Beauty and the beast episode 10

“YOU can’t dance with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell“… Ella
Right now I’m standing in front of the porch.
Part of me is telling me to run away from everything and never come back but another part of me is telling me to face my demons.
I can’t believe that I’m now an orphan and that I’ve lost both parents.
I wiped the tears that threatened to fall.
After weighing all the pros and cons in my mind, I finally decided to knock. I was hesitant at first but then I took another step by opening up the door.
I stepped inside the living room.
the house was dark as all the lights were turned off.
“I knew you wouldn’t resist coming to your own funeral” A voice spoke, I recognized it as Tasha’s before the lights suddenly came on.
She was seated on the couch as she sipped on her whisky she poured into the glass.
“I thought you were smart but I never knew you were just plain dumb” she adds
“Why did you have me arrested and ordered for my bail at the same time? what are you up to now Tasha? what do you want from me?” I ask, hands akimbo
“Tsk tsk tsk! nothing much. but I’m sure that if you don’t comply, I’ll just send you back to jail. you know you’re trending right? you’re now known as the girl who killed her father”
“I did not kill him”
“Oh sweetheart. too naive, just like your father”
I looked at Tasha and saw how her face had turned. Denisha walked in at that exact time and they both gave a devilish laugh catching me by surprise.
“Oh poor Carl, it’s sad that you had to die the way you did” she laughed some more.
“What are you talking about?”
“you see Amber, I hate to brag but I am one intelligent lady by marrying your father. we always knew that someday you would come in handy despite the kind of heart you had. and now that day has presented itself before us” she laughed again
“before we do this, I need a drink” Denisha said with a sigh
“There should be some in the fridge” Tasha said and denisha walked there and poured herself some whisky. she gulped it down and came back to where we stood.
“OK now where are we?’
“So you were the culprit that killed my father?”
“No sweetheart I can’t stoop to that level and have my hands stained with blood. So I killed him through you” she spat taking a sip of her drink.
“I always knew you had an ulterior motive for marrying my father”
“And you knowing, was the beginning of your downfall. You see I always knew you were a threat and the day you caught me on the phone and rushed to tell your father” she paused and then continued “I knew you had guts. guts that would ruin me. and that’s when I started plotting for your downfall. believe me when I said that you were a tough one and it took a lot of time but the day finally came. you went to see your father all alone” she adds
“You poisoned him?” I whispered
“Oh come on. I didn’t.” she let out a frustrated growl “It was either that or the brakes but both came in handy. Think back Amber, I didn’t serve the drinks and food that night… ” she said and my eyes popped open as I recalled events from that night.
“The waiter.” I gasped
“That’s a good girl. he’s working for me and I paid him to do it and he got away with it while you had to pay for his sins”
“You disgust me”
“I don’t have time to waste, Denisha do you have the papers I asked you to come with”
“Yes mom” she responded with a mischievous smile
I looked at them and realized what I was in for.
“You snakes” I spat
“You are the bigger snake you fool and you thought that Chad actually loves you? he’s been using you to get revenge.”
“That’s a lie. you can say anything but don’t you dare bring chad into this” I scream
“He’s already into it. Turns out that he only wanted to marry you because you were the heiress of this entire fortune and then take over everything as revenge for what your father did to his father but then I offered him something he would never refuse. That I would kill you for him instead” she said with a laugh
“that’s not true” I said crying my eyes out
“Hey babe” she hollered and chad came walking down the stairs. She kissed him on the lips.
“I’m so sorry Amber. my mother made me do it. I never really loved you… ” I stopped him as I hands landed on his cheeks
“How much did she pay you? Answer me?” I yell
“I’ve always loved Denisha and I couldn’t lead you on”
“You man whore. you will regret this I promise you. I will haunt you in life or death” I yelled as I felt cold all over
“I will never allow you take over everything my parents has worked so hard to build. NEVER! I am not doing this”
“oh yes you are” they both said at the same time
“Sign everything right now or else count yourself a prisoner for life. this is your last shot at freedom so you better grab it with open arms”
just then denisha dropped the paper on the table.
what they are asking for is outrageous. they want full control over everything that my parents have worked so hard to build.
I stare at the papers and if Tasha was reading my mind she said.
“don’t even try to act smart with me or you will meet your end. you think that by recording our conversation, it’ll be that easy to get rid of me?” she asked
I had been with my cellphone all these while but I never knew she’d figure it out.
she scoffed
“I can see that you now have some strength in you
” you need to let me go ”
“Sure you can go” she said sipping on her whiskey
I knew too well that Tasha wouldn’t let me go just like that. I was even scared of turning around thinking that she might pull a fast one on me.
But I refused to be defeated. I would put up a fight for myself, and for my dead parents as well.
I immediately took to my heels as I ran outside the house.
I brought out my phone as I dialled an emergency number.
they picked up at the first ring.
“Hello this is the police and how… ”
I didn’t let him finish the sentence. “They killed him…Mr Myer was poisoned… ” before I could finish the sentence, I was shot on the leg.
I turned around and saw two hefty men gaining on me.
I quickened my steps but the injury didn’t let me run faster
and they caught up with me. They took my cellphone and placed it in a bag
Then put me in cab and drove me to a deserted house far away from the outskirts of town.
My eyes were blurry and my skin was sore.
“There she is” I heard one of the guys tell someone.
she walked inside clad in a black dress and shawl wrapped around her neck.
“you’re making things difficult for yourself Amber” she said staring at me
“please let me go Denisha, I promise that no one will ever hear about this. I’ll leave your lives and never come back” I beg tears Welling up in my eyes.
“Fine” she said catching me by surprise “only if you sign this” she said giving me the papers.
I quickly did as I was told. I transferred everything to Tasha’s name.
“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it?” she smirked “But too bad you still have to go” she said pointing a gun at me.
“You don’t have to follow everything she tells you to. we’ll be one happy family. you can have Chad and everything else you want but please don’t kill me” I beg but her smile only broadens
“I can’t believe you can be so stupid. what makes you think I’ll want to turn against my mother who did everything to give me a better life I’m not like you who deserted your father for a guy who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. you caused his death, perhaps if you were still with him then he wouldn’t have died the way he did” she said and it stinged so bad. I hurt dad so much that I’m not even sure he’ll forgive me.
I knew all about Tasha’s behavior but still chose to leave him for someone who wasn’t worth it.
Someone who turned their backs on me when I needed it.
All this for nothing.
My father’s corpse would be turning in the grave wherever he is right now. I messed up pretty bad.
“Unlike you Amber I know where my loyalties lie. tie her up” she ordered and they did.
she walked over to the table and removed a cloth covering a device.
Took me a few minutes to realize that it was a bomb.
“You see, I can’t let you leave. you know too much which could be a threat to our existence so I’m gonna let you die and then you can be with your parents in death” she said and turned on the timer for the bomb.
she shot me on the left side of my stomach and I felt my life force draining out of me.
she turned to leave but then stopped like she’s forgotten something “And by the way, don’t worry, I’ll mourn the loudest on your funeral” she said before walking outside the building leaving me to my fate.
I closed my eyes as I recalled the moments I’ve shared with my father and mother. the happiest ones.
I’m coming mother. I’m coming father. no one can separate us ever again.
I drive out of the building.
when the house was no longer in sight, I stopped and waited.
Then I heard the explosion.
finally she’s gone and she won’t be bothering us again.
I dialled my mothers number. she picked up immediately
“Deni… ”
“She’s gone.”
“do you have the papers?’
” yes I do and I’m coming home ” I said disconnecting the call.
I started the engines and drove for home. We won’t be hearing from her and finally, everything is ours…

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