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Banished angel episode 16 – 17

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Banished angel episode 16 – 17 by : 11:20 am On September 16, 2020
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Banished angel
Episode 16
Raguel landed in Elena’s room and found her asleep peceafully on the bed, he smiled at the her, he knew he wasted time, but he needed to calm himself after all the information he got from Raphael.
He moved closer to her and klzzed he forehead softly, Elena stirred a little, but she did not wake up.
Raguel moved from the bed, and made his way to sit on the chair.
He linked his f!ng£rs together, trying to think about the Angels that conspired against him, not only about the Angels but also the demons and his soulmate, he was trying to put the dot together, trying to find the connection.
Raguel gave up after trying for close to 30minutes to figure everything out but he he was not able to connect the dots, he stood up from the chair and made his way to the bed and settled under the cover, he wrapped his hands around Elena.
Elena stirred and shuffled closer to him.
Raguel, she whispered softly, trying to open her eyes.
Just go back to sleep, I will be here when you wake up, Raugel said klzzing her on forehead and holding her tightly against himself.
Elena signed softly and gave up trying to open her eyes and drifted back to sleep again.
An hour later, Elena stirred in her sleep, and she finally opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of her Angel smiling at her.
You took so long, she muttered, I was really worried about you, because I was having mixed feelings from you, your emotions was not settled she added as she lifted her body from the bed and rested her head on the headboard.
I thought something had happened to, she said softly as she klzzed his corner of his mouth.
I’m really sorry for getting you worried, Raguel finally spoke
What actually happened when you went to meet with Raphael? Elena asked.
Raguel signed softly before he spoke,
Raphael said two Angels in heaven is responsible for the things going on, they were the one who conspired against me,
Raphael actually walked into them speaking about demons, its seems they are planning something with the demons, we really don’t know what they plan to do, so we need to be careful.
Okay, Elena said, were you friends with those Angels that conspire against you? She added.
Raguel laughed, I will not actually call them friends, we were more like acquaintance, Raguel said.
Okay, Elena said as she rested her head on Raguel’s shoulder.
Xxxxxx. Xxxxxx. Xxxxx
Raphael was looking every where for samael, until he sighted him about to make his way out of heaven,
it was really rare to see samael leaving heaven but did not put much thoughts into it.
Hey, Raphael called out quickly, making samael to stop in his track, he turned and gave Raphael a little smile.
Hey, is there something something you want? Samael asked
Yes, Raphael said moving closer to samael to avoid people eavesdropping on their conversation.
Do you know that zerachiel and Remiel were behind what happened to Raguel? Raphael asked
I’m not surprise to hear this, I knew there is something up with those two, samael responded.
Do you know anything that is happening, Raphael said, giving samael a pleading look, he needs to know what is going on, in order for Raguel and his soulmate to be safe.
All I know is that the demons, likewise zerachiel and Remiel knows something knows about Raguel and his solumate, maybe their bond is special, he added.
I remember you telling me you are sure she is not entirely human, maybe the demons knows that, and since she is bonded to an Angel they might find her as a threat.
But as for those two Angels, I don’t know what their deal is with the demons, I don’t really know why they are helping them in carrying out their task.
Raphael listened attentively, and try to put all the dots together, and found out it really make sense, since they really don’t know what Elena is for now.
Will you help us figure all these out? Raphael asked
No, I don’t want to get involved with all these things, I have my own problems I’m facing right now, and I really need to handle them,
I’m really sorry I can’t help, samael finally said.
Raphael looked at his friend, when he was speaking, he could see that there was a hint of worry across his face, as if there was something bothering him.
Are you alright samael? Raphael asked with pure concern for his friend,
I’m fine Raphael, samael quickly responded,
Do you want to talk about what is bothering you? Raphael asked, silently praying his friend would tell him, because he knows samael can be very secretive about his problems.
I really don’t want to talk about it, samael said, I need to go now, and once again I’m sorry that I could not help you, do take care of yourself, he added before he made his way out of heaven.
Raphael stood there a while after samael left,
What kind of problem is samael facing, Raphael whispered to himself, I just hope that he will be okay, he signed softly and left too.
Episode 17
The next day, Elena woke up early and saw her Angel staring outside the window
Before she could even speak, Raguel turned and looked at her with a smile plastered on his face
Good morning sweetheart, Raguel said,
Elena actually smiled at Raguel’s use of an endearment
Good morning, Elena replied cheerfully
Did you sleep well, Raguel asked
Yes I did, because you were in bed with me all night and your hands were tightly wrapped around me, Elena said blushing and looking at her hands as she speak, she was feeling shy all of a sudden.
She never wanted to say that out loud, but she could not stop the world from coming out of her mouth.
Raguel smiled softly at her, I actually loved holding you when you sleep, he added.
I will go take a bath now, Elena said making her way to the bathroom, and shut the door behind her.
She smiled softly, she just don’t understand the way this bond of a thing worked, but she knows within herself that her feelings for Raguel is getting stronger as the day goes by.
She strip her clothes and entered the shower, she signed in contentment as the warm water touched her skin. Have you read coolval stories today?
Raguel waited patiently for Elena to return back to the bedroom, he made a move towards the bed and sat down and closed his eyes, and just thinking about Elena
The way, she smiles, and laughed, he was really surprise about what she said earlier on, he never expected her to say those words, but he was really glad she did.
Few minutes later, Elena step out of the bathroom, and her eyes was fixed on her Angel as she made her way to join him on the bed,
Immediately, she sat on the bed, Raguel pulled her closer to himself
I love the way you smell, Raguel said softly, and buried his face on the crook of Elena’s neck and inhaled deeply.
You smell better Elena said with a smile and wrapped her hands around her Angel.
Raguel gently pushed back a little so he could see Elena’s face, he leaned closer and klzz Elena softly on her lips, their klzz was slow at first,
Elena wrapped her hands around Raguel and pulled him closer to herself, as she klzzed him back
Their klzz grew intense, as they klzzed harder and deeper, Raguel took that moment and run his f!ng£rs through Elena’s hair, and then slide his tongue into Elena’s mouth.
Elena frozed for a second before she opened her mouth and allow Raguel to explore her mouth,
Raguel lowered her on the bed as he klzzed her with pleasures shooting around his skin, he removed his mouth from Elena and trail klzzes around her skin, he klzzed her neck softly,
Which made Elena to release a m0@n from her lips,
Raguel smiled softly as he continue to explore her skin with his lips, he soon slow down the klzz and places a softly klzz at the corner of her mouth.
He made an effort to roll off her but Elena held him tightly against herself.
Let’s stay like this for a little while, she said trying to catch her breath, Raguel smiled at her and rested his head on her chest, Elena wrapped her hands around him.
After Raguel noticed that Elena as fallen asleep, he rolled off her and lay at her side, he pulled her closely to himself,
Elena stirred a little as she rests her head on his chest and drift off.
An hour later Elena woke up and felt a warm body pressed on her side, she looked up at Raguel who had his eyes closed, but she knew he was not sleeping, since Angels don’t sleep,
She continue to study his face until Raguel spoke.
Will you continue to stare at me all day, he asked softly as he opened his eyes to meet the sight of his beautiful
If I could stare at you all day, I will do that, Elena said with a smile playing on her lips.
They both sat up and continue to stare at each other Raguel was about to say something when a voice interrupted them
Honey, I’m back home, Steven, Elena’s father called out making his way to her bedroom,
Raguel need not to be told on what to do, he quickly make himself invincible before Steven’s knock came through.
Elena stood up from the bed and allowed her father into her bedroom. Immediately Steven stepped into the bedroom, it just seems as if everything changed.
Raguel jerked his head towards the door to look at Elena’s father, there was something different about him, he could not place his f!ng£r on it.
Steven stood by doorway, and looked around Elena’s room, as if he senses somebody in the room,
Raguel watched him suspiciously
Are you alright dad? Elena asked looking at her father who had not said anything since he entered her room.
Steven stopped looking around and focused on his daughter,
Yes dear I’m alright, Steven finally said.
I bought some things for you, they are downstairs, I wanted you to come check them out,
Really dad, Elena said excitedly, I will come downstairs in a minute she said
Okay, don’t keep me waiting, Steven said with a smile as he made his way out of the room.
Elena quickly shut the door and turned to faced Raguel, Raguel quickly planted a smile on his face and stop thinking about Elena’s father for now.
I have to go downstairs now to meet with my parents, Elena said with a smile
Sure, Raguel said, I need to head out quickly I will be back soon he added as he moved closer to Elena and planted a klzz on her lips.
Take care of yourself, Elena said as she left the room and head downstairs.
Raguel quickly, contacted Raphael through the Angels whisper.
” I need to see you Ralph” meet me at the warehouse he said
Is everything alright? Raphael asked with concern
Yes Ralph,
just meet me up, Raguel said
Okay I will be there soon, Raphael said as Raguel cut the connection.
He flashed his wings and made his way to the warehouse.
Thanks guys for the comments, you guys are really making my day.
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