Banished angel episode 18 – 19

Episode 18
Raguel arrived at the warehouse, he stood close to the window staring at nothing in particular, he knows Raphael will take a while to get there.
He thought about the kiss he shared with his soulmate, that alone brought smile to his face, he just can’t wait to get back to his soulmate.
Raphael landed in the warehouse, Raguel turned after sensing the presence of his friend.
Hey, Raphael said and move closer to Raguel
Hey, Raguel replied with a smile
He was really Raphael always comes to his aid,
He just wished Raphael soulmate did not die, at least Raphael will have every reason to smile.
He remember when he was still heaven, the way Raphael’s eyes always lit up with joy and happiness, when he is around his soulmate but now, he just seem to be existing and not really living.
Raguel closed the distance between them and hug his friend the man who raised him in heaven tightly.
Raphael was surprised by the hug, he knows they hug occasionally, but this particular hug felt different.
Are you alright? Raphael asked
Raguel sighed softly, I was just thinking about your soulmate, he said not wanting to tell a lie because he knows Raphael will see through his lie and he will always point it out to him that he is telling a lie.
You know when she was around you are always happy, Raguel added,
Raphael pushed back a little so he could see Raguel face,
I’m happy, knowing that you are here, I miss my soulmate everyday, you would have been everything I and my soulmate would have wished for, Raphael said softly.
And I will always be here for you Ralph, you are my father, Raguel said
That statement only, but light into Raphael’s face, he pulled Raguel back into his arms
I love you Ralph, Raguel said, with a smile on his face,
I love you too son, Raphael replied and a tear slip from his eyes touching Raguel
Raguel pulled back a little and wiped the tears out of Raphael eyes with a smile.
Few minutes later, when they both calm Raphael finally speaks up
You said you wanted to see me, Raphael asked
Yes, where you able to get any information from samael, Raguel asked
Yes I was able to get somethings from him,
He was aware of those two Angels and he said the demons think Elena is a threat to them.
What do you mean by threat? Raguel asked with a frown on his face.
Since we all know Elena is not entirely human and she is also bonded with an Angel, so I think that makes her a threat, they think she is very powerful Raphael added.
Raguel looked slightly confused by Raphael’s statements
As a human that Elena is, she is very special, she has some potential within her that is hidden deeply, bonded with an Angel like yourself makes the bond you share special, Raphael said, trying to clear the confusion that is written all over Raguels face.
So right now, we should found out what Elena truly is? Raguel asked
Yes, Raphael said simply
Will you ask samael for help? Raguel asked, since he seems to know so much he added.
I already did but he declined, Raphael said, rembering the worried look that was in his friend face when they spoke.
Why would he declined to help out? Raguel said, is it because I’m a banished Angel thats why he is refusing to help
Raphael jerked his head and looked at Raguel.
No, thats not the reason, Raphael quickly defended his friend, samael is not judgmental he added
He said he has his problems he was facing, and he needs to handle them, thats why he could not help Raphael said.
What kind of problems Raguel asked?
That I do not know, but he refused to tell me his problems, If he had not hurried out of heaven after he talked to me, I would have continue asking him about his problems until he finally tells me.
Raguel smiled at that statement, he knows Raphael could be persuasive something and its really hard not to tell him something when he is very determined to know.
Raguel thought about telling Raphael about what he observed about Elena’s father but he quickly shake the idea off.
Maybe I’m just paranoid, he thought to himself.
Okay then, I need to head back to Elena,
Sure, Raphael said with a smile, see you soon he added as Raguel flashed his wings and left.
Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxx
Raguel landed outside Elena’s house he wanted to survey the environment before he will make his way to Elena’s room but that was short lived because Maria came outside.
Hey there, she said
Raguel turned to looked at Elena’s mother,
Hi, he said with a smile
You looking for someone she asked eyeing him
Yes, I’m looking for Elena he said
Oh, maria said cheerfully, why don’t you come inside, she said
Raguel followed Maria into the house
Elena, Maria called out
Yes mom,
You have a visitor she said stressing the word visitor
Elena wonder who that could be as she made her way to the living room, she stopped in her tracks when she noticed Raguel seated in her living room,
Raguel winked and smiled at her
Are you going to stand there all day, maria asked,
Won’t you introduce me to your friend, she said with raised eyebrows
Elena then realized that her mother was still in the living room,
Mom, this is Raguel Elena introduced her Angel with a proud smile.
Raguel, Maria repeated, its really an unusual name she said with a smile as she stretch her hands for a handshake
It is ma, and it is nice to meet you
Oh please call me Maria, she said smiling.
Maria went close to her daughter and whispered softly
He is a handsome young man, she said as she winked at her daughter
Mom! She said, as she blushed lightly
Okay, Maria said as she raised her hands, I was just stating the obvious she said as she patted her daughter.
Raguel down and listen to their conversation, even though their voices were low, he could still make out what they were saying
Will like to stay for lunch, maria asked
Sure Maria, I would loved too
Mom we will be upstairs Elena said as she pulled Raguel from the couch
Okay, I will call you guys when am doing, maria said smiling.
Elena looked at her mother one last time
Maria gave her a thump’s up before she disappeared into her bedroom with her Angel smiling widely.
Episode 19
When they shut the door to Elena’s bedroom, Raguel pulled her into his arms
“I miss you” he said still holding Elena close, Elena smiled,
“I miss you more” she said pulling out of the hug and placing a soft sweet kiss on Raguel’s lips.
They both head over to the bed and sat down, Raguel wasted no time in pulling Elena to his sides.
You look happy? Elena said obsevering her Angel,
You are here with me, so I have every right to be happy, Raguel said
You know, thats not what I’m talking about Elena said smiling down at her Angel.
Well if you must know, I and Raphael had a moment,
Elena looked at him, please tell me the full story,
Okay, Raguel said, I called Raphael father today, you should have seen his face when I said its just looks as if he was about to explode, he said cheerfully.
Elena watched her Angel as he spoke, he could tell that means a lot to him,
You should see your face now, Elena said smiling, I’m so proud of you babe, She said leaning down for a kiss.
Raguel connected their lips together, he could never get enough in kissing Elena, the kiss was slow, and nothing too intense, he brought her closer and wrapped his hands around her waist, they soon slow down their kiss.
They rested their forehead against each other, and try to catch their breath
“I love you” Raguel said, he never meant to say those words right now, but those words has been in the tip of his tongue for a long time.
Elena smiled at those words she had been longing to hear ever since, she knew she has been in love with him too
“I love you too” she said not wanting to waste another seconds in saying those words
Raguel smiled at her,
Is your father gone already? Raguel blurted out,
He notice the house has returned back to normal,
Yes, Elena said with a sad look, he normally don’t stay long when he comes back home she added.
No wonder everything seem fine, because when Steven step into the house, the atmosphere changed.
He just can’t figure why things with Elena’s father seems different.
Elena was watching her Angel closely, he could see that there was a hint of worry on his face
Are you alright? Elena asked, she wonders what he is thinking to make him worry
Elena’s voice pulled Raguel out of his thought, he noticed he has been lost in thought for a while.
I’m fine, Raguel finally said, I was just thinking about something am trying to figure out, he added.
Do you want to share that you are thinking? Elena asked
Raguel looked at her and shook his head, how can he tell Elena that her father looks suspicious, that he might be hiding something under his skin .
Elena frowned at him,
Raguel quickly cupped her face, sweetheart its just mere speculation, I can’t really tell you that,
What if am wrong about it, he said with a little smile, I just don’t want to get you worried unnecessarily.
When I’m sure its the fact I will let you know,
Okay, Elena said believing every word her Angel told her, he knows he is telling the truth.
“And I really don’t want anything to bother me” she thought to herself.
Elena rested her head on Raguel’s shoulder and they both sat in comfortable silent until a knock on the door disrupted that Silence.
Honey, Maria called out,
Lunch is served, I will be waiting downstairs for you guys, she said as she hurriedly left the door and head downstairs.
Raguel held out his hand to Elena, she places her hand on his and they both head downstairs
When they got to the dining room, they separated their hands, but Maria as already caught the sight of their joined hands which made her smile.
They eat in silence, after eating Elena washed the dishes with Raguel helping her out,
Maria watched they both with smile, its has been a really long time since she saw her daughter happy with another person.
After watching the dishes they all settled in the living room
So are you dating my daughter, Maria blurted out
Mom! Elena whines softly, which Maria of course ignored and face Raguel waiting for his answer
Raguel smiled at that,
Yes I’m dating your daughter, he said looking at Elena with a soft smile on his face
Maria traced his gaze to Elena, to see she was also smiling widely at the young man.
She was really happy, to see the genuine happiness in her daughters face.
I can tell by the looks on your face that you really love my daughter, she said making Raguel pulled his gaze away from Elena to Maria.
Yes I do love her, I really do, Raguel added.
Alright people, I have to leave you guys for a while now, I need to do some shopping, Maria said getting up from the couch.
Alright Raguel, see you around she said as she left them in the living room and head for the front door.
Immediately she left, Elena stood up pulling Raguel with her and they both head to her bedroom
As soon as they entered into the bedroom, Raguel senses that they was something off making him stop in his track.
Elena senses Raguel’s emotions
What’s wrong? Elena asked as she watches Raguel looking around
There are demons nearby, he said, we need to leave now
Before he could even finished his statement a demon appeared in the room
Raguel wasted no time in pulling Elena behind him and taking his stance to fight
One of the demon lunged towards Raguel,
Raguel gently pushed Elena closed to the wall, while he fight off the demons.
Elena was very scared, because more demons seem to be coming into the room
A demon was going to attack Raguel from his sides, which he did not seem to noticed, Elena pushed herself from the war and lunged towards the demon with full courage and confident knocking the demon out,
Raguel got a little distracted by that and he looked at Elena, which made the demon to throw a punch to his face.
Raguel continue to fight off the demons he quickly flashed his wanting to get himself and Elena out of there, but before he could grab Elena, a demon pulled out a knife and drag the knife through Raguel’s wings .
Raguel screamed in pain, getting Elena’s attention, she tried to rush to his side but she was restrained by the demons, she called out to Raguel but it seems he could not hear her.
One of the demons grab hold of Raguel who was clearly in pain,
The demons with both Raguel and Elena vanished into thin air.
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