Banished angel episode 8 & 9

Episode 8
Raphael was pacing around wondering where Raguel is, he has tried servally to contact him but he is not able to get through to him and it really makes him worried because he knows Raguels mind is not settle that’s why he is unable to reach him,
so many thoughts where going through his mind and he just prays that Raguel is safe
Immediately he saw a bright light and Raguel landed in front of him he wasted not time in walking straight into Raguel giving him a big hug
Where were you? Raphael asked still holding onto him
I was so worried about you, he added
I’m fine Ralph, Raguel said
Raguel is really grateful that he has someone to take about him
Ralph, Raguel called as he pull back a little from the hug
I’m really sorry about what happened the last time you were here,
Raguel really felt guilty and hangs his head low, I deeply apologize he said
It’s okay Raguel, I have forgiven you and its also forgotten, Raphael said giving him a smile as he squeeze his shoulder softly reassuring him its fine
“Thank you”
So where have you been? Raphael asked
Raguel could not stop the smile that crept on his lips as his mind drifted to Elena
He could only think about her face, her beautiful eyes, her lips, the thought of kissing those lips send shiver down his spine
You are smiling, Raphael said pointing at the smile Raguel has on his face
I meet her yesterday, he said grinning widely
Who are you talking about, Raphael asked
He might already have a slight idea of who Raguel is talking about judging by the expression on his face but he just wanted to hear him say it
“My soulmate” Raguel answered with a smile
Really? Raphael said even though he knew that was what Raguel was going to say but hearing it from his mouth made him really happy
He immediately pulled him into a hug
I’m really happy for you, Raphael said
He is really glad that Raguel has finally find that person that completes him
Where did you meet her? Raphael asked
But immediately he asked the question he notice the smile Raguel had on his face fell
She was captured by demon’s , Raguel said quietly
I don’t even know what they want from her and I did not have time to question them because she was unconscious and I needed to get her out of that place
Why did you not call me to help you? Raphael asked
I was still feeling guilt about the way I spoke to you, Raguel said
Raphael shook his head at him
Don’t ever do such a thing again, you should have called me you I know I will surely come no matter what happened and that act of yours was risky and recklessly, you should know I can’t stay angry with you for long, Raphael said
I know, and I’m sorry, Raguel said
But there is something that still confuse me, Raguel said
Something happened at her house, I made myself invincible to keep her mother from seeing me but Elena clearly saw me when I’m was invincible
Raphael looked surprise, as his mouth hung open, he has never heard of such thing before he opened his mouth to say something but he he shut it back when nothing came out of it
So many thoughts ran through Raphael’s mind, like “Who is she, why did the demons have her and why can she see an Angel who is invincible to the human eyes”
He look at Raguel who was watching him with confusion clearly written in his face
We have to stay clam and try to figure this things out, Raphael said
I have think of every possible thing but I can’t still find any answer to any of these things happening, Raguel said
I know Raphael said clamly
There are so many things going through my mind now, Raphael said
But don’t worry Raguel we will find answers to all these questions soon
I just hope so, Raguel said because I’m really confuse
I know you are confuse, so am I but there is one thing I know for sure Raphael said
Which is, Raguel asked
With everything you have said about her I can say that she is not entirely human, Raphael said quietely
Raguel stood there looking more confused than ever
What is that suppose to mean?
Episode 9
Elena! Maria called out to her daughter, this is the third time you are zooming off, she said with concern in her voice, are you sure you are alright?
Yes mom, I’m just tired I will just go upstairs and rest
Elena could not stop thinking about Raguel she knows it’s weird to say she miss him but she really do miss him,
she did not even know what stir up that kind of feeling in her
She entered her bedroom and lay on her on bed and her mind still drifted to Raguel which made her smile, she buried her face in her pillow
Get a grip of yourself, she muttered
I don’t even know why I’m thinking about him so hard
I think a bath will clear my head, it definitely will, she added as she made her way to the bathroom
****** ******** *******
What do you mean that she is not entirely human? Raguel asked
Isn’t it obvious that demons will not just capture any human expect there is something special about that human and you said she can see you when you are invincible
What does that tell you? Raphael asked
Raphael study the expression on Raguel’s face and he could see his face screams worry, not that he blame him for that, he has only prayed to have a soulmate but now he has finally found her, demons are on her trail
You are right, Raguel said
I did not even think about all those things as a possibility to why the demon’s wants my soulmate, this is not good at all, Raguel said
I know, Raphael said but we will find a way to get out from all these things
Raguel nodded his head but suddenly he started to feel uneasy
He was trying to compose himself but he could not bring himself to do that, something just felt off to him and he knows he has experience something like this before
Raphael was watching him with a worried expression
Are you alright? He asked
“Elena” Raguel he whispered
Raphael knows exactly what that means, he knows if a person’s soulmate is in trouble the other one will feel it
Raguel wasted no time in flashing his wings and left with Raphael following closely
***** ***** ******
Elena was struggling in the grip of the demon, she did not even know how they found her
She was going to the bathroom when she heard a sound from the window, she quickly went to check what the sound was about before the demons caught her
The demons landed in the room and shoved her aside
What do you want? Elena asked
You will soon know, one of the demon said
Let’s just wait for your boyfriend to show up and I can bet he is on his way here
Boyfriend? She said in confusion
I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t know what you are talking about, she said
I think you got the wrong person, she added in hope of convincing them she is not the person they are looking for
We don’t make mistake, the demon said
It seems like your wings boyfriend did not say anything to you, the demon laugh
Well let me enliten you a little, the demon said
You and that Angel share a special bond and you are not just an ordinary human, you are very special he added
I don’t understand what you are saying, she said
I don’t expect you too, the demon replied smirking at her
Elena was really confused about what the demon was saying
Why don’t you tell me what is going on, She asked the demon
Have told you what I can tell you, the demon responded
What’s so special about me then, she asked
You will find out soon enough, the demon said with a chuckle
Elena kept quiet she could only stare at the demons in the room,
I have a bond with an Angel, she asked herself
What’s so special about me, I’m just an ordinary human all this things are really driving me crazy
I don’t even know what is happening in my life anymore she said
She suddenly saw a bright light which pulled her out of her thoughts, she immediately saw Raguel and another Angel who she did not recognize
Raguel was quickly at her side checking for any bruises on her body
Are you alright? He asked
Elena could not say anything she was just relieved that Raguel was in front of her
It makes her wonder if Raguel knows about the bond they share
Raguel now is not the time for all this, Raphael said pulling them back into reality, we are surrounded by demons, he added
Raguel scanned the room and he could see demons who were ready to pounce on them at any moment
He quickly stood up and pull Elena behind him taking his stance to fight
Take Elena and go, I will take care of these demon’s Raphael said
Raguel shook his head to protest , I will not leave you here Ralph
We will fight them together he added
I will be fine, I will take of this demons and I promise I will meet up, Raphael said as he held Raguels gaze
Go! He said sternly
Raguel turn to reach for Elena but one of the demon ran quickly and pushed Elena aside and pounce on the Angel
Raguel was taking unaware he did not even notice the demon was standing there, he might has sneaked up on him when he was taking with Raphael
Raguel wasted no time in punching the demon who pushed Elena knocking him out completely
The other demons in the room started coming for Raguel, he fought very well trying to protect himself and Elena who has backed away from the fight watching with terrified expression
He was about going to meet Elena when he saw a demon lunging for Raphael who was not aware that the demon was coming his way
Raguel ran forward pushing other demons out of his way as he reached for Raphael pushing him out of the way before the demon could strike but he was not fast enough to save himself
The blade the demon was holding cut deep into his sides, he screamed in pains as he fell to the ground
Elena could feel his pain, it feels as if she was also cut too but she knew Raguel felt worse
She wasted no time in lunging for the demon before he attacks Raguel agsin
She pushed the demon with all the strength she had which knocked the demon out has he fell to the ground,
she could not even think where that strength came from let alone the courage she had in lunging for the demon
Go quickly, Raphael said giving them a reassuring smile
Raguel could not argue as he is in so much pain
He pushed through his pains as he stood, he flashed his wings with Elena wrapping her hands around him as they both left .
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