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Banished angel episode 29

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Banished angel episode 29 by : 5:56 am On September 29, 2020
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Episode 29
Immediately Raguel and Elena got into their room, Raguel quickly connected their lips and gently lowered Elena into the bed.
He could smell the fragrance of her perfume from her body, Raguel’s tongue slip into her mouth gently but demanding, the klzz was nothing Elena has ever experience every square inch of her body melted into Raguel’s body.
Elena f!ng£rs grip Raguel’s hair, pulling him closer her veins throbs and her heart explodes with love for her soulmate.
Raguel pulled her closed again, klzzing her lips gently while one hand fumbled with the button of her trousers, he grabbed her hips klzzing her hard and leaving her breathless,
Raguel withdrew his lips from Elena’s and look into her eyes he saw the desire burning in her eyes which made him smile.
Raguel trail klzzes on her neck as he slid his hand up her dress his warm hand roam freely in her dress, until he removed her dress their body were pressed together with their arms tightly around each other.
Elena could feel Raguel’s hot breath on neck which made her skin tingle, the brush of his lips made Elena’s skin burn.
As Raguel continue to klzz her neck, a wave of pure pleasure runs through his entire body they both totally lost themselves in the moment as they wasted no time in giving in to the need and desire their body craved for.
****** ******* ******
After their intimate moment they both lay on their bed breathless, Raguel turned and lay on his side and
Elena did the same thing as they both stare at each other, they could feel their love for each other as they continue stare at each other.
Elena placed her hand on Raguels chest, “I can feel your emotions stronger now” she said,
We have taking our relationship further and connected deeper, thats why we can feel each others emotions stronger now, Raguel said with a smile.
Elena smiled widely at her soulmate and klzz him softly, come on let’s go have a bath, Elena said as she stood up from the bed still n@k£d, she was no longer shy about her n@k£dness, and Raguel did not hesitate to roam his eyes freely over her body.
He moved from the bed quickly and fall in step with Elena as they made their way to the bathroom and shut the door behind them.
They klzzed and make out for a while , until Raguel pulled back and help Elena wash up, he was not scared of touching any part of her body, or linger too much, he knows Elena is comfortable with his touch When he was done, Elena did the same for him, after enjoying their time bathing they came out of the bathroom dried and looking fresh.
Elena smiled at Raguel, come on, I have to interrogate my parents she said as she laughed softly leading the way out of the bedroom.
As they both walk down the stairs, Raphael looked at both Elena and Raguel and he could tell that something was definitely different about the both them he could tell their bond has grow stronger, the sparks he saw in their eyes made him smile.
Elena joined her mother in the kitchen while Raguel went to sit with his father who smiled gently at him.
Maria and Elena worked quietly but Elena kept shooting glances at her mother, she cleared her throat which got her mothers attention.
Maria turned to meet Elena’s eyes, Elena was just staring at her mother
So you are dad, are you together ? She asked
Maria shifted from one foot to the other, before she nodded her head.
Elena only nodded her head at the mothers response.
Look Elena, Maria said softly, if you are not comfortable about me being with your father just say it, am not trying to take the place of your mother, and I know she was h8s soulmate but…..
She did not get to complete her statement before Elena cut her off;
what are you saying, Elena asked with a little frown on her face, you are my mother and you are not trying to take the place of anybody, I understand that my father loved my biological mother and she was his soulmate but she is dead now and you two deserve all the happiness.
Let me ask you a question Elena said making Maria to look at her as she nodded her head
Do you love my father? She asked
Yes I do, I really love him, Maria said without hesitation.
Then that’s settles it, Elena said as she pulled her mother into a hug and at that moment Samael walked into the kitchen and Elena pulled him into the hug.
Am very happy for the both of you, she said as she pulled a little to look at their faces.
we are glad that you are okay with this, Samael said with a smile.
They pulled out completely from the hug before Maria spoke; since we are your parents do you mind telling us what happened upstairs between you and Raguel.
Elena blushed hard as the spark that was present before returned back to her eyes, she shook her head at her parents making them laughed at her flushed check.
Well by the looks Raguel keep shooting your way, its oblivious, Samael said with a soft laughed as Elena raised her head to see Raguel was really looking at her, she smiled gently at him.
I can see the strength of your bond, its really stronger than it was before now as you both as connected in a deeper level, Samael said with a smile on his face as Elena returned his smile.
They all proceeded to the living room and Samael did not hesitate to wrap his hand around Maria as she sat close to him, he was very happy as everything is out in the open now.
Elena sat close to her soulmate who klzzed her immediately she sat close him they were all watching the show on the television until Michael landed in the living room making everybody to look at him.
Michael looked around before he spoke, well since everybody is here, I might just go ahead and say what I want to say.
Everybody paid attention to Michael as they waited for him to speak
I spotted a demon snooping around the house so I approach the demon, and tortured him until he told me what they were planning before I killed him.
And what is it they are planning? Raguel asked
“War” Michael said, they are planning on invading this place soon
Everybody eyes widen, the demon want war with us? Raphael asked making Michael to nod his head
I think we all know that Steven is the leader of the demon and he is the one leading the demons to war.
Everybody nodded their head, because they already have their suspicion about Steven being the leader of the demon.
Samael stood up and started pacing around those stupid demons are at it again he muttered angrily;
First Julia and now they are after my family.
There is something we can do, Michael said making Samael to stop pacing around as he looked at Michael.
What can we do? Raguel said
Since the demons are planning to start a war, we can actually give them what they want, he said with a mischievous smile, we will not sit here and wait for them to attack us, we will take them unaware since we know they are planning to invade our home.
One or two of us will have to go snoop around the demons camp to know what they are planning after that we make our own plan on how to attack the demons, Michael said, which made everybody nodded their head in agreement .
In that case I and Michael will go to the demons camp, Raguel said as he stood up, Samael wanted to protest but Raguel shook his head at him.
Let’s not argue about this Samael, Raguel said softly, making Samael to nod his head even though he wanted nothing more than to go with them.
Its settled Michael said
Raguel klzzed Elena softly on the lips, I will be back soon he said making Elena to nod her head, even though she felt uncomfortable with her soulmate entering the demons camp she knows it needed to be done.
Raguel looked at his father and nod at him, before he flashed his wings, Michael did the same thing and they left and headed for the demon camp.
An hour has passed since Raguel and Michael left for the demons camp, Elena was not herself she was very worried about her soulmate even though she is not getting mixed feelings from his emotion, she rather just see him with her eyes to know he is okay .
Maria looked at her daughter and she can see the worried expression written all over her face she stood up from where she was sitting and walk up to Elena and sat next to her.
He will be okay, Maria as she sat down making Elena look up at her mother, Elena just nod her head at her mother’s word but she just wanted Raguel to come home.
She rested her head on her mothers shoulder and Maria wrapped her hands around his daughter, whispering words of encouragement to her ears.
Few minutes later, Elena was calm and her eye lid was getting heavy, she was struggling to keep her eyes open.
Why don’t you go up to your room and rest for a while, Maria suggested.
Elena was about to protest that she needed to wait for her soulmate but Samael cut off the word from her mouth.
Just go upstairs and rest for a while, Raguel will soon be back Samael said, making Elena to nod her head, she stood up and head to her bedroom.
Its been Four hours since they left and they are yet to return, Raphael has tried contacting Raguel through the Angels whisper but its not connecting, which means Raguels mind is not settled Raphael continue to pace around, I just hope they are alright, he said.
Samael stood up and rest his hand on Raphael’s shoulder, am sure they are alright he said with a small smile on his face, Raphael nodded his head as he sat down and wait patiently for them to return.
Another hour passed and they are yet to return, Samael was now really worried about their safety, I think one of us should go look for them, he said
Raphael nodded his head, but before they could decide on who to go, they saw a bright light and both Raguel and Michael landed in the living room.
Raphael breath a sign of relief as he pulled both Raguel and Michael into a hug before he even pulled back from the hug Elena came running downstairs and snatched her soulmate form Raphael and hug him tightly.
When she was in her bedroom, she sensed her soulmate presence that’s how she knows he was back .
I was so worried, she said,
I know, Raguel said softly as he klzzed her.
He pulled out of the hug but he still held her close both Raguel and Michael explained the things they saw and what they should be done, after that everybody returned to their room.
Elena and Raguel took a shower together before Elena fell asleep.
******* ******* ******
The next four days, the Angels continue to plan how to invade the demons territory and take them unaware.
I think we should ask help from some Angels, Michael suggested, Samael nodded his head, I have some persons in mind Samael said as they continue their discussion, after hour of making their plan, they all sat back and relax
I think we are ready, Raguel said,
Let’s go teach those demons some lesson, Samael said sternly.
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