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Banished angel episode 26

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Banished angel episode 26 by : 3:13 am On September 28, 2020
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Banished angel
Episode 26
Raguel knocked softly on the door then pop his head inside what he saw made him smile widely.
Seeing Elena comfortable in the hands of her father was really worth seeing, he met Samael’s eyes who smiled gently at him, Raguel not wanting to disturb the bonding between them, left the room and quietly close the door.
Raguel was going to meet Raphael outside when he saw Michael sitting at a corner and he seems lost in thought the expression he has on his face was not really good
“He looks pained”
Raguel wonder why he did not really know anything about Michael, Raguel stopped thinking and approach Michael.
immediately Michael saw him he brushed off whatever was bothering him and planted a small smile on his face which really look as if it was forced.
Hey Raguel said
Hey Michael replied, his voice was sounding as if he had a sore throat, but Raguel knows its because Michael hardly use his voice he really talk to anyone.
Do you want something? Michael asked sounding a little harsh than he intended to sound he was getting impatient with Raguel’s silent, he does not have anything against him, but he liked his own company and Raguel seems to be invading on it.
Raguel did not take his word personal, he knows Michael did not mean to be hard on him but that who just Michael is, the little time he has spent around him he has seen much to know that there was something up with him.
Is everything alright? Raguel finally asked Michael
Michael who had turned facing another side turned immediately to meet Raguel’s eyes giving him a blank stare.
Raguel did not feel fazed about the way Michael was staring at him he just waited patiently for Michael to answer his question.
“Yes” Michael said bluntly without even asking why Raguel asked him the question he stood up from the spot he was sitting and started walking away.
I will be there when you need someone to talk to Raguel said making Michael stopped walking, he turned and face Raguel, who gave him a little smile but Michael just stared at him without even saying a word, he continued to stare until Raphael walked in on them, he looked back and forth between the young men who staring at each other.
Immediately Michael noticed Raphael’s presence he averted his gaze turning and head outside the house
What was that all about? Raphael asked because he felt the tension between the two young men when he entered the house.
Its nothing Dad Raguel said, Raphael was about to protest that it was something but Raguel knowing Raphael cut him off before he could even start.
Its fine just let it go, Raguel said making Raphael nod, but Raphael was not done talking he stopped walking making Raguel to stop too.
If anything is wrong, don’t hesitate to tell me, Raphael said sternly, making Raguel to smile.
Typical Raphael always worried about him which he was thankful for and will never take it for granted.
Yes I will tell you, Raguel said hugging Raphael brieflybefore pulling out of the hug.
Raguel just hopes that Michael takes him on his offer he knows within himself that Michael has a problem bothering him but he is not going to push him, he will let Michael tell him at his own time, he signed softly and followed, Raphael outside.
They both talked for a while but Raguel was now missing his soulmate, he knows she needed time with her father but it has been a long time since he held her he was not even following in the conversation he was just thinking about his soulmate.
Raphael noticed Raguel was no longer paying attention,
Are you listening? He asked softly by tapping Raguel gently on the shoulder to get his attention making Raguel to jerked out of his thought.
What did you say? Raguel asked
Raphael just shook his head, its about Elena right, you are thinking about her, Raphael asked making Raguel to nod his head
“I miss her already” he whispered.
Raphael could understand that when his soulmate was alive, he could not bear to stay away from her for a long time, so he definetely knows how Raguel was feeling
Before Raphael could say something to Raguel, Samael landed in front of them, making them to look at Samael who has a huge smile on his face.
Elena needs you now, Samael said,
Raguel wasted no time in flashing his wings and made his way to his soulmate.
Raphael grinned widely at Samael, seeing the expression on his face, I will take it that everything went well between you and your daughter, Raphael said.
Samael smile widened, yes it went really well he said, am just happy I got to talk to my daughter today he added.
She looks so much like her mother, Samael said
Am really sorry about losing your soulmate, Raphael said
No its fine, am happy now that I have my daughter with me, Samael said
I thought Maria was your soulmate at first Raphael said and shook his head, he always like to make assumption.
Samael laughed softly, now you know she’s not he said, Raphael could see how his friend was happy, he has never seen Samael this happy before, and he was glad that Samael finally found his daughter.
“He deserves all in happiness” Raphael said to himself.
She has her mother kind nature, and she is very understanding, just like her mother, I could not ask for more, having my daughter in my hands again, it’s like a dream come true, Samael said.
Raphael could understand that, because even though Raguel was not his biological child he was everything he has always needed to have in a child and he is so proud of his son.
They both continue to talk about Samael’s experiences with his daughter, when Raphael spotted Michael standing at a corner and staring into space.
How did you and Michael meet? Raphael asked suddenly making Samael to stop what he was saying he followed Raphael’s gaze to Michael
Samael signed softly, before he spoke; I meet him on a fateful day on earth when I was looking for my daughter, he was on earth for an assignment when we ran into each other, we both encounter a demon that day and we took down the demon Samael said
He took a breath before he continued, he later asked me what I was doing on earth, I trusted him form the start, so I did not hesistate to tell him what I was doing on earth and he told me he was going to help me and that was what he did from that day.
That’s it? Raphael asked
Yes, Samael said, I don’t know why he volunteer to help me but am really grateful that he did, I would not have come this far on my own, Samael added.
Don’t you know anything about him? Raphael asked
Samael shook his head, he does not talk about himself anytime I ask him, he just shut it down and change the subject or he will simply walk away Samael said.
I know that he has a something eating him up, but he never say anything, Samael said making Raphael to wonder what was bothering such a young man, he just shook his head and turned back to face Samae as they both continue their previous discussion.
****** ******* ******
Elena was standing by the window, waiting for her Angel to come, she did enjoy the company of her father but she was missing her soulmate already, thats why she asked her father to send for Raguel, she never wanted to let her father go but she had to because she has to be with her soulmate and Samael understands that soulmate are very important so he left to fetch Raguel.
Raguel landed in the room making Elena turned to face him with a smile, she wasted no time in walking into his arms and embraced him tightly.
“I miss you so much” Elena said still hugging her soulmate
“I miss you more” Raguel said, Elena wanted to argue that she missed him more but Raguel did not let her words out before he silenced her with klzz,
Elena smiled into the klzz and klzz her soulmate.
They pulled apart and Raguel led Elena to the bed, they both sat down enjoying the comfort from each other.
They so miss each other that spoken words could not really express the relief they feel being in each others presence again, even though they have only been apart for two hours, to them it felt like the longest day of their life.
How did it go with Samael? Raguel asked, he wanted to refer to Samael as Elena father but he does not know her take on that yet, he knows it will take time to get used to.
It went really well, Elena said with a smile on her face, he told me a lot about my mother, Elena added, and I really love Samael’s company.
He has not been in my life for long, but it feels I have know him my entirely life, he listens to everything I said, I have never really experience a fathers love before even when Steven was playing the role of it, Elena said
Remembering the betrayal and lies from a man she once called father thinking about it makes her angry, she could not believe he was a demon and has been living with them for so long.
Maybe that’s why he was hardly around because he knows we are not his really family and he was always out doing damage to people’s life, Elena muttered angrily.
Its okay babe, don’t let the thought of Steven spoil this moment, Raguel said and klzzed her softly making Elena to nod her head
He is not Worth thinking about Elena said, I have my father here with me now and its all that matters she added making Raguel nod his head
“Its all that matters” he repeated.
Do you feel comfortable in referring to Samael as father now, Raguel asked, making Elena to shake her head.
Am comfortable been with him but to call him father will definitely take some time, but I feel it will be sooner rather than later Elena said.
He had a huge smile on his face when he came to call me, Raguel said,
Really? Elena asked, she was very glad to know that her father was truly happy
“Yes” Raguel said, I have never seen him that happy before, he was a quiet person in heaven, seeing him very happy and chatting is very new, am so happy that he found you Raguel said.
“Am happy he found me too” Elena said making Raguel burst into laughter making Elena to laugh also because Raguels laugh is very contagious.
They both continue to talk about random things before they heard a knock on the door, Maria opened the door after she was giving the permission to do so.
“Lunch is served” she announced with a smile, we are all waiting for you downstairs she added, Raguel and Elena nooded their head in response making Maria shut the door behind her and head downstairs.
Go ahead Raguel I will join you guys real soon Elena said, Raguel hesitated before he nod and left the room leaving Elena in it.
Elena went to the bathroom she poured water on her face and picked up a dry towel to wipe her face she came out of the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror but what she saw made her scream her lungs out.
****** ***** ******
Raguel arrived downstairs and sat down with on the dining table they all started discussing random things as they waited for Elena to arrived but they heard her scream
Elena! Raguel shouted in panic, he wasted no time in flashing his wings, the rest Angel did the same but Maria had to run up the stairs.
Immediately they arrived at the room, they all stopped in their track their eyes widen in shock seeing what made Elena scream.
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