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banished angel episode 14

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banished angel episode 14 by : 6:38 am On September 15, 2020
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Episode 14
Elena walked to the kitchen with smile on her face, Maria noticed her daughters smile as she walked down the stairs
Good morning mom, Elena said cheerfully and klzzed her mother’s cheek.
Someone looks happy this morning, Maria said with a smile
What’s going on young lady? She asked ,do you mind sharing what’s making you happy this morning, maria said with raised eyebrows.
There is nothing to share mom, I’m just happy, Elena said, she just wish she could tell her mother the source of her happiness.
Okay if you say so. maria said
They both sat down and eat their breakfast without speaking any words.
After breakfast Elena joined Raguel upstairs who was sitting on the bed with his eyes closed
Here you go, Elena said, giving him the fruit he requested for
Thank you, Raguel said softly
Do you know why the demons are after me, Elena blurted out after a minute of silence
Raguel looked at and gave her a sad face, No I don’t he said, he really wish he knew why the demons were after his soulmate.
Are you alright Raguel? Elena asked pulling him out of his thought.
He really likes it when she says his name.
Yes I am, Raguel replied her, I was just in thought he added smiling at her
Okay, she said with a smile. They both continue talking about random things when Raguel heard a whisper from Raphael.
“Where are you Raguel? I need to talk to you, meet me at the warehouse”
After saying that Raphael cut the connection.
Raguel frowned and wonder why Raphael sound as if its really urgent, he just hopes everything is fine.
Are you okay? Elena asked after noticing the frown on his face.
Yes I am but I have to go for a while, he said looking down at Elena,
Raphael just contacted me to meet him up, it sounds really urgent he added.
Okay, Elena said
But I really don’t want to leave you alone, Raguel said with a worried expression on his face, he really wish he could take her with him, but he is not sure what the urgency was for and he does not want to put at at risk.
Its okay Raguel, I will be fine, I will go join my mother in the living room, Elena said
Raguel seem reluctant to go, but he knows he have to go,
Okay I will try my best to come back early, he said standing up from the bed.
Alright, take care of yourself, Elena said, she was also worried about Raguel, she knows he is capable of taking care of himself even if he encounters any demon but that does not make her worry less.
I will, Raguel replied and flashed his wings and left.
I really need to get use to seeing him with wings, Elena said as she made her way to the living room.
Xxxxxxx. Xxxxxx. Xxxxx
Raphael was pacing around while waiting for Raguel, he knows Raguel needs more time to spend with his soulmate,
If it was something he could handle alone, he would not have disturb him.
Raguel landed at the warehouse, he saw Raphael pacing around and did not even notice his presence.
“It means the issue its really serious for him not to notice his presence when he landed” he thought to himself.
Ralph, Raguel called softly, in order not to startle him
Raphael turned and frowned a little, when did you get here? I did not even notice he said.
I have been here for a while now, you were really distracted, thats why you did not notice, Raguel said as he moved closer to Raphael and places a hand on his shoulder to stop him from moving around.
What’s going on Ralph? Raguel asked, he has never seen Raphael this worked up, and it makes him worried.
There is something happening in heaven, Raphael finally spoke.
What’s happening, Raguel asked
Samael told me that there is something happening in heaven that we should be careful.
Raguel was really confused, What could be happening in heaven? He muttered, he looked at Raphael to find that he was staring into space.
That’s not all of it? Raguel question,
Raphael shook his head, he took a deep breath before he responded.
When I was patrolling heaven , I heard Zerachiel and Remiel talking about a plan, that involves a demon , I could not really understand what they were discussing, their voices were so low that I had to strain my hears to be able to hear them.
But I’m sure that Zerachiel and Remiel are responsible for what happened to you in heaven,
Raphael said clenching his fist into his palm, and I’m sure that they are not even done with their plans Raphael added.
Raguel was so quiet and shocked by this revelation, and he wonders what they plan to achieve in doing those things.
He shook his head and rest his back against the wall
I knew they were corrupt Angels in heaven, but I never knew they would go so far in associating themselves with demons he said in a whisper, he took a glance at Raphael who was also in deep thought.
Raguel closes his eyes and try to calm down, so he could think, he linked his f!ng£rs together and try to concentrate, he knows they have to come up with something, he signed softly and relaxed his mind.
Episode 15
After few minutes of silent between Raphael and Raguel, Raguel finally spoke
Do you think those Angels were responsible for what happened to Elena? He asked looking at Raphael who stopped pacing around and look at him like he just thought of the possibility that it might be connected.
It does really make sense, if they are responsible for what happened to Elena too, seeing they plan to get rid of you, Raphael answered.
But this is really confusing, Raguel said, how come they knew about my soulmate before I did
Because I met Elena when she was captured by the demons meaning they knew who she was he said.
All this things are really confusing Raphael said,
I don’t know if samael knows anything, Raphael finally spoke
What do you mean? Raguel asked
Well since samael was the one to inform me that something was happening, I just think maybe he might know something.
Raguel looked at Raphael with a slight frown on his face,
Maybe you should ask him what he knows Raguel said
I don’t think he will even answer me, Raphael signed softly.
I thought he is your friend, so why won’t he tell you what he knows, Raguel said getting irritated already.
I will try and talk to him, but I cannot say for sure if I would get any answer from him, Raphael said
I need to get back to heaven now, so I can see if I can get any information Raphael said as he flashed his wings,
Take care of yourself and your soulmate Raphael added before he left.
Raguel just stood there trying to absorb all the information he just got from Raphael.
I wonder why they are doing all this things, first they conspire against me and now they want to harm my solumate.
I will not let anything happen to Elena, he whispered softly and flashed his wings and left the warehouse.
Xxxxx. Xxxxx. Xxxxxx
Elena was sitting with her mother, watching television, but her mind was not in it, she could not concentrate on the movie, because she was having mixed feelings and she knows its not coming from her, it was from Raguel.
Ever since they connected the bond they could feel each others emotions, she knows when something is not right with him, and now its makes her really worried, she just really hope he is okay.
Raguel has been gone for hours now and he said he won’t stay long.
What a wonderful movie, Maria said, pulling Elena out of her thoughts, Elena looked back at the television to find out that the movie as really ended.
She shook her head and sign softly, she just wants Raguel to come back.
I noticed you were not paying attention to the movie, Maria said, you are always spacing off, she added looking at her daughter with concern.
Are you alright honey? You know you can always talk to me, she said softly.
Elena just wished she could just tell her mother what was really going on, but she knows she can’t say anything.
Sometime you are happy and sometimes you are sad, Maria said, Are you having boys issue? You know you can talk to me about that right, she added,
A warm smile crept on Elena’s face,
No mom, its nothing like that she added, but I promise I will tell you everything very soon just trust me,she said placing her hand on her mother’s and giving it a little squeeze.
Okay honey, remember am always here to listen to you when you are ready to discuss anything, Maria said with a little smile on her face.
I know that mom, I will go to my room now, to take a nap, Elena announced as she stood up and made her way upstairs to her bedroom.
She entered and shut the door behind her and made her way to her bed as she settled under the cover as she wait for Raguel to return.
Elena was trying to keep her eyes opened, she was still slightly worried about her Angel, but its seems as if he is calm down, since his emotions are more stable than before, but that does not make her worry less, she needed to see him to make sure he is okay.
But trying to keep her eyes open now was very difficult because her eye lid was getting very heavy and she finally gave up trying to keep her eyes opened and she drifted off to sleep.
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