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Beauty and the beast episode 11

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Beauty and the beast episode 11 by : 5:20 am On March 15, 2020
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“How is she Doctor?” I ask immediately I noticed that he was done with the check up as I waited patiently for his reply.
“She’s responding to treatment and the baby is alright. we just need her to wake up” he said and I nod. “She’s a fighter. I didn’t think she would ever survive this. When I first came to treat her, I had already registered her dead but I relied on hope. it makes the impossible quite possible” he told me and patted my shoulder “Take good care of her and if you noticed any changes then alert me at once.” he said
“Of course.”
After he left, I sat down next to her as I watched her intently.
She had bandages on her head and most of her body parts were covered in bruises.
I’m really glad that I arrived there just in time.
I never really wanted to follow her anymore. cause each time I tried to reach out to her, she runs off and acts scared but Grandpa made me do it.
Ever since Tasha came into their lives, I tried to talk to Amber. I couldn’t come clean cause Tasha is very dangerous. she had eyes everywhere and I could loose my life as well.
I was aware of everything. I saved her back then when their car got into an accident and after that day I the hospital I vowed never to go after her again.
“Miguel, any news on Amber yet?” Grandpa asked, I just finished working on my laptop and really needed to rest.
“I’m sure she’s okay”
“You are supposed to never leave her alone”
“What’s the point anyway. she’s just gonna rush off like she does every time. why can’t we just face Tasha ourselves and leave her out of this” I half yelled
“Because we need her and she’s the daughter of my friend. he’s gone now and she needs us more than ever. need I remind you again who we’re dealing with. that lady killed your father and left you to rot” he screamed
When Tasha first came into our lives, I was pretty much excited about it cause I’ve always wanted a mother figure in my life. My mother died when I was born and I hated the fact that everyone made jest of me.
I accepted her with open arms and tried my best to give her all the love a child could give his mother.
I was just a ten year old boy then.
But Tasha became the opposite of everything I wanted her to be.
She made dad loose everything and we became bankrupt.
Dad got really depressed after everything that he couldn’t take it anymore. he passed on a Saturday morning.
Tasha couldn’t stay after the death of dad so she mortgaged our house and took after dad’s business. But the business failed and she lost everything as well.
We became homeless. she left me and never came back.
Grandpa came down to the Philippines and got the news. then he took me in.
Years later, we got the news that she was engaged to Mr Myer, a wealthy businessman which happens to be Grandpa’s friend.
We couldn’t stop the wedding so I resorted in stalking Amber. trying to get her father to call of the wedding but sadly, it didn’t turn out well. sadly, they got married.
But it was far from over, She killed Him and I knew deep within me that Amber would be next.
So I really tried but she’s just so difficult to talk to. She never gives me a chance.
“She needs us Miguel please, just check up on her one last time” Grandpa begged and I agreed to it.
I was on my way to her house when I saw two guys put her in a cab.
I hid so that they wouldn’t see me and later followed them.
They stopped at a house which looks abandoned for years and took her in.
I followed them inside trying my very best to stay hidden.
I put my phone on silent and recorded their conversation up to the point where Amber was shot.
it broke my heart to see her like that.
After she turned on the timer and left with her hoodlums, I quickly untied her.
she was barely breathing and I got scared.
I carried her out of the house as fast as I could cause the timer on the bomb was ticking away.
we were barely out of the house when the timer went off blowing the place to pieces.
That night when I arrived home, grandpa suggested we leave the country immediately cause if anyone found out about her then there will be Chaos.
We took his pr!v@te Jet and flew to Canada.
Luckily Grandpa has an apartment that no one knows about, not even me.
we called a doctor to treat her from home cause we didn’t want news flying out that she wasn’t blown up to pieces.
And the doctor was Grandpa’s closet buddy.
He cleaned her up and performed surgery on her to remove the bullets.
“How is she doc?”
“the surgery was successful and the baby is fine” he broke the news to us
“What baby?”
“She’s pregnant. almost three weeks if I’m not mistaken and thank God that the bullet didn’t affect the child or it would’ve been difficult to do anything” he tells us.
“No one should know about anything. if you should hear news about her, don’t disclose to anyone that you know her. please” I beg and he nod.
“I understand Miguel”
“Thank you”
“I’ll be coming to check on her from time to time” he said
“That’ll be much appreciated”
When Amber started getting better, it came as a relief but I still don’t know why she hasn’t woken up yet.
I took her hands in mine as I squeezed gently.
“You have to wake up Amber. you can’t let her win. you’ll have to keep fighting, not just for yourself but your unborn child as well” I tell her and placed her hand back on the bed.
Grandpa practically never stays at home with us.
He’s always in the Philippines. And besides he doesn’t want anyone suspecting anything so he’s there to keep a close eye on Tasha and her accomplices.
Mr Myers Burial was arranged but no one knows what happened to Amber, News had it that she committed suicide because she couldn’t bear going back to jail.
Her body was never found and people thought it was impossible because they believed she was burnt to pieces since no one could survive in the fire. Everyone thought she was dead. everyone except us.
Tasha dismissed all media and paparazzi because she said there was nothing to say about the deceased.
She claimed to be in mourning over her late husband and his daughter as well.
what a woman!
She took over the company and became the president and sole owner of everything He left for his heiress.
I made myself a bowl of cereal.
After cleaning up, I went back to Amber’s room only to find her breathing profusely. she was shivering and was practically covered in sweat.
She kept on calling her father and mother.
I dialled the doctor’s number and when he picked up, I asked him to come back.
I placed a towel on her head since her temperature was running high.
I saw myself walking in the middle of nowhere.
I think I’m lost.
just then I saw my mother holding hands with my father. they looked very happy that it made me cry.
I rushed up to them but it felt like I was invisible cause they weren’t paying attention to me.
“mom, Dad, it’s me Amber” I waved at them
“How are you sweetie are you lost?” my mother asked facing me. I wanted to say something but was interrupted by a low growling.
I turned to see that there was a little puppy standing beside me. she carried him in her arms.
she’s always loved Animals.
“Dad” I called but he only giggled.
I wanted to be part of this happiness.
she held onto the dog while dad sn@k£d his arms around her waist and they started walking away.
“Wait up. please don’t go” I said trying to follow them but I couldn’t. I felt an invisible shield blocking my path.
“Don’t leave me here. please don’t leave me again” I said this time crying my eyes out.
They both turned to face me.
“Hey don’t cry” she said touching my cheeks “you’ll ruin your beautiful face” she told me but it only got worse.
She only said that to me when I hurt myself.
“you can’t come with us honey. it’s not yet your time”
“And besides you have some unfinished business don’t you think?” he said pointing at my stomach
“We love you Amber, don’t ever forget that” he said and with that they left me.
“mom, Dad” I yelled on top of my voice but they continued walking until they were out of sight.
“Mom dad” I said and my eyes snapped open. I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely.
my eyes were stained with tears.
I tried getting up but he stopped me “you can’t do that. you’ll hurt yourself. the doctor is on his way to check up on you” he tells me and I lie back unable to talk.
I just kept staring at him and so was he but none of us said anything until the doctor finally arrived.

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