Banished angel episode 25

Episode 25
Raguel was seated at Elena’s side he thought about all that has happen to them, he never expected to hear that Samael was Elena father and Elena’s mother was dead he shot a glance at his soulmate his heart bleed for her,
Even after she went to bed yesterday, she woke up so many times during the night crying, Raguel just wished that there was something he could do to ease the pain she was passing through.
He shook his head and went to stand close to the window he could see Michael standing outside and the word Michael said earlier on played in his mind
“You and your soulmate share a spectacular bond which no one has ever connected”
He continued to watch Michael until he heard a soft knock on the door and when he opened the door he saw Raphael standing outside, he then step outside and shut the door quietly because he does not want their voices to wake Elena up, she needs all the rest.
How are you doing son? Raphael asked
Am good Raguel said, I just worried about Elena, she does not seem to be coping very well he added with a sad look.
Don’t worry everything will be fine soon, Raphael said
How is Samael doing? Raguel asked
He does not look good at all but he is holding on, Raphael said, its not really easy to remember the past of how you lost your soulmate and daughter the same day, Samael looks really pained.
Raguel sighed softly, don’t you think is best that Elena and Samael talk he asked
I think that will be the best, Raphael replied him, just let me know when Elena is ready so I can tell Samael
Okay Raguel said, I will head back inside now, he said as he opened the door and enter into the bedroom.
Few minutes later, Elena woke up, and sat up straight and rested her head on the headboard, Raguel who was standing by the window came to her side immediately
“Good morning” he said with a smile
“Good morning” Elena replied returning his smile.
How are you feeling? Raguel asked
I don’t really know but am so glad that you are here with me Elena said with a smile, she cannot imagine losing her soulmate, just like Samael lost his soulmate.
I need to go take a shower she said as she stood up from the bed when she got to the door of the bathroom she suddenly turned to face Raguel
Did you forget something? Raguel asked
Not really Elena said feeling shy all of a sudden, Raguel eyed her and wonder what she was thinking
I know you don’t need to take a bath, because your body refreshes itself but I want you to join me in the bathroom, Elena finally said blushing really hard.
Raguel smiled at the different shades of red on Elena’s face before he stood up from the bed and walked up to Elena, he took her hand and led her into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.
Elena slowly pulled her clothes and Raguel did the same thing, Raguel tried his best not to linger his eyes too much on Elena’s body, even though it was what he really wanted, he does not want to make her uncomfortable.
They both step into the shower and Elena slowly pulled Raguel closer to herself, she immediately inhaled deeper she could feel Raguel’s bare body pressed up against her,
Raguel was trying to contain himself but failed as he pulled Elena into a lustful kiss, Elena wasted no time in kissing him back, their kiss was full of passion, they kiss as if their lives depends on it
Raguel kissed Elena and pulled the kiss deeper making Elena to moan she opened her mouth wilder to accept all the kiss, Raguel slow down the kiss and trail kiss on her neck making Elena to tilt her head backwards giving Raguel access to explore more.
Raguel continue to trail soft kisses on her neck he was careful enough not to go beyond her neck he put his lips back on Elena’s who readily opened for him, he then put his hand on her waist brining their body more closer, they both moaned and continue to kiss,
They both slow down the kiss and Raguel planted one last kiss on Elena’s lips before they stopped but they still held each other closely for few more minutes before they start to wash up.
Few minutes later they both came out looking fresh and relaxed Elena head to the bed a saw a little note on a piece of paper.
“Breakfast is severed”
Elena then knew her mother was in her bedroom, and she knew for sure that she heard them.
“This is so embrassing” she whispered to herself
Let’s go downstairs for breakfast, Elena said to Raguel as she led the way downstairs, when they got there, everybody was seated in the dining table they both joine the rest of the of family after saying Good morning to everyone.
Elena try to discretely glance at Samael, but Samael was already looking at her, which made their eyes meet, she gave him a tiny smile before she continue eating her breakfast.
The Angels on the tableknows they don’t necessary need to eat the food, but they did anyway.
After breakfast Elena and her mother did the dishes, Raguel wanted to help but Maria told him it was fine .
Both Maria and Elena did the dishes quietly, but Maria kept looking at Elena with a knowing eyes, Elena could feel her eyes on her.
Mom! Please Elena whines, she immediately cut herself off when she called Maria mom, knowing she was her Aunt.
Maria noticed, don’t do that, she said quietly, I will always remain your mother she said with a smile making Elena smiled at her, she hugged her mother briefly before they continue washing the dishes.
Do you want to talk about what happen between you and Raguel, Maria asked with raised eyebrows,
Elena blushed she was so embarrassed that her mother heard her making out with Raguel.
No, am not talking about it, she said
But am your mother, Maria said
Its never going to happen mom, am not going to talk about it to you,Elena said
Maria burst into laughter making everyone to look at their direction, with smile on their faces.
Do you prefer talking about it to your father, Maria said loud enough for everyone to hear,
Mom! Elena whines
Talk to me about what? Samael asked
Elena put her hands on face clearly embrassed even though she knows the other people on the dining table does not know what they were talking about.
Okay I give up Maria said, as she put her hands in surrender, I will here if you need to talk about it she said quietly.
After Elena was done with the dishes, she took Raguel’s hand and they both head back to their room.
They sat on the bed with comfortable silence until Raguel spoke,
Do you want to talk about what happen yesterday? He asked
Elena nodded her head before she spoke;
you know I felt a connection with Samael with the first time he gave me a lift after they rescused us, I saw the way he looked at me in that warehouse, I saw the longing in his eyes whenever he looked at me but I didn’t know it was something like this
I can’t even believe that the man I called father all the years is the reason why I lost my biological father
we have even been living with a demon all these years I can’t just fathom the best way to deal with this she said;
Everything I ever know, I ever believe was a lie, she added
Raguel silently listened to Elena as she speaks not wanting to interrupt her but when Elena stopped talking he spoke instead
At least we now know what you really are, Raguel said softly, Elena looked up at him, thats when everything clicked, her father is an Angel
“Am half human and half Angel” she whispered ,
Raguel smiled at her;
That’s what you are babe, he said as he planted a soft kiss on her lips
Wow, this is incredible, she said,
Don’t you think you should talk to Samael, I know he is dying to talk to you, Raguel suggested,
Do you think he wants to talk to me? Elena asked
Yes, am really sure Samael wants to talk to you.
Okay, Elena said, Raguel quickly informed Raphael through the “Angel whispers” that Elena was ready to talk few minutes later they heard a knock on the door.
Come in, Raguel said, Samael immediately entered the room and shut the door behind him, Raguel stood up from the bed immediately Samael was seated, I will leave you two to talk he said as he kissed Elena before he left the room.
They both suddenly felt nervous around each other not knowing what to say, or who should talk first, but Samael got the courage making him speak.
How are you doing? He asked
I can’t really say am fine, when am not, Elena said,
Samael nooded his head in understanding
You really do look like your mother, Samael said
Really? Elena asked
Yes, you have her eyes and you are beautiful like she was, and am so sorry that you lost your mother, I know its my fault and am really sorry, if I hadn’t left your mother side, she could have still been alive today Samael said,
Elena moved from the bed and kneel in front of Samael, she raised his chin upso he could meet her eyes
Its not your fault, she said softly,
what if you were with her that day and you were also killed have you thought about what would have happened to me? she asked
Am just happy you are here now, Elena said, and we will get through this together, she said, pulling Samael into a hug,
Samael hug her immediatelyand they both sob quietly
Samael was so glad that he has his daughter in his arms again after so many years, he knows it would take time for Elena to refer to him as father, but he does not mind, being able to hold her and talk to her was more he could have ever asked for.
Elena slowly pulled away from the hug and she sat on floor close to her father’s seat before Samael spoke again;
Do you want to ask me about something? Samael asked, you know when we were in the dining room, Maria was saying something about you wanting to talk to me he clarified
Elena blushed hard and looked down at her hands before she spoke;
Am not saying anything to neither of you she said with a smile
Samael laughed softly seeing that his daughter was embrassed, he figures it has to do with her soulmate because Maria told him about not seeing them in the room when she came downstairs, she also told them not to wait for them befire they ate because they might take long before they come downstairs, so he knows something intimate happen between them.
Did you and Raguel…. Samael did not get to finish his statement before Elena cut him off
Don’t you dare finish that statement, she said with a smile,
What! Samael asked acting innocently like he does not know what Elena was talking about, they both burst into laughter.
They started disscusing about random things, like her best food, what samael did in heaven, and so many other things.
Samael noticed Elena was getting tired so he stopped the conversation, you need to rest Elena samael said softly, Elena stood up from the floor and head to her bed as Samael was about to leave the room she stopped him
Can you hold me till I fall asleep she asked,
Samael quickly jumped at the offer, wanting to spend more time with his daughter, he sat down on the bed and held Elena as she closed her eyes, she felt so safe in the hands of her father
Samael places a soft Kiss on her forehead and smiled down at his daughter.
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