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Beauty and the beast episode 12

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Beauty and the beast episode 12 by : 6:11 pm On March 16, 2020
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The doctor arrived and came to the room where she was.
He checked her pulse and eyes and examined other parts of her body before turning to face me.
“She’s gonna be alright. she just needs to rest and here” he said giving me a piece of paper “I prescribed some drugs that she would need. make sure she takes them, it’ll be good for her health and the baby’s” he explained and I nod
“Thanks doc. I’ll make sure I get these”
“that’ll be all. I’ll take my leave and don’t hesitate to contact me if need be. I’m only a call away”
“Will do that”
“great” he said and left us alone.
she coughed and I turned to face her.
“how are you feeling?’
” Grossed out. I feel like puking but other than that, I’m okay ” she tells me.
I stare at her only for me to realize that she’s looking at me too.
“Who are you? have we met before?”
“No I’m Miguel. I saved you that night” I tell her
“Where are we?”
“Canada” I tell her and her eyes flew open
“Why are we here?” she asks again. I guess she doesn’t like the idea of being far from home.
“My grandfather says it’s for your own safety. he doesn’t want anyone looking for you. when he comes he’ll explain better but right now, you need to rest” I tell her and she nods
“OK. the doctor said I’m pregnant_”
“yes about three weeks.” I cut her short and she growled in frustration.
“I can’t believe I’m pregnant for that bastard” she exclaims “tell the doctor I need an abortion as soon as possible. I’m not birthing this baby”
“Why not?”
she looked at me with tears filled eyes “Cause the father of this child is a moron” she said and stared at the ceiling like she was in outer space “You’ll regret this Chad. All of you I promise”
I am tempted to ask who Chad is but I refrain myself.
“I’ll just make a quick phone call” I tell her and exit the room.
I dialled grandpa’s number.
he picked after the second ring.
“Miguel I’m in the middle of a board meeting, is everything okay” he asks.
“Please excuse yourself. I need to talk to you” I tell him.
“I’ll be right back” I overheard him telling them followed by the banging of the door.
“OK I’m alone” he tells me
“And Tasha?” I ask
“Dealing with some investors at the moment” he responded
“Ok she’s awake” I break the news to him
“that’s fantastic. did you call the doctor?’
” I did and he left not too long ago but she’s not taking the pregnancy too well. you need to get down here as soon as you can”
“I will. not a problem”
“Good. I’ll see you later bye” I said and disconnected the line.
I went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, after carefully placing it on the tray with a plate of muffins, I picked it up and headed to her bedroom.
“Here have this” I say placing it on the desk as I helped her sit straight.
“Thank you”
I watched her eat but was surprised when I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Are you OK”
“Amber” I say
“The last time I ate this was like two months ago. My dad made it for me after I got back drunk from a party. it just reminded me of him” she sniffed
I guess it was the pregnancy hormones.
“I feel like I pushed him to his death. he really wanted me to have a normal life and because I couldn’t, he had to remarry and look where it’s gotten. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I miss him.” she said stuffing the muffin in her mouth.
“It’s not your fault”
“It is. I left him when he needed me thinking that I was in love with the perfect human who was just using me for my property and money”
“I’m sorry” I tell her
she sniffs “Yeah it’s fine. thanks for this. it’s really nice”
“you welcome”
I sat down next to her because I’m scared of what she might do if left alone.
she finished everything and placed the tray on the desk then muttered a thank you to me.
“Can I have a tour of the house?” she asks
“Aren’t you feeling any pains there” I ask pointing at her stomach.
“I’m okay”
“Um sure but you can’t leave this house. you have to stay hidden” I tell her and she nods.
good she understands.
I help her get to her feet and we slowly walked around the house exploring different rooms but I didn’t let her come inside my room.
“I’m curious” she trailed off
“How you saved me that night. who are you?”
“Grandpa will answer all your questions when he arrives” I say hoping she doesn’t ask any questions.
“ok sorry”
we walked outside to a large green house filled with exotic plants.
“this place is beautiful” she said touching a plant.
“That’s a Venus fly trap” I say pointing to a plant and her eyes follow my hands and settles on the plant.
“Why does it have a weird looking body and teeth”
I laugh
“Don’t tell me you don’t know that’s what it looks like?”
“I’ve never seen anyone in my entire life”
“Even in drawings”
she shook her head.
“You’re not serious” I exclaim “every kid who studied biology and reads book must’ve heard of this. don’t tell me you stopped at kindergarten” I say looking at her as she stared at me.
“I’m…I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean… ”
“Nahh it’s okay. I didn’t finish high school and I didn’t apply for college either. when my mother died, I lost the will to live” she said.
“I know the feeling”
“How did she die? was she murdered?”
“On my fifth birthday, after doing the decor and everything. it was almost time but the cake was running late so she had to get it. that night there was a storm but she was so bent on giving me the perfect birthday that she didn’t care. on her way back, she met with an accident. I waited and waited for her to walk through that door but she never did. dad got a call the next morning to come to the hospital and when we arrived, we were told to identify the body if it was ours.
My heart tumbled a million times over and when dad pulled the sheets, there she was looking peaceful like she was sleeping.” she said and quickly wiped her tears “I cried my eyes out. we got her buried and my life turned around. I stopped doing things I loved doing. I just couldn’t get over the fact that she was gone.”
She sighed “That’s why I stopped going to school”
“I know it’s hard but you can’t put your life on hold like that. did you ever stop to think if that’s the life she wanted you to live. sometimes recreating memories from our past doesn’t always make you miss someone. it makes you believe that they’re right next to you and then you wouldn’t feel alone anymore ”
Hearing him say that just made me do a rethink.
what if mother wasn’t pleased with my lifestyles? what if she wanted me to move on with my life rather than drowning in the past?
That’s what father has been trying to tell me but I didn’t listen.
“Yes” he answered almost immediately
“I need a favor from you?”
he turned to face me “I’m all ears”
“I want to learn. I want to do all those things I missed out on. I want to be who I am. I want to be a girl with proper etiquette. I want to start afresh. I want to give my life a meaning. will you please teach me everything I don’t know?” I asked biting my lips.
he smiled “that’ll be serious hard work”
“I’ll do my best I promise”
“OK then I will. we’ll start small cause you’re pregnant and grandpa has a lot of connection so it won’t be difficult” he tells me and I nod
“Thank you”
“not a problem. come on let’s go inside” he tells me as he led me inside to my room.
“I’m hungry” I exclaim
“You just had tea and muffins”
“I don’t know but I need to eat something” I tell him
“Beef casserole?’ he said almost like a question and I nod.
he helped me lie down and proceeded to the kitchen.
About an hour later, he came to my room with a plate of casserole.
It smelled divine.
” Mmmm ” I hummed after I took a spoonful
“this might be the best casserole I’ve ever had. you’re good” I compliment
“Thank you”
“I wish I could cook too but sadly I can’t”
“I could teach you when you’re better”
“You bet” he said and I laughed. the first genuine laugh I’ve had in months.
He seems nice.
Most times, I feel like he has the face that is expressionless but it comes with a nice character.
he could pull off a villain and hero at the same time.
After eating, he cleared the dishes while I pulled up the duvet to have some sleep.
I woke up hours later and I heard the sound of indistinct chattering. I stood up slowly. I was still feeling pains where I was shot and I don’t want to stress otherwise I’ll start bleeding.
I got down and wore my slippers then headed downstairs.
“Amber” he called immediately he saw me.
I smiled. it’s been thirteen years since I last saw him and I can’t believe he’s standing in front of me.
He walked up to me and embraced me.
“Chairman Kim” I sobbed
“It’s okay Honey” he said patting my back softly.
“I’m sorry for your father’s death. I tried talking to him but he just didn’t listen” he explained
“Yeah he’s quite stubborn but I’m alright”
“You stopped coming to visit”
“I’m sorry”
“I can’t believe she killed him” he tells me
“You know her?” I ask
“Tasha? She was once Miguel’s mother too” he told me bursting my bubbles.
I turned to face him.
“Miguel? wait hold up. are you saying she got married to  your son who died a few years back and that Miguel is your grandson?” I ask unable to believe my ears
Good Afternoon FAM
Happy Reading

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