes and wore my robe then headed downstairs, I was half way through the stairs when I heard Ivy’s voice. when I got closer, I saw Ivy already dressed and talking to Nanny.
I can’t believe she’s awake already.
Ivy normally doesn’t wake up early and if she does, she always whines about not wanting to go to school and it usually takes forever to convince her otherwise but now she’s fully dressed and from the look of things, she’s excited as well.
“Nanny can you please make extra pancakes?”
“But why my child. isn’t this enough?” Nanny asks
“Um actually its not. please add an extra. I’m giving some to my friend at school” “that’s nice my child. sure i will”
“thanks nanny” she said with a smile.
“who’s the other one for?” I ask ivy as I got closer to where they stood.
“A friend”
“Friend?” I ask
“Yes. Her name is Genie”
“Now that’s a weird name for a girl” I say fixing her buttons which were already fixed and I noticed Chad walking up to us.
“I thought so too but she’s super nice. even Dad thinks so”
“you know her too?” I ask Chad as I turned to face him.
“Yes. I met yesterday.”
“And you didn’t think I should know that my daughter made a new friend?”
“I forgot to tell you but if it makes you feel any better, I met her father and I think she’s a good kid and they’re a nice family so ivy won’t have any problems”
“Ok then” I reply not knowing what to say
“thanks mom”
“Anything for you princess” I said kissing her cheeks
“So would you drop ivy off or…?’ I ask Chad
” I’ll do it don’t worry ” he replies sharply
“Okay. you should drop her off then. I’ve organised a board meeting to show off a new design I’ve been working on.” I tell Chad and he nods slightly
“I didn’t know you were working on a new design. isn’t that the design team’s job?”
“yes it is but we’re lagging and so I thought that maybe I should work on something since we have nothing. our finances are dropping rapidly each day so we need more than a miracle” I explain
he shrugs “OK”
Nanny hands him a cup of coffee and he takes a sip while my mind wanders off to why Bella hasn’t noticed that her designs are missing.
isn’t it weird that she hasn’t been looking for them or maybe she doesn’t wants to.
there’s something fishy but I just can’t put my finger on it.
I’ll have to deal with the fact that I’m working with my look alike dead step sister and now this?
“We’ll be going now” Chad tells me jolting me away from my thoughts.
“Oh yeah sure. bye honey” I say kissing her cheeks
“Bye mom” she reply as she waves at me.
After watching them drive off, I walk upstairs to get ready for work.

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