Banished angel episode 23

Banished angel
Episode 23
Elena was shocked by the scene in front of her, she could not believe those demons almost caught her mother, her body was shaking, different thought were running through her mind
Elena! Raguel called out, he could see her body shaking, and he knows she was on the verge of having a panic attack, try to slow down your breathing, Raguel said
Elena wanted to say something to Raguel but Raguel cut her off, just try to get your breathing even baby, Raguel said softly.
Elena listened to Raguels voice and try to slow down her breathing, she finally shifted her eyes from her mother who was still lying unconscious in her hands and her eyes finally met with Raguel, tears were falling down from her eye’s.
Its okay baby, Raguel said as he wrapped his hand around his soulmate, comforting her and whispering things in her ears and continuously telling her that every thing was going to be okay, he said those words until Elena was finally relaxed and he pull back a little.
He cupped Elena’s face,” Everything will be fine” Raguel said again looking at Elena in the eyes,
Elena only nooded because she knows if she tries to speak, she will end up crying again.
Let’s get your mother upstairs, so we can lay her down on the bed, Elena nodded as she try to stand up, but her mother weight on her was much,
Raguel saw she was struggling and he carefully picked Maria in his hands, Elena stood up and lead the way, but instead of stopping in her parents room, she opened the door to her room,
Raguel did not say anything, he just followed her in and carefully lower Maria to bed, Elena pull up the cover, and she also settled under it, Raguel kissed her forehead.
Elena wrapped her hands around her mother and close her eyes, Raguel just sat on the chair and watched them, ” this demon issue is getting out of hand” something really need to be done he said to himself.
He continue to stare at them, he wanted to call Raphael, so he can check on Maria, but he decided against it, because the looks in saw in Samaels eyes means he had so much on his plate, and he was sure Raphael was helping him out with his problems.
Samael has always been there for them, so its the right thing to let Raphael help him out, because he knows if he contacted Raphael, he will leave everything and come rushing back here,
Raguel shook his head, the last thing he wants to do is to make Raphael worry and choose between helping his friend and helping his son, Raguel knows for sure what Raphael will do, atleast for now he has the situation under control.
He stood up and went close to the window, and stare in nothing in particular, This was really close, the demon had Maria in their hands, he said to himself, he was so thankful that Maria was not hurt in anyway because Elena would have lost it, he cannot bear to see pain in the eyes of his soulmate.
Few minutes later Elena woke up she looked down at her mother who was still unconscious she stood up from the bed and went to meet her Angel was who standing by the window, she wrapped her hands around him from behind and rested her head on his back.
How are you feeling? Raguel asked
I don’t even know how am feeling, Elena responded as she glanced back to her mother who was lying on the bed
there were so close in getting her, she whispered,
Raguel immediately turned and faced his soulmate, Elena did not realize that she was even crying when Raguel wiped the tears from her eyes,
She is fine now, Raguel said
Elena nooded her head, I was planning to tell her about all of this, Elena said looking at Raguel, but I never expected her to find out about any of this like the way she did today.
Its all my fault, I wished I just sat her down and explain everything to her, this would have never had happened, Elena said
Don’t blame yourself for any of this Raguel said,
Elena wanted to argue with him but Raguel shook his head making Elena’s word to die in her mouth
Don’t blame yourself for this, Raguel said a little sternly, this could have happened even if you had told her earlier,
Elena nooded her head and rest it on Raguels chest, Raguel wrapped his hand around her
We will get through this, Raguel whispered in her ears,
Do you think she would be fine? Elena asked
Yes she would be fine, she was just shocked thats all Raguel said, but if she did not show any sign of waking up I will call Raphael, he added.
You remember the first time you saw my wings? Raguel asked,
Elena lifted her head to look at Raguel with a smile on her face because she remembered vividly what happened.
“You fainted”, Raguel said as he laughed softly, and you fainted twice he added with a smile
Elena smiled at that, I was so scared of the man with wings she said as she laughed, Raguel was very happy that he was able to lighten up her mood, but now those wings of yours is what I like the most, she said with a smile, Raguels heart burst for joy hearing Elena say that, his wings immediately came out because he was overwhelm, and his wings hit Elena on the face because it came out without warning, Elena laughed hard
“Sorry” this will take a while to get back in, Raguel said
Elena only smiled at him, as she run her fingers through his wings
“So soft” she murmured
Raguel smiled as he watched Elena run her fingers through is wings, I love you he said, I love you too Elena said and place a quick kiss on Raguels lips and continue running her fingers through his wings.
Xxxxxx. Xxxxx. Xxxx
Raphael, Samael and Michael were still looking for a way to break the spell, they have checked everywhere they have in mind and they were going to check the last place, Michael suggested,
Raphael hoped that they find the solution there, he glanced back at his friend to see that he does not even have hope they will even find a way to break the spell, Raphael places his hand on Samael shoulder and gave it a little squeeze.
Samael looked up to meet Raphael’s eyes
We will find it? Raphael said
I don’t even know if that will be even possible, Samael said as he shook his head, am going to lose my daughter again he said in a whisper.
Raphael held Samael hands to stop him from walking, he turned Samael to face him
I don’t care what is going on in that head of yours, Raphael said as he pointed at Samael’s head, but I know one thing for sure that we will get the solution and you will reunite with your daughter, you are not going to lose your daughter again he added as he pulled Samael into a hug
“Have faith” he whispered into Samael’s hear
Samael only nooded his head and pulled back from the hug
“Thank you” Samael said.
They continue walking, with Michael at ahead of them, how did you even convinced Michael to help you? Raphael asked
Samael was about to answer when he noticed that Michael has stopped walking and was looking around, Raphael noticed too and he looked at Samael because he senses something
” Demons” they both said in unison, Michael quickly retreated backward and stood closer to his friends.
A demon appeared before them, immediately the words left their mouth
Well, who do we have here, the demon said, Raphael looked around and saw more demons standing close to the one that was speaking.
All the Angels were very alert, we don’t want any trouble we are just looking for something Samael said
Really, the demon said, but you are in my territory, he said as he grin evily, and looked back at his demons “Get them” he ordered his demons
Demons started lunging towards them, all the Angels took their stand to fight off the demons,
The demons wasted no time as they pounced on the Angels, the Angels were strong enough to beat them down, they continue fighting, from the corner of Raphael’s eyes, he saw Michael took down two demons at once
This Michael guy has skills, he said to himself as he continue to fight with the demons, soon the demons were in the ground, defeated, the demon who ordered the fight was the only one standing
“You guys are useless” the demon shouted
“This is no over” the demon said sternly, we will meet again soon, with that he vanished and left the Angels.
Samael and Raphael was talking, Raphael was checking his body for any injury so he could heal it when they heard Michael shouted
Have found it he said, coming out of a cave, he lifted the bottle containing the substance and handed it to Samael.
Samael wanted to dance for joy when the bottle touched his hands, he quickly pulled Michael into a hug and pulled Raphael with him too
“Thank you” he said in their ears,
Let’s go save your daughter and Maria Raphael said as he pulled out from the hug and flashed his wings, the rest wasted no time in flashing their wings as they flew, heading for Elena’s house
****** ******** *******
Raguel was seated on the chair with Elena on his lap, they were both watching Maria, Raguel was thinking about calling Raphael when he senses their presence. Immediately they were bright light in the room, Elena stood up as Raphael made his way to his son and hugged him.
What happened to her? Samael voice made Raphael pulled out of the hug and look at the bed, Raguel sighed softly before he spoke
She was attacked by a demon, we heard her scream from the bedroom and went downstairs to check on her, after she encounter the demon and also seeing my wings she just fainted and she has been unconscious ever since there
Why did you not let me know? Raphael asked
I knew you are helping Samael out with something and I did not want to disturb you, Raguel said, Raphael walked closer to Maria and checked her
She is going to be fine, Raphael said, she will regain consciousness soon he added, he pulled Raguel aside from Elena, and he pointed at Samael to follow them
Raguel wondered what Raphael had to say, that he could not say it in front of his soulmate, take this, Raphael said as he collected something from Samael hands
What’s this? Raguel asked
Elena and her mother are under a spell, Raphael said softly
What do you mean? Raguel asked
Just give her this to drink and when Maria wakes up also gave her this to drink, Raphael said, he will explain everything later he added as he pointed at Samael who has not said a word.
Raguel knows he could trust Raphael so he wasted no time in walking back to meet Elena
Here have this Raguel said to Elena, Elena did not even protest when Raguel told her to drink the substance in his hands because she trusted Raguel.
Maria stirred, and she slowly opened her eyes,
Raguel immediately left the bed leaving Elena with her mother in it and stood at the corner of the room
Elena quickly gave her mother the substance Raguel handed her, Maria sat up right and rested her head on Elena shoulder she does not even seem to notice the other people standing in the room.
The event of what happened to her played in her mind, she quickly sat up straight and pulled her daughter close,
Mom its alright, you are fine, we are fine Elena said,
Oh my God, Maria whispered, she was right when she said demons and Angels existed, I thought she was crazy Maria said suddenly
Who are you talking about mom, Elena asked, she was surprise to know that her mother knew about demons and Angels, Maria was about to answer her daughter when she glanced around the room and found out they were not alone, her eyes landed on a farmilar person, her eyes widen when she recognized the person she was seeing.
“Samael” she whispered
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