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Banished angel episode 24

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Banished angel episode 24 by : 3:10 pm On September 25, 2020
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Episode 24
The room suddenly grew quiet, Elena glanced back at her mother, she wanted to ask her how she knew samael, but her mouth does not seems to be able to form any sentence.
She looked at Raguel who also has the same shocked expression written over his face but the other two Angels in the room did not even blink an inch.
Samael came into view light,
“Maria” he called out
I waited for you to come back for your daughter but you never showed up, Maria suddenly said as she stood up from the bed and went straight to Samael.
she stood in front of him with crossed arms.
Mom, What’s going on? Elena finally had the words out of her mouth, because everything was really confusing.
Maria turned back to meet Elena’s eyes;
Did you just call me mom? She asked slightly confused
Elena was shocked to hear her mother’s question, she quickly stood up from the bed and went to meet her mother.
Are you alright mom, what’s wrong with you? Elena asked getting really confused.
Am not your mother, am your Aunt, your mothers sister, Maria said as if Elena was suppose to know that from birth .
Elena nearly dropped on the ground, if not for Raguel who quickly rushed to her side before she hit the ground.
Maria was surprised by Elena’s expression, she was also confused
Did you not know? Maria asked as she glanced back at Samael,
“No” Elena whispered you never mentioned it
I don’t understand what’s going, Maria said my head feels so heavy, she said,
Samael quickly rushed to her side,
Take a sit Maria and I will explain everything to you, Samael said as he led her to the bed, Raguel also led Elena to the bed she sat close to her mother
Samael took a deep breath before he spoke, I know everything is really confusing right now for you and Elena, Samael said
Maria you were not able to remember anything that happened, or not even remember not telling Elena that you are not her mother because you were under a spell, so were you too Elena, Samael said pointing at Elena
Elena was so confused as to why she was under a spell, everything happening around her seems like a dream she really want to wake from.
So are we still under the spell? Elena asked
No, you are not, Samael said, the substance you and Maria took actually washed the spell out he added
So if you are not my mother, where is my mother? Elena asked as she glanced at Maria.
Maria sighed softly, she opened her mouth to say something, but she was not able to say anything
I will tell you, Samael said making Elena looked up and meet his eyes
Do you know my mother? Elena asked and Samael only nodded his head.
I will tell you everything from the beginning he said as he took a deep breath
Julia, Samael said, that’s the name of your mother, she was my soulmate
Elena was very surprised to hear her mother was bonded to an Angel, she had question to ask, but she saw how difficult it is for Samael to speak about her, so she decided to ask her question when he was finished.
I meet Julia when I was sent to earth to be someone guardian Angel, she was a very beautiful you look so much like her Elena samael said, I always watched her from afar, until I was done with my duty on earth before I approach her
I did not tell her immediately that I was an Angel or she was my soulmate, we became friends for a while, I knew she was very special as a human and I knew she had great powers even as a human
My feelings for her grew fast that I was not able to stay away from her, I knew we needed to connect the bond, so I was going to tell her everything about me but as I approach her door t
One fateful day, I sensed demons around her place I rushed into her place to see a demon holding her down
I wasted no time in taking the demon down, I flashed my wings and I took her out of the apartment she was shocked about everything
So I explained what happened and I told her about myself that day, she so trusted me that we wasted no time in connecting our bond
That day was one of the happiness day of my life, samael said as he replay that day events on his mind
I was still going to heaven even after connecting the bond with Julia, we were so happy together and our joy was really complete when she said she was pregnant we were so happy about having a baby,
When she was due for delivery, I went to heaven and I left her in the care of Maria, I wanted to let heaven know that I will not return back, that I will like to start my life with my family on earth,
It was really the biggest mistake of my life leaving Julia side Samael said with tears falling down from his face,
When I left heaven I immediately went back to meet Maria and Julia at the hospital but I could not find any of them I panicked until I felt Julia distress emotions I flashed my wings and went in search of them
But I was too late, Samael sob quietly as continued, The demons had her and killed her
“I lost her”, he whispered
you were with Maria Samael said as he pointed at Elena
I wasted no time in killing the demons who killed Julia, I was angry with myself for leaving Julia side, I blame myself for what happened to her and I asked Maria to go home with you that I will come back for you
That was another mistake I made, “leaving you behind”, he said as he pointed at Elena, i went around in search for all the demons responsible for what happened to Julia and I totally forget about my responsibility to you
When I was done with killing the demons I went back to Maria place but I could not find either of you, I could not even sense you and I knew I lost my daughter too
I continue to search for you until I finally found you the day we rescued you and your soulmate, the spell which was on you and Maria were the reason I could not find you
“Am so sorry Elena” I know I failed you, I failed your mother too, and I still blame myself for what happen to her.
Elena was very quiet but tears were falling down from her eyes, she could not believe her mother was dead and was also killed by a demon.
That’s makes you my father, Elena said, it was not really a question because it was an obvious answer, but Samael nodded anyway.
All my life has been a lie, Elena said with more tears falling down her face
Raguel quickly went to her side and wrapped his hand around her.
Elena was so grateful for that, because she needed the comfort and the warmth of her Angel, she immediately turnedand hug Raguel tightly as she cried in his arms
“Let it all out babe” Raguel continue to whisper in Elena’s ear
Raphael went to stand closeSamael, he immediately pulled him into a hug
“Am so sorry” Samael, Raphael said, he could relate to pain of losing a soulmate, he remembered when he lost his soulmate, he hadn’t cope well when he lost his soulmateand he could only imagine the pain Samael feels by losing his soulmate and his daughter for so many years.
Elena, Maria whispered, she has been quiet the whole time because she was trying to wrap her head around all that was happening, she could not believe she was under a spell.
Elena turned and faced Maria,
Who immediately pull Elena into her arms.
Am so sorry you had to go through all this, Maria said,
You made it bearable, Elena said, and I have you to thank for that she added,
Maria pulled back from the hug and frown at Elena;
you don’t have to thank me for anything, she said, you are my niece she added
Maria do you know what happened after you went to your apartment that day? Raphael asked, making everybody to glance at him
Maria sat up right she closed her eyes for a second before she spoke
When I got to the apartment I heard a knock on the door when I opened it I saw a man standing outside, he told me that he was a friend of Samael, that Samael asked him to bring us to him I believe him and followed him out of the house with Elena in my arms.
That’s all I remembered, I don’t even know how we got here Maria said glancing around
Raphael frowned a little;
How did you meet your husband? he asked
Maria frowned at him am not married she said, which husband are you talking about.
Elena looked at Maria, she wasted no time as she bolted through the door before Raguel could even say anything, she came back immediately with a picture in her hand, She showed Maria the picture of Steven.
He’s the one, she said looking at Samael, he is the one that told me he was friends with you, she clarified,
Elena was shocked she has been living with the person that took her away from her father.
I sensed that there was something off about him when I first meet him, his aura was so dark, but I never knew I was in the midst of the demon, Raguel said, he must have use something to hide his scent, he added.
Why did you not tell me about this, Raphael asked
I was not sure and I did not want to raise unnecessary panic
Raphael took the picture from Maria,
Michael, Samael and Raphael shared a look at each other, they recognise the man in the picture.
He is the same person that attack us when we were looking for a way to break the spell, Raphael said
We have been living with a demon all this time, Maria said
What exactly does the demon want from us, Maria said, haven’t they done enough by killing my sister she added
They want the same they wanted from Julia, Samael said,
Julia was not just a regular human, she had a great power and the demons wanted it, but after giving birth to you, the powers were transferred to you, so that’s why are coming after you
But I don’t think that’s the only reason, they are coming after you Michael said
He has been very quiet ever since the conversation started he was just observing everyone
Everybody turned and focus their attention on him
You and your soulmate have a spectacular bond, the bond you share is deeper than what anybody has ever connected, the demons knows that, that’s why they are after you
Michael said
Raguel and Elena stared at each other, not knowing what to say to each other
How do you know this? Raphael asked
I have my eyes and ears on the ground Ralph, they are whispers going on in heaven about a human forming a spectacular bond with an Angel, Michael said as if Raphael was suppose to know
How come I did not know this, Raphael said feeling annoyed with himself for not knowing such an important information.
Don’t beat yourself over it Ralph, you were never around that much in heaven, Samael said
I think the information we have gotten today is enough, the humans needs to rest, Raphael said looking and Maria and Elena who were barely holding up,
We will keep watch Raphael said as
Maria stood up from the bed she klzzed Elena softly on her forehead, rest well my dear, she said as she left the room
Elena wanted to stop her from going into her room alone she cannot bear to lose her Aunt too, Samael looked at Elena before he said;
I will watch over her he said because he could see the fear in her eyes
“Thank you” Elena whispered
Samael only smiled at her before he left the room
We will be outside Raphael said to Raguel, get some rest Elena Raphael said as he lead Michael out of the room.
Raguel sat next to Elena on the bed
I don’t even know what to make out of everything today, she said
Shh, don’t talk, just rest babe, we will talk in the morning, Raguel said,
Elena nodded her head before she lay down and pulled Raguel along with her, Raguel immediately wrapped his hands around her, Elena snuggled closer to her Angel.
“Good night” Raguel whispered softly
“Good night” Elena murmured.
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