Banished angel episode 22

Episode 22
Raguel still had his hands wrapped, around his soulmate, he noticed Elena is trying to keep her eye’s from falling , they have been in the warehouse for a while,
Hey sweetheart, Raguel said softly to Elena,
Elena looked up to her Angel and gave him a tired smile
You seem pretty tired, Raguel said as he roam his eyes over Elena’s body, I think is time we go back home, I have my strength now, and I can fly us back home,
Are you sure you have regain your strength? Elena asked, even though she wanted to go home desperately, she needed to be sure that Raguel has the strength to fly
Yes am sure, Raguel said kissing Elena softly on the lips, he looked around the room but he could not find Raphael in the room and Samael does not seem to be in the room also, but he saw Michael sitting at the corner just staring at nothing in particular.
Raguel did not really know Michael very well when he was in heaven but he knows that he was a quiet person and he does not like to mingle in people business, seeing Michael here with them was really a surprise to him,
Michael would be the last person he would have expect to help him out in this situation, that only make him wonder what Samael had said to convinced him.
Raguel caught a glimpse of Raphael and Samael outside
Sweetheart, I will be back, Raguel said to Elena, as he stood up and made his way outside,
immediately Raphael and Samael noticed his presence they stopped their conversation
And he could have swore he saw Samael discreetly trying to wipe his eyes,
why would Samael be crying he asked himself? he knew Samael was a very strong person so seeing him crying, it means whatever he was discussing with Raphael was very serious
Maybe it was about the issue, Raphael said he had and refuse to tell him, Raguel said to himself, it seems like Samael finally gave in to Raphael’s persuassion.
I was looking for you, Raguel finally said
Do you want something? Raphael asked
I think its time I take Elena home, she looks really tired, Raguel said glancing back at the room to see Elena lying down
Yeah, I think so too, Raphael said eyeing Raguel before he spoke
Are you sure you can fly now? Raphael asked with concern in his voice
I can give you a lift and am sure Samael will love to give Elena a lift, right Samael Raphael said glancing back at his friend
Yes, Samael said quickly not wanting to miss the opportunity of his daughter in his arms again, even though it was for a few minutes
Raguel looked at the two people standing in front he saw something shift between them, but he can’t place his finger on it, but it was clear to Raguel that Raphael was not telling him something, but he was not going to ask him about it, because if Raphael thinks its important for him to know, he won’t hesitate to tell him.
Yes dad, am sure I can fly now Raguel said with a smile on his face, immediately he said the word “dad,” he saw the way Raphael’s face lit up and his lips curved into a smile.
Alright son, Raphael said smiling widely at Raguel, take care of yourself and your soulmate, we will join you guys later on, to discuss plans about the demon, and maybe figure out what they really want from you and soulmate, Raphael said as he patted Raguels back gently
Raguel hugged Raphael briefly and head back into the room to get his soulmate
Hey, Raguel said softly, making Elena to open her eyes slowly, she smiled at her Angel
Are you ready to go home now? Raguel asked,
Elena murmured something that sounds like yes because she was still half asleep, Raguel smiled at her, and he carefully lifted her and wrapped his hand around her and they left.
Raphael watched his friend as he stared at his daughter one last time before she left with her soulmate.
He squeezed Samael’s shoulder a little, as he try to comfort him, he knows Samael wanted to hold his daughter in his arms that why he suggested that Samael should give Elena a lift, but when Raguel said he was fine to fly, he saw the hurt in Samael’s eyes
It took every self control for him not to pull Samael into a hug in front of Raguel, but he does not want Raguel to suspect anything, even though he was sure Raguel suspect something was going on, judging by the way he looked at them, so hugging Samael in front of him will confirm his suspicion.
Am sorry you had to keep this from your son, Samael said,
Raphael liked it whenever he was referred to Raguels father, even though he was not his biological father.
Its okay Samael, there is already so much on his plate, so telling him this will only add to it especially telling him that his soulmate was under a spell, Raphael said.
Samael only nodded because he was still feeling raw, he just want his daughter back
Raphael looked at his friend and saw that tears were forming in his eyes, he quickly pulled him into a hug,
We will find the way to break the spell on her, and you will be reunited with your daughter, Raphael said with a determined tone, have “faith” he added
Do you have any where in mind, we can go look for how to break the spell, Raphael asked, Samael was about to answer when Raphael whispered ” Michael”
Samael looked at his back and saw Michael standing with crossed arms, Samael smiled softly at him
He knows Samael said to Raphael, he has been the one helping me with looking for my daughter
Raphael only nodded at him, he has actually seen Michael and Samael together a couple of times, but he did not think Michael would Samael looking for his daughter, because he man was too reserved, you hardly see him interact with any Angels in heaven
Raphael actually wished Samael confided in him first, but it does not matter anymore, because he now have the opportunity to render help to his friend who has always stood by him.
I do have some place in mind Samael said
What are you looking for? Michael asked,
Raphael was surprise to hear his voice, because Michael hardly talks
My daughter is under a spell, Samael said with a sad look, thats why we were not able to find her easily Samael added.
I also have some places in mind we can check, Michael said,
I wonder who put a spell on her Michael said aloud but more to himself, but Raphael heard him, making him think the same thing .
Do you think Maria is also under a spell? Michael asked
Raphael knows Maria was Elena’s mother but he has never met her,
he wonders what the story between Maria and Samael was
I think she might be under a spell too, because I was not able to detect her scent too, Samael said.
Samael was looking very down, Raphael was surprised when Michael walked up to Samael and pulled him into a hug, he never expected any emotional reaction from Michael, it really surprised him, because most of the time Michael’s expression is not always readable, but seeing him like this means Samael means a lot to him.
And Raphael was very grateful that at least his friend had somebody to lean on when he was not there.
Michael pulled back from the hug, “let’s go” find the solution for this he said as he flashed his wings, Raphael and Samael did the same thing and with that they all left the warehouse determined to find the solution in breaking the spell.
****** ******** ********
When Raguel arrived at Elena’s home, he quickly surveyed the area before he made his way to Elena’s bedroom
He carefully dropped Elena on the bed, he looked around the room and saw the mess in it from their fight with the demons, he quickly started arranging the room, and putting things back in their position.
After the room was clean, he made his way to the bed he sat down and replay all the event that happened in a short time,
He was really grateful for Raphael for showing up in time, along with his friends, he sigh softly and he lay on the bed and wrapped his hand around Elena who immediately moved closer to him,
Raguel smiled and kissed her forehead and just listened to her breathing.
She really needs the rest after all had gone through today, Raguel said to himself as he watches his soulmate sleep peacefully.
Few hours later Elena woke up, she opened her eyes and saw her Angel watching her, she smiled at him
feeling much better now you had rest? Raguel asked
So much better, Elena replied
Elena lean in for a kiss, and connected her lips with her Angel, he pulled him closer and wrapped her hands around his neck to get a better taste of her Angel, she slowly pushed her tongue into Raguels mouth,
Raguel moaned softly when Elena’s tongue slipped into his mouth, Elena smiled at the sound Raguel made, it was very beautiful sound, so she pushed her tongue deeper in Raguels mouth, and exploring every part of his mouth
Raguel opened his mouth widely for Elena, he liked that Elena was in control of the kiss, he put his hands around Elena’s waist and continue to follow Elena’s lead.
Elena slow down the kiss and places a soft kiss on her Angels lips
Raguel almost protest when the kiss came to an end but he stopped himself at the last minute, he wanted to pinned Elena beneath him and place kisses all over her skin.
I love you Elena said
Raguel can’t never get tired of hearing those words
I love you too her said with a smile, Elena rested her head on his shoulder and they both sat in comfortable silence until them heard a scream coming from the living room.
Mum! Elena shouted in panic hearing her mother’s scream she bolted out of the door, racing down to the living room
Raguel actually got there before her, because he used his wings, when he sensed a demon presence and he was actually right because he saw a demon dragging Maria
Raguel could hear Elena’s scream, he wasted no time as attack the demon who quickly let go of Maria, from the corner of his eyes he saw Maria pulled her daughter into her arms and moved closer to the wall
Raguel wasted no time in killing the demon and he rushed back to meet Maria and his soulmate
Are you okay Maria? Raguel asked scanning her body for bruises,
But Maria could not speak, she was looking at Raguel, that was when Raguel remembered his wings was still out in the open, he glance at his soulmate who was watching her mother closely
What was that? She said
That was a demon, Raguel said
Demon, she repeated , Raguel could see her body shaking in fear
you have wings,? she asjed
Yes Raguel answered softly, but that was all he could say before Maria fainted.
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